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Ep. 125: In The Moment with Emma Mader

This week I welcome the awesome Emma Mader! She is a younger new comedian in the scene and as it turns out - is insightful AF! We chat about: dieting, Fionna Apple, being mature for your age, how and why she started comedy, fast paced lesbian relationships, age differences in relationships, coming out, her breast augmentation surgery and how we are both spacey people. We also go deep and talk about the pain associated with being self aware and turning pain into jokes. Follow Emma:...


Ep. 124: Build Your Own Family with Rhett Slutler

We got a colourful guest this week! It's RHETT SLUTLER - Halifax Drag King & Burlesque performer! We talk all about various aspects of drag including creating a persona and developing confidence. We also get into Rhett's journey with his gender identity over the years. Follow Rhett: @rhettslutler Follow HFX Drag Kings: @hfxdragkings Get tickets for Yuk Yuks Halifax! Subscribe to Sarah and Shannon Kiss Some Dudes Podcast! Follow Kiss Some Dudes: @kisssomedudespodcast Don't miss an...


Ep. 123: Loving Without Rules ft. Sid Kosatsky

Sid Kosatsky is all about letting go of what doesn't work and embracing love without rules! In this weeks episode we talk all things polyamory including why he embraces it, why monogamy doesn't work for him and what he has learned about himself through it all. Follow Sid: @backyardhorse Subscribe to Brand New View Podcast: Get tickets for Yuk Yuks Halifax! Subscribe to Sarah and Shannon Kiss Some Dudes Podcast! Follow Kiss Some Dudes: @kisssomedudespodcast Don't miss an episode! Make...


Ep. 122: Selling Intimacy with Chilly

This week I welcome the lovely and awesome Chilly - and we are talking all things online sex work. Chilly has been involved in online sex work for around 2 years and has tons of information and insight. We get into: the challenges facing sex workers, how she got into it and why, how she communicates boundaries and manages clients, best BDSM practices, what she has learned and so much more. And honestly - tons more, just listen! Follow Chilly: @chillychick_ Check out Chilly on OnlyFans:...


Ep. 121: Comedy Critical Thinking with Chris Halef

We got a super fun episode this week! The very funny and awesome comedian Chris Halef hops on the mic and we talk about: how we both aren't motivated enough to date, his critical thinking approach to comedy, doing open mics, developing a stage confidence, being selectively slutty, male feminists and weight loss. PLUS yet again another comedian tries to convince me to do stand-up! Follow Chris: @chrishalef Get tickets for Yuk Yuks Halifax! Don't miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe...


Ep. 120: Pushing Buttons with Kyle Barnet and Brandon Michael

We are back with a new episode and this week it's a double feature! It's the awesome Halifax comedy duo - Kyle Barnet (new guest!) and Brandon Michael (returning guest)! We get really random and talk about eye injuries, doing sketch comedy on YouTube, on stage anxiety, fears, defending bands, Spotify playlists and we play a game of moral dilemmas called "Would You Push The Button?". Follow Kyle: @kylebarnetcomedydumdum Follow Brandon: @standupbrandon Subscribe to "Brandon and Kyle are...


Ep. 119: Matching Damage & Influencer Marketing

This week's episode is with an InTalksicated veteran - "Mark"! We deep dive into the idea of complimentary damage - understanding our own damages and finding others that match that damage. We also talk about the internet, digital media and managing influencer marketing! Nominate Intalksicated Podcast (News and Media Category) for Best Podcast in the Best of Halifax Reader's choice awards! Get tickets for Yuk Yuks Halifax! Don't miss an episode! Make sure you...


Ep. 118: Get MAD with Ryan Fried

In this weeks episode comedian Ryan Fried joins me to talk about shitty sleep schedules, managing your lifestyle around comedy, experiences working at a hospital, dom/sub etiquette, comedy influences, wrestling and more! Also: I'm an idiot who didn't hit record on the video version! Get tickets for Yuk Yuks Halifax! Don't miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe to InTalksicated Podcast on Apple Podcasts! Make sure to also subscribe to InTalksicated Reviews on Apple Podcasts or...


Ep. 117: Protest Your Insecurities

It's been a while since I've done a subject based episode! This week I'm going back to my roots with InTalksicated and doing a good old therapy session! I welcome back an amazing returning guest Frankie to deep dive into the nitty gritty aspects of confidence and self esteem. We talk about our own insecurities and how we deal with them, body image, dieting, owning sexuality and so much more! This is a deep one, but it was needed! Get tickets for Yuk Yuks Halifax! Don't miss an episode!...


Ep. 116: Show Your Care Bear Stare with Robbie Vino

This week I welcome the mayor of Halifax to InTalksicated! Well...not really, but it's ROBBIE VINO! Robbie co-hosts Sunday Sillies every Sunday at Sniggly Wiggly's and he is fairly new to standup comedy. I peel back the layers of Robbie and we chat about starting comedy rooms, sarcasm, alpha vs. beta personas, confidence, people's perceptions of us, insecurities, our inabilities to take compliments and MUCH MORE! Follow Robbie: Follow Sunday Sillies:...


