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0008 - Insert Fake Name Here

This episode the boys talk about Spawn, to which Ron gets confused with Venom… Tobe runs Luke and Ron through Solo: A Star Wars Story ***SPOILERS*** and Luke brings a brand new game to the table. - After the fun has been had, Tobe disappears and the remaining boys are left to watch and discuss the trailers for Bumblebee, the second Wreck It Ralph, the second Lego Movie and Halloween. - If you enjoy the show, this episode, or any of the others, please SUBSCRIBE and leave the boys a beautiful...


0007 - Pass The Toberine!

On this weeks episode the guys go deep with "Insert Questions Here", so thank you on behalf of Insert Name Here to those that sent in their questions. Luke comes up with a name for the listeners, let the boys know what you think either via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or at - They talk about upcoming games, like Fallout 76 and Pokemon. Luke dreams of what it would be like to be at E3, and Tobe creates a new drug. - Don't forget, if you're shopping on Amazon,...


0006 - Hand Jobs a Plenty

In this weeks show we discuss Happy! the new (ish) Netflix show, answer listener questions. We also have a little to say about Melissa McCarthy and Muppets.. Also if you fancy treating yourself use the link below, go on you know you wanna... Amazon LInk - Twitter - @nameherecast Instagram - @insertnameherecast Facebook - Insert Name Here


Episode 0005 - Minimum Effort

SPOILER WARNING - This weeks show is all about Deadpool 2, We brake it down scene by scene, what was good and what was bad making way less funny jokes then are in the movie. So only listen if you have seen the film or do not care about spoilers. K Thanks Bye. Amazon LInk - Twitter - @nameherecast Instagram - @insertnameherecast Facebook - Insert Name Here


0004 - Don't Poo-Poo Me

This week the boys talk about an Isle Of Wight centric news story involving Dan Aykroyd and Bloody Hell Hot Sauce, a small, Island-based hot sauce company, if you would like to help Bloody Hell Hot Sauce out with their current campaign go to: - we, at Insert Name Here, aren't supported by or otherwise involved with Bloody Hell Hot Sauce, but we do want to help them in any way we can. - They also...


0003 - Justin TimberLuke

This week, the boys go trailer crazy. They talk about Venom, Ant Man and The Wasp and Red Dead Redemption II. They also answer listener questions with Insert Questions Here. Half way through this episode is a slight musical interlude due to the fact they used some of last weeks content, because the Infinity War conversation took priority, so carry on listening after the first bit of Outro music. Enjoy the episode, and don't forget to tell your friends. Also, use their Amazon link whenever...


0002 - T-Hor's Beard

This week the boys break down Avengers: Infinity War so a **HUGE SPOILER WARNING**. If you haven't seen the movie, don't listen until you've rectified that situation. Between episode 1 and 2, they have been busy sorting out an Amazon link - if you shop through Amazon, use the link below and the boys get a little kick back to help with future endeavours:...


0001 - As Strong As An Avocado Eater

In this, the very first episode of Insert Name Here, the boys discuss Justice League, Avengers 4 and the season finale of The Walking Dead. They also answer questions that were sent in. - Follow on: Twitter: @NameHereCast Facebook: @InsertNameHereCast Instagram: @InsertNameHereCast - Stay tuned after the outro music for a blooper reel of Ron constantly flubbing his lines.