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World Class Advice from Top Notch Thinkers. Because life isn't absurd enough.

World Class Advice from Top Notch Thinkers. Because life isn't absurd enough.


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World Class Advice from Top Notch Thinkers. Because life isn't absurd enough.




How to Win A Fight

This episode of Inside the Box really packs a punch. After listening, you’ll be ready for pretty much anything.Segment 1: How to Win Physical Fight Segment 2: How to Win a Verbal Fight Here’s a taste of some of the superior quips that will put you on the winning side of any verbal assault:This segment concludes with an Insult Slinging Lightning Round Thanks to our sponsor: Square Dance Brawl: Bar Fight Edition (Sound effects obtained from


How To Be A Parent

Parenting. There’s no handbook for this stuff. But luckily, Claire and Wendy have ideas and a podcast. Here’s a taste of the wisdom you’ll receive in this episode: Episode Sponsor: Old Timey Sleep-Away Camp for Kids


How Not to Die

In the illustrious words of Barry, Robin, and Maurice of the Gibb clan, “We're stayin' alive, stayin' alive. Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive. Stayin' alive.” Wiser words have never been spoken…or sung. This episode was Inspired by a listener’s request for advice regarding how not to die. Claire and Wendy give you practical tips and easy-to-follow suggestions for survival. In this episode you’ll learn:Need advice? Contact Claire and Wendy here And a big thank you to Benjamin Roy for doing...


How to Deal with Assholes!

They’re everywhere. They can be you coworker, boss, friend, family member, neighbor – even your dog. Believe it or not, sometimes YOU might be the asshole. (Granted it’s probably rare, but it can happen). The point is: Assholes abound. In this episode, Claire and Wendy reveal:Thanks for listening! And a big thank you to Benjamin Roy for doing the post production mastering of this episode. Need some audio help? email Ben at


How to Start a Cult - Part 2

Ten bucks says you haven’t heard of a cult like the Guardians of the Parthenon. Inspired by the blind mythical Greek prophet Tiresias, who transformed into a woman for seven years, ITB guest and cult leader Tiresa (pronounced Teresa) claims she is capable of auto-impregnation. That’s right. She can get herself pregnant. In this episode you’ll hear when the ill-fated cult train make its stop in Crazy Town as a certain impressionable podcast host steps aboard with the hope of siring a new...


How to Start a Cult - Part 1

If you always wanted to start a cult, but didn't know how...this episode is for you! Claire and Wendy show you just how easy it is to:Claire and Wendy walk you through the process "as if" they were going to start their very own cult. Actually, they ended up each developing their own cult concept since Claire didn't like the idea of having a co-leader - which, in reality, was a great demonstration of the kind of fortitude a cult leader needs in order to be successful (even though Wendy's...


How to F#ck Up Your Life!

Claire and Wendy get real when they play their version of Three Truths and a Lie: The How to Fuck Up Your Life edition. In this episode they reveal the colorful ways in which they’ve fucked up their lives, and now probably regret sharing with the world on their podcast (Demonstrating how you can continue to fuck up your life even though you’ve allegedly learned from experience). This episode also includes:


How to Be Professional

A lot of professionalism wisdom coming at you in this episode. Here's a taste


How to Create a Winning Podcast!

Claire and Wendy take you through the steps to help you make your shining debut in the podcast world. In this episode, learn the importance of:


Join Us Inside the Box

An introduction to our new True Advice podcast.