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ManicMetal #6: Lee Malia [Bring Me The Horizon] & Kin [Twelve Foot Ninja]

Episode #6 of the Manic Metal Show arrives with a BANG: BRING ME THE HORIZON aaaand TWELVE FOOT NINJA! First off it's Lee Malia from BRING ME THE HORIZON; We talk all things regarding their new record AMO, the songwriting process, the massive shift in direction and what the reaction to that has been from the fans [I bloody love the new record]. On top of that, I've got Kin from Aussie legends Twelve Foot Ninja on the line to talk about the organised prog rock insanity that is 12Ft....


ManicMetal#5: Lajon [SEVENDUST] & Emmy [RedHook]

It's been a while between drinks but the Manic Metal Show is BACK; and what a bill to kick shit off with. I've got one of my favourite vocalists on board! Mr Lajon Witherspoon from SEVENDUST is in the house. Well, in his house, in America.... but on the phone is close enough! I had a great time getting to know L.J and it was awesome to find out more about a band I've loved since I was a teenager. As a bonus I've also got an interview with Emmy from RedHook out of Sydney [Australia]. These...


Hayden Douglas - Hyper Manic [Bipolar I] *2nd Hip Hop Single*

Part one of the Bipolar duology; "Hyper Manic" provides a window into the manic side of bipolar disorder. The 2nd track from the forthcoming EP "Naphtali" delivers two shots of hip hop, one shot of rock with a dash of EDM [& a Cheech & Chong chaser]. FOLLOW BELOW!!!!! ====================== Beat: XtraLyf [USA] Recording/Production: Uncle Sam Beats Mastering/Production: Rob Shaker Recorded: Shake Down Studio ====================== [Follow Hayden...


#38HMN - Ms.She. [Hip Hop Artist] Music with a message & issues facing Indigenous Aussies & Canadians

Been a while between drinks but Episode #38 of the podcast is finally here! Get your Hip-Hop on with the amazing Ms.She. Lydia [aka Ms.She.] is an MC/Producer from Perth, who's now based in Canada. She's received airplay on JJJ, is to be featured on an upcoming documentary on Aussie artists & even provides feature music for ABC drama "The Heights": which is set for release in 2019. Lydia's music & lyrics deeply reflect her personal experiences as an Indigenous woman in Australia. We...


Hayden Douglas: This Is Why I'm Dark [Debut Hip-Hop Track]

Hayden Douglas: "This Is Why I'm Dark [feat :Bruno Oliveira]" is the first single from Hayden Douglas' debut Hip Hop album "NAPHTALI". Hayden is a two-time QSONG Music Industry Awards Finalist, & this marks his first release within the Hip Hop genre. Dark, Dirty Hip Hop with a Metal edge. Hayden Douglas has toured the country as both a Heavy Metal musician & Stand Up comedian who, hosts the Hyper Manic Noize Podcast. ========================= Guest Vocals: Bruno Oliveira -...


ManicMetal#4: Trevor [The Black Dahlia Murder] & Sven [Aborted]

Blast Fiends Assemble! Episode #4 is here & I've got another HUGE double header for you! Trevor Strnad [The Black Dahlia Murder] & Sven de Caluwé [Aborted] are my guests ahead of their massive Aussie/NZ tour that's kicking off in a week. Both of these dudes are super entertaining & I had a blast putting this show together. TBDM are headed back down under in support of their latest album "Nightbringers" & Trevor & I got right into the recording of the album, we talk about the band's rabid...


ManicMetal#3: Jean-Paul [CLUTCH] Armed Hold Ups, Bad Decisions & 27 Years Of Pure Rock Fury

Welcome to Episode #03 of the Manic Metal Show! Prepare yourself for some Pure Rock Fury as we catch up with Jean-Paul Gaster from the band CLUTCH. Clutch have just released their new album Book Of Bad Decisions & it's yet another absolutely brilliant rock record. We get right into Clutch's songwriting process, working with acclaimed producer Vance Powell, go over the genesis of a bunch of classic Clutch tunes & J.P even tells me about the time the band were held up at gun point after a...


#37HMN: Tech N9ne [Rap God/Strange Music CEO] & Bluntfield [Aussie MC] Hip Hop Edition

Episode #37 is here and this time it's an all Hip Hop Edition of the Show, featuring the greatest rapper on earth Tech N9ne: who is set to begin his Australian tour this week. Tech was a great guy to talk to & as the highest selling independent rap artist in history, he's got a lot of insight into the music industry. It was such a great opportunity to talk to a living legend & I know you'll all love this interview. Get yourself a lesson in the rap game: YEAH BOY!!!!!! Following that I...


ManicMetal#2: Addi [SÓLSTAFIR] & Jonas [DRAGONLAND]

Hell yeah fukkas! It's Episode #2 of The Manic Metal Show with two insane bands on the line. Sólstafir [Iceland] AND Dragonland [Sweden]!!! Icelandic rock legends Sólstafir are currently on tour in Australia with Enslaved, & I caught up with Addi Tryggvason [Guitar/Vocals] just before he boarded the plane to Australia. I was at their show in Perth a couple of nights back and holy $hit are they amazing. One of those bands you truly have to check out yourself as no description will do it...


ManicMetal#1: Scott Ian [ANTHRAX] & Scott Moss [MINUS LIFE]

Hailz Headbangers!!! Get your neck warmed up because the godfather of thrash himself is on the line! That's right, it's Scott Ian from Anthrax, S.O.D and The Damned Things! We talk all about his upcoming "One Man Riot: Spoken Word Tour" in Australia, stand up comedy, heavy metal, Scott shares some crazy stories and I tell him about a guy from my home town in regional Queensland who claimed to be in a band with him.... Was that true? I'll let Scott tell you. You also get not one dose, but...


