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104 - The Therapist is In w/ Brittany the Therapist

Ep. 104 the therapist is in the building Brittany the therapist comes in and we talk Babies vs STD, Sexual exploration, Malik Yoba, being dickmatized, human trafficking, and alot more! Timestamp: (02:45) Show starts, (06:00) Woman tried to baby trap me, (11:50) Babies vs STD, (20:00) Communication Problems and Friendzone, (28:00) Crazy Brittany and sexual exploration, (48:00) Malik Yoba and transexual relationships, (60:00) Being Dickmitized, (66:00) MGTOW and women being rude and Human...


Track Record: Eight-O : Omerta (IKF Special)

This is the debut episode of the podcast special "Track Record" sponsored by From the Ground Up and People Collector. In this first special we sit down with Wichita artist Eight-O to discuss his latest album Omerta, which you can find anywhere you listen to music. Track Record is a podcast where Rowe sits down with artist and breaks down their latest album track by track.To see video clips from this podcast visit or visit...


103 - Maturing with Plain View with Plainview Kiet

Asian rap star Plainview Kiet joins the Kinda Famous podcast to chop it up about everything that's happened in his career since we shot From the Ground Up. From his stage performances, his icy rap style, maturing as a person, taking on some big moments, his newest album ATM, and we even debated on the old heads vs new school thinking on putting out music and being competitive, I think we talked about damn near everything. Hear Plainview as you have never heard him before on episode...


102- Over a Chicken Sandwich

What have I been working on, popeye's chicken sandwich, the Amazon is on fire, and how do relationships start?? New show coming to IKF Network TimeStamps : PRojects Savage U with YBM Smoove and Track Record(03:00), Popeye's Chicken Sandwich(8:30), NFL and sports fan racism (19:40) , Biggie is not in my top 10 rappers(28:00), Amazon Rain Forest Fires(39:00), Trump, How do relationships start?(46:00) #amazonrainforest #popeyes #chickensandwich #trackrecord join the IKF facebook page...


101 - Jay Z is Big Kaep

Jay Z is for sure big cap got this deal with the NFL's talent show, Jeffery Epstein commits suicide, and we need rules for group chat on this episode of the Kinda Famous Podcast. Big announcement we have a new podcast special being added to IKF called Track Record where we sit with music artist and break down their latest project track by track. We talk more about it this episode. TimeStamps: (3:00) Track Record new show and changes, (8:00)Jeffery Epstein's suicide and controversy,...


100 - Keeping It 100

Welp we made to 100 episodes and it is not the show I originally planned due to the an unexpected death so this week I Explain the hiatus, talk about ASAP Rocky, Diddy dating his sons ex, Eric Garner case, and how People Collector brand connected to the Money Team and the Mayweather family. Thank you all for rocking with me for 100 episodes and now let me turn up the volume for the next 100. I felt rusty but we got it done and I am back! Be sure to go over to our facebook page to see the...


99 - Storming Area 51

So we are almost at 100 episodes and this time talking lies and love triangles, storming area 51 , sex rings in America, pervert friends, licking ice cream, the border crisis and more! Timestamps: (5:00) Caught in a relationship triangle, (17:00) Storming Area 51 and UFO Story, (27:00) Lil Wayne leaves the Blink182 tour, (30:00) R Kelly and Jeffery Epstein sex ring, (37:40) the book all men are perverts and checking your pervert friends, (43:40) licking ice cream going viral, (48:00) Border...


98 - Black Mermaids aint Real

So people are upset that the cartoon Little Mermaid is black, Kawhi left the Toronto Raptors, I canceled From the Ground Up, and woman are being called for "pre-dates" and I give a little business advice...Damn.. New Episodes and new merch on this episode of the I'm Kinda Famous Podcast. TimeStamps : (6:00) Little Mermaid Controversy (16:00) US Womens Soccer and NBA trades (18:00) Meek Mill buys Lids and the importance of good relationships, (29:00) Canceling From the Ground Up, (47:00)...


97 - This is Really Gay

Back at it since I had to record the show twice this write up will be short. We catch up with whats been going on and the development the People Collector Cosmic Culture brand out side of that due to pride month or moment I talk about a disturbing post about gay and LGBTQ people and the gay agenda and I talk about a situation where a friend has an issue trying to figure out if her kids father is actually gay and the idea of gay shaming and homophobia. See you next week 3 hours of podcast and...


96 - Above Me Now

#itsabovemenow , the most overrated sex positions, Toronto dominating the NBA Finals, are we too sensitive and triggered to everything, and how do you work through the hard times when you dont feel good about yourself and more on this episode of IKF. TimeStamps : (8:40) Its above me now viral video, (13:30 ) overrated sex position , (23:00) NBA Playoffs, (26:45) Nipsey Hussle trial Update, (34:00) are we too triggered and manipulated, (50:00) Wu Tang of Mics and Men documentary, (54:00)...


