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Hugging and Learning is a podcast that explores Very Special Episodes of TV sitcoms from the 70s, 80s, and 90s with laughter and the art of ancient storytelling. New episodes of Hugging and Learning are released every Friday

Hugging and Learning is a podcast that explores Very Special Episodes of TV sitcoms from the 70s, 80s, and 90s with laughter and the art of ancient storytelling. New episodes of Hugging and Learning are released every Friday
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Hugging and Learning is a podcast that explores Very Special Episodes of TV sitcoms from the 70s, 80s, and 90s with laughter and the art of ancient storytelling. New episodes of Hugging and Learning are released every Friday






Convicted Dracula

Welcome back for Season 3! It’s time to confront the convicted rapist elephant in the room — Bill Cosby. Can we still watch THE COSBY SHOW and feel okay with ourselves? We’ve been avoiding it for two seasons, but it’s time to face this dracula head-on. Join Andrew, Chelsea, Miles, and Sammy Davis Jr. as we grapple with whether or not it’s ever possible to separate the artist from the art, and what happens when a VSE raises more questions about illiteracy than it answers. Show: THE COSBY...


Bonusode #2

Do you miss us?? Andrew, Chelsea, and Miles are here for a Season 2 recap and Q&A to tide you over until Season 3 drops! We’re ranking the eps (both awesome and awful), reminiscing about the guests, and answering your listener questions. Plus, we look ahead to ponder the deepest issue of this program — how do we up our snack game for Season 3? Snack: Vosges Peanut Butter BonBons (sent by Jeff Noble — thanks!)


August, Bayside County

Here it is: the granddaddy of them all. If you remember only one VSE from the 90s, it’s probably this one. WE’RE SO EXCITED because tonight we’re gonna make it happen — with the help of our Very Special Guest, writer and culture vulture Brian Otaño. Join us for our Season 2 Finale as we talk all things Hot Sundae, Camp, Valley of the Dolls, The Max, Speed, and Zack Morris being the worst friend/band manager on the planet. Show: SAVED BY THE BELL \\ “Jessie’s Song,” Season 2, Episode 9 Air...


Cosmic Slides

There’s something happening here — what it is ain’t exactly clear. Because the actors are reading off teleprompters, so there’s no emotional journey to track. Welcome to the baffling world of DRAGNET 67, the (first) reboot of the un-self-aware police procedural that will not quit! Join Andy, Chelsea, and Blue Boy as we learn about the terrifying dangers of LSD (overstated), the Sunset Strip Curfew Riots (fascinating) and actor/writer Jack Webb’s relationship with real LAPD cops (very...


Terrorist Vanity Project

Chelsea and Andy continue our in-depth and serious exploration of the depiction of punk and rock music in popular media — with a cartoon created to sell action figures. Joined by Very Special Guests Garrett and Lane Nobriga of the LA-based metal band Altered Revelations, we tackle the tough questions: Is there really only one terrorist org in the whole world? What is the third girl’s name? And how does 50 Cent factor into all this? And we’re finally able to utter that immortal phrase: Yo,...


Snack on This!

This is a VERY SPECIAL very special episode of Hugging and Learning! Miles steps out from the control-room booth with beats-a-plenty as Andy and Chelsea take a brief and well deserved sabbatical. Enjoy 30 minutes of uninterrupted mashups and mixes followed by a little bit of hugs and learns for good measure. For more of Miles's mixes visit


Brad Smash

Tim and Jill The Tool Parents Taylor face a conundrum when they catch one of their sons with a bag of pot: is it better to be honest with your kids and hope they learn from your mistakes, or lie to them and treat them as potential felons? That's an important question, probably worth its own episode of exploration, but we have to devote at least 50% of this episode to wondering about JTT's current whereabouts, and discussing the irony of Tim Allen's whole career. Sorry not sorry. Show:...


The Diary of Moesha Keys

Moesha is seventeen and she knows what she wants! Maybe. She thinks. Maybe not. For sure. Perhaps she should talk to a handful of people about it, all of whom have contradictory opinions. Join us as we delve into the Moesha-verse and update you on the Norwood/Vaughn split (as of 2015). Just try not to get tonal whiplash. Show: MOESHA \\ “Birth Control,” Season 4, Episode 8 Air Date: November 24, 1998 Find it: at the Paley Center Snack: Green Tea flavored Pumpkin Seeds, Lemon Pink Salt...


Squick Out

In this episode, we revisit one of our favorite topics — TV shows using “punkers” as escape goats! Join Andrew, Chelsea, Very Special Guest Kylie Michel, and Erik Estrada’s extremely tight pants as we cruise around LA (in seconds!) pursuing stolen guitars, sparkly shirts, flat tires, and anti-feminist blond jugglers. Just watch out for stick fights! Show: CHiPs \\ “Battle of the Bands,” Season 5, Episode 16 Air Date: January 31, 1982 Very Special Guest: Kylie Michel Guest Star: William...


Humble Trucker Superstar

Here it is -- THAT episode of FRESH PRINCE. The one that makes you tear up, even now, in adulthood. The one that taught you that parents aren't perfect, that it's healthy to express anger, and that Geoffrey walks a real fine line between comic relief and unemployment. Join us for a walk down memory lane. Never have we hugged harder or learned more. Show: THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR \\ “Papa’s Got a Brand New Excuse,” Season 4, Episode 24 Air Date: May 9, 1994 Guest Star: Broadway Legend...


