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#34HMN: Mitchell Tinley [Comedian-Hit96.1] BBall & MMA dreams: An ADHD adventure

Episode #34 is here! Mitchell Tinley is my guest & he’s a true renaissance man. Radio Host [Hit 96.1], Podcaster [Mitchell & Michael Show], Comedian, Failed Basketballer [like me!], MMA Ring Announcer [Eternal MMA] & about to take his first MMA fight. What can’t he do? Stay on topic for one! Mitchell & I met while performing in the Perth comedy scene; but now he’s a big shot doing morning radio in Mt Gambier [SA] so we have to catch up on the phone. We get into a bunch of sh#t: MMA,...


#33HMN - Douglas’ guide to surviving the “Nut House” & wife-swapping for Jesus

Welcome to Episode #33 with your favourite Bipolar Rock N Rolla Douglas Harvey. Another solo show where I delve deep into the “Dos and Don’ts” of surviving your stay in the nut house and you’ll meet a couple who share their love of the Lord via gang-bangs. I guessing filling holes heals souls? Shockingly, their rationale is pretty weak [or should I say flacid?]. How do you get better, while surrounded by crackheads? If you find magic mus [...]


#32HMN - Douglas does the news [Deadly dongs, poo bandits, volcanoes and racist burgers]

[Episode #32] This time it’s a Solo Douglas Expedition into news and current world events. In saying that, all but one of the world events are occurring in Western Australia [and they’re all f*cking ridiculous]. I worry about the important issues so I felt it was time to address them. I think I found my favourite guy ever. Old Kevvy from Mandurah has was arrested for threating police: with his big old shlong. We have a serial park sh*tter terrorising the parkland in Cockburn [lolol they...


#31HMN - Bruno Oliveira [Comedian] Drive-by suplex & pole dancing for Jesus

It’s E#31 & “The Cuddle Pimp” Bruno Oliveira is back in the house. One of the funniest, most uncompromising guys in the game. We get an introduction to pole dancing for Jesus, go deep into sociopaths, pathological liars and religion. I remember the time I was an accessory to the crime of a “drive-by suplex”. Fun for the whole family [Except Mum, Nan, Grandad, the Kids and your weird Uncle] It has been a home-run every time Bruno’s been on the show & this one is no exception.


#30HMN - Douglas vs Douglas [The Nervous Beatdown Edition]

And now for something completely different it’s Episode #30: Douglas vs Douglas. Mental health is an issue that’s stigmatised & minimalised, yet every one us will be effected by it directly or indirectly at some stage. I would go as far as saying it’s the most important facet of life. What’s the point in being physically healthy if you have a gun in your mouth? I’m a person who is incredibly open about mental health issues & I am this way because there is value in honesty. There is value...


#29HMN - Tim Price [The Faction Radio & Collision Course PR]

Hello friends! It’s Episode#29 with one of my oldest friends: Tim Price. Pricey runs The Faction Radio [where you can hear me] as well as Collision Course PR. You’ve come to the right place for advice about getting ahead in the entertainment industry, as well as some gold stories from our years in the beef capital.


#28HMN - The Missus and Me [with Teesh] A guide to eating your pets

Hello friends! For episode #28 I’m joined by “2018 Woman Of The Year” [as voted by me], my fiancee & much better half: TEESH! Ever wondered about growing up on a farm? Did you realise it includes eating your pets? That’s not a typo…. Imagine eating MULTIPLE pets that you’ve hand raised & bonded with. The dog ran away and it was too much of a pain in the ar$e to get him from the pound so he stayed there. The pet pig Wilbur had a rough ending too [don’t want to spoil it]. Jesus Tap Dancing...


#27HMN - Mark Winstanley [Electric Vehicle Specialist] The future of electric cars & aviation

Welcome back to the Epsiode #27! On this week’s podcast I had the pleasure of catching up for a fascinating chat with electric vehicle expert Mark Winstanley. Mark formerly served as the Vice-Chairman of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association & through his company Direct Technical Services, he designs/builds electric bikes & repairs everything from Teslas to mobility scooters & model aircraft. In addition to all of this Mark works for one of Perth’s top Universities designing,...


#26HMN: Andy Dowling [LORD Bassist] + host of The Andy Social Podcast & Self Starter Podcast

Episode #26 has arrived & I’m pumped to have a true, multi-faceted individual on the show: Mr Andy Dowling. Andy is the bassist for Australia’s premier traditional/power/hard rock band LORD & is also the host of TWO podcasts [The Andy Social Podcast & The Self Starter Podcast]. Some of his guests include Vinny & Carmine Appice, Tony Barber, Leroy Loggins and Michael Cusack. LORD have just released a new live album titled “LORD - Live at Progpower”, an album which documents the band’s...


#25HMN - Bruno Oliveira [COMEDIAN] a 47 yr old living as a 6yr old & Bruno’s adventures in Thailand

Alright punks we’re back with Episode #25 and I’m super stoked to have Bruno Oliveira back on the show. Bruno has the 2nd most appearances on the show, he’s by far one of the most popular guests and I always have a sh#tload of fun when he’s on. We start the show off with a 47 year old transgender person whol now lives life as a six year old girl. I’ll let that sit for a minute…… We then get into some of Bruno’s wild adventures in Thailand, terrible sex stories and I give Bruno a lesson in...


#24HMN - Simone Springer & Lucy Ewing: Life ain’t easy in da [Mother]hood.

