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A comedy podcast about failure, fear, and desperation. Hosted by Jhanelle Dennis and Jacob Derwin.

A comedy podcast about failure, fear, and desperation. Hosted by Jhanelle Dennis and Jacob Derwin.
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A comedy podcast about failure, fear, and desperation. Hosted by Jhanelle Dennis and Jacob Derwin.




Katie Boyle Goes to Sleep on the Kitchen Table

Comedian Katie Boyle makes a warm cup of tea after a cold welcome to NYC. In episode 10, The Shift's Katie Boyle explains why her move from Ireland to the United States wasn't all rainbows and pots of gold. From nightmarish roommates, difficult work and dating situations and frustratingly privileged pets, Katie reveals how life's simple pleasures get her through the day. But first, Jhanelle finally tells Jacob the story of her "miracle" beginnings. Listen to Katie's Irish Sex and...


Eric Vitoff Loses American Idol, Wins Mariah Carey's Heart

Musician Eric Vitoff says goodbye to his second chance at stardom, but still wants to try. In episode 9, Eric tells his behind the scenes story of his American Idol audition in front of the celebrity judges and why Mariah Carey is his #foreverbae. Eric, Jacob and Jhanelle also discuss the minefield that is mending a fractured relationship. But first, Jacob and Jhanelle talk about why they hate being called "great" singers. Listen to Eric's album "Tangible Divide" on your favorite music...


Stephen Fishbach Wakes Up Covered in Bruises

Paraphrase host and Survivor alum Stephen Fishbach's palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. *** In episode 8, Stephen Fishbach brings us inside the lowest moments of his iconic runs on CBS's Survivor, shares his struggles with social media negativity, and recounts a mental health horror story from his time in Paris. But first, Jacob tells Jhanelle about a surreal moment he had at a recent charity event. Learn more about Stephen's podcast, Paraphrase, at ParaphrasePodcast.Com...


Jeffrey Emerson Models Nude For 50 Dollars

Actor/Comedian Jeffrey Emerson works hard for the money. *** As they say in the biz, "the show must go on!" In episode 7, Jeffrey takes us through the dark life/career events that led him to finding his /happy/ place. But first Jhanelle reveals to Jacob what her and disgraced CEO Elizabeth Holmes have in common. Catch Jeffrey on SyFy's "Happy!" starring Christopher Meloni and Patton Oswald! Season 2 premiers March 27th. And check out his weekly free comedy show, LAp DAnce SAloon,...


Efthimios Nasiopoulos Calls Off Two Weddings

Comedian and Actor Efthimios liked it, then put a ring on it, then changed his mind... twice. In episode 6, Efthimios talks making hard decisions regarding life and love, and dealing with the aftermath. Jhanelle challenges the notion of "'til death do us part". But first, Jacob accepts a weird vow that extends into the afterlife. *** For more Efthimios, go to ethimiosnasiopolous.com And check out his socials for laughs and live show updates: Instagram: @ef_thimios Twitter:...


Nicole Zelniker Gets Stupefied by Margaret Atwood

Author and Journalist Nicole Zelniker encounters a series of unfortunate events. Nicole chats with Jhanelle and Jacob about cracking under the pressure of a high stakes job interview, what job hunting and dating have in common, and how to deal with an intense fear of public speaking. Oh, and expect some extremely passionate Harry Potter talk. Meanwhile, in an unexpected turn of events, Jacob and his Dungeon Master roommate, Wolfe, lure Jhanelle into the wild world of Dungeons and...


Andrea Boehlke Gets Trampled By Horses/Feelings

Host/Actor/3x Survivor Player, Andrea Boehlke saves (her) face. In episode 4, Andrea recounts her near-death experience, deathly embarrassing stories of rejection, and how to deal with losing face in front of your crush. Meanwhile, Jhanelle tries to get a newly baby-faced/clean-shaven Jacob to ditch the razor in favor of waxing. They come to a greedy compromise. *** Keep up with Andrea! Instagram: @andreaboehlke Twitter: @andreaboehlke And her podcast: Past Your Bedtime *** Follow...


Vanetta Schoefield Has 5 Minutes to Move Out

Writer, Comedian and Producer, Vanetta Schoefield lives in a motel for 5 months after moving from North Carolina to New York City. In episode 3, Vanetta talks weight loss, academic struggles, how selling bootleg perfume made her more creative, and what hip hop can teach us about success. But first, Jhanelle needs to warm up and Jacob makes her an offer she can’t refuse. *** Follow Vanetta on Instagram at @vanetta.schoefield to keep up with her upcoming shows. Check out her comedy and...


Jay & Eytan Live the American Pipe Dream

Comedy duo Jay & Eytan fight depression, anxiety and over cleaning a bathroom for cash after a spontaneous move to NYC from Toronto. Meanwhile, Jacob and Jhanelle fight technical difficulties and over Iggy Azalea because they’re still living in the year 2012, apparently. *** To keep up with Jay & Eytan, check out jayandeytan.com. Instagram: @jayandeytan / @jaywellslec / @eytanmillstone Twitter: @jaywellscomedy / @eytanmillstone For discounted tickets to their monthly show, go...


Kyle Lewis & Drew Rose are Smash Bros, IRL

Comedian Kyle Lewis and Drew Rose of @funfactorgames get into a heated fist fight in the “Crazy Town” of Boston. The guys talk losing big fights in both video games and in real life. Jacob and Jhanelle learn what pro wrestling and John Wick (yes, the Keanu Reeves movie) can teach us about getting back up after taking an embarrassing beat down. *** Keep up with Kyle and Drew on social media! YouTube: www.youtube.com/keepitfivestar Instagram: @funfactorgames / Kyle: @keepitfivestar /...


I'M TRYING! the Preview!

Welcome to I'M TRYING! We're so glad you're here. New episodes drop every Wednesday wherever podcasts are found! *** Follow the show on Twitter and Instagram @ImTryingShow. Keep up with the captains of this chaotic cruise ship: Jacob Derwin is @JacobDerwin on Twitter and Instagram. Jhanelle Dennis is @JhanelleDennis on Twitter and Instagram. Have you recently embarrassed yourself? Are you looking for help (or pity)? Reach out to us at our e-mail, ImTryingShow@Gmail.Com. We're more than...