Deus ex Bartokomous

Balki doesn’t understand lots of things about America, but he has to admit that being forcibly kissed by one’s boss doesn’t seem like a normal workday occurrence — even in 1987! Do the Dance of Formal HR Complaint with Chelsea, Andrew, their memories of years lived in Chicago, and a Blanche Archetype drunk on power. What could be more American? Show: PERFECT STRANGERS \\ “Sexual Harassment in Chicago,” Season 3, Episode 3 Air Date: October 7, 1987 Find it: on Hulu Snack: Rocky Road Trip...



Have you ever wondered what would happen if some animators threw Dr. Seuss, Edgar Allan Poe, and Sweeny Todd into a blender, and then figured out exactly how much they could scar children in 15 minutes? Well, wonder no longer. We’d like to (re)introduce you to this insane episode. Join Chelsea, Andrew, Miles, Freaky Fred, and Courage the Cowardly dog, as we wade through what would happen if a nightmare left a bad taste in your mouth and called it cartoons. Show: COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG \\...


That's What Blanche Said

Thank you for being a friend to LGBTQ+ folx since the 1980s, “The Golden Girls”! Andy and Chelsea jump feels-first into the world of smutty cowboy movies, crappy clown sundaes, and romantic widow bonding. Join us for a deep-dive into all these topics — plus a discussion a few ways FRIENDS could have dealt with shit better (it’s related, we promise). Show: THE GOLDEN GIRLS \\ “Isn’t It Romantic,” Season 2, Episode 5 Air Date: November 8, 1986 Find it: on Hulu Snack: Nabisco Chewy Chips...


Hunky Buns

What’s better than one Jaleel White in an episode of TV? How about THREE? It’s season 9 of FAMILY MATTERS, and this is basically a sci-fi show now — but date auctions still bring out the worst in everyone. Join Andy and Chelsea as we navigate the turbulent, confusing, and sometimes infuriating waters of this sitcom, desperate to find a safe port from the shitstorm. Show: FAMILY MATTERS \\ “Out With The Old,” Season 9, Episode 1 Air Date: September 19, 1997 Find it: on Hulu Snack: ...


A-Scared Straight

The Beave is at it again: repeating things verbatim to the wrong people, messing around in the yard with Larry, and befriending creepy drunks he meets on the sidewalk. But he’s not the only one with “troubles” — Wally’s imaginary girlfriend is mad at him, and The Parents Cleaver are locked in a silent, vague battle of wills. There’s a lot going on under the surface of “Leave It To Beaver.” Luckily Andrew and Chelsea are here to dig it all up and scrutinize it mercilessly. Show: LEAVE IT TO...


The Dead Mom Card

It’s time for DJ and Kimmy to attend their first frat party — at the only frat in the world that kicks you out for drinking beer. Whose remembrance of the evening is correct? Which of the girls was actually beset with hunks, and which ended up on reject row? Alcohol clouds the memory, so we’re here to break it all down for you. How will these BFFs (best friends forever) survive becoming BFFs (bitter fucking foes)? And how on earth could Kimmy have forgotten the entire inciting incident of...


Hoping to Find a Butt

It’s All Dudes On Deck when baby sister Joanie Cunningham starts *gasp* smoking cigarettes on HAPPY DAYS. Now that she’s a member of The Magnets, nothing is too grown up for this sixteen-year-old. Join Andrew, Chelsea, and literally every man in Joanie’s life as they try to tempt her back to the side of health in the 1950s, using 1970s logic. It’s a *cough* smoooooth ride. Show: HAPPY DAYS \\ “Smokin’ Ain’t Cool,” Season 6, Episode 17 Air Date: January 16, 1979 Find it: At the Paley...


Under-Promising, Over-Delivering

It’s Christmas in May at Hugging and Learning! We dive deep into the charmingly ambiguous world of Arnold et all as they discover the true spirit of the holidays through a gut-wrenching story of war and family separation. Cartoons are fun! Our Very Special Guest Jonathan House joins us for the maximum twists and and turns and emotional payoff that Nickelodeon ever packed into a 24-minute show about nine-year-olds. Join us, won’t you? Show: HEY, ARNOLD! \\ “Arnold’s Christmas,” Season 1,...


Self-Proclaimed Punkers

Are the teens of the 80s legitmately concerned about the state of the world they’re inheriting, or are they being brainwashed into angry zombies by this “silly fad” of punk music? You think you know, but you have no idea, man. Join Chelsea and Andrew as they follow the adventures of a rogue medical examiner and his reactionary girlfriend into a world of outrage, slamdancing, murder, and good old ‘ludes. When they’re around, every room is an emergency room. Show: QUINCY, ME \\ “Next Stop,...


Ep 035: Feminist Kimpossible Agenda : Part 2!

We're back again! Call us, beep us, if you wanna discuss Kim Possible with us (some more)! Join Chelsea, Andrew, and our Very Special Guest Mary Chieffo to discuss the Kim Possible TV movie that taught us many valuable lessons: don’t trust good-looking men, dating is harder than saving the world, and all robots will eventually turn on us. Whether you ship Kim/Ron, desperately want to know Dad Possible’s first name, or don’t actually know what any of this means — you’ll love this episode...