It’s Episode #24 and I have the hilarious Simone Springer and Lucy Ewing in the house! Simone is a comedian, author, radio host & the first ever guest I had on the podcast; so I’m pumped to have her back! Lucy is an hilarious comedian, teacher and Mum. I’ve seen her perform around Perth a lot over the past year, given that both ladies perform together as a part of “The Motherhood“ I figured it was a good opportunity to have them on the show. Lucy taught me that the “C Word” is crap: I’ve...


#22HMN - Spencer: Vocalist for UNDEROATH [USA] Who needs Jesus? Not these guys!

It’s Episode 23: All hail Michael Jordan! On this episode I was lucky enough to speak to Spencer Chamberlain, lead vocalist for UNDEROATH [USA]. Underoath took some time away for a few years, and after a short run of reunion shows they began writing again and have put out an absolute sack ripper of an album. Underoath were famously lumped into the “Christian Metal” basket for many years (which is how I found the band funnily enough). The guys have all since left that nonsense behind...


#21HMN: Jamie Kay & Louis Rando [DEPRAVITY] Eating beds with death metal demons

Hi friends! Welcome to Episode #22 with two of my good mates Jamie Kay and Louis Rando from DEPRAVITY. Depravity are like all your favourite death metal bands rolled into one, and given the other bands these guys have been in; it is no wonder [Pathogen, Malignant Monster, The Furor, Inanimacy & about 100 more]. We spoke about the bands forthcoming album and met a woman who eats her bed. We share a few “behind the scenes” stories of a creative crackhead rock star, argue about Nu Metal, pay...


HMN#21 - Lexxi Foxx [STEEL PANTHER] & Comedian Mick Gledhill

Happy 21st Birthday! My friends got me a strippa, and unfortunately it was a dude. Fortunately that dude was Lexxi Foxx from STEEL PANTHER. Great to have such an awesome guy on the show and it was a super fun chat. I didn’t have much time to speak to Lexxi, so the interview is short but sweet; just like my peener. I didn’t want you guys ripped off, so I asked friend of the show Mick Gledhill to come in so we could have a chin wag about Rock N Roll. Well, for a while anyway. Of course the...


#20HMN - Slatts [KING PARROT] - Bass Flogger for the Aussie Avian Metal Kings

What a banger show Episode 20 is!! Everybody welcome SLATTS, from Australia’s favourite extreme metal sons KING PARROT. King Parrot are one of the hardest working bands on earth, and have an insanely intense live show that could only be rivalled by Dillinger Escape Plan. King Parrot create the best music videos to ever come out of Australia, they’re heavy, intense and downright brilliant. They’ve just played the first ever Download Festival in Australia and they’re about to embark on a...


#19HMN Mick Gledhill & Bruno Oliveira 2 - Smorgasbord of dog farts

Welcome back two good friends of the show Mick Gledhill & Bruno Oliveira. I have these guys on the show a lot because they’re two of my good mates & it’s always a sh#tload of fun when we get together. We investigate coffee enemas & meet a man who prayed away the gay. As always, we bring you the issues that matter. Dibgy [Gledhill’s doggy] makes several appearances in this episode; namely by dropping rancid farts [which were quite upsetting for Bruno]. There’s a lot of comedy talk, tales...


#17HMN - Jimmy Levin [Sanctum & Solace] “Made Wrong”: Metal Made RIGHT!

Crank Episode #18 up to 11 with Jimmy Levin from North Queensland’s hardcore cretins Sanctum & Solace. These Mackay lads have been smashing out uncompromising hardcore for a few years now & are poised to take the leap to the big stage at any moment. Check out their track “Taedium Vitae” during the episode, grab a copy if theur new EP “Made Wrong” and get behind these lads in their quest for mayhem. ===================== Follow Sanctum & Solace ============= [...]


#17HMN - Bruno Oliveira [Comedian] A big F.U to tha P.C.B.S

Episode 17 has arrived, and The Cuddle Pimp himself is back. Bruno Oliveira is a 2018 RAW Comedy State Finalist and he’s one of the best acts coming out of WA. We meet a man who dresses as a paper mache dog and some gentlemen who are into canine romance. It’s all down hill from there and we get into a bunch of weird topics and almost all of them are filthy. Bruno is a hilarious bloke and he’s not afraid to speak his mind. This episode was filthy and fun as sh#t. Thanks as always for...


#16HMN - Cameron McLaren [Winner: Best Comedy WA 2017] Birth-Midland-Comedy-Death

We’re finally SIXSIXSIXteen. Let’s get those fingers blasting! You can’t tell me what to do anymore Mum! Who’s in the house? It’s Dardy McFly himself, a straight comedy savage: Cameron McLaren. Cam took out the prestigious “Best Comedy WA Award” at last year’s Fringe Festival, he’s one of the top acts in the state and it’s only a matter of time before he’s one of the biggest names in comedy. We kick things off with a guy in Queensland who believes he’s Jesus. His wife was Mary Magdalene...


#14 HMN - Cabba [CLAIM THE THRONE]: Tour & drunken war stories

Hell yeah! Welcome to Episode #14 with Cabba from Perth’s Extreme-Death-Folk-Metal-Lords “CLAIM THE THRONE”. CTT have been blasting across the glove for over a decade and have just released a brand new album titled “On Desolate Plains“. They’ve just toured Australia and Japan with Wintersun, have played all over Asia, toured the U.K with Alestorm and are hardworking, killer live band. Cabba also hosts with Bandtools Podcast: giving people practical experience and advice around getting...