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60 - It’s Us

This a basically an update. we are back to the weekly schedule and had to adjust slightly. Lets see we talk whats been going on with me as a filmmaker and the new project I am shooting and developing called “From the Ground Up” , the movie I am writing and directing, my commitment to boycotting Kanye West, Drake vs Pusha T, why you need to respect J. Prince, the hustle and grind effect, and the power of success in a group vs work as an individual. Buy our new merch the “By Choice...


59 - Blocked on the Gram (guest Carla Ayala)

Been Busy on a few aRowe Films projects and working on the IKF Mental Health Week of episodes but this week Carla came back with some nerve but yall told me yall like her! This episode we had an additional guest Carla brought with her to chime in on some very important topics like 00:00 Memorial Day, 05:00 is watching porn cheating? and do women watch porn , 18:00 Drake New single I’m Upset, 24:00 Carla’s break up with her Record Label, 30:00 risk vs reward with life choices, 40:00 and...


58 - Assume Men Don’t Cheat (guest Carla Ayala)

So one of my favorite people came back on the show to run a complete muck! Power 93.5s own Carla Ayala came on looking like herself to talk about being one of top shows in the market only second to one of the biggest shows in the nation (02:00), Ty Dolla $ New collab album (5:00), Mental Health Awareness and offensive language (10:31), a crazy accurate personality test (16:31), Do all men cheat? (27:05), Dj Khaled don’t eat the box (46:50), and Chris Brown being sued for rape party(52:50)....


57 - Kanye Kosby Kelly with Earon Nealey

We had to get alot of these people out of the door this week and it hurt! Kanye West is the hottest topic out now and his ridiculous remarks and antics used at creating a conversation as well as selling the hot line of GOOD Music projects. I had my Broadway artist of the stars Earon Nealey on to talk about Kanye, the conviction of Bill Cosby, and the weird world of R Kelly. Some of our icons had to go but with all the progress we are having its time to usher in the next wave. Oh and some...


56 - Facebook Sensitive with David Rickels and Julian

This episode we just got right to it. First off the new website is up is now the official podcast website. This week we have returning Bellator MMA Fighter David Caveman Rickels who is going into a scrap at #Bellator200 in London and social scientist and researcher Julian who is working on a study about the influence of the internet on our culture. We touch man topics like the fallout of EFC8, CBD, Gun Violence and Control, Facebook trolling, acceptance of others in a...


53 - Entitled to the N-word ft Cara Ayala

This week we have another host from the local radio station Power 93.5 this time its the amazing Carla Ayala. We just do the dance and talk that talk. We get into it about Music , Bruno Mars and the accusation of him being a cultural appropriator, if white people should be able to wear the black panther costume, and a white mom thinking its okay to say nigga because she has a mixed kid. Alot of banter in between. She even teases us for a future topic which means she will be back!check it...


51 - Black Panther and Mo’ (guest Chanel Bosh )

Back with another favorite episode. Episode 51 of IKF I have a fan favorite back to talk that talk! Actress/Director Chanel Bosh who was the very first guest on IKF is back to the instant cultural classic marvel film Black Panther. It doesn’t stop there we talk the insanity that came out of the Netflix boycott started by comedian and actress Mo’Nique, women and their struggle in the entertainment industry, and we circle back to episode 1 of IKF and talk about the impact of the movie Get...


48.5 - Bonus Episode IKF Black Panther with Earon Neeley

Situationship (IKF LIVE) 2.25.2018 819 S. Woodlawn Wichita Kansas GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!: IKF Dopelist on Spotify (Listen to dope music inspired by the show curated by Rowe!) Like and Subscribe Buy Wifi at Rock Bottom : Something About Meth (Paperback or EBook) : My Podcast Setup: [...]


48 - Keep it Local / Florida Shooting (Rolls- Royce and Samuel David)

Situationship (IKF LIVE) 2.25.2018 819 S. Woodlawn Wichita Kansas GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!: IKF Dopelist on Spotify (Listen to dope music inspired by the show curated by Rowe!) Like and Subscribe Buy Wifi at Rock Bottom : Something About Meth (Paperback or EBook) : My Podcast Setup: http: [...]


47 - Not Made for InstaLive

Situationship (IKF LIVE) 2.25.2018 819 S. Woodlawn Wichita Kansas GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!: IKF Dopelist on Spotify (Listen to dope music inspired by the show curated by Rowe!) Like and Subscribe Buy Wifi at Rock Bottom : Something About Meth (Paperback or EBook) : My Podcast Setup: Zoom H4n : Amazon Echo Dot :...


