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Join us every Monday as we journey through Nerdity and Absurdity.

Join us every Monday as we journey through Nerdity and Absurdity.


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Join us every Monday as we journey through Nerdity and Absurdity.






What Is A Hole?

This weeks is all about fights, ladders, music and holes. I know right? How can 4 dudes hit so many pressing topics! Listen in after the credits for some bonus conversation. If you'd like to contact the show, click ANY of these: To check out the videos that go along with this episode AND MORE, head to


Too Hot For Your Skirts

There is a mysterious Pringle story to kick this weeks episode off, then the boys let you know what they been up to. But, we all know that if you've done stuff, then there has to be a "best" thing you've done. They then break down and discuss (not at all seriously) "The Ridiculous Six" on Netflix, before ending things with some kick-pushing good news. If you'd like to contact the show, hit these handy...


Deadpool Rob Makes Weapons

This week the boys kick things off with a chat about how they've been handling the lockdown and whether or not you should put butter on the toast if you're having "beans on toast". They also have a brief chat with a special guest, Deadpool Rob. For those that don't know, this is the absolute gem that hosted "Deadpool Rob's Virtual Comic-Con", which was all hosted on Facebook - we did a little 30 minute spot on it, so thank you Deadpool Rob for having us on. Handy links for the show, you...


Do What Eleven Couldn't

Do you want recommendations? Do you want to hear some clips of video game music? Do you want to know what the best things the boys have done this week? Well, sit back and relax while you get ALL of those things. As a little treat, there's some accidental ASMR by Ronny while he plugs the socials - He did it VERY late at night. Sensual. Spoilers for Extraction on this weeks episode, so if you haven't seen it, pause the show when it's mentioned, go watch it, then come back and listen to what...



Join the boys in talking about all sorts of nerdy nonsense, this week they answer questions, go through what little news there is and talk about the best things they did this week. Hear about Ron not playing a VERY popular game and the shock of Dans finding out. Want to contact the show? Head to these social links: Or email them at


Toby And The Time Travelers Wife

This week, after some technical difficulties, the boys talk about that time they tried out the Google Stadia 2 month free trial, with mixed reviews. They also recommend all sorts of different things for you guys to check out, before giving the floor to Atko to talk about the Final Fantasy VII Remake. They end the show with their most watched movies and end the show in a fit of laughter. If you'd like to contact the show, hit up these...


BeeGee Men

The boys are still showing their love for video games this week as they introduce a new segment all about video game music, with that in mind, to listen to their full choices you should head to - this will be our new super comfy home for all the added extras you need for each episode. But as with every week, they struggle to keep to the conversation. They can't help but go knuckles on some chuckles. News also make a triumphant return, all hail. If you'd like to...


The Re-Return

Ron, Tobe and Atko are BACK, and with welcome arms, they are joined by Dans, it's season 3 and they couldn't be more excited. They start the show with a new, one-time-only segment all based on their top 5 most played Switch games. After they've limbered up with that beautiful nugget of information and joy, they bring back an old segment, but it's been revamped! Oh the jubilation! Follow the show by using these...


Tales From The Bunker II

Ron sits down and has a chat with Dans over Skype. They talk about all sorts, but mostly Animal Crossing. Enjoy.


Tales From The Bunker

Just a little get-together before season 3 starts in earnest. We understand that everyone is going through a rough time at the moment, so here's hoping that this puts a smile on your face and gives you a little break from the madness. Stay safe everyone.


We'll Be Back!

To celebrate episode 100 of the show, the boys have a "quiz to end all quizzes" to decide a winner between Luke and Toby. They also talk about "wha'bee'u'to" and answer a last minute listener question. Before you panic about the break they're taking, don't worry, they will be back on the first Monday of April with a completely revamp and reinvigorated show. All new segments and a fresher perspective are heading your way. If you'd like to contact the show, head to these...


Backspin Dan, The Tennis Ball Man

Ever wondered what the boys would sound like if they had an hour to get an episode in and decided to record inside of a car? Then you're in luck. Oddly, it sounds better than our worst sounding episodes. They talk pancakes, the classic re-sleeve and much, much more. If you would like to contact the show for anything, INCLUDING the impromptu competition this week, head to these...


Mmmm, BOP!

This week the boys talk about their drunken "pass out" movies, the constant worry of age and just who the hell that Harley Quinn thinks she is. (SPOILERS for Birds Of Prey), If you'd like to contact the show, head to these links: for everything else.


The Pet Peeve Episode

This week the boys start off by moaning about adult-life, then are given scenarios where their better halves are physically changed, asked what they would VR and old movies coming back. If you'd like to contact the show, hit these handy links: Everything can be found on Thank you for listening, and don't forget to rate and review, subscribe,...


I Wanna Put You In Cling Film

This week the boys sit down and talk about which Superhero they'd kill, how ridiculous the Fast And Furious franchise is and that time they played PitchCar. If you'd like to contact the show, hit up these links: You can also head to for everything else. G.L Art YouTube:


Gunna Be A Sensation

This episode sees just Toby and Ron holding down the fort as they answer listener questions, run through some geeky headlines and discuss what they've been watching. If there's anything you would like the boys to talk about on a future episode, you can contact them here: You can also find the rest of their links at the bottom of any page over at,...


What's Watt

This week the boys are joined by Alex Watts to talk about CGI Con, past and present, then do the show as usual. Handy links: Head to for everything else.


Willy Nilly

This week is no different than any other, well... maybe a little. There's a super sweet question about sharks and jobs, then the boys go deep on the news - There's plenty to talk about on that front. Don't think that they just move straight on to what they've been watching and playing, oh no, they then talk about the upcoming games of 2020. Who's excited for these bad boys? No one cares, Animal Crossing. If you'd like to leave your questions for the next episode, or any episode for that...


I STILL Can't Believe I Didn't Remember

This is the second part of this weeks 3 hour long episode, in this part the boys talk about what movies are coming out in 2020, as well as what they've been watching and what they've been playing over their time off over Christmas. If you'd like to leave your questions for the next episode, or any episode for that matter, there is a post pinned to the top of their Facebook page - You can also contact the show on these handy...


I Can't Believe I Didn't Remember

For the first episode of 2020 the boys take a HUGE look back at their favourite, and least favourite, Movies, TV Shows and Video Games of 2019 - They also answer listener questions, as is their way. They spent so long in the studio recording that they had to split this episode into 2 parts. The next part will be released on Wednesday (3 hours is a bit daunting, they know). If you'd like to leave your questions for the next episode, or any episode for that matter, there is a post pinned to...