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Old, Used and Worthless?

Its been another fun week for Lisa and Sam. Lisa welcomed a new addition to the family and Sam survived her 5am’s without her 5am ponytail! Lisa is enamoured with her new toaster oven and her husband Mike has become Mr. BBQ! The Royal wedding is almost here and Lisa is putting in the work to prepare for the big day! The ladies discuss if you eat more or less in Summer and of course Lisa has a list of new Salad Dressings and BBQ Sauces to try! They both agree yard sales are not their jam...


Fine…I’ll Go!

Lisa and Sam chat about their new recording device, which has LIsa Youtubing how to use it and practicing at home! Sam is all over instagram and she is no longer just creeping! This has Lisa wondering if Twitter is in Sam’s future?? The ladies discuss how Summer has passed them by and the new forms of pleasure for old married women! Lisa’s sister Christa has provided them with a hot topic on Men vs Women and they got views of their own! They made it to the Psychic Fair and well let’s just...


Peeves and Annoyances!

The ladies launch right in to some fun banter about Lisa’s Sporty Spice attire, summer feet and peoples personal hygiene! They discuss Lisa’s bat wings which leads to some fun questions of “would you rather”. Lisa and Sam discuss pet peeves about each other, retail, bad songs, seasonal peeves and the 3 U’s of annoyances!! If you love what you hear you can support the podcast by following the links below! Patreon: www.patreon.com/ishakemyhead Podbean Patron:...


Does The Early Bird Really Get The Worm?

Lisa and Sam have an uninvited guest join them, Bob the Maple bug! Ewww!! Sam screams while Lisa slays the bug, a few times! They chat about Lisa’s trip to Regina that reveals her inner rocker, her bad car habits and her boss swears to never let her drive again!! Sam decides that she might be more Netflix than cable after all and Lisa is fuzzy wuzzy like a bear!! The ladies get right in to their Morning vs Night topic and Lisa feels strongly that everyone should be a lark but Sam thinks...


Frosting or Filling?

Lisa and Sam are doing some spring cleaning, they are kicking Denny’s and Roseanne to the curb!! Lisa has decided to be competitive and Sam finally has scientific proof that swearing is necessary! They talk about what a world tour would be like and realize that there will be struggles! The debate begins with both knowing that pie is superior but Lisa slides to the middle declaring she has never met a cake frosting that she hasn’t liked! If you love what you hear you can support the...


365 Days… But Who’s Counting!

It has been a year of podcasting for Lisa and Sam and they got stuff to talk about! They start out with a big reveal… they changed locations…what! The ladies talk about the Blue Jays, Jerry Seinfeld, a new Forged in Fire and Hemp Lip Balm! Lisa and Sam take you behind the scenes, reveal why they podcast, critique their very first episode, answer questions from listeners and chat about the mistakes along the way! Yup it’s dalot folks but it’s a fun trip down memory lane!! Join us it’s gonna...


Spring, It Ain’t Coming!

Lisa and Sam are fed up with winter and are looking for Spring! They talk sparkle shoes, pot, horrible weather, pvring shows and Lisa’s sport’s filled Sunday! Of course Lisa has a list of what needs to be done and eaten before warmer weather shows up and Sam goes schoolly with the pros and cons of Spring/Summer! If you love what you hear, you can support the podcast by following the links! Patreon: www.patreon.com/ishakemyhead Podbean Patron: https://patron.podbean.com/ismhead


Stranger In The Car!

Lisa and Sam have tried something new and are very excited to welcome a special guest into the car…it’s Shauna Foster, radio personality from C95!! They talk about The Junos, Weird Quirks and their 3 Favorite Foods! The ladies are also discussing what TV Family they would want to be a part of and the Cartoon Character they most identify with! It’s a good time had by all! If you love what you hear, you can support the podcast by following the...


Where’s My Space?!

Lisa and Sam are podcasting in a blizzard, talking about a leaky ceiling, Mexican lunches and Ben Affleck’s tattoo. The ladies have attended the big Michelle Obama Event, enjoyed some Rink Burgers and discuss Sam’s issues with being in a crowd!


Wal-Mart, Easter Candy and So Much More!

Relax and listen to Lisa and Sam chat about their visit to Wal-Mart, the debate over Easter candy and Sam’s frustration with shopping carts! Its the count down to the Obama ‘event’ and one expresses her concern over seating while the other fixates on rink food! Sam schools you on St. Patricks day and Lisa wonders about Leprechauns!


Yep, We Are Creeping Your Fridge!

Lisa and Sam enjoyed the “what’s in your fridge” pictures and they reveal other podcaster’s fridge personalities! The ladies chat about Sam’s need for a longer vacation, Lisa’s experience with a loud sniffer and why dressing in the dark is hazardous to your health!


She’s a Crabby Crab!

Lisa and Sam get off to a roaring start when they discuss Lisa’s RBF (resting bitch face) and Sam’s couch butt! They reveal that the perfect bathroom experience has created a “Bathroom Tour” of Saskatoon! The girls are discussing horoscopes and Lisa is not impressed with the topic, naturally they disagree about each others sign!


I Did Not Just Hear That!

Its a whirlwind of topics with Lisa and Sam. One talks about Fat Girl Down the sequel and the other is obsessed with her bunion! They reveal through impromptu questions some not so nice nicknames, nose picking and the best purchase ever….the Egg McMuffin Maker! The laughter continues as Lisa and Sam share the conversations they wished they hadn’t overheard!


Exotic Floor Flush?

In this spontaneous podcast, Lisa and Sam are surprised that trying a new restaurant didn’t suck. Someone is super excited about Michelle Obama coming to town and it’s not Sam!


A Little 80’s Pick Me Up!

Lisa and Sam chat about Betty the car, pancakes, getting old, the Olympics and McDonald’s messing with the Big Mac! The ladies needed a pick me up so they reminisce about their 80’s childhood!


Valentine’s Day… Yay or Nay?

In honor of the Olympics, Lisa and Sam take their competitive spirit to the local arcade! Sam peaks at skeet ball and Lisa excels overall!! The ladies share their thoughts on Valentine’s Day and all that it entails!


No I’m Not…Yes You Are!

Lisa and Sam discuss whether they are control freaks or people pleasers! Listen in and find out which one is which! They discuss the Super Bowl, Groundhog Day, bacon and Sam’s new retirement plan!


Don’t Google This or That!

Listen in as Lisa and Sam let you in on what not to Google!! Its been an interesting week for the ladies, one fell down and the other discovered heaven in a fibre bar! Sam has concerns about spring cleaning and Lisa realizes how many useless items she owns and she’s not sure why!!


We are Canadian…eh!

Lisa and Sam chat about Canadian oddities, weird words and foods found only in Canada (sorry USA…yep we apologize too much). Lisa makes a confession which prompts Sam to crack out her “you are Canadian if” quiz!


Does Reality TV Rot Your Brain?

Lisa and Sam share their views on whether or not Reality TV rots your brain. As always they are on opposite sides of the fence with Sam confessing she may watch more of it than Lisa!


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