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Workplace Drama. Comedic Relief. Our workplace heroes Liz Dolan and Larry Seal will help you make the big decisions, better sort through the small stuff, and get more fulfillment from your work life. A fictional ad agency, Penn & Pencil, will serve as a comedic point of reference for listeners’ questions. Do you have one? Call us! 424-224-5711.

Workplace Drama. Comedic Relief. Our workplace heroes Liz Dolan and Larry Seal will help you make the big decisions, better sort through the small stuff, and get more fulfillment from your work life. A fictional ad agency, Penn & Pencil, will serve as a comedic point of reference for listeners’ questions. Do you have one? Call us! 424-224-5711.
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Workplace Drama. Comedic Relief. Our workplace heroes Liz Dolan and Larry Seal will help you make the big decisions, better sort through the small stuff, and get more fulfillment from your work life. A fictional ad agency, Penn & Pencil, will serve as a comedic point of reference for listeners’ questions. Do you have one? Call us! 424-224-5711.






Introducing American Innovations

The phone in your hand is more powerful than all of the computers that put a man on the moon, combined. In the age of supercomputers, driverless cars, and mail-order DNA testing it’s easy to forget that the journey to these incredible innovations was a lot of surprising moments. We’re fascinated with the scientists, engineers and innovators who changed the world for the better… and sometimes worse. These are the leaps of mankind, as they happened. We had the chance to talk to Steven...


Introducing Success! How I Did It

Today we want to introduce you to a great show from Business Insider called "Success! How i did it". Each week, host Rich Feloni interviews some of the biggest name in business. Subscribe to Success! How I Did It on Apple Podcast or wherever you're listening to this right now.


I Hate My Boss is now Safe For Work

Liz is back with a new co-host to help you get through your work week with a little less stress, more confidence and a little more fun. Subscribe to Safe For Work on Apple Podcast or wherever you're listening to this.


Introducing Business Wars

Netflix vs. HBO. Nike vs. Adidas. Business is war. Sometimes the prize is your wallet, or your attention. Sometimes, it’s just the fun of beating the other guy. The outcome of these battles shapes what we buy and how we live. Business Wars gives you the unauthorized, real story of what drives these companies and their leaders, inventors, investors and executives to new heights -- or to ruin. Hosted by David Brown, former anchor of Marketplace. From Wondery, the network behind Dirty John...


Bonus: Thanksgiving Binge

Liz chats with Jefferson Graham of Talking Tech about their favorite episodes on each other Feast on these shows @ www.Wondery.com/Thanskgiving Talking Tech Binge Talking Buster - Ep. 7 with TellerOrigins with James Andrew Miller - Ep 1Recode Media with Peter Kafka - Jimmy KimmelThe Daily - All Eps Dirty John - Ep 1 Safe for Work/IHMB Binge Satellite Sisters - 10/23 Interview with Joe BidenI Hate My Boss - 10/6 “My data was compromised in the Equifax hack”Tides of History - Ep. 1 “The...


S1E32: The season finale

Well folks, we've arrived at the end of the line for the first season of I Hate My Boss. The show will be back, new and improved, early next year, so don't worry — our sage advice won't be gone for too long. But first, on today's episode, Liz and Larry give out some awards, and then we check back in with Rebecca, Manny, and some of the other listeners who were featured in last week’s best-of episode. And Liz and Larry go over the things that matter most to us in the workplace, and the...


After Hours 27: When your boss ain't cuttin' the mustard

Watson and his department received a new boss about five months ago, but their new boss hasn't put any effort into learning what his team's working on, or even what their workflow's like. And since this has been going on for months, word is starting to spread within the company, and it's making Watson's entire department look bad. So how far should one go to cover for their ineffective boss, particularly when it's your reputation on the line? Then, Emilio's boss of two years has become...


S1E31: I hate my boss, but I I love this clip show!

We've almost arrived at the end of the first season of I Hate My Boss, and we couldn't resist taking a look back at some of the most memorable stories and hate-able bosses that we've discussed over the past few months; that's right, it's time for a clip show! Meghan's boss has set her up to fail, while Rebecca's boss has allowed his micromanaging wife to sour a perfectly good working relationship. Then, Jane's been dealing with a weirdly overprotective boss, while the honesty box in...


After Hours 26: Too many questions, too little confidence

About three months back, Raquel's company hired two new employees, and somewhere along the way she became the go-to person for any and all of their questions. But now a project on Raquel's team is over budget and behind schedule, and the new crew's inability to figure things out on their own has become a real problem. So how should she handle the situation when she talks to her boss? Then, Liz and Larry help a listener whose self-esteem issues at the office have turned into a vicious cycle.


