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Ryan McBay talks with people from all walks of life in news, entertainment, sports, tech, finance and much more.

Ryan McBay talks with people from all walks of life in news, entertainment, sports, tech, finance and much more.
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Ryan McBay talks with people from all walks of life in news, entertainment, sports, tech, finance and much more.




Professional Ballet Dancer Sarah Grace Lee

Podcast #11 Sarah talks with Ryan about her journey starting out as a figure skater in the Philippines at a young age, then finding her talent with becoming a professional ballet dancer in New York. Sarah can be found on Instagram at the following; instagram.com/sarahgrace.lee/ Watch the full episode on youtube below, and be sure to subscribe! https://youtu.be/ITJFNowe4Nw


Stand-up Comedian Lauren Compton Podcast

Podcast #6 Ryan and Lauren talk about how she started as a stand-up comedian, what her driving factors were for going into that type of entertainment, and how she has used her own life experiences for comedy material. Lauren can be contacted on Instagram at @iamLaurenCompton Listening Show Notes: How Lauren's stand-up comedy started [0:54] Crowd work as roulette [4:06] Divorce material is the hardest hitting material [9:08] An Exclusive [11:06] Therapist failure that lead to comedy [15:43]...


Tough Cookie Training, Rachel Guess Podcast

Podcast #10 Rachel discusses with Ryan, Tough Cookie Training. How she started a fitness studio, the ups and downs of getting a business going, and learning the fitness industry. Rachel can be contacted at the following;ToughCookieTraining.net Watch the full episode on youtube below, and be sure to subscribe! https://youtu.be/cN1ajaLGjmE


Jillie Reil The Cougar Of Comedy Podcast

Podcast #9 Jillie shares with Ryan her story of how she started selling sexual products of lube, some of the scary and absurd adventures she has had throughout America while working this sales job, and how she has used all this to incorporate into her own comedy. Jillie can be contacted at either of the following profiles;Instagram.com/thecougarofcomedywww.TheCougarOfComedy.com Podcast Listening Show Notes:Being interviewed by Playa Vista magazine [0:50]One time on the Jerry Springer show...


Amanda Robertson Professional Golfer Podcast

Podcast #8 Ryan and Amanda talk about how she became a professional golfer, how she saw an opportunity to create a business around her profession with a business partner, what it took to get started, and how she manages her business having it grown into a full time job. Amanda and her business can be contacted at;Instagram instagram.com/arobertsongolfBack Swing Golf Events


Patrick Lazzara Indie Film Making Podcast

Podcast #7 Ryan and Patrick talk indie film making, the writing, what it takes in the financial requirements of production, quick film festivals, and his production stories. Patrick can be contacted at either of the following social media profiles; Instagram instagram.com/plazzara Facebook facebook.com/plazzara Watch the full episode on youtube below, and be sure to subscribe! https://youtu.be/-hMBB1HHcaY


Cincinnati to Los Angeles Shanti Campbell Podcast

Podcast #5 Ryan and Shanti Campbell talk about his childhood in Cincinnati, taking the skills from restaurant management and applying those into a new creative field of entertainment in Los Angeles, and being vegetarian. Shanti's photography website is ImpressionImagery.com Show Notes: Cincinnati home life [2:41] Learned to respect what mom does [8:35] The 405 not 405 [16:25] Diversity of Los Angeles [20:28] Respecting the hustle of your idols [23:20] 1st jobs and working in the restaurant...


LEAP The Movement James Hawthorn

Podcast #4 Ryan and James Hawthorn discuss taking a leap in life and going after what you want, taking risks, how it might affect you, and ways to do it. James is the creator of LEAPthemovement and also the festival director & co-founder of Flicks4Change Show Notes: What is LEAP [2:20] The human spirit and crossroads in life [4:33] 40 years of being poor and happy or hate your work for 40 years [11:45] James discusses what LEAP has to do with you [15:15] Phone call to James friend Billy on...


Christopher Crabb Professional Tennis Instructor

Podcast #3 Ryan and Christopher Crabb share stories, talk about Christopher's profession in tennis instruction, finding something you are really great at in life, and his acting career. Christopher can be contacted on facebook @christophercrabbofficial https://youtu.be/tGgdNsdby28


Lucie Campbell on Immigrating to America

Podcast #2 Ryan talks with Lucie Campbell about her journey immigrating into America, dealing with difficult landlords, and her beginning acting career. You can find Lucie on Instagram @luciecampbell_official https://youtu.be/_YKAi7fRAPI


Erica Jean Mungor Becoming A Fighter

Podcast #1 Ryan talks with Erica about her journey becoming a fighter, her upcoming fight Jan 5th, and the current film she is starring in, An Evening At The Diner available on Amazon Prime. Tickets are still available for her fight Jan 5th at the Burbank Marriott, you can message Erica on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter @ericajean007 https://youtu.be/HFsCyzNo0gc