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Hot Dog Curler...WTF!

It's been a better week for Lisa cause all her friends are back in town!! The HHG bought her the best gadget ever....a Hotdog Curler! It's comes with warnings and recipes, who knew! They pay homage to the passing of Tim Conway a comedy legend and Doris Day who Lisa thought was already dead. Lisa shares a warm moment between her and Mike, hint it involves the use of emojis! The ladies cover a lot of ground from Hershey bars, new phrases, 90210, murses, new Oreos, the McRib, pigeons, estrogen...


Say What?!

It is all itchy eyes, runny noses, and horking snot!! Yes, friends of the podcast, the ladies have allergies and it ain't pretty! Once they get past the post nasal drip Lisa dives into her newest idea dill pickle chicken wings!! Ewww! The ladies get going as they discuss red bull slushies, triangle dance, pretty litter, Bud light lemon tea, smart cars, Viola Desmond and new pillows. Lisa is back on her pickle kick and shares her love of them even through song! Sam takes that as her cue to...


Hey, Pay Attention!

It has been a non-summer like week...hmmm I think Lisa has some explaining to do! Lisa starts with an apology while Sam tries to understand why Lisa can't read instructions! Once they stop bickering Lisa tells tales of soggy sandwiches and lard like cookies which has them both wondering why they bought them in the first place. The ladies get talking about Matchka or Matcha, Jeopardy James, the Royals, Happy Days, Ellen's hair, Crocs with fanny packs and beefy tomatoes! Sam lists off 10 ways...


Ready, Set, Summer?

It's warm and sunny in Saskatoon and Lisa has implemented the no coat rule perhaps a little too soon. Armed with her umbrella and stubbornness she battles cool temps and snow! Sam thinks she's a dumbass but Lisa knows best?! Have you ever wondered why all dog breeds look the same but humans don't? Well, it got Lisa thinking and that only leads to one thing...a very strange conversation! The ladies get down to some chit chat about the HHG and a strange family game of guess the autocorrect,...


I was just thinking...

All Lisa wanted was a pretty picture of the amazing rainbow in the sky. Too bad Sam kept missing that perfect shot so Lisa could take it!! Yes, the ladies argued through that and then kept it rolling for the podcast. It's crazy what comes out of Lisa's brain, this week she shares with Sam her thoughts on bread pillows, pigeons, Kraft dressing, dude cooking, Tiger Woods and gyros! The ladies discuss daytime TV. One of them thinks it's over after 11 am and the other thinks it's good all day...


And Two Became Three...

It's a crazy long episode friends of the podcast!! That's what happens when Lisa and Sam get chatting about the last two years!! Yes...it's their second podiversary!! Things start off with a lovely message from the HHG and then Lisa brings up Sam's 'unkind' attitude. The conversation keeps rolling along with Sam poking fun at Lisa's never-ending to-do list, Wrestlemania, Brooks & Dunn, the HHG, march madness, Fatburger and mini cupcakes! The ladies answer questions from some of their friends...


Stop With The Face!

When a new word gets created due to utter disappointment the day has taken a turn for the worse! Lisa is 'smad' because the fancy donut place is out of donuts. Sam does her best with 7 am Timbits but it just makes Lisa 'smadder' but the podcast must go on! Lisa launches into her newest obsession dill and tuna sandwiches. She reminisces about her KD parties back in highschool and Sam gets grossed out by ketchup! So much is discussed from toe bro, DQ dreamsicle, cookie dough chunks, Disney...


One Click Away...

Well, it's officially the start of baseball season and Lisa and Sam have been ordered by the HHG to go drink beer! Apps were ordered, beer was drank and the Jays lost... it just proves you can't have everything in life! Lisa recovered enough to podcast because the show must go on! The ladies talked about Mama June, the HHG'S face, penis puppetry, unicorn KD, Mental Samurai, and woodpeckers. Everybody does it, online shopping that is and Lisa and Sam share some fun facts, trends and weird...


Baby Shark...DoDoDoDo

Nothing says a long week like singing a horrible children's song!! Lisa finds her happy place singing the baby shark song while Sam cringes! The ladies had a full week and they are tired...of each other! Sam finally hears back from Coras and they are offering coupons or a big treat whatever that is! The ladies chat about putting baby in the corner, labias, BBQ, March Madness, urinals(yes again!) and Tic Tac gum. Lisa and Sam went to the Dragons Den audition and brought the HHG as their...


And then we drank...

The ladies are shedding the layers and getting in the spirit of the warm weather!! They lunched with the HHG which turned into drinking wine with the HHG!! Fun was had by all!! Lisa is caught off guard by zippergate while Sam can't believe Lisa cried watching This is Us. They launch into talking about urinals, rubber boots, Mike's lost keys, Toebro, cheese puffs, JLO and Operation Varsity Blues! Lisa and Sam took a few tests to see what kind of smart they were. No surprise Lisa thinks she is...


