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71 - D*ck Pic Myth

Returning from the holiday and the foolery we dealt with shooting scenes from From The Ground Up (00:00), the midterm elections (08:00), homie online dating issues (13:00), the mythology of the random dick pic (18:00), I catch a blessing at Walmart (28:00), Lil Wayne adds tracks to the Carter 5, Fires and shootings in California, and learning from shooting documentary. Preciate you all for still rocking with me during the hiatus and getting the listens back up. Thanks, I am glad to know...


70 - The Flyest Rapper

Finally out of the 60s with episode 70. Talking some mental health struggles lately, the horror movie Terrifier, Making a Murder Season 2, the miami mail bomber, doing regular radio vs podcast, 5 year marriage contracts, and lastly the rapper who died rapping on the wing of a plane!!! As always tell a friend support IKF hit the like, subscribe, and all that good stuff!! Also Wichita Artist who are interested in the new series From the Ground Up visit


69 - Sunday Complaints

I Know I know ! I know I said episode 69 would be the sex episode but some things doesnt always go as planned. We will get to the sex episode soon and thanks for all the topic suggestions but I want to record that episode when its a vibe with a guest so its coming. No Pun Intended. This week we talked about the loss of life from a Dallas up and coming comedian RoyLee Pete (enjoy life smile everyday), Drake and Pusha T tea off, gold digging ass regular chicks, faking life for attention, and...


68 - Kanye Got Something ft Earon Nealey

Oh Boy Kavanaugh and Kanye West! Today I am joined by Tony Award Winning Earon Nealey as she recently landed a Broadway Gig with Phantom of the Opera the longest running Broadway show and we talk about Science Projects , (10:00) her gig with Phantom of the Opera, (14:00) New Candyman and Tales from the Hood 2 , (23:00) Diversity at the Grammys, (28:00) Beyonce hive , (33:00) Kanye West Mental Health or ploy, (43:00) Celebrity activism and future of Cardi B, and (50:00) Rape Accountability....


67 - The Great Nike Fires of 2018

Back with a packed show for the first time in a while. Episode 67 we talk 00:00 Intro/Colin Kaepernick and the Nike ad controversy, 12:00 the start of the 2018 NFL football season, 14:00 Kanye West apologizes Drake, 21:50 Eminem vs Joe Budden and how it is just strategic media playing the audience and 25:00 streams, 38:00 Dallas off duty cops kills a man on accident in the wrong home, 47:00 Problems with dating and waiting and staying around good energy. Subscribe and like and share...


66 - Is Fergie White ft Carla Ayala

Back with episode 66. Carla is back today and on the preshow banter we talked about what makes someone interesting, (04:40) We get into the talk about our new show in development From the Ground Up and the big interview we landed that will put us over the top,(12:00) I didnt know if Fergie was White,(20:00) Eminem drops Kamikaze to Carla's surprise and we preview it, (25:00) Carla leaves and things go array, (33:00) Aretha Franklin's funeral, and (40:00) 2 tips for brand builders. We are...


65 - Festive ICT with Nnanna Okpara and Mike Watkins

Episode 65 we linked with Nnanna Okpara owner and director of Festive ICT an event planning organization that has put on many events like the Taco Fest and sneaker expo I Got Sole. He is bringing another event this year to Wichita called ICT Pizza Fest. With many local vendors and of course the love for pizza I can't wait to try out whats there. He also brought to the show with him Mike Watkins owner of one of the vendors of ICT Pizza Fest Kolace on the corner of Tyler and 13th in the...


64 - RIP C Struggs

Today is a weird episode because we talk about the death of a promising Dallas rap artist C-Struggs who loss his life to cancer and other health complications. Because I knew the kid and what I saw in his death from the public I discuss my feelings on it and Clout chasing by some of the major artist in the industry who could have helped Struggs big time like Rick Ross and DJ Khaled, We talk about the new projects coming soon From the Ground Up please go visit and like...


63 - Mercury Retro 8s

Mercury is in retrograde... The moon is acting brand new and on a whole lot of gang ish. New episode about the last week the new project From the Ground Up, Recap of EFC, movie audition, this whole cosmic situation we are embarking on tried to call Carla and it failed, a family doesnt see gender and they have theybies, and whats a soul mate.. I have been a little rusty the last few shows but I am getting back to what made it work next week I am officially back and we gonna make a dope ass...


62 - Diddy Did it

Back with another one ! We talk updates to From The Ground Up, EFC 9 coming up July 21st at Kansas Star Arena, developing the Film, and filming the Tee Grizzley show (00:00), Drake Scorpion album analysis (14:00) J. Prince Book the art and science of Respect and Did Diddy get Pac killed(21:00), Charlemagne tha God rape case resurfaces (32:00), Hate from the outside (34:00),I got robbed of all my money due to suspicious activity(39:28) , when is the right time to let your lover meet you...


