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Ep 36: Staying Awake with Steak...and Other Life Hacks

Our fan Drowsy Driver asks how to stay awake on her drive to work, the brothers tackle relationship issues, and someone asks how to stop sounding like a fearful chicken all the time. Shout outs to: Rachel Chad Tim - find his book here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XYVCY4K/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0 Sean Affilinet - affilinet.us Greta Michael Email us questions at hyperbrolepodcast@gmail.com Tweet us @hyperbrolepod Rub you!


Ep 36 Sneak Peek - Chris' Bad Internet [See Description]

Chris' internet was not good, so Stephen & Anthony had to fill in for him if he didn't say anything or there were long pauses. Unfortunately, Stephen & Anthony think Chris sounds like Gilbert Gottfried.


Ep 35: I Rub You

How do you deal with slow-walkers on the city streets? Or get out of a vacation with the in-laws? Find out on this week's episode of Hyperbrole. Don't forget to email scott.bryan@buzzfeed.com to let him know Hyperbrole is your favorite Summer podcast! Link here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/scottybryan/favourite-summer-podcasts-2018?utm_term=.ldA68KyW3V#.xep7oK0RLk Big shout outs to: @timcore @sgtmc50cal @kylembrant @GretaKlim20 @AffiliNetUS If you'd like to ask us a question, reach out to us...


Ep 34: Why Am I Sweating So Much?!

In this episode, the brothers teach you how not to sweat it...excessively. Get your weekly dose of faux advice with real, 100% cage free, no added hormones brothers. To ask a question: Email hyperbrolepodcast@gmail.com Or Tweet us @hyperbrolepod Love you!


Ep 33: How Many Instruments Can You Play at the Same Time?

How many instruments can you play at the same time? How many instruments SHOULD you play at the same time? Do you need a snake tongue to do it? These are the questions the brothers answer in this week's episode. We also shout out a fan's cause, you can donate here: https://ote4victory.org/jen-fackler/aboutme.cfm


Ep 32: Being a Pirate Solves Everything, Apparently

Can people just learn how to spell? The brothers stumble through question askers' bad grammar and talk about the pros of being a pirate.


Ep 31: Is There a Way to Tell if You Smell?

It happens. You're walking around and see people give you the stink eye. Does that mean that you stink? Discover the tell tale signs of a bad stench on this episode. Also, please nominate us for best comedy podcast here: https://www.podcastawards.com/app/signup Love you!


Ep 30: What Traits Should a Good Leader Possess?

In this episode, the brothers rock and roll as they talk about the best qualities a leader can possess, how to make the perfect murder mystery, and more. Have a question? Email us at hyperbrolepodcast@gmail.com or tweet us @hyperbrolepod! NOTE: In case you were not able to translate our sarcasm, we are NOT sponsored by or affiliated with any of the entities mentioned in the podcast, including, but not limited to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.


Ep 29: Just Make Your Rap Name Cheesecake Factory

Have you ever forgotten your spoons at home and need to find a way to eat your fruit cup? No? Yeah us neither, but we answer the question anyway. Send us your questions at hyperbrolepodcast@gmail.com or Tweet @hyperbrolepod.


Ep 28: Planet of the Crepes

The brothers help those needing to overcome their fear of heights...by tomorrow morning. Come listen to the best comedy advice podcast no one has ever heard of. If you have a question you'd like the brothers to answer, email us at hyperbrolepodcast@gmail.com or tweet us @hyperbrolepod. Love you!


Ep 27: How to Challenge Nickleback's Bassist to a Bass-off

Stephen, Chris, and Anthony wield their weapons of wisdom as they hack at this week's questions, including how to challenge a famous bassist during their band's VIP Q&A session. We want your questions! Reach out to us at hyperbrolepodcast@gmail.com or on Twitter @hyperbrolepod. Love you!


Ep 26: How to Be the Best Book Club Host Ever

In this special episode *sponsored by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's new smash hit Skyscraper, the brothers discuss how long to wait to call after getting a number, how to host a bomb book club when you have a small apartment, biggest date fears, and more. Email us at hyperbrolepodcast@gmail.com or Tweet @hyperbrolepod with your questions, or just send some love! *This podcast was not actually sponsored by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson or the motion picture Skyscraper.


Ep 25: How to Be on Super Duper Great Terms with Your Boss

How do you respond when your new boss asks you to talk about yourself? We know it's hard, that's why we're here to give you that healthy dose of advice you need. If you have a question you'd like to ask the brothers, email us at hyperbrolepodcast@gmail.com or tweet us @hyperbrolepod. Love you!


Ep 24: Are Charizard's Teeth Flame Retardant?

The brothers jump in on the Yanni vs Laurel debate and discuss the right way for parents to teach flatulence in moderation to children. To ask the brothers a question, email us at hyperbrolepodcast@gmail.com or hit us up on Twitter @hyperbrolepod. Love you!


Ep 23: Gorls' Night Out

How do I stop my husband from picking his nose in front of me? We'll be answering that life-changing question and more in our mid-brow comedy-advice podcast. Please subscribe, review, and tell a friend if you like us! If you do have a question you'd like the brothers to answer, email us at hyperbrolepodcast@gmail.com or @hyperbrolepod on Twitter. Love you!


Ep 22: Urinal Etiquette with Friends

Sit back and relax while you listen to your beloved hosts tap into a juicy vein of comedy in this week's episode of Hyperbrole. The brothers discuss proper pajama procedures, urinal etiquette, and more! Email hyperbrolepodcast@gmail.com or tweet @hyperbrolepod for any questions you'd like us to answer. Also, don't forget to like, subscribe, and leave a review! Love you!


Ep 20: How to Reclaim a Hijacked Conversation at a Party

Chris and Anthony have made peace, the brothers have reunited, and we once again touched our rings together to summon our amazing advice powers. Find advice for moving in with someone you know, how to regain a conversation from someone at a party (thanks to fan Stephanie!) and more in our 20th episode. If you have questions you'd like the brothers to ask, email us at hyperbrolepodcast@gmail.com or Tweet us @hyperbrolepod. Love you!


Ep 19: How to Deal With Family Burping at the Dinner Table | The Fraternal Rift - Part II

Stephen is in Chris' custody in this episode where they get their hands dirty with advice for tough questions like how to get your family to stop burping at the dinner table and how to get your coworkers to stop talking about their grandchildren. To ask the brothers a question, email us at hyperbrolepodcast@gmail.com or Tweet @hyperbrolepod. Love you!


Ep 18: How Do I Dress for an Interview When I'm Afraid of Buttons? The Fraternal Rift - Part I

A rift forms in the brotherhood. Words are exchanged that can not be...unexchanged. With Chris and Anthony no longer on speaking terms, Stephen & Anthony host this episode and fight through the drama to solve questions like how to dress for an interview when you have a fear of buttons. Stay tuned to see if the brothers can reunite to be the best wisdom giving trio that no one has ever heard of. This is definitely NOT because the three brothers couldn't find a time to meet this week.