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Avengers: Endgame w/Jon Durnell

Jessica and Kelly are back and have on comedian and TV person Jon Durnell. The three of them strapped in and saw Avengers: Endgame! The finale, the big ending of what everyone has been waiting for for 11 years. Did it live up to the hype? Was it as great as everyone says? I mean you all saw it already, we're asking you. Just kidding! We dissect the movie and talk about who we'd fuck/marry/kill and more in this ep. Also warning: Jess does some Game of Thrones spoilers so do not listen if...


Final Destination w/TK Kelly

In #55 Jess and Kelly have on funnyman TK Kelly and have a nice little throwback since there is nothing good in theaters. The three of them sat down to watch the early 2000's teen thriller Final Destination. Did it hold up? Or was it just one of those "good when you're that age" type movies? Think about it, or listen to the pod! The three of them also talked about other great movie franchises like American Pie and Austin Powers. Overall, very fun pod even if the movie might have been a...


The Lego Movie: The Second Part w/Christine Medrano

After a much needed holiday break we are back in action! In #54 we had on the lovely Christine Medrano and unfortunately saw one of the worst movies to date, even worse than The Grinch and Skyscraper! Yes The Lego Movie: The Second Part was a hot, hot mess. Essentially a 108 minute long, very long, toy commercial this movie just went nowhere for all three of the girls. The pod is far more exciting than any bit of that movie. They talk about their toys from back in the day, how to sneak...


The Grinch (2018) w/JoAnn Schinderle

In #53 Jess and Kelly start to get festive and ring in the Christmas cheer! They had on friend of the pod and funny lady JoAnn Schinderle and saw the latest reboot of The Grinch. Was it as good as the others? Was it good at all? Well you're going to have to listen to the pod to find out. They also discuss Christmas in general and what it is like being an adult during the holidays vs being a kid. Very fun pod, sometimes hilariously dark, listen and subscribe to enjoy! Follow JoAnn on...


Bohemian Rhapsody w/Mitch Burrow

In #52 Jessica and Kelly had on Mitch Burrow and the three of them dove into the world of musical biopics with Bohemian Rhapsody. Everyone is wondering: is it bad? Is it great? Well, honestly, reviews are pretty mixed and the three of them are kind of in the same boat. Sure Queen reigns supreme but this movie isn't A+ although SOME of us did enjoy it. Rami ruled no doubt, but did he make Freddie's ghost proud? Hey listen to the pod and you'll find out! Follow Mitch on twitter:...


Halloween (1978) w/Michael Burnett

The spooky season is upon us and IMDweed is READY for it! In #51 we dove into one of the original spooky slashers -- Halloween! A classic and one of those movies you watch and think "oh it makes sense why 500 slasher movies copied certain routines." Jess and Kelly had on good friend of the pod, comedian Michael Burnett. Halloween is kind of a simple concept so we tried to talk about other Halloween traditions and all that fun stuff, gave some fun Halloween movie facts. Overall very fun,...


The Predator w/Doug Benson

In #50, we go back to the movies, Wow, can't believe time has flown and we have 50 eps! Jessica and Kelly have on pal of the pod Doug Benson. The three of them went to see The Predator which actually is a 3rd sequel to the Predator franchise and honestly probably the best one. It was very fun, sure not the best alien movie in the world but still a fun lil romp. We talk about what's better Alien or Predator (p obvious), the #metoo drama behind the movie, and of course, Celine Dion. Super...


Princess Diaries w/Rachel Wolfson

In #49, we throw it back! Hope you all had a crazy fun Labor Day weekend! We had on the great Rachel Wolfson and watched the new classic, The Princess Diaries. Wow still a great, fun movie, we definitely recommend watching it. We dove into how this pre 9/11 movie was cute as hell and the babes in it are babetastic. Lotta fun facts about the movie and about the book. Super fun time, definitely listen and hey watch the movie on Netflix. Follow Rachel on instagram: @wolfiecomedy Follow Kelly...


The Meg w/Jake Snell

In #48 Jessica and Kelly have on friend of the pod Jake Snell. Jake is a comic visiting from Wisconsin. The three of them watched The Meg which is just as much garbage as you think it is -- but still better than Skyscraper! The three got very stoned and went on some pretty fun tangents, way more fun than the movie that is for sure! We also announced the Poke-A-Bowl winner and will be reaching out to you soon. Overall, another fun ep. Follow Jake on instagram: @Jake_snell_ Follow Kelly on...


Skyscraper w/Adam Tod Brown

In #47, Jessica and Kelly have on pal Adam Tod Brown. The three of them had a wild and crazy adventure seeing Skyscraper. This was the day moviepass started shitting the bed. The movie was well, I guess what you'd expect it to be. This is another one of those "this podcast is better than the movie" episodes. What can we say? We are awesome! Meanwhile, the Rock...not so much. But who knows, maybe we're wrong considering he's the highest paid actor in the world. Either way, super fun podcast...


