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Episode 4: J.B. vs Valentine’s Day

Episode 4: J.B. vs Valentine’s Day Love is in the air! On this special holiday edition of #JVE, our Relationship Guru Dr. Brown with Special Guest Poet/Writer Shaunee Liriano discusses the history of St. Valentine’s Day, a wonderful office game you can play with friends and the importance of Side Chicks. During a very heated discussion about how Men are forced to buy gifts for women (otherwise they cannot come home), a firetruck tried to interupt the podcast. We didn’t let it stop us and...


Episode 3: J.B. Vs Dating

Episode 3: J.B. Vs Dating Relationship Guru Dr. Brown examines the essence of Dating #fortheculture . He contacts KaraMia (IG: @Karamia707 if you want to slide in her DMs)a single woman who is an alleged expert in dating. We examine why a single woman would date a man with old Wrinkly Balls. On this episode, we discuss the outrageous expectations of a single woman. Enjoy the episode! Please leave your comments at: IG: Dr. JBrown


Episode 2: J.B. Vs The Habitual Female Cheater

Episode 2: J.B. vs Cheating (Female Edition) After an knowledge filled episode with @KhalfaniRed to discuss the root cause of cheating, the Social Media Journalist J.B. while battling physical ailments found a reformed cheater Jas to help further his research and discussion on cheating. Is upgrading your Iphone6s to the IphoneX the same thing as cheating on person who is a 6 with a 8? The saga continues.... Enjoy the show!


Episode 1: J.B. Vs Cheating

Episode 1: J.B. vs Cheating The first episode of J.B. vs Everything featuring Red (IG: @KhalfaniAlleyne). We dive into the reasons why people cheat. Red delivers powerful advice and knowledge for the culture. J.B. battles coming out of retirement to entertain a relationship and avoiding the high volume of IG Models DMs Enjoy and tell your friends! Don't forget to subscribe and leave comments. IG: Dr.JBrown Email: JB.vs.Podcast@gmail.com


JB Vs Cheekz Bonus Audio

Bonus Content: Still working out the Audio quality before the official launch. If you can tolerate the in & out, you will enjoy the convo. The content was too good not to post. A very interesting conversation recorded via Google Hangouts in reference to Why Women Put Men in the Friendzone???? Enjoy


Episode 0: J.B. vs Equipment

Episode 0- J.B. vs His Equipment This is the pilot podcast to make sure the audio sound good. It also gives the listeners an idea of what to expect..... Enjoy!