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Episode 17: How to Fix Your Podcast - Season 1 Finale

Greetings! Sorry about the quality of the last one! It has prompted a lot of soul searching, and we're here with a new episode to close out season one! From this point on, you can expect a new format, which you will hear us planning and discussing here. This one has a few funny moments, but on the whole it's a more serious one. Thanks for listening, it's been fun so far :)


{CURSED} Episode 16: How to Dress For Every Occasion

Hello again, it's us, your friends, and mentors. We're here today with a new episode, to guide your thoughts on clothes. In this episode, we each take a stab at telling you how to fill your wardrobe, especially if you need to survive underwater or in space.


Episode 15: How to Be a Thought Leader

Alexa, play the X-files theme song. Thought leaders. They walk among us. A long time ago someone was born with the ability to guide our thoughts, and control our minds. This person taught the technique to others, who taught others, and so on, and so on. Now, we are all familiar with the hellscape we live in, where the common folk are dominated by a ruling class of so-called "Thought Leaders". Tune in to hear our take on this bizarre phenomenon, and also for some interactive Avatar-themed ARG...


Episode 14: How To Hang Out (or The Obama Episode)

Why tell when you can show?! What to expect in this episode: a mostly unedited journey through what it really is like when the three of us just hang out together. Plus some bonus content at the end courtesy of Calvin. Please, won't you join us. Please suggest future episodes at or by tweeting them at us @HowToAnythingPC Thanks!


Episode 13: How To Make Friends

Wow oh boy it's been awhile. This one took a long time because the three of us stopped being friends, but then we got separated in an enchanted forest. After our own journeys of self-discovery, somewhere along the way, we all learned the true meaning of friendship, and then I edited the episode. So here it is! Unfortunately we had already recorded, so none of those insights could be a part of this one. Maybe next time. We welcome your suggestions for future episodes on twitter...


Episode 12: How To Get Good

Happy New Year! Start this one off right, by fixing all your personal flaws, and also dabbing a lot more than you have been. It's good exercise.


Episode 11: How To Get the Job

Oops. We done goofed. It's been a long time folks, and we're very sorry about that. The truth is, we were too busy with our JOBS to edit this one, so we ended up sitting on the recording for a long time. That's right, yes, we have JOBS. How, you ask? By listening to this episode and internalizing all the wisdom it probably contains.


Episode 10: How To Win Halloween

The real trick here is that I already wrote this description! However, due to a haunted ghost accident, that totally wasn't my fault, I have to do it again! Boo! It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, this isn't a trick, it's a Halloween special! Come inside our spooky podcast to sit beside the Sensoween fire, mind the blood and ghostly apples though! We've got all your hot tips to impress your friends and trick your enemies, just in time, as always!


Episode 9: How To Commit the Perfect Crime

Trigger Warning: In this episode we discuss and joke about murder and suicide at some points. The only crime I can think of is the quality of the last episode we put out! So to make up for it, we broke time-law and managed to get a new episode out in no time at all! Listen here for advice on how to ensure your pseudonym will be remembered for all of time! Also, to be clear, none of this constitutes actual advice, please don't commit any crimes!


Episode 8.5: The Sound of Berlin

The beats are altered from "Bobby Drake" by BenJamin Banger with permission. These were the first beats I found when I searched for "free beats".


{CURSED} Episode 8: How To Nothing - Part 0

Hi guys. First of all, wow. What even happened?! This is a long one, and it kinda got away from us. If you want advice, it's probably not here (some is though). If however, you wanted to hear three idiots talk about the mysterious Sound of Berlin, conspiracies, raptors, podcast editing techniques, mournful dog ghosts, and regret, then give this a listen! It's longer than usual, so brace yourselves! Also, at least one of us was under the influence of recently legalized drugs in this one. See...


Episode 7: How to Choose a Good Online Username

Greetings, fellow netizens! xX420Dong_Slayer69Xx here, telling you all about how to select a username that really represents you. Listen to this one and your enemies will cower in fear, and your friends will envy you till the day you die: killed by a person named "I_am_a_small_child".


Episode 6: How To Guarantee a Good Time at an Amusement Park

In this one, get ready to get wet and wild at Willy Wonka's Battle Royale Amusement Park (tm)! Ellie really wanted to title this one "Ellie's Big Dumb Stupid Rage Diary", but we didn't let her. Trigger warning: we mention throwing up in this one, so if that makes you uncomfortable, skip ahead!


Episode 5: How to Survive Big School 2

College and University can be a scary place, but don't worry, we've got your back. In this episode, come along as the Older Brothers do their best to prepare Ellie for the journey ahead of her, and she shares her advice on how to fit school in with your packed schedule of anointment appointments: it's easy if you just remember the F.A.C.T.S.!


Episode 4: How To Have a Perfect First Date

In this episode we tackle the big one: dating. Specifically, why and how to go about it, and wow, we really nailed this one. You can take this advice straight to the pond.


{CURSED} Episode 3: Two Cent Advice - Part One

In this special episode, we bring on a guest expert to try to temporarily replace our dear beloved sister. Give it a listen if you'd like, and another full episode is coming up soon (very)!


Episode 2: How to Give The Perfect Gift

How to give the perfect gift... just in time for Mother's Day! In this episode, we teach you ways to ensure that your gifts are appreciated, or even NEEDED by your giftee. But remember: giving the perfect gift is as much about the giver as it is about The Mother.


Episode 1: How To Win Your 10 Year High School Reunion

In this inaugural episode of How To Anything, we come up with ways for you to win your 10 year high school reunion. Just remember, if you die in your high school reunion, you die in real life.