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Rae Sanni In The City Of Angels!

Rae (writer for the Good Place/New York pal) becomes Blair's biggest idol when she reveals she ordered Shake Shack for six weeks in a row on Postmates. They get extremely deep into Housewives and Vanderpump Rules so Bravo people will flip for this episode. Rae is an incredible philosopher. Come to DEAR OWEN WILSON today, tonight, Friday, March 2nd. at 8 pm at the Virgil! Also, come to The Blair and Greta show on Tuesdays at 8 pm at Genghis Cohen in Weho. Subscribe and leave a 5 star...


Episode 27: Kyle Ayers In The City of Angels

Kyle Ayers joins Blair in Def Jam Studios - they talk gushers, chicken fried steak, pad thai, and getting freaky in childhood. Follow Kyle at @kyleayers and check out his podcast, Never Seen It. Follow Blairy @blairsocci and leave a 5 star review for this podcast (Blair will read it on air!) Los Angeles Show Dates: Feb 20th- The Blair and Greta show, new free weekly show at Ghengis Cohen in West Hollywood Feb 26th- Blair and Greta each do a half hour at 8 pm at Nerdmelt Theater March...


The Return Of How To Be A Beefy Woman

Finally settled in LA, Blair welcomes comedians Steph Tolev and Alex Pavone, to the podcast. They talk tacos, Chris Scopo's legendary ass, and all about their most infamous public falls. BLAIR'S BIG LA SHOW DATES: FEB 20th- Blair and Greta Show- 8 pm at Ghenghis Cohen in Weho, EVERY TUESDAY starting on the 20th FEB 26th- Nerdmelt 8 pm Blair is doing a half hour MARCH 2nd- Dear Owen Wilson at The Virgil, 8 pm Follow Steph Tolev: @stephtolev Follow Alex Pavone:...


Episode 25: Bomb Cyclone

Smoothies, Vanderpump Rules, Beverly Hills Housewives, ambush calls and more!


Episode 24: Rosebud Is Wanted By The NYPD

Blair talks Christmas menu recaps, Sex and The City, 2018 goals, clean eating, and then makes a few mystery ambush calls! Subscribe and leave a 5-star review! Also, FYI, we're on Spotify now! Follow Blair on social media @blairsocci!


Episode 23: Happy Holidays from Blair!

Happy Holidays from Blair! On today’s HTBABW we talk porcetta, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Battle of the Sexes, and Carrie cheating on Aiden. Leave a 5-star review and have a 5-star holiday!! Follow Blair on Twitter and Insta @ blairsocci!


Episode 22: Live From Blair's Parents' Basement!

Blair talks short rib tacos, Pixar’s Coco, Vanderpump Rules, Real Housewives of Atlanta, and ambush calls Rosebud Baker! Follow Blair @Blairsocci and leave a 5 star review! If you’re in LA, come see Blair at If You Build It, on Monday, 12/18 at UCB Sunset at 8:30 and Thursday, 12/21 at 8:30 at Bar Lubitsch for the Josh and Josh Show!


Episode 21: With Randy Liedtke!

Blair and Randy talk extreme burger analytics, pho, their most embarrassing stories, and Randy’s dream pickup truck. Follow Randy at @randyliedtke and follow Blair @blairsocci. Leave us a 5 Star iTunes review! Also FYI to all our listeners worldwide, we’re on Spotify now!


Episode 20: Blair Goes Solo AGAIN!!!

Blair goes solo again she discusses her dad’s lox, why her parents won’t do her podcast, why she loves Jews, and Kim Jong Un. Follow Blair @blairsocci on Twitter and Instagram. Also, leave a 5 star review and Blair will read your review on air!


Episode 19: Blair Goes Solo

Blair does a comprehensive recap of thanksgiving including the food, heavy drinking, and her dad’s antics with power tools. She also ambush calls Rosebud Baker. Follow Blair @blairsocci on twitter and Instagram. Leave a 5 star review and Blair will read it on air!


Episode 18: With Liza Treyger and Rosebud Baker!!

Blair, Rosebud, and Liza gab about housing mad mozzarella sticks, feeling like an outsider, dealing with mean girls and more! Follow Blair @blairsocci Rosebud @rosebudbaker and Liza @glittercheese! Go see Blair at Hot Tub at The Virgil in LA on November 27th!!


Episode 17: With Joe Zimmerman!