45 - Americas Front Porch Film Co

This weeks episode we are happy to have friends of aRowe Films and a trio of filmmakers known as Americas Front Porch Film Co. consisting of Nate Jones, Gina Bryant, and Roy Nugen. This three has made some of the most entertaining short films I have seen with a hint of styling reminiscent of Edgar Wright. They have a knack for dark comedy as seen in their film Bag Full of Trouble and their newest short Potboiler. We talk about how they came up together in this filmmaking industry and jump...


44 - New Year Old Me

We are finally back from Hiatus! I really missed doing the show so many things happened but you can only talk about so much right! THanks to all the listeners for riding with us in 2017 I plan to do another year and we have made some major jumps in this podcast game and plan to make more along with new projects for aRowe Films keeps eyes out! So much to talk about but I hit a few topics like a few holiday situations while on hiatus , whats coming up from the network like the new WhoUp...


42 - Cyntoia Brown with Hilary

This case took the internet by storm. Cyntoia Brown became viral through celebrities such as Rhianna and Kim Kardashian as they shared a meme that talked about Cyntoia with what I see now to be very misleading and inaccurate information. Nonetheless, I started the journey to know more about this case and it’s still very heartbreaking and raw. I Have a friend from Philly who works in the public sector to talk about this and to protect her we are calling her Hilary only. As well we get into...


41 - Mental Health Matters

So its not that it has been a while but I have been battling some Mental Health Issues on top of trying to rework some things that have to do with building the network. This episode was late because of some listing issues but we got it sorted out and should be good. This episode we talked about those things that go with this depressed state that I am in and talk about some coming up shows. But the thing is I still was not really feeling it so I tapped my close homie and we had a recorded...


40 - Protest Spectacle with Lewis Flanagan III

Are you tired of talking about Colin Kaepernick? Me too! But wait there’s more… This is it! The last time I bring up this topic until something substantial happens in the NFL or in CK football life. To close it out I invited the Sports Columnist of The Dallas Weekly Lewis Flanagan III on to talk about how we got here and the state of affairs of protest within the league. We talk about Waka Flocka comments about his identity, Houston Texans protest against their owner, Jerry Jones owner of...


39 - Aint About The Flag

Finally a solo show after a long while. We talk Harvey Weinstein, prayer for friends, the new podcast network, and we go in on the fake deep over activated society. Yep we going deep tonight but lets get it! Buy Wifi at Rock Bottom : Something About Meth (Paperback or EBook) : My Podcast Setup: Zoom H4n : Amazon Echo Dot : —-more—- Listen to the Entire Mental Health Week of IKF below and...


38 - Financial Literacy with Monica Young

Today we talk money, gwop, feddi, cheese, greenbacks you get the point. For a long time I have always wondered about how minorities look at finances and how can we help each other understand it better. I have always felt like we look at the glam of social media and others and chase the purchases of others than worry about the experiences of self. After the Queen X event I wanted to talk to her financial editor Monica Young about ways we can fix the way we look at money, break down some of...


Catch These Hands Ep 01 David Rickels and Cody

This is the Debut episode of the combat sports podcast hosted by IKF host and presenter Lester Rowe. This podcast is a type of interview show where we will bring on two guest and the guest will talk about their lives, careers, and viewpoints but also serve as co-host and interview each other. More Like a roundtable talk. Hope you all enjoy it . We are looking for sponsors to be apart of this new show so please email me at to see what we can work out on in-show...


37 - BIFA with Big Sam aka Samuel David

This was one of the first interviews I did for the I’m Kinda Famous podcast. I have said on the show many times I like to drop an interview when it helps the guest promote. Well this was recorded in the early days and now that the album dropped we finally put out this great deep discussion me and Wichita rap artist Big Sam aka Samuel David had on the art of music. Fresh off the release of Drake More Life and Kendrick Lamar Damn album we talk about both projects, ghostwriting, his new album...


36 - Kenneka Jenkins Case with Domonique Vontress

As a lover of all things, true crime it’s a very ill painted excitement to get the chance to do my first true crime episode of the podcast. This one is about Kenneka Jenkins, a 19-year-old found in a hotel freezer after partying with friends. The case as of this episode remains unsolved. With me doing the dance of armchair detective is Domonique Vontress who you may have heard in the background of the last episode during the Queen X Live recording with Autumn Black. She is a fan of true...