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Connecting to each other and our audiences through comedy.

Connecting to each other and our audiences through comedy.
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Connecting to each other and our audiences through comedy.








Neil Mullarkey

In Episode 6, Season 1, Whit chats with Neil Mullarkey of the Comedy Store Players in London. Neil shares the story of starting what has become the longest running comedy show with the same cast along with Mike Myers and others. Since 1985, their team has performed with a remarkably consistent team of six improvisers at the same location with pretty much the same lineup of short-form games. In addition, Neil and Whit discuss corporate training and using improv to improve interpersonal...


Paul Vaillancourt

Episode 5 of the Improv Comedy Connection features Paul Vaillancourt! Paul’s been improvising since college and grew up in the artform at a really interesting time in Chicago before moving to LA to co-found iO West. He’s an author of the book the Triangle of the Scene and has a rich catalog of tips on improv on YouTube. In other words, Paul has tons of content that he’s produced that can help you grow in improv and you should take advantage of all of them! The conversation in this episode...


Morgan Phillips

Morgan Phillips joins us for this, our fourth episode. Morgan is based out of New York and performs and teaches with the UCB there. He’s been an improviser for 25 years, and to celebrate, he has started a new project called Not A Bit Comedy Theater. In this episode, Morgan shares thoughts about what makes for good improv, as well as how growth as an improviser changes after you’re in it for a long while. You can find Morgan at: Twitter: @Morgan YouTube: @morgannormal Web:...


Nnamdi Ngwe

Nnamdi Ngwe is an actor, model, improvisor, teacher, and writer. He studied and teaches at iO Theater and The Second City and was recently awarded teacher of the year at iO Theater. He and his twin brother and writing partner, Amechi, wrote and starred in the critically acclaimed show Julius which earned him a trip to the New York Television Festival and a nomination for Best Screenplay at the Best Of The Midwest Film Awards among others. Along with the rest of the cast of 3Peat, Nnamdi...


Billy Merritt

Billy Merritt, along with Will Hines, came out with a book called Pirate Robot Ninja: An Improv Fable. The book expands and explains a theory that Billy developed in his teaching that improvisers are either naturally Pirates (driven more by the right brain/emotion) or Robots (driven more by the left brain/logic and facts) — with the Ninja one who was able to access either tendency when needed in the moment. It’s much more, though, than a discussion of that topic. In fact, it’s almost an...


Andel Sudik

Our very first episode of Improv Comedy Connection features Andel Sudik! Andel is an improviser and actor out of LA and Chicago, and also does sketch comedy. She’s a sought after teacher of improv and sketch, and you can find her giving workshops all over the world. She got her start at iO before getting cast with Second City’s touring company and then for one of their stages, but also spent time in Amsterdam with Boom Chicago. She’s had an interesting journey along the way – more than can...