95 - Addicted to Flicks

Game of Thrones finally ends while the NBA Playoffs heats up but Jada Pinkett has a Porn Addiction. We also talk about a man who faked his kidnapping for his ex's attention, read porn comments, and talk the Tony Robbin's controversy on this weeks episode. TimeStamps : (3:30) Game of Thrones finale, (7:30 ) NBA Playoffs , (11:45) Summer Bodies, (15:45) Jussie Smollett Update and Man Fakes his own Kidnapping for Ex’s attention, (28:00) Jada Pinkett's Porn Addiction , (42:45) Comments in the...


94 - Fist Fulla Choice

Game of Thrones and its bad writing, Pamala Turner case, Fisting and how I was forced to do anal and the new abortion laws in America discussed on Episode 94 of the I'm Kinda Famous Podcast powered by #spotify TimeStamps: (4:00) IKF After Show, (5:40) Game of Thrones writing, (11:00) Pamala Turner vs Police and local racist cop in Wichita , (20:40) Fisting story and I was forced to have anal sex, (39:42) DJ Khaled clout chasing Nipsey Hussle, (47:00) new abortion laws. Be sure to go over...


93 - So Problematic

Ayesha Curry wants attention, Transgender Athletes, and court awards man $9 million because his wife cheated on him on Episode 93 of the I'm Kinda Famous Podcast powered by #spotify TimeStamps: (4:30) Mental Health Awareness Month, (8:00) Mother's Day, (15:30) Getting Scam, (18:00) African Rant, (21:22) Ayesha Curry wants more male attention, (41:40) should Transgender athletes be allowed, (56:00) Wife cheats on husband and now he is owed 8.8 million dollars according to the...


92 - Conspiracy Battle with Xio

Outrage marketing, UFOs, Flat earth, and sex cults with Xio from the Xio and Rome Podcast and she came back to talk conspiracies...well actually it was continued conversation from episode 82 so I finally put it out while I go work on something else. TimeStamps: We start the good stuff at (26:00) Hidden agendas, (34:00) Humans are from Mars and UFOs, (39:00) Pyramids and alien communications, (43:45) Flat Earth, (47:00) No such thing as gravity, (48:35) Did we go to the moon?, (53:00) How...


91 - Put Some Clothes On

Game of Thrones and endgame no spoilers, a transgender barber assault, HISD school parent dress code, money vs amount of kids, and when can you get with your friends ex and more! How About some time stamps: (3:00) Shooting From the Ground Up over the weekend, (8:00) Game of Thrones and Avengers Endgame (no spoilers) and the Avengers movie assault, (16:00) Transgender barber assaulted and hate crimes, (27:30) How long should you wait to hit on your friends ex?, (32:20) If you can afford it...


90 - T.I. Got a TIP

Thanks to Joe Budden for the new opening, TI snitched on Kodak Black, is Old Town Road Country?, you are not the Nipsey Hussle of your hood, Incels, Game of Thrones and more. Back with episode 90 took a break last week was super busy and just plum tired. This week I talked about Old town Road clip from "From the Ground Up (2:45), T.I. getting alot of backlash and at war with Kodak Black with extra smoke from 21 Savage (11:00), people proclaiming to be the Nipsey Hussle of the hood (23:00),...


89 - RIP Nipsey Hussle

Simple here I reflect on Nipsey Hussle and freestyle the episode talking about Nipsey Hussle and his contribution to the culture and myself and how he personally influenced me and how a simple song guided me to a new project and got me off of my butt. RIP to Nipsey Hussle and thank you the marathon continues. Clips from that are over on the IKF facebook page! Check it out and tell a friend about us! #kindafamous Spotlight Artist : Nipsey Hussle - Status Symbol 2 Interested in the new...


88 - For the Creatives

Being a content creator is easy but not I rant about being a creator, Jussie Smollett #jussiesmollett backdoor plea deal, Cardi B #CardiB drugging and rob double standard, and From the Ground Up new episode and why it's special! Seemed like nothing happened but mostly because I was busy busy busy with this new release and get that shit figured out and ready for release so todays episode was a freestyle. We went live on Instagram and talked about if canceling a wedding means a relationship is...


87 - Polygamy Phobia

Instagram taught me about Polygamous open relationships this week but first I saw Jordan Peele's Us movie, Teanna Trump wilding, and Jess Hilarious islamaphobia and then we close it out with polygamy, polyandry, brother husband's, sister wives and open relationships on Ep. 87 of the I'm Kinda Famous Podcast. I got questions! Spotlight Artist : Evrlove Blake - Fight n Love Interested in the new series From the Ground Up visit Trailer...


86 -They Mad Mad at Me

Apparently, Fat Joe hates 6ix9ine, The Case against Adnan Syed on HBO came out, men can breastfeed for women at SXSW and I keep making people mad even when I mind my business. Ep 86 of the I'm Kinda Famous Podcast and I am still recovering from being ill but I feel so much better and there wasn't anything good to talk about. From the Ground Up and me making people upset (6:00) , Men breastfeeding for mothers (23:00), Fat Joe says he will not take a picture with 6ix9ine and the Case on Adnan...