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The irreverent podcast of the dynamic duo of Dave and Bryan, and their precocious producer Johnny. Best enjoyed with our weekly cocktail or beer!

The irreverent podcast of the dynamic duo of Dave and Bryan, and their precocious producer Johnny. Best enjoyed with our weekly cocktail or beer!
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The irreverent podcast of the dynamic duo of Dave and Bryan, and their precocious producer Johnny. Best enjoyed with our weekly cocktail or beer!






ep 188 (It's a Dis or Pat #2)

It’s time to go elbow deep into the old Duck Mayo Bucket and pull out some “Dis or ….PATs?!?” That’s right our good friend Pat sits in this week, as our Madcap Trio take a long hard look into such delicate matters as “What’s with the duct tape?”, and “Do i Really have to try all 3?”. We also taste test a trio of rather tenacious Brews from Occidental Brewing Company. So whether you choose Boxer or Briefs, or the Neutron Dance over the Safety Dance, there’s sure to be something for you. Go...


ep 117 (In The Red Dwarf Trivia)

Alright smegheads, get yourselves strapped into stasis, as our very own First Technician Dave (not Lister) engages the Holly Hop Drive and launches us through his white hole of In The Red Dwarf Trivia! Our resident mixologists, the Scutters, were kind enough to concoct a cocktail to quaff upon (which they’ve imaginatively dubbed The Red Dwarf), as we reminisce on the BBC’s irreverent Sci-Fi sitcom cult classic (insert gratuitous genre-defining jargon here…). It’s lightspeed ahead on In The...


ep 116 (Random Assery #14)

We’ve got lots to talk about this week as we present our fourteenth installment of Random Assery!! Tune in to hear Bryan discuss ear canals and the Buick LaCrosse, Dave share his disdain for Pud comics and attempt a William H. Macy impression, and we all tuck into Red Arrow Brewing Company’s Threesome Ale!! There’re laughs galore and plenty more, here on In The Red!! #intheredcast #randomassery #beerweek #redarrowbrewingcompany #craftbeer #comedy #podcast #stitcherradio #tunein Check out...


ep 115 (Top 5 80's Comedies)

Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw! This episode is so choice, if you have the means, I highly recommend cranking your ghetto blaster for In The Red’s Top 5 80’s Comedies! That’s right, this one’s campy, raunchy, crude, and most excellent, dude. Much like this week’s cocktail selection, The Alabama Slammer. So what’s your major malfunction!? It’s awesome! Totally awesome! Boot up your flux capacitor already, and join us for 1.21 gigawatts of solid comedy gold, Mcfly! #intheredcast...


ep 114 (Plays The MAD Magazine Boardgame)

Looks like things are about to get dicey as In The Red Plays: Mad Magazine: The “What Me Worry?” Game! Join us, as we enjoy a spin around Parker Brothers’ classic ass-backwards alternative to Monopoly and take a chance on Andina Brewing Company’s insanely flavourful Monita Blonde IPA. It’s your turn, so have a roll of the dice and move your marker to the play button! #intheredcast #madmagazine #madmagazinegame #whatmeworry #parkerbrothers #boardgames #retroboardgames #beerweek...


ep 113 (In The Red Hot Seat #2)

This time around, Bryan takes the helm and plots a course through his second edition of In The Red: Hot Seat!! He asks the questions and Dave and I debate, deliberate, prattle on about, make light of, formally repudiate, and potentially come to blows over numerous weighty subjects. We add a little fuel to the fire by getting white girl wasted on this week’s cocktail selection, The Dragon’s Breath!! So Much Fire that it messed with our audio this week, i guess it’s all part of the process....


ep 112 (Dis or Dat #6)

On this week’s episode of In The Red, we sample the very well branded "Attack of the Cherry Stout", out of Port Moody’s Parkside Brewery, and reach into the ol’ duck mayo bucket for a round of Dis or Dats!! Click the thing, to hear Dave remove his belt, Bryan offer an interesting, if not messy, survival technique, and the lot of us compare celebrity moustaches! #intheredcast #disordat #parksidebrewery #beerweek #craftbeer #localbrew #portmoody #comedy #podcast #soundcloud #stitcherradio...


ep 111 (Top 5 Arcade Classics)

We’re shooting for the Hi-Score, as we relive our childhoods and unveil our Top5 Arcade Classics! As well, we take a leap of faith, whilst Dave feeds us a 1up with a totally on the level cabinet inspired cocktail; The Frogger. There's a tonne of extra credits, so grab your joysticks, (Press Start), and join in on this episode of In The Red! #intheredcast #top5 #retrogames #arcadeclassics #cabinetgames #frogger #cocktailweek #comedy #podcast #soundcloud #stitcherradio #tunein (Insert Coins)...


Random 2017 in Review Assery

It’s 2018!! Why not ring in the New Year with a fresh episode of In The Red!? We kick it off by sucking back a Twin Sails Brewing Con Leche, listing off this year’s fallen heroes, learning all about Horchata, and discussing some sensitive issues that made the headlines. So adjust your resolution and brace yourself for a whole New Year of In The Red! #intheredcast #twinsailsbrewing #conleche #milkstout #craftbeer #happynewyear #2018 #comedy #podcast #soundcloud #stitcherradio #tunein Fresh...