61 - Just Venting

Keeping it a buck! This epsiode should have stayed in the vault. Opened up a little too much but its out there now. Just some lite venting! We talk abotu the death of XXXTentacion , Drake releases Scorpion, and as I mentioned I did some venting. Stressed out people but conversed about the new projects , an acting gig I have going , the movie thats in pre production, my fears going into these new projects, the false idea of perfection, and learning to trust people and why I failed at...


60 - It's Us

This a basically an update. we are back to the weekly schedule and had to adjust slightly. Lets see we talk whats been going on with me as a filmmaker and the new project I am shooting and developing called "From the Ground Up" , the movie I am writing and directing, my commitment to boycotting Kanye West, Drake vs Pusha T, why you need to respect J. Prince, the hustle and grind effect, and the power of success in a group vs work as an individual. Buy our new merch the "By Choice...


59 - Blocked on the Gram (guest Carla Ayala)

Been Busy on a few aRowe Films projects and working on the IKF Mental Health Week of episodes but this week Carla came back with some nerve but yall told me yall like her! This episode we had an additional guest Carla brought with her to chime in on some very important topics like 00:00 Memorial Day, 05:00 is watching porn cheating? and do women watch porn , 18:00 Drake New single I'm Upset, 24:00 Carla's break up with her Record Label, 30:00 risk vs reward with life choices, 40:00 and...


58 - Assume Men Don't Cheat (guest Carla Ayala)

So one of my favorite people came back on the show to run a complete muck! Power 93.5s own Carla Ayala came on looking like herself to talk about being one of top shows in the market only second to one of the biggest shows in the nation (02:00), Ty Dolla $ New collab album (5:00), Mental Health Awareness and offensive language (10:31), a crazy accurate personality test (16:31), Do all men cheat? (27:05), Dj Khaled don't eat the box (46:50), and Chris Brown being sued for rape party(52:50)....


57 - Kanye Kosby Kelly with Earon Nealey

We had to get alot of these people out of the door this week and it hurt! Kanye West is the hottest topic out now and his ridiculous remarks and antics used at creating a conversation as well as selling the hot line of GOOD Music projects. I had my Broadway artist of the stars Earon Nealey on to talk about Kanye, the conviction of Bill Cosby, and the weird world of R Kelly. Some of our icons had to go but with all the progress we are having its time to usher in the next wave. Oh and some...


56 - Facebook Sensitive with David Rickels and Julian

This episode we just got right to it. First off the new website is up is now the official podcast website. This week we have returning Bellator MMA Fighter David Caveman Rickels who is going into a scrap at #Bellator200 in London and social scientist and researcher Julian who is working on a study about the influence of the internet on our culture. We touch man topics like the fallout of EFC8, CBD, Gun Violence and Control, Facebook trolling, acceptance of others in a...


55 - IKF Live #Situationships

Yall have been asking for it and here it is part one of the live event Situationships hosted by myself, Autumn Black, and Samuel David. MAn we had such a great audience who engaged with us the whole time. From conversations on side relationships to being reformed int a marriage we also had tons of great tidbits from our audience. Be sure to follow us on youtube and facebook to see some of the video from the event! Thanks to all the sponsors who helped made this happen and this is definitely...


54 - Drop the D in the DM (ft Kait)

Episode 54 Kait returns to just hangout and talk that talk. We talk about a little this and that. We almost hit yall with adulting radio talking insurance rates and illness (06:13), I try CBD Hemp oil and vape pens for the first time and I think its bullshit (12:45), Toys R Us is closing and McDonalds is the future (22:40), Kait tells us about an office affair and I have a coworker that is a swinger but it was his wifes idea (31:00), Dropping off a dick pic (46:40), MY friend has a...


53 - Entitled to the N-word ft Carla Ayala

This week we have another host from the local radio station Power 93.5 this time its the amazing Carla Ayala. We just do the dance and talk that talk. We get into it about Music , Bruno Mars and the accusation of him being a cultural appropriator, if white people should be able to wear the black panther costume, and a white mom thinking its okay to say nigga because she has a mixed kid. Alot of banter in between. She even teases us for a future topic which means she will be back!check it...


52 - Therapy Session with Sam, Kiara, and Kait

Episode 52 We are on to recap the #situationship live event! Unfortunately guest cohost Autumn Black of QueenX Magazine couldn't make it but we were able to get Samuel David who host a podcast with her called "A Little Bit of Everything" on as well as two people from the audience Kait and Kiara. This started off as just a recap show and somehow it became like a therapy session for Kiara as we break down side niggas and side relationships as well as ...well I dont know read the time stamps...