Ep. 115: Going There with Kathleen McGee

Holy shit, this one is a dozey! This weeks guest is the absolutely hilarious comedian treasure Kathleen McGee. We drink A LOT of vodka and truly get into it in this episode! We talk about all the shit we put up with as women, being unapologetic, social media, gaslighting, first periods, why butt stuff isn't really for us, squirting, women vs. women and soooooo much more! Follow Kathleen:@kathleen_mcgee Get tickets for Yuk Yuks Halifax! Don't miss an...


Ep. 114: Caesars and Comedy with Clare Belford & Heather Macdonald

This week's guests are Clare Belford and Heather Macdonald! Clare and Heather are two gal pals, comedy partners in crime and they were awesome enough to do the podcast while on the east coast lag of their tour! We talk about their friendship origin, bonding over matching outfits, comedy etiquette, the pressure to be too nice, haunted cabins, tinder for comedy show promotion, dating and more. PLUS: hear me talk about why I'm nervous to ever do standup and a mini Tinder Takeover! If you...


Ep. 113: Growing Your Comedy Legs with Sam Bartol & Jim Temple

This week we have two comics who are fairly new to comedy - Sam Bartol and Jim Temple! We shoot the shit about 70 year old things like alzheimers, travel hassles and the dang wind in Halifax before talking comedy. We chat about Sam and Jim's start in standup, the ins and outs of open mics, building confidence and adapting to different comedy scenes. Follow Sam: @thesambartol Follow Jim: @jimmer98 Like Jim's Comedy Page! Get tickets for Yuk Yuks Halifax! Don't miss an episode! Make...


Ep. 112: F*ck Boy Flashbacks with Nick Burden

"Unfortunately, I'm not the Jim to your Pam." Oh BOY! Buckle up for a dirty episode folks. Ottawa comedian Nick Burden hangs out this week and we talk about mostly sex stuff including: weird guys on the internet, swingers parties, assumptions about him, dry spells, Chakrubs (crystal sex toys!), embarrassing moments, an epic cat fish story, NDO, the ideal third, and so much more. Follow Nick: @jokegypsy Get tickets for Yuk Yuks Halifax! Don't miss an episode! Make sure you...


Ep. 111: Shout-Outs & Stories with Sunee Dhaliwal

You guys are gonna love this one! The awesome and talented Sunee Dhaliwal swings by the sad girl studios, fresh off his headlining weekend at Yuk Yuks! We chat about his start in comedy, childhood, what we would do if we won the lottery, second impressions, celebrities, concerts, going into "performance mode", halifax nightlife, social media and so much more! Follow Sunny: @sunnydcomedy Get tickets for Yuk Yuks Halifax! Don't miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe to InTalksicated...


Ep. 110: What Are You Waiting For? Ft. Marc Boudreau & Ben Brammer

This week on InTalksicated I am so excited to welcome Marc Boudreau and Ben Brammer, hosts of the Brand New View Podcast - a podcast focused on self-starters and the life journeys of entrepreneurs. We shoot the shit and chat about Marc and Ben's friendship origin, the very interesting conception and launch of BNV, drinking, childhood, the podcasting life, pivotal life moments, dating guessed it...butt stuff! Subscribe to the Brand New View Podcast! Follow Brand New...


Ep. 109: Don't Read The Comments with Andrew Vaughan

The Big Cat is back for solo episode #2! Comedian and good friend Andrew Vaughan hops on the mic and we shoot the shit about everything under the sun. Topics include but aren't limited to: reality tv, setting goals, finding motivation, saying what you mean, podcasting, social media comments, agreeing to disagree, drinking too much, hand jobs and not getting laid. Follow Andrew: @avcomedy2049 Don't miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe to InTalksicated...


Ep. 108: Reading Faces with Frost Keplar

This week we have an awesome mystical episode with comedian Frost Keplar and special guest host Danielle! We talk about childhood, various outlets of creativity, drivers ed/car crashes, self esteem, the perception of women in comedy and her journey with face reading! Follow Frost on Instagram: @frosticuffs Don't miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe to InTalksicated Podcast on Apple Podcasts! Make sure to also subscribe to InTalksicated Reviews on Apple Podcasts or your favourite...


Ep. 107: InTalksicated Comedy Live - April 2019

This weeks episode is the audio version of the 1st Comedy Livestream featuring Andrew Vaughan, Travis Lindsay, Catherine Robertson and Kirsten Finch. For the full soon check it out on YouTube: Apologies for the static in the intro! I didn't notice until after it was recorded! Follow Andrew: Follow Travis: Follow Catherine:...


Ep. 106: Managing TMI Content with Harper McCormack

HAPRER IS BACK! The queen of Tinder and unapologetic YouTuber, Harper McCormack joins me for drinks and dishes on how she manages life as a very personal content creator on the internet. What inspired her to not hold back on the internet? How does she decided what she shouldn't share? What are her thoughts on the current state of YouTube? What about content burnout? We talk about all of that, PLUS - we talk about dating (of course) and play the assumptions tag! Subscribe to Harper on...