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68: Ross Simonini

Ross Simonini’s debut novel, “The Book of Formation,” is a fascinating exploration of the cult of personality in an age where mass media has replaced traditional spirituality. But Ross isn’t just a writer, he’s also an accomplished visual artist, a musician, and a gifted interviewer. And his novel, appropriately, is told almost entirely through the format of interview transcripts. Splitting his time between Northern California and New York City, he stopped by the kitchen this week to talk...


The DSA Podcast (Darcie, Sean, and Azikiwe) #6

Happy Knife Month, screedlers! On this episode of the DSA Podcast, Darcie, Sean, and Azikiwe got together to talk about their shared love of knives, and further covered topics as diverse as parental sex, what’s in the fucking news, why Thomas J Gamble is a style icon, Mystic River, the greatest breakups of 2013, astrological signs, True Detective, Eminem’s sobriety, Darcie’s recent hangout with the Greenpoint police, Cartman impressions, and brrrrrup-a-ting-wah! The outro music is “Carpe...


66: Sheida Soleimani

Providence-based artist and activist Sheida Soleimani was recently in town for her solo exhibition “Medium of Exchange” at the CUE Foundation. She stopped by the kitchen to talk about how this recent body of work uses comedy and queer identities to critique the relationship between oil production in the east and military industrialism in the west. We also gabbed about multiple other things like teaching, writing screenplays, Flat Earthers, why arts administrators suck, the Creation Museum,...


65: Hayes Davenport

Hollywood Handbook’s best co-host, Hayes Davenport, happened to be in New York recently on a trip back from Italy and stopped by the kitchen. First of all, I’m SORRY about the scrappy audio quality. I explain what happened in the intro. ANYWAYS, this was a really fun and informative episode. Hayes and I talked about the origins of Hollywood Handbook and why certain guests have trouble on it, his new local politics show the LA Podcast with Scott Frazier, writing for Danny McBride and Jody...


64: Erin Schwartz

Writer Erin Schwartz drops by the kitchen this week to talk about her new gig as assistant editor at VICE imprint Garage. We also talked about why the Jersey Shore reboot is a Greek tragedy, the nonfiction publication she co-produces called Natasha, writing about culture using a lateral but rigorous approach, class appropriation in high fashion, the nuanced layers in the lyrical playground that is Limp Bizkit’s catalogue, her favorite contemporary writers, the current existential crisis in...


63: The DSA Podcast (Darcie, Sean, and Azikiwe) #5

We've UNLOCKED the latest episode of The DSA Podcast (Darcie, Sean, and Azikiwe), the podcast within the podcast, usually only available to our Drip subscribers. On this very public episode, we discussed Darcie's new dog psychic, explored the lyricism of the Mars Volta and At the Drive-in, learned about what Azikiwe's been eating, and staged a heated debate on the politics surrounding parental leave. To hear all other DSA episodes, subscribe on Drip! The outro music is the first four...


62: Kristen Jensen & Ben Dowell

Live from their exhibition “Everything Speaks” at Geary Contemporary in New York City, artists Kristen Jensen and Ben Dowell join Humor and the Abject for a fun conversation on making art for non-art audiences, gravity, growing up in flyover states, studio techniques, intuitive color, caricature in material choices, skepticism, and the price of pants. “Everything Speaks” is on view through Saturday, May 19th. Check out documentation here:


61: Alex Da Corte

The Philadelphia Tapes Part II: Alex Da Corte. It was a real treat during my trip to Philly to have the opportunity to swing by Alex Da Corte’s studio and record an episode. He’s one of the sweetest and hardworking artists out there. On this episode, we talked about fear, his intense love of books, the time he stalked his family in New Jersey as Michael Myers from “Halloween,” his recent solo exhibition called “C-A-T Spells Murder” at Karma in NYC, what it’s like to be penpals with painter...


60: James Allister Sprang

Artist James Allister Sprang is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. On a recent weekend trip down to Philadelphia, I had the privilege of catching up with James on the very day that he completed his MFA at the University of Pennsylvania. Moments after his final critique, we popped into a small room on campus and recorded this interview. James and I discussed the birth and evolution of his performance persona GAZR, the politics of sampling and appropriation, his interest in...


59: Chris Oh

Chris Oh is a painter’s painter. He loves wiggling a brush around on a canvas and has been weirding people out in New York for years with his photorealistic and psychedelic paintings. On this week’s episode, Chris dropped by the kitchen to talk about his recent solo exhibition at Sargent’s Daughters, his fascination with science fiction book covers, working on found materials, a love of the Dutch old masters, wrestling with making funny work, childhood terrors, mythologies, and the time he...