#36HMN: Peter James [Comedian] Babyccino Breast Milk & Premium Potting Mix

It's Episode #36 with Queensland comedian Peter James! Pete was a National Finalist in the Class Clowns Competition a few years back [aka RAW Comedy for High Schoolers] & runs Laughing Heart Comedy based out of The Reef Casino in Cairns. We caught up when I was in Cairns recently & got stuck into the important issues. Such as a lady named Apple who feeds her baby donated breast milk. No, you didn't misread that & that's just a hint of her insanity. Homemade baby wipes? We talk premium...


#35HMN: Adrian Alaberg [Comedian] Dish Cart Racing, Croatians, Racists & Mental Hell-th

All aboard with the Croatian Sensation himself: Adrian Alaberg [Comedian]. Adrian has a tonne of hilarious sketches on YouTube, he's a regular guest on Channel 9 & he's an awesome stand up comic. We caught up in a Perth food court for an ADD style podcast: Croatia almost won the world cup: hear two people who know nothing about soccer discuss this achievement! We have a running dish-cart commentary throughout the episode [listen to find out what the f#ck that means]. Given Adrian's...


#34HMN: Mitchell Tinley [Comedian-Hit96.1] BBall & MMA Dreams: An ADHD Adventure

Episode #34 is here! Mitchell Tinley is my guest & he's a true renaissance man. Radio Host [Hit 96.1], Podcaster [Mitchell & Michael Show], Comedian, Failed Basketballer [like me!], MMA Ring Announcer [Eternal MMA] & about to take his first MMA fight. What can't he do? Stay on topic for one! Mitchell & I met while performing in the Perth comedy scene; but now he's a big shot doing morning radio in Mt Gambier [SA] so we have to catch up on the phone. We get into a bunch of sh#t: MMA,...


#33HMN - Douglas' Guide To Surviving The "Nut House" & Wife-swapping For Jesus

Welcome to Episode #33 with your favourite Bipolar Rock N Rolla Douglas Harvey. Another solo show where I delve deep into the "Dos and Don'ts" of surviving your stay in the nut house and you'll meet a couple who share their love of the Lord via gang-bangs. I guessing filling holes heals souls? Shockingly, their rationale is pretty weak [or should I say flacid?]. How do you get better, while surrounded by crackheads? If you find magic mus [...]


#32HMN - Douglas Does The News [Deadly Schlongs, Racist Burgers, Poo-bandits, Sewer Divers & Volcanoes

[Episode #32] This time it's a Solo Douglas Expedition into news and current world events. In saying that, all but one of the world events are occurring in Western Australia [and they're all f*cking ridiculous]. I worry about the important issues so I felt it was time to address them. I think I found my favourite guy ever. Old Kevvy from Mandurah has was arrested for threatening police: with his big old schlong. We have a serial park sh*tter terrorising the parkland in Cockburn [lolol they...


#31HMN - Bruno Oliveira [Comedian] Drive-by Suplex & Pole Dancing For Jesus

It's E#31 & "The Cuddle Pimp" Bruno Oliveira is back in the house. One of the funniest, most uncompromising guys in the game. We get an introduction to pole dancing for Jesus, go deep into sociopaths, pathological liars and religion. I remember the time I was an accessory to the crime of a "drive-by suplex". Fun for the whole family [Except Mum, Nan, Grandad, the Kids and your weird Uncle] It has been a home-run every time Bruno's been on the show & this one is no exception.


#30HMN - Douglas Vs Douglas [The Nervous Beatdown Edition]

And now for something completely different it's Episode #30: Douglas vs Douglas. Mental health is an issue that's stigmatised & minimalised, yet every one us will be effected by it directly or indirectly at some stage. I would go as far as saying it's the most important facet of life. What's the point in being physically healthy if you have a gun in your mouth? I'm a person who is incredibly open about mental health issues & I am this way because there is value in honesty. There is value...


#29HMN - Tim Price [The Faction Radio & Collision Course PR]

Hello friends! It's Episode#29 with one of my oldest friends: Tim Price. Pricey runs The Faction Radio [where you can hear me] as well as Collision Course PR. You've come to the right place for advice about getting ahead in the entertainment industry, as well as some gold stories from our years in the beef capital.


#28HMN - The Missus And Me [with Teesh] A Guide To Eating Your Pets

Hello friends! For episode #28 I'm joined by "2018 Woman Of The Year" [as voted by me], my fiancee & much better half: TEESH! Ever wondered about growing up on a farm? Did you realise it includes eating your pets? That's not a typo.... Imagine eating MULTIPLE pets that you've hand raised & bonded with. The dog ran away and it was too much of a pain in the ar$e to get him from the pound so he stayed there. The pet pig Wilbur had a rough ending too [don't want to spoil it]. Jesus Tap Dancing...


#27HMN - Mark Winstanley [Electric Vehicle Specialist] The Future Of Electric Cars & Aviation

Welcome back to the Epsiode #27! On this week's podcast I had the pleasure of catching up for a fascinating chat with electric vehicle expert Mark Winstanley. Mark formerly served as the Vice-Chairman of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association & through his company Direct Technical Services, he designs/builds electric bikes & repairs everything from Teslas to mobility scooters & model aircraft. In addition to all of this Mark works for one of Perth's top Universities designing,...