Hmmm...that got weird

Is the moon in the seventh sun cause this shit is getting weird! Lisa starts off complaining about $3 boring red rose tea. She tries to find her zen space talking about Bob Ross but loses it over the HHG not knowing about pancake Tuesday. Sam pulls a John and goes out for her morning coffee and then makes more when she gets home! The ladies get on a roll talking about movie night, Amazon deliveries, The Voice, non- stick foil, Dilly dogs and near salt. Throw in some random questions, fun I...


Oh No You Didn't!

What a week!! The HHG is back from her vacation and she brought gifts!! Lisa and Sam's day off together is one weird event after another!! First, they take a stand at Coras and then Lisa has words with a rude customer in a drug store. What is going on! Listen in as they discuss magic, raincoats, poppycock, Kenny Rogers, Bananas and pogos! Sam wonders why the HHG's husband is Lisa's screen saver on her phone. The weirdness continues as they tackle the topic armchair critics/athletes and...


Belly Up!

The ladies are in a fighting mood, with each other! It all started with a Shamrock shake!! Things get interesting when they disagree about the status of cinnamon buns vs sticky buns!! Lisa is over joyed when she discovers she is finally trendy even if its only her shoes! The ladies discuss everything from tuna vs salmon, an anti-snore chin strap, small pots, to shell or not to shell and who's worse pigeons or seagulls? The topic of buffets was supposed to be fun and light-hearted. It turns...


Edible What!

Lisa and Sam get wished a Happy Valentines Day from the HHG which should have kept it top of mind. However, life is filled with awkward moments and none more awkward than going to a restaurant on Valentines Day! Lisa and Sam forget that its 'that' day cause all they want is food! Lisa weaves tales of bus mishaps and hair woes. The ladies discuss Rob Lowe, bowling, boozy ice cream, cheese puffs and edible butt holes! They have special guest the Dirty Hippie helping them weigh in on Valentines...


Brain Freeze!!

Well if the cold weather doesn't get ya the pot pills will!! Yes, Lisa and Sam are braving -34C and someone is still sick!! Lisa confesses the cold has caused problems with her dentures that can't be good! Sam is fed up with kids messing with her beverages and says her piece!! The ladies discuss serial killers, the Super Bowl, Apple Pie Oreos, real cheese and the WWE! Lisa loves dessert and Sam prefers appetizers can they change each other's mind...mmmm probably not but that won't stop...


Snotty Mess!!

Lisa has a cold and feels like hell but the show must go on!! Sam points out that she has been medicating herself with the wrong stuff and Lisa is pissed that she has wasted the last 2 days!! They start by sharing their thoughts on Boy George singing on Ellen which has them discussing comebacks of aging rockers! The HHG reveals that she can debate and gives Lisa a run for her money! The ladies discuss the Superbowl, the WWE, pot pills and the Ted Bundy Tapes! Sam and Lisa reveal the...


On Location!

Okay, friends of the podcast, the audio may be a bit off because it got really cold and the ladies took shelter in the HHG's basement!! Yes, Lisa and Sam are on location for the first time! It causes Lisa some angst but Sam is rolling with the punches! They start off wondering if the Royals should be driving themselves after the accident and if self-driving cars might be a good idea! So much is discussed from Oscar Meyer hotdogs, horrible childhood dinners, IHOP, the HHG hotboxing and Shake...


It's An Inner HaHaHa...

It's freaking cold in Saskatoon but the show must go on! Safely wrapped in blankets the ladies get chatting about the week! Lisa is mixing up PB&J, obsessing about pickled asparagus, annoyed at toilet paper and loving her some pudding! Sam is relieved that the HHG explained her Dunkin Donut Snapchat and is all for bringing back the 70's casserole! The ladies are tired of the cold so they list off some signs Spring might be around the corner! Sam tries to figure out what makes Lisa laugh. She...


Guess What!

Sam is back from vacation and Lisa has so much to tell her! Lisa has concerns about her cupboards being rearranged and her egg McMuffin maker being moved. She feels like omelets have been overlooked for the fancier Eggs Benedict! The ladies discuss Mr. Pretzel, personal days, steeped tea, pop-tarts and the Golden Globes! Lisa proposes a January Advent calendar and Sam brings up Januhairy! Besides potentially growing out their body hair for fun, Sam has a few fun ideas to beat the January...


Let's do this!

The ladies have rung in the New Year and they got plans for 2019. But first Lisa needs to explain her beef with Dark Chocolate Oreos, smart coffee makers and her appreciation for liquid paper! Sam apologizes to the HHG for crushing her spirit when they went to Value Village but wants to make it up to her by going to the auction! Lisa informs Sam going to Bingo will be in their future so sayth the HHG! The ladies reminisce about the new things(good and bad) they added to the podcast in 2018....