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"Make Your Mark" w/ Terayle Hill

Terayle Hill is a phenomenal Actor and he is armed with a ton of other skills that are taking him a long way. He is a producer, writer, and all around filmmaker. Most important, he is humble and plans on intentionally staying that way. Terayle sits down with Terri and Cas and discusses life, career, and standing firm on who you are, this week on I Look Good Naked Podcast.


Episode 32: Success is not an Accident w/Sandy Redd

Sandy Redd epically turned four chairs in what will go down in The Voice history as one of the best blind auditions ever. Sandy is a phenomenal singer, a mother, and a sister. She sang her way into the hearts of America, but it was not overnight. Sandy sits down with Terri J. Vaughn and Cas Sigers-Beedles to talk about her journey that led to this pinnacle point in her life. Join us as we delve into success and the work that comes before, this week on I Look Good Naked.


Episode 31: Passport to the World w/ Jessica Nabongo

Jessica Nabongo was born in Detroit, Michigan, the daughter of Ugandan immigrants, but today she is truly a citizen of the world. Jessica has set out on a mission to be the first black woman to travel to every country in the world. This week on I Look Good Naked, Jessica shares her journey, so far, and her plans for completing this wonderful undertaking.


Episode 30: Women Make Media w/ Rashan Ali

Rashan Ali has established herself as a formidable and revered multimedia personality within the sports and entertainment industries. Living by her mission statement, “I do media differently,” Ali has made her mark with the intent of being recognized as an authentic and genuine figure in the media industry. She is currently captivating audiences as a daytime television host on TV One's Sister Circle. She is smart, beautiful, and ever so humble, and I Look Good Naked is thrilled to have her...


Episode 29: Oooh, You So Crazy!

Although, this can be a term of endearment, it can also be a warning sign to keep it moving! When the little voice in your head says this behavior is not normal, it's best to listen. How do we recognize the writing on the wall when it comes to insanity? Maya Angelou said, "When people show you who they are, believe them!". She couldn't have been more right. How do you keep your life free from stress? What's the craziest relationship you've been in? This week, the ladies of I Look Good Naked...


Episode 28: Breaking Generational Mindset

Call it superstition or just bad habits. This week, I Look Good Naked is hoping to get to the bottom of why people don't prepare for the inevitable changes of life. Do you have a Will in place? Do your loved ones know your wishes? Is your estate in order? Listen to the ladies this week to get your check list for preparing for life's changes.


Episode 27: The Art of Staying Relevant w/ Kenny Burns

Kenny Burns is an entertainment industry executive, TV/radio host, and entrepreneur. At times he has been called the "Brand-maker", known for the many successes that he has brought to artists and companies alike. This week he sits down with the ladies of I Look Good Naked as they delve into the art of staying relevant in an ever-changing industry. This episode is full of insight, fun, and entertaining!


Episode 26: Reclaiming Our Throne w/ Jay and Ernestine Morrison

Jay and Ernestine Morrison are quickly becoming a power couple, and a little bit more. Uninterested in being bystanders in the black community, the Morrisons are changing the game. They are talking black wall street, black wealth, community Investment, and re-education. Tune-in as they chat it up with Terri and Cas, this week on I Look Good Naked!


Episode 25: When the Clap Back Goes Wrong w/ Shamea Morton

Shamea Morton is an actress, singer and sports reporter, and from time to time this former Falcons cheerleader can be found dropping in on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She's beautiful, she's smart, and has much to say about this week's topic- "The Clap Back". She co-hosts with Cas on I Look Good Naked to discuss the social media rhetoric and what happens when free speak goes too far. This is a fun one ya'll! Be sure to tune-in this week.


Episode 24: Claiming Your Goddess Crown w/Cathy Hughes

Cathy Hughes is the founder of Radio One and in 2004, under her helm, Radio One launched TV One. In 1999 Ms. Hughes became the first African American woman to head a publicly traded company. She is a radio maven, she is a business savvy entrepreneur, she is a mother. And this week I Look Good Naked makes history, when Ms. Hughes sits down with Terri and Cas for her first ever podcast interview. She shares inspiring knowledge about her path to success and how she's been able to evolve with...


