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20181012 - Impolite Company: Season 2 Episode 10 - The Wind Down

Friday's the brightest day of the week in the Impolite bunker. Chris stays in bed while Yale Hollander and Analicia Kocher get you ready for a weekend that doesn't include constantly considering your mortality. Today, Yale comes in full support of St. Louis getting a Major League Soccer Team, he and Analicia talk sandwiches and cheese fries, and Ron Finger breaks a story about possible fraud in the karate industry that makes you forget about questionable sushi. All the while, the three of...


20181011 - Impolite Company: Season 2 Episode 9

Chris doesn't think Branson needs state money to promote tourism. The governor needs to up his grammar game. Are we done with problematic material in general? Free speech is boring.


20181010 - Impolite Company: Season 2 Episode 8 - Lance Cain

Today's guest on Impolite Company is St. Louis comic, Lance Cane. Chris and Lance talk about comedy, playing in a band, and other topics. Lance has seen a ghost.


10052018 - Impolite Company: Season 2 Episode 5 - The Wind Down

It's Friday, that means it's time for Yale Hollander to check in with the St. Louis Independent Comedy Scene! Analicia returns from New York and settles right into her new role as co-host. Matt Martin of Compass Improv Festival joins in the fun and talks about St. Louis's upcoming celebration of all things improv. A good time is had by all. We're moving the Wind Down's feed into the Impolite Company main stream. So, Monday through Friday's episodes will all be in one place for you


10092018 - Impolite Company: Season 2 Episode 7

Enough about bagels. Chris helps you choose the right donut order and tells you what your donut choices say about you. The jackbooted thugs of the New World Order make an appearance. Enjoy today's Impolite Company!


10082018 - Impolite Company: Season 2 Episode 6 - The Lyons Den

It's Monday morning, so it's time to enter the Lyons Den with Sam Lyons. Sam breaks down the Columbus situation and is joined in the second half by St. Louis comic, John Green. Put us in your ear!


10042018 - Impolite Company: Season 2 Episode 4 - Susan Bennet

Chris sits down with Susan Bennet, the photographer entrusted with making him look damned good in all of his headshots. They discuss selfies, photography as an art, why you are NOT a photographer regardless of your IG followers, and other topics. Check out Ooh St. Lou Studios on the web! Website: The science of selfies:


10022018 - Impolite Company: Season 2 Episode 2

It's October! Chris is going to talk about horror movies. Today, he talks more about the time he was convinced he was the anti-Christ after his dad let him watch The Omen. Brett Kavanaugh is a (our legal department demands we add the word "probably" here) a rapist. Chris emceed an Oktoberfest even and recaps his weekend at The Funny Bone in St. Louis. He also outlines the perfect dozen bagels to order for your office food day! He's not dead.


10012018 - Impolite Company: Season 2 Episode 1

Season 2 of Impolite Company kicks off with a programming change. Every Monday, Sam Lyons will welcome you to a new week, with The Lyons Den. Today, he introduces himself, tells you about Demi Lovato, and gives you a rundown of what you can expect from him in the future. He's also apparently qualified to track down serial killers. Who knew? Chris is not dead.


09272018 - Impolite Company: Episode One Hundred Thirty One

Chris almost didn't make it on air in time because of Pepsi truck's lollygagging. He puts Sam Lyons on blast for not knowing more ways to cook eggs. Six Flags should realize people would do a lot of things worse than hang out in a coffin for $300. No one can name a piano player. We end with a fool proof plan to make a $150,000.

09262018 - Impolite Company: Episode One Hundred Thirty - Round Table

The entire Impolite Crew showed up to discuss everything from Yale's colonoscopy to Sam's egg cooking. Chris has a treatment for a great Point Break sequel. This hour goes fast, so don't blink. Hear Yale every Friday for Wind Down Fridays and listen to Sam each Monday for what's definitely not called The Lyons Den


09202018 - Impolite Company: Episode One Hundred Twenty Nine - Sam Lyons

A guest! Chris booked a guest! Sam Lyons joins us on today's Impolite Company. He and Chris talk about a universe of pop culture and answer questions such as "Poetic Justice vs. Jason's Lyric." Chris might have broken his ankle. Sam went to Riot Fest. It's like a mash up of Lethal Weapon and The Gilmore Girls! Catch Sam every Monday morning during October for Impolite Company Presents: Whatever Sam Calls The Hour Because He Won't Call It "The Lyon's Den"


09182018 - Impolite Company: Episode One Hundred Twenty Eight

Chris gives you instructions on how to definitely not make your own InstaPot and discusses how good electricians can ruin a serial killer's plans. He also thinks your band should never ever cover "All Along The Watchtower." Your "Mom Culture" sucks; do better. Let's do this. It's Tuesday! Bonus: Was the co-opting of the "OK" hand gesture really the point where you finally decided to take a stand against the white power crowd?


09132018 - Impolite Company: Episode One Hundred Twenty Seven

Stop ordering Birthday Cake shots in crowded bars. Also dress better. Pornhub vs. YouPorn. Vietnam couldn't have happened if The Rolling Stones hadn't existed. Sopranos and The Wire need a crossover event. It's topic gumbo.


09122918 - Impolite Company: Episode One Hundred Twenty Six

Look, we get it. You're a divorced dad and this is your weekend. That doesn't mean you can just let your kids run all over the place being assholes.


09112018 - Impolite Company: Episode One Hundred Twenty Five

Happy 9/11! Chris let's us know that it's okay to #Forget some things.


09072018 - Impolite Company: Episode One Hundred Twenty Four

St. Louis's biggest music festival has been canceled. That means Chris won't be performing at the same time as Michael McDonald and T-Pain. He's not too broken up about it though. It gives him time to play video games...or sleep. Hahaha...sleep.


08272018 - Impolite Company: Episode One Hundred Twenty Two - The Mexico Tapes, Pt. 4

It's the final night of his vacation and instead of finishing his packing, Chris is recording an episode for you. That's how much he loves you. Don't you ever question it. Chris addresses concerns people express over the dangerous nature of Mexico, the complications of packing in the era of tiny underwear, TSA Prepass, vacations in general, Verizon (again), and John McCain. He's back in the studio tomorrow. Dig in!


08232018 - Impolite Company: Episode One Hundred Twenty One - The Mexico Tapes, Pt. 3

Still on the roof of his AirBnB in San Miguel de Allende, Chris dispatches another episode from his Mexican adventure. He talks about PETA's approach to Animal Crackers, Verizon's culpability in the deaths of people during emergencies, Olive Garden, Starbucks, and a chicken dinner. It's weird.


08222018 - Impolite Company: Episode One Hundred Twenty - The Mexico Tapes, Pt. 2

Chris is sitting on the roof of his Air BnB in San Miguel de Allende recording today's episode. He' obsessed with the Jacuzzi tub on this roof, and wonders if that's enough to keep him from returning to St. Louis. He thinks back on some of the characters that made up the local flavor of South St. Louis City when he was a child. He discusses the proper way to help animals. And, he has advice for a group of brewery employees in town for training, and who he's been told have invaded one of his...