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The irreverent podcast of the dynamic duo of Dave and Bryan, and their precocious producer Johnny. Best enjoyed with our weekly cocktail or beer!

The irreverent podcast of the dynamic duo of Dave and Bryan, and their precocious producer Johnny. Best enjoyed with our weekly cocktail or beer!
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The irreverent podcast of the dynamic duo of Dave and Bryan, and their precocious producer Johnny. Best enjoyed with our weekly cocktail or beer!






Top 5 'Pro'-tagonists

Do you love video games? Do you love 3 guys rambling about nothing for an hour? Well if you answered 'Yes' to one of those questions, then this weeks episode is for you. This week we sip a citrus infused Pac Man Cocktail in honor of our Top 5 Video Game Protagonists. Oh and Bryan gets it all ass backwards and counts down his top 5 Video game Antagonists. So pop in some quarters and fire at will , cause it's gonna be a shit show.


ep 68 (Random Assery #7)

We are back, with a brand new episode of lovey dovey bull crap. This week Bryan goes on a Beer-cation in Colorado. Dave buy some 'Green' across the border, and we partake of a one of a kind Cultured Porter From TRVE Brew. So celebrate Valentines day the best way we know how, with two babbling idiots who you don't even have to buy dinner first for.


ep 67 (Mr Chris Topher)

This week we while Bryan is away we get the very funny, very metal Chris Topher to sit in as we discuss everything from our own Local Music Scene, to his involvement with MNET Radio. We also discover why nobody drinks absinthe in the afternoon as we take on the Diabolically Metal Tiki nightmare known as the "Torquemada '71". It's a weird one kids, but you don't wanna miss out.


ep 66 (Top 5 Video Games That Made Us Love VIdeo Games)

Do you like politics? Do you like hearing the ramblings of ill-informed individuals? I don't, but we do it anyway. Perhaps it was the Myst-ical effects of the Phillips Electric Unicorn White IPA. Or maybe it was the pure nostalgia of counting down our Top 5 Video Games That Made Us Love Video Games. So listen in as we solve human rights issues one quarter at a time.


Random Assery #6

Hey kids, it's our first Random Assery episode of the year. Dave goes on at length about the impending creation of Trump-merica. Bryan goes to the dentist, and Johnny forgets his hat. We also delve into the world of Ancho Chile liqueur with the Muy Picante 'Reyes Old Fashioned'. So get over that wall and have a listen while you still can.


Top 5 Albums You Can Listen to From Begining to End

It's our first Top 5 list of 2017, and to celebrate we crack open an Ice Bock from Vancouver Island Brewery called the Hermannator. Then we countdown our Top 5 Albums You Can Listen to From Begining to End. So don't 'Skip' over this episode. It's one you don't want to 'Miss'...see what i did their...huh?!?...never mind then.


ep 63 (The Good, The Bad, and The Dead of 2016)

Well 2016 is finally over. Now we can look forward to 2017, but first lets pour a pint of Presecco, as we look at the best and worst movies and video games that we watched or played in 2016. How can we top that off you ask? Well, we skim through 'THE LIST' of those we lost this year. All this and more, on our year end Spectacular!!! You're gonna love it, a little, but not a lot.


ep 62 (3 Netflix Christmas Movies)

Nothing says the holidays like terrible Christmas films, and well let's be honest, Netflix has those in spades. So dust off those sugar plums, pour yourself a tall glass of Dead Frogs Winter Beeracle, and listen as we suffer through 3 Random Netflix holiday films including, Santas Little Helper, Nativity 2 : Danger in the Manger, and Tyler Perrys' A Madea Christmas.


ep 61 (12 X-mas Toys We Never Got)

This week we flip through the Sears Wish Book of memories as we re-count the Top 12 Toys we always wanted but never got for Christmas. Perhaps it's the festively boozey high of the Kalilkimaka that made us trip down nostalgia alley, but either way it's a great trip.


ep 60 (Top 5 Moustachioed Villains)

