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Ep. 81: The Social Media Purge

This week - 2nd time (kinda 4th time if you count livestreams!) returning guest/awesome friend VERN joins InTalksicated for a sober October episode all about quitting social media and drinking! We dive deep into the impacts of social media including the constant need to feel connected via online platforms, the importance of de-noising your life to regain focus and portraying versions of ourselves online. We also talk about the challenges and advantages of being alcohol free. This one was...


Ep. 80: Why We Don't Sleep ft. Travis Lindsay

This week I hang out with new friend and awesome standup comedian Travis Lindsay (aka The Kid)! We book end the episode with tequila shots and drink tequila sunrises while raving about the magic of Disney and ranting about why we just don't sleep. This includes but is not limited to: restless minds, sleep paralyses, night terrors, general stress and paranoia about life. ASLO: E.T is actually terrifying, comedy show etiquette (don't be a dick), audience archetypes, drinking stories and...


Audio Diary Ep. 1: I Hate Myself Today

Heyyyy guys this is a very impromptu episode and probably the rawest thing I have ever recorded. I really wanted and needed to get some stuff off my chest and be fully real with you guys about things I have been thinking about lately. Mostly this is in regards to call out culture and social media. It's a very raw follow up to the most recent patreon episode with Danielle.


Ep. 79: A Sleepover with 36 Times

Girltalksicated is back! This time with 2nd time returning guests and fellow podcasters Krista and Lilly from 36 Times Podcast! Krista and Lilly crash at my place we talk husband origin stories, problematic sound of music fantasies, why Lilly hates most of the story lines in Love Actually and then things get weird with a game of Perks and Quirks (really messed up deal breakers)! Stay tuned for a Bonus Episode Tinder Takeover with Krista and Lilly coming early next week! Subscribe...


Ep. 78: Food Drunk with Moxey Munchies

It's all about FOOD this week! So excited to welcome food lover & YouTuber Moxey Munchies to the podcast! We hang out and chat about how she got into YouTube, our food habits/tastes, and what it's like to create content around indulgence! Around 1:12:00 we do a mini mukbang with all my fave nostalgic snacks! We continue the mukbang with a bunch of different candy bars from the UK - you can find that footage on facebook here: ...


Ep. 77: 12 Hour Livestream Highlights

I did it! I pulled off a 12 hour livestream! This is a clips episode with only SOME of my fave moments from the crazy day featuring: Compass Distillers, Podcast Atlantic, Corey from InTalksicated Reviews, past guests Shannon, Danielle and Vern, Andrew Vaughan, Travis Lindsay, Harper McCormack & Dan Hendricken! Check out the full stream (in four parts) on our YouTube channel! VOTE FOR US for BEST PODCAST in The Coast Best of Halifax Reader's Choice Awards (news/media category)! Don't...


Ep. 76: Chatting with the Big Cat (Andrew Vaughan)

Holy sh*t!! This episode is amazing. This week we are drinking some Budweiser and chatting with stand-up comic and fellow podcaster Andrew Vaughan! This truly a shoot the shit episode, in the best way possible. We talk about death, various aspects of comedy including offensive humour and the joke writing process, our shared love of podcasts and podcasting and sooooo much more! Grab a snack for this one, it's a long one. But I promise the journey is worth it. Follow Andrew Vaughan on...


Ep. 75: Talking Anxiety and Comedy with Brandon Michael

This week local stand up comedian Brandon Michael joins me for some rum and coke and talk about how he got started in comedy, his joke writing process, and dealing with anxiety. I also give him a glimpse into the current state of tinder with a tinder takeover where no one is safe! VOTE FOR US for BEST PODCAST in The Coast Best of Halifax Reader's Choice Awards (news/media category)! Don't miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe to InTalksicated Podcast on Apple Podcasts! Make sure to...


Ep. 74: The Pros and Con(traction)s of Childbirth

"Did your hair get wavy after giving birth?" Curiosity killed the cat. I'm back yet again with another episode about childbirth! With motherhood no where near in my future, sometimes I like to just ask my friends about it. Returning guest Lindsay and InTalksicated regular Shannon join me this week. We play catch up with Lindsay (Listen to Ep. 14 for the backstory on the pregnancy!) and talk about her early labour and life as a new mom! TMI episode alert - no detail was left unsaid. We also...


Ep. 73: The Economy Of Millennial Life

4th time guest Mark is back! We get into the nuts and bolts of millennial life. We talk all about the impacts of social media including how we manage our addiction to it, how we let it impact us and why we seek the validation. We also talk about the constant push and pull of time, energy and money, and how we choose to allocate that as busy adults in our 30's. VOTE FOR US for BEST PODCAST in The Coast Best of Halifax Reader's Choice Awards (news/media category)! Don't miss an episode!...


