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Who Knew!?

Lisa and Sam start off bickering about sharing the same water! Sam is not that kind of woman...ewww! They talk turkey, expensive pots, funny family stories and Halloween decorations! Lisa has reinvented another snack, yup here comes a twist! Sam has new neighbours and Lisa is fighting with her pillows! Its that time of year again...yup Sam's birthday and its the big 50!! She recaps her birth year and Lisa list a few things Sam should do in her 50th year! The ladies talk about goats, goat...


What A Week!

It has been a long week and Lisa tells Sam...snap out of it!! Lisa is getting cozy with her late night door slamming, drug dealing neighbours. Sam confesses to eating large amounts of Pumpkin pie to cope with her week. The ladies recap this weeks TV watching and keep New Amsterdam in the mix! The Americans interrupt Lisa's soap opera for news, she ain't happy and she's a news whore! What happens when your bff calls you at work...you answer!! Sam had a not so stellar week but Lisa lets her...


Does It Need Fixing?

Breakfast rolls into lunch snacks via McDonalds!! The ladies get chatting with Lisa confessing to being a lazy singer and complaining about the Cloud! Sam reveals her love of Michael Buble and that she didn't watch 'This is Us'. Lisa did and feels good about not crying but isa bit put out that Jann Arden hasn't invited us to guest on her show! They talk boogers, coffins, d-list Royal weddings, fist pumps, bird legs and adult decisions! Sam gets sucked into the Google rabbit hole and...


What Was That!

Lisa and Sam start off telling each other 'see ya in hell'! Yup, thats their week and it only gets better! Lisa wants a weather refund and Sam's still mad at Lisa for dragging her through a corn maze! They talk Emmys, Seth Meyers, Charmin toilet paper, clown phobias and more! The whirlwind known as the HHG was a guest in Betty today!! Lisa and Sam fire questions at the HHG to get to know her better! Sam quizzes the HHG about her qualifications as the hype girl! Like with all guests they play...


What Do You Name?

Lisa gets to the heart of the matter when she asks Sam "what's up with the collegiate look"... Sam was channeling her inner student with a sporty sweatshirt. The color threw Lisa off and references were made to Barney! Lisa finally announces she has made a decision about what job she has taken and here's a hint, she is dressing a lot like the HHG! Lisa dabbles with eggs, Sam may have PTSD, the HHG is drinking on a work night and doing strange things with KY Jelly! Lisa's sister gets us...


You, Are A Talker!

Lisa gets right to it with concern over her earbuds, earwax and then defends her overall cleanliness! Sam chats about her mini-vacation to the US and her new appreciation for air conditioning! Lisa has a new twist to yogurt and berries! The ladies talk Fall TV shows, new fall foods, animal crackers and free birthday breakfasts! Lisa and Sam have special guest in Betty, its 'The Dirty Hippie' and she's here to play a lively game of "Would You Rather". They learn a bit more about each other...


I Thought We Were Smart?

Lisa gets on Sam's case for her lateness and she pays the price with breakfast! Sam tries to understand why Lisa lacks some basic adult skills. The Phillies vs Blue Jays bet is over and the ladies win again!! Lisa feels she is being bullied into dealing with fall foods! Sam is excited about Back to School shopping even though she isn't going to school. The ladies are talking about back to school fun facts, weird lunch ideas and kid stress. The ladies get schooly when they play "Are You...


Do We Need To Know That???

Its been a busy week for the ladies...Lisa is juggling jobs while Sam is burning the midnight oil. They discuss baseball bets, hair violations, fall food transitions, soup bullying and Sam's high standards! Sam shares the latest pop culture news...hint caftans are making a comeback! Lisa and Sam ponder why millenials don't use top sheets and what else have they kicked to the curb? The ladies share odd useless information and wonder if it's all true or just a bunch of BS! If you love what...


They Didn't Kill Us!

The ladies are talking about sweaty balls and coin the phrase #ballfreezone! They pay their RESPECT to Aretha Franklin with a snipet of her famous song and they chat about The Sunshine Summit. Sam wants a skin firming cream and Lisa gets mail order shoes! The tanning competition comes to a close bet you can guess who lost...its not Sam! The Hyper Hype Girl helps them pick lunch and its a hit!! There is a slight hiccup about straws and they discuss protesting against the use of chopsticks! A...


Yep, We Made It!

Its been another interesting week for the ladies. They took off on a besties vacation and they are both still alive! The fun started even before they left, $28 of deli meat anyone? Lisa decided to make this her eating vacation and Sam swears they did stop every five minutes for food! Everyday they go in search of cell reception cause the locals lied about the hill! There was dishgate 2018, pool noodles, water sports and facebook lives from Dorintosh, SK! They survived and even got a go tan...


