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Episode 10: J.B. vs The Belt

The episode you have all been asking for… The relationship Guru shares his infamous theory about why Women without a belt are undateable! If your breathe stinks…. do you not brush your teeth? If you wear sneakers, do you not use shoelaces….. “Friends don’t let friends leave the house without a belt”- Dr. Brown Enjoy the Show!


Episode 9: J.B. vs The Ben Bowl (The Finale)

Here is final episode of the Ben Bowl Trilogy. Henny sponsored Ben Bowl interviews. The live videos are available on my facebook page. I did say I would be back at the end of the pod…..but if you seen what was occuring…..when the henny in the system….. Thank you to the family and friends of Benjamin Nieves. Thank you to the Players of the Ben Bowl. Thank you to everyone that contributed and donated to the Lupus foundation. The Stay True Family absoutely appreciates it! Forever in our...


*Bonus Content* Ben Bowl Gameplan

Here is the 2nd Part of the Ben Bowl Trilogy. Captain J.B. of the #Elite breakdown film against his opponents. Fun Banter that provides Bullentin Board material for Team Charles. Enjoy the Bonus Content!


Episode 8: J.B. vs The Ben Bowl

On this special episode, Captain J.B. and Captain Charles Jeffries of Stay Tru previews the 3rd Annual Ben Bowl and conducts a live draft. The series is ties 1-1. This is the rubber match. (The video of the draft is also available on my facebook page) The Ben Bowl is a charity football game for our brother Benjamin Nieves. Ben Bowl 2018 is on March 24th. This year’s event will be held at Shore Road Park (95th St.) Afterwards there will be food and refreshments at Kitty Keirnans (9715 3rd...


*Bonus Content*- Playing the Wing

Here is some bonus content to hold you over until our next episode! An impromptu conversation with Devin the Dude and The Magic Man about being a good wing. How well do you know your teammates? Can you read the current situation? How can you help facilitate a winning culture? We are here to help guide the culture! Enjoy the show!


Episode 7: J.B. vs Killmonger & T’Challa

On this very special episode, J.B. examines the alleged hype behind Black Panther with his own unbiased review (Major Spoilers). To assist with his review, he solicits the input of Ms. Teka (A successful black business owner & mother who sat through the movie multiple times and even dressed up for it.) The social media journalist touches on how Killmonger is a true villian and should not be glorified by the culture. The explanation of why the main character Black Panther is pure and utter...


Episode 6: J.B. vs Positivity

After last week’s indepth analysis of #Trolling, Social Media Journalist J.B. decided it was time to uplift the culture. He reached out to his former college roomate and Ex-Minnesota Viking David Bamiro (D.B.) to help motivate the audience. At an undisclosed location, J.B. and D.B. provide helpful tips to move the culture forward. The dynamic duo analyzes the current state of social media and it’s impact on the psyche. (Did I also mention that we discussed Eggplants (Pause), Booby Pics,...


Episode V: J.B. Vs. Trolling

On this episode, the Social Media Journalist J.B. recruits the Elite #troll known as the Magic Man aka C. Clutch to have an intelligent conversation on #Trolling. In order to advance the culture, C.Clutch and J.B. differentiates the various types of trolls. The Elite Troll Duo discusses how #BlackPanther is Trash, Lebron James is an average basketball and wishing #45 a Happy President’s Day. J.B. provides analysis on Countertrolling while C. Clutch provides insight on how to deal with...


Episode 4: J.B. vs Valentine’s Day

Episode 4: J.B. vs Valentine’s Day Love is in the air! On this special holiday edition of #JVE, our Relationship Guru Dr. Brown with Special Guest Poet/Writer Shaunee Liriano discusses the history of St. Valentine’s Day, a wonderful office game you can play with friends and the importance of Side Chicks. During a very heated discussion about how Men are forced to buy gifts for women (otherwise they cannot come home), a firetruck tried to interupt the podcast. We didn’t let it stop us and...


Episode 2: J.B. Vs The Habitual Female Cheater

Episode 2: J.B. vs Cheating (Female Edition) After an knowledge filled episode with @KhalfaniRed to discuss the root cause of cheating, the Social Media Journalist J.B. while battling physical ailments found a reformed cheater Jas to help further his research and discussion on cheating. Is upgrading your Iphone6s to the IphoneX the same thing as cheating on person who is a 6 with a 8? The saga continues…. Enjoy the show!


Episode 1: J.B. Vs Cheating

Episode 1: J.B. vs Cheating The first episode of J.B. vs Everything featuring Red (IG: @KhalfaniAlleyne). We dive into the reasons why people cheat. Red delivers powerful advice and knowledge for the culture. J.B. battles coming out of retirement to entertain a relationship and avoiding the high volume of IG Models DMs Enjoy and tell your friends! Don’t forget to subscribe and leave comments. IG: Dr.JBrown Email: JB.vs.Podcast@gmail.com


JB Vs Cheekz Bonus Audio

Bonus Content: Still working out the Audio quality before the official launch. If you can tolerate the in & out, you will enjoy the convo. The content was too good not to post. A very interesting conversation recorded via Google Hangouts in reference to Why Women Put Men in the Friendzone???? Enjoy


Episode 0: J.B. vs Equipment

Episode 0- J.B. vs His Equipment This is the pilot podcast to make sure the audio sound good. It also gives the listeners an idea of what to expect….. Enjoy!