58: Ariel Jackson

Skyping in from her studio at the University of Texas at Austin, artist Ariel Jackson is my guest this week. She produces sculpture, video, performance, and installation works that are research-driven critiques of United States history and culture. On this week’s episode, we talked about science fiction and Afrofuturism, games, intuition and color, complications in comedy and her “Dave Chappelle” moment, accessing and synthesizing information versus emotion, her recent studio projects that...


57: Loney Abrams & Jonny Stanish

To celebrate my big birthday, artistic and curatorial duo Loney Abrams and Jonny Stanish stopped by and talked about the history of their alternative exhibition platform, Hotel Art. We discussed the project’s formation, its various nontraditional installations, the recent construction of a shed-as-gallery in their backyard, finding primary audiences online, working with established and emerging artists, whether or not experimental physical gallery spaces have any future in New York, and...


56: Yusef Roach

From his bed in sunny Los Angeles, CA, comedian Yusef Roach joins Humor and the Abject to talk KoЯn, a recent visit to Idaho, libertarianism, the comedy scene in his former home of Austin, making friends without a car in LA, why New York is falling apart, getting rich so he can have babies, the phenomenon of leftist Twitter personalities, whether or not Brandon Boyd from Incubus is black, competitive cooking television, MoviePass, the endearing tolerance of Juggalos, hanging out with noise...


51: Leo Fitzpatrick... LIVE!

Some of you will recognize Leo Fitzpatrick from Kids, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, Doomsdays, and The Wire. Others know him as a fixture in New York’s art world, having run the experimental project space Home Alone 2 Gallery in the Lower East Side with Nate Lowman and Hanna Liden for several years before settling into his current role at Marlborough in Chelsea. As part of the NADA New York Art Fair this year, Humor and the Abject hosted a live episode on-site and invited Leo out to discuss his...


45: Jillian Mayer

One of Miami’s finest daughters, artist and filmmaker Jillian Mayer, currently has a solo exhibition called “Post Posture” up at Postmasters Gallery here in New York through March 31st. In the middle of her chaotic schedule in town this week, we managed to schedule some time to sit down and catch up. I’ve know Jillian for five years now and think the world of her as both an artist and a friend. We discussed her “Slumpies” sculptures currently on view, the Singularity, taking psychedelics...


44: Thomas J Gamble

You may know Midwest micro-celebrity Thomas J Gamble as the author of the INFINITE HESH comics for Humor and the Abject. Or, you may know him more casually online as Twee Jay, Erie’s absolute boy. Either way, he was in New York this past weekend for his show at Interstate Projects and I dragged him into the kitchen for a conversation. I love Thomas so much that it makes me want to get him really angry. Does that make sense? Well, despite my best efforts to rile him up, he maintained his...


43: Andrew Kuo

Artist Andrew Kuo, AKA earlboykins on Instagram and Twitter, drops by Humor and the Abject this week for a very special bonus episode. We talked about Kuo’s early exposure to Fort Thunder as a student at RISD, how wild and elegant color is, My Chemical Romance making good on their promises as a band, the lineage of emo, the best time of day to paint, getting into self-publishing, the new Obama portrait, anxiety and jokes, literally biting your tongue, how Peter Halley has made the same...


42: Staffonly

Behind every good podcast is a great podcast studio manager. Here at Humor and the Abject, I’m fortunate as all hell to work every week with my own studio manager, Staffonly, to bring you conversations with some of my favorite artists, comedians, writers, and filmmakers. She does all the heavy lifting by making the sound collages and editing conversations, and she also provides a nice contextual introduction every week. For months, I’ve been getting literally hundreds of emails from people...


41: Jennifer Sullivan

Artist, stand-up comedian, and occasional curator Jennifer Sullivan is my guest this week. We talked about the show she put together last summer called “Cosmic Joke” at Safe Gallery, channeling Julian Schnabel, contexts for stand-up comedy, why legal weed is strangling Denver’s artist community, balancing real life and studio residencies, early Saturday Night Live, why performance art could stand to be a little more entertaining, going off-script, quitting vices, and tons of other stuff....


40: Kendra Jayne Patrick

This spring, Kendra Jayne Patrick is opening up a new gallery called Harrison. She and I were both previously involved--at different times--with the artist-run gallery Essex Flowers, and I had always been super thrilled with the programming that she led there. She stopped by this week to talk about the current pop-up show Harrison programmed at Bortolami, the next steps in her program as she opens her physical space, why being a gallerist and a curator are distinct roles, getting into the...