Episode 23: Spiritual Deconstruction and Life Lessons w/AJ Johnson

AJ Johnson is a renowned lifestyle coach and wellness advocate. She is molding minds, bodies, and souls in Hollywood and around the country. This actress is a straight talk maven that is changing the world and helping people live healthier, better lives through THE AJ ZONE. AJ joins Terri and Cas this week on I Look Good Naked and boy is this episode dripping with inspiration! Tune in, get your fill and prepare for increase!


Episode 22: 2 Naked Chics and 2 Gossiping Heifers Walk Into A Bar...

It's the wild, wild west in the podcast world! This week, I Look Good Naked sits down with the wittiest duo this side of the Mississippi, The Gossiping Heifers! These two funny ladies have taken the comedy scene and podcast world by storm. They are sisters, they are friends, and they always tell it like it is! Join us for a hilarious episode this week as we discuss friends, bras, and sisterly bonds.


Episode 21: "It's All In The Family"

It's all in the the Family! The ladies of I Look Good Naked are back with Season Two and today they are delving into the delicacies of family; the bond, and defining it for ourselves. Tune in to hear their personal experiences with splitting children between homes, and their take on the The Carter's new album "Everything Is Love" and their fun "The Smith Family Moment".


Episode 20: Feel the Fear and Choose Inconvenience

Episode 20 Ya'll!!! The boat to succeed is rarely on a convenient lake, but we still have to paddle through it to reach the other side! Join us on the Season1 finale of I look Good Naked as we talk about facing our fears and choosing to be inconvenienced in order to achieve our dreams! Looking forward to continuing to share and build with ya’ll in 2 weeks, when we return with new exciting episodes on Season2 of I Look Good Naked Podcast!


Episode 19: Pouring Into Our Empty Coffers w/ Essence Atkins

Essence Atkins has had a long-standing career in television and film. She's known for her standout roles in several hit television comedies, such as Half & Half and Are We There Yet, and currently you can see her on NBC's Marlon. The beauty of Essence radiates from inside out, and this week she stops by I Look Good Naked to spread a little love as she talks about life changes, the importance of taking care of self and serving others.


Episode 18: Disrupting the Status Quo w/ Mali Hunter

Episode 18: Mali Hunter is a Grammy nominated artist, singer, yoga enthusiast and celebrity organic chef. She runs her own company, Retnuh Productions, and is COO and Partner of the hugely successful Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta. She has worked with a multitude of artists around the globe and she constantly spreads light in every way that the forces move her. This week I Look Good Naked sits down with Mali and boy do we love the knowledge she brings! Don't miss this episode as we talk about...


Episode 17: Making Space for Mental Health w/ Dr. Jesse Ireland III

Episode 17: Every day, the numbers of mental illness in America continue to grow at alarming rates. Minority communities are being hit particularly hard. In honor of the month of May, Mental Health Awareness month, I Look Good Naked welcomes Dr. Jesse Ireland III to our studio. Dr. Ireland sheds light on the Mental Health crisis here in Georgia and around the country, and offers some advice on taking care of our mental well being.


Episode 16: "We're Grown Folks!" with Trina Braxton

Episode 16: Trina Braxton is a singer, an Actress, an entreprenuer, and a larger than life TV personality. Weekly she can be seen on WeTV's reality show, Braxton's Family Values. This week, she stops by I Look Good Naked and chats it up with Cas and Terri about being in love again, feeling really good about self, and all the learned lessons of being in a large family. Tune In!


Episode 15: Confessions of a Pentecostal Girl w/ Maleke O'Ney

Episode 15: Meleke O'Ney is taking on the music world independently and she is armed with powerhouse vocals to back her up. She stops by I Look Good Naked to talk about all the aspects of Indie music marketing, the entrepreneur hustle and the art of making classic music.


Episode 14: How Love Works and Other Single Things with Stacii Jae Johnson

Episode 14: Stacii Jae Johnson, successfully wears many professional hats, but she has quickly become the go-to advisor on all things "Single Girl". This week she stops by I Look Good Naked and dishes out advice on living your best single life, and it all starts with loving you! Stacii even has dating tips for the married girls. THIS is so juicy! Ladies, you absolutely don't want to miss it!