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0034 - The Dustimation

This week the episode starts off slowly with low energy, Ron making the same bad joke and failing his hosting duties once again. But, luckily, they get in to the groove quite quickly. - They would like to remind you that if you still have some last minute Christmas shopping to do then you can use their Amazon UK affiliate link, and to let you know that it won't cost you anymore than the items you purchase. Here's the link: - The...


0033 - There's No News, But Wait There's News

In this weeks episode the boys kick off the show with a couple of listener questions and one from inside the group. - They also lament the loss of Marvels Netflix's Daredevil or is that Netflix's Marvels Daredevil...? - Luke talks about Japanese cartoons. - Ron gets bored. - Tobe talks The Walking Dead, mid season final... He's back on bored. Idiot. - Luke gets bored - Then more Red Dead Redemption 2's Tales from the Trails... including a first dip in the Online mode. Finally we...


0032 - Like Blowing Up A Milk Float

This week the boys have a guest in the studio, and it is none other than Idol Mind, AKA Gaz. They begin the conversation with questions as they always do. - The first is a doozy - Which cartoon character do you either look like, OR resemble most in your personality, lots of air quotes are used and Luke flirts with the guest. - A listener from when they were trapped on a deserted Island asks them what their favourite seaweed is and another listener asks them if they ever played video...


0031 - Naked 100% Of The Time

Things don't change and the boys kick the episode off with Insert Questions Here. Find out what their favourite Stan Lee cameo's are, what the worst things they've done on Red Dead Redemption 2 and how they would survive on a deserted Island, alone AND together. - After the trio say their final goodbyes to the legend that is Stan Lee they dive in to news. - This week they talk Detective Pikachu, featuring the ever wonderful Ryan Reynolds. - Conversation that is usually cut out is left...


0030 - Rub A Little Shane

This week begins with another introduction, as every episode could be someone's first, and the boys plug their socials and where to find them. You can also find them at the bottom of this description. - They go back and answer a question they should've answered last week, but unfortunately they answer it terribly. They then get asked about their favourite Western movies. - What would their "Cowboy names" be on their Wanted posters? Whatever they are it leads to some very rude...


0029 - Red Dead and Tears

The boys are back from Hell and back in the studio, but have randomly decided to start introducing themselves. Ron attempts to head down the usual track of Questions, but interrupts himself to talk about a challenge or two. - We'll see how sobriety treats them as Ron's already raging from lack of nicotine. - So Questions begin in earnest and we find out, if they could travel back or forth in time, when would they go. Luckily they have a safe "go to" answer, but leads to discussing the...


0028 - Halloween Edition I

This week, join the boys as they get dragged into Hell. We won't say much on the subject, but let's hope they get out by the end, huh? - Good luck, guys! - If you want to contact the show, check these out. Web: Facebook: Instagram: @insertnameherecast Twitter: @nameherecast Email:


0027 - The Boys Go To Con

This week it's an Island Con special so the boys do things a little differently. There's no “Insert Questions Here” but they kick things off with a little bit of news. - Luke Cage has been cancelled so they discuss their thoughts on the series and the future of the Netflix Marvel shows as a whole. - Next up the boys talk about what they've been watching including Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, Making A Murderer Season 2 and the first episode of...


0026 - Perfect Little Boy

On this weeks episode, the boys are VERY sociable, they start to talk to you, the listeners as they start the show with Insert Questions Here. They start off with the subject of lies. - Who are the boys animated crushes? Well, you're in luck, they discuss in a very respectable fashion who they would've loved to know "Biblically" from cartoons, or animations. - A regular Hero asks the trio where they think The Walking Dead is going? Then move on with the news that James Gunn will be...


0025 - Vnnmmm

Before they kick off the episode the boys welcome Luke back, and what a week it is to come back. This episode is BURSTING with content. - It’s a weekly tradition to warm things up with questions sent in by YOU, the Heroes, and this week is no exception. We find out what the guys would do if the world was ending in a month, and whether they’d go camping with a listener. - They flip flop between whether the Hulk can be killed or not because, you know, comics... Then discuss which fictional...


