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Guess What!

Sam is back from vacation and Lisa has so much to tell her! Lisa has concerns about her cupboards being rearranged and her egg McMuffin maker being moved. She feels like omelets have been overlooked for the fancier Eggs Benedict! The ladies discuss Mr. Pretzel, personal days, steeped tea, pop-tarts and the Golden Globes! Lisa proposes a January Advent calendar and Sam brings up Januhairy! Besides potentially growing out their body hair for fun, Sam has a few fun ideas to beat the January...


Let's do this!

The ladies have rung in the New Year and they got plans for 2019. But first Lisa needs to explain her beef with Dark Chocolate Oreos, smart coffee makers and her appreciation for liquid paper! Sam apologizes to the HHG for crushing her spirit when they went to Value Village but wants to make it up to her by going to the auction! Lisa informs Sam going to Bingo will be in their future so sayth the HHG! The ladies reminisce about the new things(good and bad) they added to the podcast in...


We Out!

Its almost the end of the year and it can't come soon enough! Sam had a fat girl down moment and Lisa is experiencing a dehydration problem! The ladies discuss shower habits, middle fingers, pickled asparagus, and V8 juice! The Christmas light tour was a success because Sam got her HoHo back! The ladies had pretty tame Christmas's but Sam got the best Christmas gift from Lisa's husband Mike! Lisa says its from her too but we know a pay off when we see it! Sam went down the Google rabbit...


You got what?

Lisa and Sam launch into another episode confessing to having a snack before going to meet the HHG for lunch! Ah, the life of a plus size woman! They agree the HHG has them raising their clothing game but now it's trickling into their PJ's! The ladies talk about the voice winner, snap chat, new money, chili, and assorted nuts! Lisa wonders when Sheila is bringing the Christmas baking while Sam confesses to needing more Christmas cookie crack! They reminisce about the Christmas toys of their...


Really? Really!

It has been a long week for the ladies and it's only Wednesday! Lisa raises the bar for married women...WWE anyone? The ladies discuss french toast, Joan Rivers, men's PJs, acidic pee and the screaming shits! Yes, its been that kind of week! Lisa's Christmas prep is on point while Sam admits she is lagging behind. What's in your purse reveals the HHG's obsession with receipts and Lisa's need for mirrors! Christmas chocolate is on the ladies minds as they agree on After Eights being the...


Sorry We Sang...

We are LIVE in Saskatoon!! Yes, we did the podcast live on Facebook and brought in the Hyper Hype Girl as our special guest! The ladies get down to business discussing wind chill issues, shrimp rings, hymns at funerals, schweaty balls and missing baseball! Sam wonders if everyone is getting their Christmas hair on and the HHG wants the unnecessary invites to stop! Lisa's wish comes true and carpool karaoke the Christmas edition comes to life! Its not great singing and they don't really...


Sorry We Sang

We are LIVE in Saskatoon!! Yes, we did the podcast live on Facebook and brought in the Hyper Hype Girl as our special guest! The ladies get down to business discussing wind chill issues, shrimp rings, hymns at funerals, schweaty balls and missing baseball! Sam wonders if everyone is getting their Christmas hair on and the HHG wants the unnecessary invites to stop! Lisa's wish comes true and carpool karaoke the Christmas edition comes to life! Its not great singing and they don't really...


Why Us!

This week Lisa and Sam venture to the other side of town and end up recording in a different Safeway parking lot! The big news is revealed they have joined the Podfix Network of podcasts! The ladies discuss Lisa's new glasses, she is sooo pretty! Sam has a fingernail that seems of great interest to Lisa. Sam questions the Snapchats that the HHG and Lisa sent on their day off! They are so weird! The conversation veers towards sleep habits, deviled eggs, festive blizzards, Christmas...


The Merican

Lisa and Sam are boycotting Denny's again and its over pie of course! Mike bought Lisa a Fitbit but she reveals it's all a bunch of lies! The ladies went out to celebrate the HHG's 50th birthday and it was a blast...she even managed to guide Lisa into finding new glasses! They did learn that Costco is not the place to buy glasses but it has other redeeming qualities, food sampling being Lisa's favorite! Lisa and Sam talk turkey pranks, wee franks and Christmas angst! They have a special...


Ricky, Stop That!

It's been a hectic week for Lisa and Sam but they made time for a special guest...the HHG!! Yup, she is in Betty for the whole hour! Things get heated when Sam outs Lisa about Sheilas beets! Lisa can't lie she threw out the jars. What! She is still harping about Walmart bananas and now their milk! Tide has a new look for their detergent and Lisa warns the HHG to make sure she gets her wine from the right box! The ladies discuss Dasani water, machines that make cocktails, Joe Louis's and...


Sleep, Who Needs It!

