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Follow comedian Chris Waelti’s journey for self-improvement as his more composed friends tear down his sad-guy persona and give their perspective on everything from sex and religion to depression and anger management.

Follow comedian Chris Waelti’s journey for self-improvement as his more composed friends tear down his sad-guy persona and give their perspective on everything from sex and religion to depression and anger management.
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Follow comedian Chris Waelti’s journey for self-improvement as his more composed friends tear down his sad-guy persona and give their perspective on everything from sex and religion to depression and anger management.






Zach Swan

This week in Waelti, we invite friend and comedian Zach Swan to share embarrassing blackout stories, what Chris would do for money as a homeless person and how old people are essentially useless.


Alison Klemp

This week in Waelti we invite Comedian and friend Alison Klemp on the show to talk about obtaining personal enlightenment through Buddhism, how the approval or lack thereof from parents can effect your personal growth and what it feels like to wake up and feel like not much has changed in your life over the last 10 years. Chris also contemplates how his dad was able to make a drastic life change against all odds.


Zach Sims

This week in Waelti, we invite comedian and friend Zach Sims to talk about being children of divorce, dropping out of college and being hit on at the gay bar as a straight man. Waelti also considers a career as a garbage man.


Nick Naney

This week in Waelti, we sit down with comedian Nick Naney. Nick reveals that Waelti is the most emotionally vulnerable when in the cab of a moving truck, Waelti tries to write himself into one of Nick's plays and there's a special appearance by the Phantom of the Opera, who gives Wealti some odd dating advice.


Matt Gifford

This week sit down with friend and comedian Matt Gifford. He came all the way from Chicago to talk the origins of participating in a creative endeavor with Waelti aka The Shit Show, how it feels like you have to start over in the comedy scene when a new generation of comics enter and learning how to recognize when somebody is taking advantage of the attention you give them and having the confidence to cut those ties. On a positive note, Waelti takes initiative by taking steps to start every...


Rachel Carter

This week Waelti sits down with friend and author Rachel Carter and proves that he’s on his best behavior in front of female guests. They talk about the shared experience of “writing what you know” and reminisce about the first night they met and about how making out with someone’s sister can make you less attractive to them. Steve points out that while Waelti makes everything about himself he still blames others for his problems.


Brad Hagen

The week we invite friend and comedian Brad Hagen to discuss when sex made him abandon his religion, the striking similarities between being a dog walker and being a mover and how you should avoid going on a camping trip with someone who has a prince albert.


John Rosenberger

This week, we invite friend and comedian John Rosenberger on to talk nicknames, the virtues of fist fighting your dad, avoiding group sex with dog the bounty hunter look-alikes and creative ways for setting an alarm clock if you’ve destroyed your phone in a fit of rage.


Lawrence Weibman

This week we invite friend and Senior Producer Lawrence Weibman to talk about the moment Waelti decided that he wanted to become a comedian when he grew up, how the right timing is just as important as finding the right person to date and how there’s no timetable for success.


Nick Maritato

On this episode, we finally get back to talking about Chris’ comedy career with comedian and friend Nick Maritato. We hash out which came first - much like the chicken or the egg - chris’ sad personality or sadness as a bit, if he will ever be ready to record a comedy album and if he should take a little advice from ancient philosopher Marcus Aurelius and say “fuck fame” and give up on trying to make a living doing comedy.


Sharron Paul

This week we invite Comedian, Actor and Activist Sharron Paul to talk how Wealti can relate to the dunk tank clowns being phased out in America, his first experience going to the laundromat and how she can help fulfill his dreams of getting pegged.


Steve n' Tyler

After an aborted attempt to quit the pod, Waelti talks one on one with with Steve about how being over-exhausted negatively affects his mental state. They catch up on Waelti’s romantic and sexual endeavors - including what it’s going to take to get pegged. There’s also a special appearance by Steve’s little brother for the last half of the episode to catch up on if any of Waelti’s advice is working.


The Alexes

On a very special 30th episode, Waelti brings on two of his best friends — Alex McKenzie and Alex Robinson a.k.a The Alexes — to recap their trip to Waelti's "happy place" a.k.a. Larryfest. The guys talk about Waelti overcoming one of his fears, giving up on Twisted Tea, and the night they sat in a barn while a man named Kieth danced around in only his underwear playing Climax Blues Band on vinyl.


Will Winner

On the loudest episode yet, we sit down with Comedian and Co-Host of the podcast The Good, The Dad and The Ugly, Will Winner to discuss the scent of a room after sex, how the treatment of your penis impacts your quality of life, how talking about beastiality won’t have a positive effect on your podcast rating and if Waelti's sadness is part of the persona he created that he can't escape from.


Mara Marek

On this episode, we invite comedian and podcaster Mara Marek to discuss penis sizes, how Waelti is walking a new path as a sex addict and if he has a crush on one of his male friends.


Neal Stastny

This week in Waelti, we invite Comedian Neal Stastny to talk about inadvertently offending women with our choice of words, Waelti finally doing the mature thing when it comes to confronting women and an update on Steve’s little brother in the wake of more disastrous behavior.


Brad Austin

On this episode of Independently Waelti, we bring on good friend and comedian Brad Austin to wish him a farewell as he departs to the land down under. As a new dad, Brad tries to deduce how good of a parent waelti might be (if he should even be one at all) and impart some wisdom on the old Waelt dog.


Scotland Green

On the hottest day of the year in NYC, we blast the AC and sit down with Comedian and Wrestling Manager In-Training Scotland Green to talk amateur wrestling, if pissing in living room but cleaning it up before your roommate finds out makes you a bad roommate and how dollar stores need to step up their game.


Steve Chat Recap

After 24 episodes Waelti and Steve talk about how far Waelti has come and where he plans on going from here. Steve also fucks up the episode count and convinces Waelti they are on Episode 25 the whole time.


Max Fine

Waelti and comedian friend Max Fine discuss their mutual dislike of being at parties full of other comedians, disgusting foods they love as well as dive into a favorite topic of the pod, “ shitting your pants.”