0024 - Shortobots

This week there's a shift in dynamic as Luke is away and a guest (resident question Sheriff, Dan) enters the studio - it's like there's two Ron's. - They kick the week off as they almost always do with questions, and one comes in from a very famous celebrity that we're assuming is currently on tour, which is "Who should replace Henry Cavill?" - They move swiftly on to what game makes them rage the most and the ridiculous things they've done during said rage, but then calm down by talking...


0023 - Abit me-warm about it

This week is kicked off with the boys talking about the trophies they would keep if they were serial killers, and what they would be named. - Predator is talked about once more, briefly, but not as brief as Ron would like. Fart noises ahoy! - 16-bit and above retro games, what would your favourite be? The boys discuss MANY titles, but there are many more to give love to. Let us know. - Rapidly following that, there are Dad jokes and self-deprecation, but then serial killers are dragged back...


0022 - Friendly Neighbourhood Podcast

Questions start the show as usual, and this week we find out what TV show or Movie the boys would change, and how. This question is answered by a listener who has no question of their own, and we appreciate it. Ron struggles to defend The Walking Dead. - Toby brings some movie trivia, and Luke still doesn't know the Facebook address (which you will find below, or hear in the show). - They all then decide which 80's/90's action movie star would work as a myriad of different superheroes, which...


0021 - It's a Snack

Before we give you a descriptive break down of the episode, the boys would like to apologise for the audio quality this week. They didn't have their usual equipment and had to make do with using the microphone built in to the laptop. We hope it isn't too much of a struggle to get through, but as you'll see now, the content SHOULD make up for it. - As the episode begins, Tobe and Luke make it clear that recording on the release day of Spider-Man was not ideal, and they want to go home and...


0020 - 2 Die 2 Hard

This week is kicked off with some behind the scenes conversation about a device to help you put your socks on, the boys may take the mickey a little. Then they lead in to questions... - Questions are started with a riddle, which will teach the boys not to make fun of "easy" questions. We find out that Luke can only travel north, and then the trio name their own alcoholic drinks. - What universe would they want to, or not want to, live in? Find out this week. As the question is similar to a...


0019 - Eat Cleaner with Derek and Tina

This week is kicked off by Ron asking Toby a question, then more questions are inserted as per usual. Your questions start with "Would the boys eat someone?" also, who and how? If you're an avid listener you can probably guess Ron's answer. - Following the first query, the boys are asked which iteration of Clark Kent, movie or TV show, is their favourite? During this question, Ron and Tobe attempt to bait Luke, but Luke stands strong. - Which is their favourite soundtrack from movies and...


0018 - Me Also You

This week it's just Ron and Luke, and they go back to the original format by diving in to "Insert Questions Here". Kicking things off with which Video Game character or franchise would match well with The Avengers. - They discuss Solid Snakes thighs, and Ron's lack of attention span. - They share their TV show "hidden gems"... Well, Luke does. Ron comes up empty handed so decides to steal one of Luke's answers. - There's a chance that Ron may have clones, as he mentions that his family often...


0017 - Dr. Gee-Vil

This week, the boys kick things off with possibly the best opening ever, then to make things more complicated they change up the usual episode structure. - To start, they receive an update from mullet-less Ron about his August challenge, in doing so they learn that Tuna is the salad of the sea, then Luke gets REAL personal. - To attempt to clean up the conversation, they find out that Luke's been camping, and he always goes to the movies with the Teen Titans. - They talk BladeRunner 2049,...


0016 - BeLuke and RonSteady

This week on Insert Name Here, let's start off with an apology. Ron sounds muffled this week, the boys don't know what happened, but unfortunately they found out too late to fix it. Hopefully it won't bug you too much. - They begin by repeating jokes, that may or may not have been funny the first time round, let's hope it's improved by the second go. - Moving directly into questions, they choose which they'd prefer to be bitten by, a Vampire, a Werewolf or a radioactive insect, and as they...


0015 - K-Nickerbocker Glorious

On this weeks episode the boys fall down a rabbit hole labelled "Insert Questions Here", and as they experience freefall they discuss who would win, Iron Man or Batman. - They attempt to open their parachute, and fail miserably as the thought of extra content ruining games is mentioned. They swiftly move along, forgetting about the fall, by talking about each of their favourite book series, or lack there of. - They hear whispers in the wind, which sound distinctly like Marvel and DC are...