Men in Black w/Killa Kush

In #46, Jessica and Kelly did a classic throwback of a 90's movie that one can argue is very underrated: Men in Black. Don't agree with us? Watch it right now and see how it still relevant today. The two of them had on the very lovely Killah Kush. In the intro we messed up and said her insta was "killakvsh" but it's Killahkvsh! So be sure to follow her! Also follow Will Smith's instagram because he's in Men in Black and his videos are sure to b brighten up your day. Enjoy the pod, we had a...


Ocean's 8 w/Maggie Maye

In #45 Jessica and Kelly have on good pal of the pod Maggie Maye! The ladies went to see the ladies of Ocean's 8! Was the female version of the heist films as good as the regular ones? Did they have fun? Did someone take a lil nap during it? All of these questions are answered in the podcast! Very fun ep, and who knows it might make you want to rob a bank or at least a Target.


Upgrade w/Reggie Watts

In #44 Jessica and Kelly had on their pal Reggie Watts and the three of them got baked and went to see the action-packed movie Upgrade. Was it fun? Did it live up to expectations? Or are robots and anything artificial intelligence just ruining our lives and it is always a bad idea to mix people vs bots? Hmmm why don't you listen to the pod and you can hear all of our opinions! Super fun and just overall a nice informative pot podcast -- POTcast shall we say? Listen, subscribe, and...


Deadpool 2 w/Ben Gonzalez

In #43 Jessica and Kelly have on Ben Gonzalez and the three of them went to see Deadpool 2. Did it live up to expectations? Maaaaybe. Did we eat a bunch of edibles? Oh proooobably. Did they do wacky fuck, marry, kill parings? You know itttt. Another fun pod ep talking about yet another wacky superhero movie. Will the world get sick of these? We won't as long as movie pass is a thing foreverrr. Enjoy the ep! Be sure to subscribe, leave a review, heck donate to our patreon if you...


Half Baked w/Ganja Jon

In #42, Jessica and Kelly have another throwback episode and watch Half Baked. If you donate to our Patreon you can choose a throwback movie and Chris aka @ChrisSchmo did! We had on a super special guest Ganja Jon aka Jon Hamm and Eileen on and watched THE pinnacle weed movie "Half Baked." Did it hold up? Was it just as funny? Listen for yourself! Also, listen for a super special giveawayyyyyy! Special thanks to Ganja Jon. Follow Ganja Jon on twitter at: @ganjajon Follow Jess on twitter...


Avengers: Infinity Wars w/Granison Crawford

In #41, Jess and Kelly have on pal of the pod, comic book fan, and a comic too -- Grandson Crawford. The three of them discussed the much hyped and talked about Avengers: Infinity Wars -- the third in the Avengers films. Did it live up to expectation? Did they tear apart some characters? Did Kelly ramble because she was very high? Did one of them see it twice and like it both times? Wow all of these questions are answered in the podcast! Truly a very fun ep. They have had some really fun...


Blockers w/Steph Tolev

In #40, Jessica and Kelly had on funny lady Steph Tolev. The three of them went to see the new comedy surprise hit Blockers! One of them wasn't impressed/was a little disappointed but it was still quite a fun time. They talked a lot about their old high school lives and their proms, a nice little stroll down memory lane, Have a listen! Follow Steph on twitter: @stephtolev Follow Jess on twitter: @jessandrosky Follow Kelly on twitter: @hollyweirdo Follow imdweed on twitter: @imdweed


Heathers w/Heather Marulli

In #39, Kelly and Jessica had on friend of the pod Heather Marulli to watch the 80's classic "Heathers." Get it? Because her name is Heather too! The film didn't hold up in our opinion and made us feel kind of shitty after. But in the pod we still had fun, we talked about high school for us and goofed around. Overall a fun pod, have a listen! Follow Heather Marulli at: @fixedairheather Follow Jessica at: @JessAndrosky Follow Kelly at: @hollyweirdo Follow the pod at: @imdweed


47 Meters Down w/Ellen Clifford and Shaughn Buchholz

In #38 Jessica and Kelly dive into watching 47 Meters Down with Ellen Clifford and Shaughn Buchholz. Is it as funny as you thought it'd be? Not really. Movie kind of takes itself way too seriously, but let me tell you we had a blast talking about it! Fortunately, Mandy Moore swam to safety landing a role in "This is Us" or else her career might've been for the fishes -- is this enough water lingo for you?! Listen to the pod. Follow Ellen: @ellenclifford Follow Shaughn: @shaughnbuccholz...


Peter Rabbit w/Thayer Frechette

Hi it's #37 and yeah we didn't know what episode it was either, oh well, time is flying by guys! Or should we say HOPPING! Because we went to see Peter Rabbit with friend of the pod and Boardwalk Audio fam member Thayer Frechette. Is Peter Rabbit a good guy? NO. Was the movie fun? OH YES. Check out the ep and try to figure out if you're team Paddington or team Peter! Follow Thayer Frechette on twitter: @thayerfrechette / @convincemepod Follow Jessica on twitter: @jessandrosky Follow Kelly on...