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Inconsiderate Episode 33 - Taking A Giant Dump and Banning Oral Sex

Dan O Mite and Abazaba get into the Southwest Airlines disaster, a crazy crazy woman trying to storm CIA headquarters, taking a big dump at work, the Ugandan President wanting to ban oral sex, and some other off the wall stuff.


Offensive Bro Chat 17 Apr 2018 - Koalas, Chlamydia, and A Fat Girl In Bikini

Abazaba, Dan O Mite and Trevor the Kid get into Koalays that have Chlamydia, Elizabeth Hurley looking so HOT at 52, Positive body image photoshoot, the upcoming rapture on April 23, 10 places you can be safe if World War 3 starts and some other really dumb stuff. Links from the Show: Top 10 places to be: Elizabeth Hurley : Alcatraz Letter :


Monday Movie Show 14 - Spy Game (2001) / Public Enemies (2009)

On the Monday Movie Show Abazaba and Dan O Mite talk about the 2001 Spy drama Spy Game and the gangster biopic Public Enemies from 2009. They also discuss Brad Pitt turning down the roll of Jason Bourne, the netflix series Troy: Fall of a City, the death of famed director Milos Forman, a fan submitted review of the Rocks new flick Rampage, and the upcoming Ocean’s 8 movie. tags: Spy game, spy game movie, spy movies, spy dramas, public enemies, gangster movies, biopics, biography movies,...


Inconsiderate Episode 32 - Bro Chat, first jobs and feeling rage

On the show today Abazaba fills in for Johnnie Bravo and we get in to first jobs, a great job opportunity in England, and bunch of other stuff.


Offensive Bro Chat 10 Apr 2018 - Weightlifting and a Pistol Sword Machete

On the show today Abazaba and Dan O Mite get into transsexual weight weightlifting, Steve Wozniak leaving Facebook, a Youtube preacher who says masturbation is gay, Sumo Wrestling, Sharks and Dinosaurs, Korean Saunas, eating super hot peppers, and some other weird stuff. Bro, bro chat, locker room chat, dude, dude chat, man talk, weightlifting, apple, youtube, preachers, masterbation, sumo, sumo wrestling, sharks, dinosaurs, megalodons, swords, carolina reaper peppers, podcast, itunes,...


Monday Movie Show 13 - ARGO (2012) and The Devil’s Double (2011)

On episode 13 of the Inconsiderate Podcast Monday Movie Show, we talk about the the 2011 biopic The Devil’s Double and the 2012 edge of your seat suspense spy movie ARGO. We also talk about favorite biopic movies, best spy movies of the past 25 years, movie releases in April and some movies ideas. ARGO, spy movies, spy thrillers, action movies, the devils double, biopics, biography movies, movies about people, drama movies, best movies, blockbuster movies, great movies, movie reviews,...


Inconsiderate Episode 31 - Dad Shoes and Crazy Girls

On this Inconsiderate Episode Johnnie Bravo and Dan O Mite talk about an F-15 crashing, crazy girls, building more bases on the border, dirty clothes, dad shoes, and some other random stuff.


Offensive Bro Chat 4 Apr - Insults and Troops On The Border

On this Episode, Dan O Mite and Abazaba get into the youtube situation, victims who we hear nothing about, military on the border, a great vice article, awesome insults, some army stuff and well…you know the same old bro chat.


Offensive Bro Chat 3 Apr 18 - Snorting Condoms, Teenagers, Dial up Internet

On this Episode, Dan O Mite and Abazaba talk a lot about nothing as well as snorting condoms, dial up internet, stupid teenagers, and more stupid stuff.


Monday Movie Show 12 - A few Good Men (1992) and Any Given Sunday (1999)

One this Monday Movie Show we discuss the 92’ military courtroom drama A few Good Men and the gridiron drama Any Given Sunday from 1999. We also get into a great Pacific Rim 2 fan review, Arnold’s heart surgery and the upcoming 6th instalment of the Terminator series, underrated actors, Netflix movies we been watching, summer movies we are excited and don’t care about, and is it better to watch movies at home or in the theater.


Inconsiderate Episode 30 - Happy Birthday to Our #1 fan and JB is back!

Happy Birthday to our #1 Fan Serna! We Love You Brother!! On this Episode of the Thursday show Johnnie Bravo is back! JB and Don O Mite talk about a bunch of wild stuff like always…enjoy.


Offensive Bro Chat - Hotel etiquette, Facebook Fall out, and Flat Earth

On the show today, Dan O Mite and Abazaba talk about flat earth, the fall out from the Facebook data stuff, emotional support animals, a poop themed birthday, another naughty teacher gets caught with a student, hotel etiquette, and a bunch of other messed up stuff.


Solo Show 13 - Room Service and Marvel Movies

On this Solo Show Dan O Mite rants and rambles about hotel rooms and mini-bar prices, a crappy marvel movie, SamSung hypnosis, self driving cars and some other random stuff.


Offensive Bro Chat 20 March - Forrest Gump and Aids

On today’s Offensive Bro Chat Abazaba and Dan O Mite get into alternate Forrest Gump endings and story lines, getting aide from a sex doll, bombs in Austin Texas, and bunch of other weird and wild stuff.


Monday Movie Show 11 - Fracture (2007) and Dodge Ball (2004)

Movie Show Summary: On the Monday Show we discuss the suspense legal drama Fracture from 2007 and the super funny sports comedy Dodgeball from 2004. We also get into Marvel’s Infinity War pre-ticket sales, reading the book before seeing the movie, smoking in movies, hollywood remakes and creativity, predictions for Pacific Rim 2. Dodge Ball Trailer - Fracture Trailer -


Inconsiderate Episode 29 - Abazaba, CNN, Blue Pills

Inconsiderate Episode 29 Summary: On this episode, Abazaba fills in again for Johnnie Bravo and…let’s just say, it get really weird really quick. Enjoy all that Dan O Mite and Abazaba have to offer up to the world.


Offensive Bro Chat - Milfs and Booty Calls

On the show today Dan O Mite and Abazaba get into milfs, how far would you go for a booty call, Stormy Daniels, whats animal would you fight and a lot more offensive bro chat.


Monday Movie Show 10 - Goon (2011) and Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

Movie Show Summary: On the Show today IRoc and Dan O Mite talk the 2011 Hockey comedy Goon and the 2009 brutal action packed film Law Abiding Citizen. They also get into the Netflix original the Ritual, underrated comedies of the past ten years, favorite documentaries types, Black Panthers 26 day 1 billion dollar ride and the top five movies to make it to 1 billion in less than 30 days. Dan O Mite’s suggestions for underrated comedies Trailers: Idiocray 2006 -...


Inconsiderate Episode 28 - The Dirty Thirty

Episode 28 summary Johnnie Bravo is still out with a back injury so Abazaba came by the studio with Trevor for some inconsiderate and inappropriate conversation. So, you’ve been warned. This episode is extra offensive and full of heavy language.


Solo Show 12 - Abazaba in the studio for some super offensive bro talk.

Really this is a warning…lots of things said on this show may be considered offensive to so many people. If you are easily offended please do your self a favor and don’t listen. Thanks and have a super day!


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