Johnny Smash or Bash Mini-episode

Johnny is back!!! We dug deep into the bargain bins on Boxing Day and found him at a more than reasonable price. Listen as Johnny says “um” a lot and pipes in with his opinion on this year's selection of Netflix Smash or Bash movies. It’s your Christmas Bonus and we promise you won’t get the shaft! #intheredcast #netflix #smashorbash #christmasbonus #theshaft #christmasmovies #unclenick #christmasishereagain #santaclaws #comedy #podcast #soundcloud #stitcherradio Always feel free to check...


ep 109 (Christmas Netflix Smash or Bash)

‘Tis the season, and that means the lads from In The Red have viewed three jolly films from Netflix; so you don’t have to. Consider that our gift to you! Our watch list this year includes sure-to-be instant holiday classics: Uncle Nick, Christmas is Here Again, and Santa Claws. So avoid a silent night and listen in, as we discuss whether these festive flicks are fantastic or Ho Ho Ho-rrible! This is our last show of the year, so from all of us here at In The Red, we’d like to extend a very...


ep 108 (Simpsons Trivia with Joey Joe Jo)

Woo-Hoo!! Join us on this episode of In The Red, as we have a go at Simpson’s Trivia! Mmmm trivia…. We’re down a man, so we brought in a ringer! That’s right, Joanna is In The Red shed to eat some shorts and flame some Moes whilst quaffing back a tasty Driftwood Drewery Old Cellar Dweller Barley Wine. There’s plenty of do’s and D’ohs to be had! It’s gonna be the “worst episode ever”. *fiendishly clasps hands together* Excellent…. #intheredcast #thesimpsons #simpsonstrivia #driftwoodbrewery...


ep 107 (In The Red Plays #1)

Ch-ching!! This time on In The Red, we get our game on and play a spirited round of Milton Bradley’s classic, talking edition of Mall Madness!! And what better way to enjoy our frenzied shopping spree then to sample Dave’s very own creation? An Orange Julius inspired cocktail, using Hornitos Reposado Tequila, which we’ve aptly named The Mallgarita! This one’s a super-charged doorcrasher that can’t be missed, and you can take that to the bank! We love hearing from you guys, so don’t forget...


ep 106 (In The Red Hot Seat #1)

On this week’s episode, Bryan takes the reins and introduces us to a new format entitled: In The Red Hot Seat! He’s laboriously raked through a panoply of current affair headlines and cherry-picked those most suitable for what will undoubtedly be a highly intellectual and informative discussion. It’s part McLaughlin Group, part hysterical banter, and 100% Connie Chung approved! This one pairs nicely with Howe Sound Brewing’s palate-pleasing Devil’s Elbow IPA! Also, if you like what we’re...


ep 105 (Top 5 Games We Just Don't Have Time To Play)

On this edition of In The Red, we’re back to our old tricks, as we share the Top 5 Games We Just Don’t Have Time to Play!!! That’s right, these are the videogames with landscapes or content so vast, we just can’t even! Don’t despair though, cause Dave whipped us up a nice, comforting Hot Gin Toddy, using his top shelf Boodles Gin. It’s like a big ol’ hug in a mug! Also, be sure to click the link below to check us out on our new feed at Stitcher Radio!...


ep 104 (The Return of J.D. The Media Jack)

Nerds of the interweb rejoice , for he haseth returned with news and stories of Vancouver's own @fanexpo. That's right, our good friend J.D. (The Media Jack) has returned to the Man-on-Man cave to talk about his latest adventures in the world of Radio, Cosplay and all around celebrity bullshitery. But wait, there's more!!! This is a 2 part Crossover episode, so catch us over on the Flipside to get all the fun extended.


ep 103 (British T.V. Theme Song Trivia)

This week we jump the pond to bring you another edition of our T.V. Theme Song trivia, British Edition. Dave once again dons his Trivia Master cap as Bryan and Johnny succumb to the Cucumber loveliness of this weeks cocktail, the Gary's Cup. So make some scones, put on the kettle, and lets play along with In the Reds T.V. Theme Song Trivia, British Edition.


ep 102 (Netflix Halloween Smash or Bash)

We maybe a little late to the party, but we finally have a new installment of our Netflix Smash or Bash. This time around we review 1922, The Windmill, and Halloweed. All while we drink a spooky pint of Parallel 49's very own Lost Souls Chocolate Pumpkin Porter. Which one of these three films will be a Smash or a Bash, you'll have to tune in to find out.


ep 101 (Top 5 Scariest Movie Moments)

It's that spooky time of year again, and we kick off this Haunting season with a list guaranteed to make your skin crawl as we countdown our Top 5 Scariest Movie Moments. Then we calm our terrors with an Odd Negroni from So turn off the lights and hope we don't come visit you in the really, Bryan kinda smells, you don't want that in your home.


ep 100 (Our 100th Freaking Episode)

Well we did it!!! 100 episodes and we celebrate in the only way we can, by eating a few cheeses, drinking a Ravens Brewing Pale Ale, and stumbling down memory lane. What better way to mark 100 episodes by Dave turning 40, Bryan getting a 'Cheesy' surprise, and Johnny smuggling gifts in for everyone. Enjoy this one as much as we did, maybe more, probably less really.