Just Pick One Already!

The ladies are hot today and not in a good way! For some reason they discuss spanxs, mens and womens! Sam has made the ultimate sacrifice and joined Facebook...Lisa is regretting it already! The Hyper Hype Girl hung out with them Saturday night, yup she is real, there is a facebook live to prove it! Sam has good news for Lisa, her favorite 80's sitcom is coming back! We couldn't drop it so here's the Not-A-Sign the game show edition! The ladies disagree about potato salad, canned pasta but...


Look Who's Back!

The ladies are back from their vacations, full of stories and lessons learned! Lisa's first day of vacation involved a minor meltdown while Sam learns to not talk to strangers in Wendys! The tan competition is in full swing and Sam has a sure fire way to win! Lisa learns to cook, sorta and Sam has a close call with the Police! They introduce a new segment " funny texts from the HHG" and then learn what is 'not a sign' when it comes to old married couple sex! The ladies discuss the big news...


You Don't Know Squat!

This is the last of our mini Summer series friends of the podcast! Sam breaks the news to Lisa...there will be no Pot for her birthday but they have a business idea for Sam's mom! Potcakes anyone?! They explore the world of cupcakes via Crave in Saskatoon and commit a crime while eating them. No worries it's just a parking ticket but that makes them wonder were does that money go? The ladies get competitive with an 80's trivia game hosted by their friend John from the Brand X Podcast....


I Want A New Judge!

This is the second episode of the mini summer series! What does cheap sports equipment, brownies and unfair judging add up to...Lisa and Sam's Dollar Store sports day! Yup, the ladies head to Sheila's backyard for some good old-fashioned competitive fun! They discuss sports drinks because its important to stay hydrated when your getting your sport on and famous mascots. There were games lost and won and apparently one sided judging but it was all in fun! The ladies took on a hoola hoop...


See Ya In Three!

The ladies have done their homework and this is the first of the mini Summer series! Lisa is headed to Ontario and Sam is off to BC! Yes, they are on vacation but they are still dishing about what's on the pvr, do they clean their houses before vacay and laundry or no laundry! Lisa has issued a challenge that in each town they come to they each need to buy a lotto ticket!! Luck be a lady tonight! They chat about how to find the perfect cheesy souvenir and yes the Hyper Hype Girl is...


Let's Get This Party Started!

Well its the last of the full episodes before Lisa and Sam go on vacation. The ladies are a bit punchy after spending the day at the lake. Lisa has found a new dessert and wants girl sized burgers to be a thing. Sam needs to know why the Hyper Hype girl has joined AIR BNB. So they decide to prank phone call her and ask inappropriate questions. It's also Lisa's birthday and she tells us what her perfect birthday day would entail. They share some fun facts about Canada leading into their...


Don't Freak Out!

With their hair coiffed and attitudes in high gear, Lisa and Sam step right in to their week. Lisa is once again fascinated with Sam's choice of the 5am hairdo AKA the hair bun. Sam is wondering if she will like the newest addition to the studio. Lisa puts Sam through vacation shopping bootcamp...again! The Hyper Hype Girl got them to do a Yard Sale Challenge, guess who won (not Lisa). They do their best to stop sweating the small stuff but their lists sound more like things that annoy each...


Luck Be A Lady Tonight?

Once again the ladies have spent a lot of time together and well things can get interesting! Lisa gets sister shamed on facebook while Sam becomes a proud Auntie of 10 nieces and nephews! The Hyper Hype Girl is off her lunch game and sends them on a wild goose chase. She insists they do a yard sale challenge even though that was so four episodes ago! Lisa takes up the vegan cause but then questions their word usage. The ladies take off to the Casino and well lets just say they aren't quiting...



Well its happened again Lisa and Sam have spent too much time together and the cracks are showing! They take a long drive for a hotdog, Lisa wants to squeeze someone else's buns and they screw up their first instagram story...are we surprised! They welcome back the Hyper Hype Girl and all of a sudden hugs are being bandied about! What is happening! Lisa and Sam enlist the help of their sisters for a segment of the episode but only one pulls through! The other sister is shamed for forgetting...


Lie To Me

The ladies are still struggling with technology but like the saying goes, it takes a village! Sam tries to convince Lisa that she hasn't ruined summer but Lisa is having none of that! The HHG is still on holidays and our picture is a little worse for wear! They play John's rendition of the Blue Jays fight song because the Jays won the 3 game series!!! Lisa and Sam try to answer a twitter question about leftovers and discover as woman, they never do anything a second time round! Things get...