S1E30: Bully bosses, emotional vampires, and toxic coworkers

Everyone's had a coworker like this: they're nice enough, but they do one thing that is just so annoying, like eating carrots at maximum crunch volume every day of the week, or kicking off their shoes to unveil their smelly feet. However, this episode isn't about those annoying coworkers; instead, we're talking about the truly toxic people that can make work a living hell, and how you can best deal with toxicity in the workplace. First off, Liz and Larry share their experiences dealing...


After hours 25: A crash course in freelancing

There are few universal truths in the world: death, taxes, and the fact that freelancing can be really, really hard. It feels great when everything's working in your favor, but there are plenty of pitfalls that even experienced freelancers can fall into. So on today's episode, Liz and Larry help two listeners who want to better navigate the (sometimes) wonderful world of freelancing. First up is a listener who's feeling stuck after seven years with their current employer, and while they...


S1E29: Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me...at my office line

How many unread emails are currently sitting in your inbox? What about those voicemails waiting on your office phone, or those DMs on Slack, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook...you get the point. There are so many ways to communicate with people these days, and when you merge communication technology with business, things can go a little haywire. On today's show, Liz and Larry talk about email horror stories and life before computers at work. Then Molly Fischer, Senior Editor at New York...


After Hours 24: Mandatory pillow fights and dress code double standards

Rey is dealing with one of the many double standards that exist between men and women in the office: the workplace wardrobe. In an otherwise great performance review, her boss said that she dressed like an airhead, and now that she's applying to a new job, she doesn't want to worsen her chances with a wardrobe faux pas. But does that mean the only correct choice is a stuffy black business suit? Then, another listener's new company is obsessed with office bonding, to the point of scheduling...


S1E28: What to do when it's time to move on

Last week, Liz and Larry went over their strategies for quitting a job in the best way possible; however, even when one is armed with all that good good knowledge, there are still so many weird things that can happen when you leave a job (voluntarily or otherwise). So on today's episode, our sages help out some listeners who are on the fence about quitting, or whose exits didn't go quite as planned. First, an employee's unsatisfied after falling off their boss's radar when they began...


After Hours 23: No time for timidity

We’ve talked about how challenging it can be to navigate a freeze-out at work when you’re committed to staying, but today, Liz and Larry help a frozen-out listener get over their fears about leaving their long-held job. It’s time to activate that network and make your connections work for you, people! Then, Liz and Larry offer their advice on how to best sell yourself in a job interview where the interviewer isn’t asking any questions.


S1E27: Quitting, burnout, and creeping joylessness

Sometimes, there’s no better feeling than walking into your boss’s office and quitting your job. But quitting can also be really difficult, because there are plenty of pitfalls that can occur as you transition out of a job. So on today’s show, Liz and Larry go over the dos and don’ts of quitting (do: be gracious and stick to one story, don’t: stay too long after you’ve announced you’re leaving). Then, our sages tackle burnout, a growing issue in the workplace that makes people leave jobs...


After Hours 21: Negotiation Woes

We know that people hear this all the time — when negotiating your salary at a new job, you should always push for more, right? Well, one of our listeners was recently hired at her dream job, and it came along with great benefits, a vacation package, and the initial salary offer was exactly what she wanted. But now that she has all that, the regret has set in; should she have pushed for more? Liz and Larry offer their tips on getting over negotiation regrets, plus they also help a listener...


S1E25: My favorite Type

It might not always be a conscious decision, but people definitely play favorites at work, especially when there's intra-office competition involved. So on today's episode, Liz and Larry cover all the bases on workplace favoritism, from the steps you can take when you're not your boss's favorite, to the variety of drawbacks it can have on your business. Then, our very own Larry Seal walks us through the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, which can teach colleagues how to work better with...


After Hours 20: Stuck in the middle with you, and you, and you...

Back in Episodes 19 and 20, when Liz and Larry discussed some of the pitfalls of office romances, they explicitly said, “Do not have an affair with a coworker (or anyone, really).” And on today’s episode, a listener who’s caught in the middle of some nasty emotional fallout shows us exactly why this never works out well. They’re unsure who in the office knows about the affair, and they’ve been pressed by one of the exes to get HR involved. So again, people: no office affairs! Then, a...


S1E24: We're a happy family?

Last week, we discussed many of the pitfalls that can occur when you try to force your coworkers and employees into questionable team-building activities. So this week, we're answering all of your questions about how to befriend coworkers and handle disputes the right way. Too Shy in Bedstuy's moving across the country for a new job, and they're nervous about making friends at their new office, while Alice has a coworker that feels the need to "put her in her place." Then, Maddy was...


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