Ep. 72: Dealing With The Big Black Dog

This is a deep one! My friend Pat (finally) comes on InTalksicated to to join in me in talking about all the ways we deal with the stresses of life (aka the big black dog - depression, anxiety, etc) at an age where we are constantly bombarded. This includes multiple forms of escapism, avoidance and learning to express emotions in healthy ways. We also talk about censorship, masculinity, intimacy and loneliness. Don't miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe to InTalksicated Podcast on Apple...


Ep. 71: Plays Well With Others

Adam comes on InTalksicated to get drilled by Sarah on why he disappeared after a few dates last year! As it turns out, a lot was going on behind the scenes. We talk about what it's like to go through a divorce and then take a turn into the world of non-monogamy. We discuss how to navigate open relationships, the importance of communication in relationships/sexual situations, and having multiple play partners. Don't miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe to InTalksicated Podcast on Apple...


Ep. 70: The Breakup Remedy Kit

We have an OG guest this week! 3rd time InTalksicted returnee Caitlin joins me remotely, all the way from Ontario to drink together over the internet! It's catch up time with Caitlin as she has since moved away from Halifax and is now living in a new town, where she recently experienced their very first pride festival. She also retuned to the stage with her drag kind persona JackDoff after a slight hiatus. But the main subject for this episode is breakups. Caitlin very recently went...


EP. 69: Oral Fixations

Dirty episode alert! It's midnight margaritas on InTalksicated this week as I am joined by long-time friend Carrie and brand new friend Frankie to talk all things oral sex for episode 69! We get down and dirty and cover everything from blow job techniques to squirting to sex toys. And of course the most fitting subject: 69ing. Grab your headphones and make sure your grandma isn't in the room for this one! Follow Pleasures N' Treasures on instagram! Watch the unedited livestream...


Ep. 68 Pt. 2: Breaking the internet (ft. Harper McCormack)

In the even more juicy part 2 of my Episode with Harper McCormack we talk more about tinder and dating before launching into a conversation all about sugar daddies, the site Seeking Arrangements and the idea of being paid for dates. Follow Harper: Instagram: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Snapchat: ...


Ep. 68 Pt. 1: The Harper Effect

She may be banned from Tinder, but she isn't banned from podcasts!This week's episode features the very awesome queen of Tinder/blogger/influencer/YouTuber Harper McCormack! Harper is an extremely honest (sometimes controversial), no BS story teller and that's why she is perfect for InTalksicated! We sat down for a full night of recording and drinking fireball with coke zero (my new fave drink!) and managed to to get two epic parts to share with you all (PLUS two bonus episodes coming out...


Nomination Pitch - The Best of Halifax 2018

Nominations are open for the Coast Best of Halifax Reader's Choice Awards 2018. We would love a nomination for best podcast and in this clip, Corey and I will tell you why! We also will do something absolutely crazy if we can get nominated. Listen to find out what we will do! Screen shot your nomination and send it to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we will enter you for a change to win a $25 gift card! (NSLC for our legal NS listeners, Amazon or Ciniplex for our listeners outside...


Ep. 67: Canada Day Century 2.0

With glowing hearts, we destroy our livers! It's officially a Canada Day tradition to do a century, so here it is! With 4 amazing InTalksicated Regulars - Kurt, Danielle Jay and Cat - we all embark on a harrowing journey of 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes. Each minute we also discuss a fact about Canada, Canadian bands and heritage moments to keep this train wreck somewhat on the tracks. Check out the full livestream on Facebook! Nominate InTalksicated for Best Podcast in the Coast...


Ep. 66 Act II: Friends Against Humanity

It's safe to assume many friendships form because of the game Cards Against Humanity. In the 2nd part of my episode with Erin and Vernon we go through various Cards Against Humanity cards and hear a story or a memory from their friendship connected to that card (including our deep love for Brooklyn 99 & Chelsea Peretti). We also get deep into the complicated emotions of friendship fights, how to overcome fights and move forward. Don't miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe to...


Ep. 66 Act I: Erin and Vern get InTalksicated

OH BOY! This weeks episode is a masterpiece of epic proportions. I record with two brand new amazing friends (literally had only hung out once before!) Erin and Vernon! We drink A LOT of gin and talk all about their friendship dynamic and personality types, and diverge into many tangents including sex toy mishaps, boners, viagra, dick piercings and so much more! Stay tuned for part 2 where we go even deeper into Erin and Vernon's friendship via the game that bonds us all - Cards Against...