This week we delve into the madness of moustachioed mischief makers as we countdown our top 5 Moustachioed Villains. We also taste test a not so terrible Lavender ESB from Field House Brewing Co. So dust off your dasterdly plans and dive deviously into this weeks episode


ep 59 (DJ J.D. and the 100 day Challenge)

WOW!!! Do we have a treat for you this week. Prince Georges very own DJ (themediajack) J.D. stops in and talks about the very highs and very lows on being a professional broadcaster. From working for nothing to working for the CBC, it's all here. And we wash it all down with a refreshing Gin Gimlet. This is one episode you do not wanna miss.


ep 58 (Random Assery #4)

It's the end of the world as we know it, and we feel strangely fine. Dave goes off on the fact that he voted for Kodos. Bryan brings up the holiday Ho-Ho-Ho train. And Johnny wishes he was cool enough to get a blurb. Plus we take a taste of a Sleigh Booster Red Ale from All this and more on this weeks Election Random Assery episode.


ep 57 (Halloween Movies)

Well Guys and Ghouls, this week we picked 3 Halloween films from the world of Netflix. These films include the 1975 film The Beast, the more modern Zoombies, and the even more modern anthology film Holidays. We drink up a Corpse Riser cocktail which seem fitting. Bryan talks about Beast cock. Johnny is relieved that we all forgot he same part of the film, and Dave shaves off his Soup Strainer to reveal his hideously mutated upperlip.


High Five Haggard and Video Games

This week our good friend Amy "High-Five" Haggard stops in to shoot the shit about dog teeth, the Nintendo Switch and a little game called Mario 'Barf'. Dave goes on about holograms and mustaches. Bryan brags about his 3D demo model, and Johnny shouts some stuff no one can hear. We also enjoy a Pixel Pils from our favorite brewery So grab a controller and blow hard on that cartridge cause you're gonna need an extra life for this one.


ep 55 (Top 5 Britcoms)

Well Pip Pip and Cheerio and all that rut. This week we get all British as we count down our favorite Britcoms. Dave does a silly accent. Bryan does a very silly accent, and Johnny eats a very very silly biscuit. All this and the very British tipple of Gin and Tonic. So sit back and await a fate worse than a fate worse than death and enjoy our salute to Britain.


ep 54 (DJ Temple and Without Mercy)

The Ginger Tornado himself, Mr DJ Temple, whirls into the studio this week and talks about his Metal roots as a trumpet player?!? We also talk about his not so ginger band Without Mercy, and their new album "Mouichido". And for the first time we go non-alcoholic as we indulge in the classic mocktail, the Shirley Temple. It's a gooder!!!


ep 53 (Random Assery #3)

It's that time again, time for us to just shoot the shit on another installment of Random Assery. This week Dave mispronounces many words. Bryan accidently name drops, and Johnny gets the buzzer for talking about fake news stories. All this plus we review 2 great beers, a Persephone Black Lager, and an expresso milk stout from Fuggles & Warlock. So make yourself some Natchos and Axe yourself if you feel lucky punk.


ep 52 (Oke and Old News)

This week we are graced by the very lovely and equally talented Oke from Olde News Vintage and Vinyl. She gives us the lowdown on weird things people try to sell, her time with Spreadeagle and Random Dander, and how she may or may not own a set of Sir Winston Churchills lamps. Then Dave ruins it all by spilling this weeks drink, the warm and comforting Morning Rooster, all over our desk, guest, and his own ego.


Abbotsford Businesses

This week we sit back and enjoy Some Harvey Wallbangers as we countdown our Top 5 Abbotsford Businesses. Dave pleads his case for not being a hipster (again?). Bryan fights the good fight for cheap housing and Johnny forgets his name. so if you have been looking to support local businesses, and this episode may help.


ep 50!!!

Wow, 50 episodes and we still don't know what we are doing. But why should we let that stop us. We take a rather introspective look at the last 50 episodes, from our humble beginnings, to our still rather humble show. So sit back and celebrate with an episode that can only be called "Our 50th".