What do you do when your BFF gets food shamed at McDonald's, you tell others about it! Lisa trys to explain why she needs so much food, ya Lisa you like variety, sure. The ladies try to bring back the 4 color Bic pen for environmental reasons and realize its really about inclusion. Sam takes her frustrations out on Lisa but in Sam's defense Lisa was warned! The ladies talk Walmart groceries, parties, the Good Dr., new food and canned beans! Sam reveals she is unprepared for winter and Lisa...


Why Did We Do That?

October is over, bring on Christmas...what! The ladies go back to their roots, they are stealing wifi from Lowes and have problems with the outdoor inflatable Christmas decor!! Too soon too soon! Lisa and Sam are still jazzed about their visit to Terror in the Trees! Lisa has a beef with NBC, misses baseball and has discovered new food! Sam has parted ways with the old and embraced the new! It's a weird world when you dive into the Guinness World records. It's filled with long lashes,...


Time Is Money!

Another week is almost over and someone (Sam) needs more coffee to get through it! Lisa experiments with a new sweet and savour breakfast option (hint she hated it last week)! There are new fun foods being introduced into Lisa's world and Sam wants the food pictures to stop! They discuss bus etiquette, advent calendars, longjohns and the HHG's adventure in botoxing! Lisa ponders toothpaste and Sam thinks why brush when you have fake teeth! Weird phobias and Halloween are discussed but like...


I Hate Them All!!

Lisa admits to being a toucher while Sam admits she doesn't mind second hand shoes. Lisa finds this appalling!! The ladies discuss pie on the bus, baby bumps, Quaker Oats, cake with a twist and The Conners! Sam and Lisa play 2 truths and a lie but in Lisa's case 2 lies and a truth! Lisa divluges why she hates clowns and Sam of course schools her on why and possible ways to cure it!! Its another fun and lively conversation that ends with spirited I Shake my Heads!! If you love what you...


Who Knew!?

Lisa and Sam start off bickering about sharing the same water! Sam is not that kind of woman...ewww! They talk turkey, expensive pots, funny family stories and Halloween decorations! Lisa has reinvented another snack, yup here comes a twist! Sam has new neighbours and Lisa is fighting with her pillows! Its that time of year again...yup Sam's birthday and its the big 50!! She recaps her birth year and Lisa list a few things Sam should do in her 50th year! The ladies talk about goats, goat...


What A Week!

It has been a long week and Lisa tells Sam...snap out of it!! Lisa is getting cozy with her late night door slamming, drug dealing neighbours. Sam confesses to eating large amounts of Pumpkin pie to cope with her week. The ladies recap this weeks TV watching and keep New Amsterdam in the mix! The Americans interrupt Lisa's soap opera for news, she ain't happy and she's a news whore! What happens when your bff calls you at work...you answer!! Sam had a not so stellar week but Lisa lets her...


Does It Need Fixing?

Breakfast rolls into lunch snacks via McDonalds!! The ladies get chatting with Lisa confessing to being a lazy singer and complaining about the Cloud! Sam reveals her love of Michael Buble and that she didn't watch 'This is Us'. Lisa did and feels good about not crying but isa bit put out that Jann Arden hasn't invited us to guest on her show! They talk boogers, coffins, d-list Royal weddings, fist pumps, bird legs and adult decisions! Sam gets sucked into the Google rabbit hole and...


What Was That!

Lisa and Sam start off telling each other 'see ya in hell'! Yup, thats their week and it only gets better! Lisa wants a weather refund and Sam's still mad at Lisa for dragging her through a corn maze! They talk Emmys, Seth Meyers, Charmin toilet paper, clown phobias and more! The whirlwind known as the HHG was a guest in Betty today!! Lisa and Sam fire questions at the HHG to get to know her better! Sam quizzes the HHG about her qualifications as the hype girl! Like with all guests they play...


What Do You Name?

Lisa gets to the heart of the matter when she asks Sam "what's up with the collegiate look"... Sam was channeling her inner student with a sporty sweatshirt. The color threw Lisa off and references were made to Barney! Lisa finally announces she has made a decision about what job she has taken and here's a hint, she is dressing a lot like the HHG! Lisa dabbles with eggs, Sam may have PTSD, the HHG is drinking on a work night and doing strange things with KY Jelly! Lisa's sister gets us...


You, Are A Talker!

Lisa gets right to it with concern over her earbuds, earwax and then defends her overall cleanliness! Sam chats about her mini-vacation to the US and her new appreciation for air conditioning! Lisa has a new twist to yogurt and berries! The ladies talk Fall TV shows, new fall foods, animal crackers and free birthday breakfasts! Lisa and Sam have special guest in Betty, its 'The Dirty Hippie' and she's here to play a lively game of "Would You Rather". They learn a bit more about each other...