Blair and Joe discuss granola, getting hit by volleyballs, the apocalypse, and mo mo mo! Follow Blair @Blairsocci and Joe @joezimmerman. Listen to Joe's comedy albums and podcast! Come to Nacho Bitches NYCF November 10th at 11:30pm Use NACHO for a discount! And come to Blair's going away show on the 13th at 9:30 at New York Comedy Club! Show and Party after! Use the code: MEAT for discounted tix!


With Mary Houlihan, Sam Taggart, and Greta Titelman!

Blair and friends chat about the mysterious appearance of vodka cranberry, escaping sororities, their wildest career dreams and more! Follow Blair @blairsocci, Mary Houlihan (Difficult People) @maryhoulie, Sam Taggart (Lake Homo High) @samtaggart, and Greta Titelman (Bravo TV) @gertiebird! ALSO, PARTICIPATE IN THIS WEEK'S CONTEST: Leave an itunes review for How To Be a Beefy Woman and Blair will read it live on air!!!!!! For Blair's show dates go to and check out the two...


Episode 16: With Melissa Stokoski and Dave Merheje!

Blair, Dave, and Melissa discuss optimal bacon texture, romantic gestures, Blair's impending LA move, and more! Follow Dave: @davemerheje Follow Melissa @m_stoks and see her at Bitches Brew Fridays @ 8:30 at Halyards Follow Blair on Twitter and Instagram: @Blairsocci! Come to Nacho Bitches: New York Comedy Festival edition on Friday November 10 at 11:30 and then on November 13th at New York Comedy Club for Blair's farewell at 9:30pm! Use codeword: MEAT for discount tix! Also, if you...


Episode 15: With Drew Anderson And Catherine Cohen!

Blair, Drew, and Catherine talk bomb ass leather jackets, Blair's comedian origin story, the best way to eat your feelings and mo! Follow Catherine on Instagram @Catccohen! Come see Drew in Stevie at Our Wicked Lady, and follow him @iamdrewanderson! See Blair's half hour at 11:15 on Friday at NYCC, and her week at the Creek in the Cave at 7pm Thurs-Sat! As always you can follow Blair @blairsocci and view show dates on her website, AND LEAVE US A REVIEW! 5 STARS BABY!


Episode 14: With Julia Solomon and Lindsay Boling

Blair, Julia, and Lindsay talk about trying to stay positive, anger, embarrassing stories, beauty recommendations, annoying male strangers and more!!! Follow Blair @blairsocci, come to Blair's Week at the Creek next week at The Creek and the Cave Monday through Saturday at 7 pm, and her fundraiser show on the 18th at Littlefield @ 8pm, ( and her half hour at Nacho Bitches Friday Oct 20th @ 11:15pm!...


Episode 13: With Andrew Collin and Rosebud Baker!

Andrew and Rosebud talk about anal fissures, white people's etiquette when speaking Spanish, and some tips for overcoming shame and becoming a better human being! Follow Blair on Twitter and Instagram: @blairsocci and visit for show dates. Come to Harriet on October 8th Nacho Bitches on October 20th Follow Rosebud on twitter and insta @rosebudbaker and see Rosebud at Eastville comedy club on October 22nd. And listen to Happy Never After on iTunes, and follow Andrew...


Episode 12: With Alzo Slade!

Blair and Alzo talk about the best chips you can only find in the south, reverse heckling, and splitting your pants in public. Follow Blair on insta and twitter @blairsocci and visit for show dates! Follow Alzo on insta @alzoslade. And please in the name of all that is beefy, rate and review us on iTunes!


Episode 11: With Irene Morales and Dave Merheje!

Blair talks with her friends about hypochondria, flirting using pears, and embarrassing yourself in front of Drake. Follow Blair @blairsocci Find out more about Irene at Follow Dave on Twitter and Insta @davemerheje And Dave will be on Blair's show, Nacho Bitches at New York Comedy Club this Friday at 11:15! Use the code NACHO to get $10 tix, babe. AND come see DEAR OWEN WILSON at Littlefield next Wednesday...


Episode 10: With Mike Abrusci and Mara Marek

Blair chats with Mike and Mara about celeb hookups, what vegans REALLY eat, and shitting urself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Follow Blair: @blairsocci, come to Nacho Bitches at New York Comedy Club on September 15th (Use code NACHO for $10 tix!) and see Dear Owen Wilson at Littlefield on September 20th! Follow Mike: @mikeabrusci and listen to his podcast TV Casualty. Listen to Mara's podcast Happily Never After, and come see her at...


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