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A surgeon and a biostatistician take the harsh blade of scientific rigour to claims of the Wellness Industry.

A surgeon and a biostatistician take the harsh blade of scientific rigour to claims of the Wellness Industry.
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A surgeon and a biostatistician take the harsh blade of scientific rigour to claims of the Wellness Industry.




HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! Jeremy's Iron are.... (Very Bad) Very Bad Wizards!

In the Halloween tradition, we take on the personae of Tamler and Dave from Very Bad Wizards and do our own version of their Epsiode 174: More Chiang for Your Buck. It's like a cover version. For podcasts. In this episode we discuss: The Joker (film) Are morally virtuous people less funny (scientific paper) The multiverse and "Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom" (short story) Very Bad Wizards is a podcast about science and research and ethics. It's also about Peez's beats. We do all these...


Ep 25: Genetically-engineered killer mosquitos! (actually)

Justin B's article: genetic engineering of self-destructive mosquitos aiming to reduce mozzie populations! Justin Z's article(s): how translatable are animal studies to human medicine?? We also lock-in a Jeremy's Iron excursion to Shen Yun, 2020.


Ep 24: Water Fluoridation II (with Dr. Lewis Ehrlich)

People are scared of fluoride. From rat poison to calcified third-eyes, negative associations of fluoride are rife. SO! We enlist the help of Sydney's hottest dentist Dr. Lewis Ehrlich to separate fiction from the tooth. We ask Dr. Lewis about: * His invitation to become the Bachelor * What is holistic dentistry? * Do we really need fluoride in our toothpaste? * What's the deal with charcoal toothpaste? Special Guest: Dr. Lewis Ehrlich.


Ep 23: Water Fluoridation I - Are we poisoning ourselves??

Australia is one of the few countries that still fluoridates it's water. This is despite minimal conclusive evidence that it assists regular fluoride toothpaste use in the prevention of tooth decay or gum disease. Forget the fact that ingested fluoride is the ONLY medical intervention delivered en masse with no dosage controls! This is a spicy one so we've devoted two episodes to it. Part one features a break-down of the history of fluoridation, which is WILDLY FASCINATING, and a look at the...


Ep 22: Vape crisis! Is vaping more dangerous than we thought?

We also look into the health benefits of being religious and discuss whether mathematics is a natural phenomenon or wholly man-made. PLUS!! Can you find our in-podcast references to the following songs: No prizes for finding all four - but seriously, at this point we could float the podcast as a music digest for your dad.


Ep 21: Vegan diets for toddlers: are they safe?

Justin B's article: Blue light and effects on sleep Justin Z's article: Vegan Babies. This week we put the vegan diet squarely in the spotlight where it relates to the physical health and neurodevelopment of toddlers. We try to take a balanced reading of the research keeping in mind we (a) don't have babies (b) are reasonably unlikely to have them in the near future and (c) are not vegan or vegetarian. We also take a hard look at the science behind blue light and it's affects on our...


Ep 20: Anti-biotic resistance: viruses to the rescue!

Our friend’s wife got the flu. Conveniently, they found an old half-used antibiotics packet in their cupboard. So they agreed she should take a couple of anti-biotic tablets for a few days just to be on the safe side. Yep. This actually happened. And we’re sure it happens all the time. No wonder antibiotic resistance is a problem. Ignorance around antibiotic resistance is rife and bugs are slowly winning the war against the old guard of traditional antibiotics. This is bad. But! There is...


Ep 19: Creationism! Can we defend it??

It took 4 billion years for the first cells to evolve into the talking, walking, podcast-making, online shitposting, creative and utterly insane humans that now populate the earth. BUT! Is that ACTUALLY enough time for Darwin’s theory of incremental mutation to work its slow brand of magic??? A whole lot of smart people reckon it’s not. Justin and Justin try to find out whether they have a point! Spoiler alert: they don’t. Justin Z also talks about his own recently published research looking...


Ep 18: Why is it so hard to do research in Russia?

Believe it or not, we actually went to Russia to find out. Hopefully you’ll forgive the “on-location” sound quality as we discuss the difficulties of conducting and publishing research in Russia. We also answer the following questions: What caused the mystery radioactive fog that descended on Europe in 2017? Can machine learning identify autism in babies from merely analysing eye movements? How does Burger King possibly have a 4.5 star google review rating Jeremy’s Iron is an excuse...


Ep 17: Justin vs Justin: Race/Off

In an experiment that would make most researchers shudder with its methodological flaws, Justin Z and Justin B go head-to-head in a winner-takes-all 50m swim sprint. Why? We're both in our mid 30s, single and have too much time on our hands. And with content like this its probably staying that way. Jeremy’s Iron is available on iTunes: HERE Join our Facebook page: HERE


Ep 16: Will tofu give me man-boobs?

Scared of soy?? Us too. This episode unpacks the man-boob myth and also looks at the effects of soy consumption on pre- and post-menopausal women. Justin B grabs a strong Aeropress coffee just before the show - clearly his usual frenetic enthusiasm was going to be insufficient for this one. So we make it rain in the first half of the show as we deliver a some long overdue listener shout-outs, investigate the placebo effect, cross-examine Wim Hof, discuss the downside of having a twin and...


Ep 15: Meditation II (with Dylan Baskin from Qwilr)

Our sophmore interview on Jeremy’s Iron is with renaissance tech bro Dylan Baskind. He’s the CEO of Qwilr - an online document-creation platform. He’s also the lead singer of Winter People and a visual artist. But what brings him to the podcast is his regular meditation habit. We ask him how meditation affects his high pressure work life and also how regular meditation might adversely affect the creative process. Special Guest: Dylan Baskind.


Ep 14: Meditation I: Why can't we prove that it works??

Meditation is practiced by billions across the globe. Each person with their own personal relationship to their practice. There are countless stories of meditation’s positive effect on people’s lives. From tales of rapture, to people who have come back from the brink through meditation to those that just feel that meditation makes them 10% happier. Great! Meditation works then. Cool! No need for a podcast about it [resumes online shopping for bulk-buy Golden Gaytimes] Wait. You’re saying...


Ep 13: Montessori and Steiner schools! Do they work??

Montessori and Steiner schools have been preaching “student-focussed” education for more than 100 years. What’s more, their rejection of teacher authority and strict curricula is progressively encroaching on mainstream schools. BUT is there any evidence that their progressive take on schooling provides any longterm benefits to students?? Justin and Justin hope to find out! In this episode we discuss the education principles of Montessori and Steiner schools and investigate any available...


Ep 12: Fly Shame

So you think you’re eco-conscious hey? You don’t own a car, you keep a kitchen compost and you even reuse those brown paper mushroom bags to discretely drink your canned beer on public transport. Good for you! Unfortunately it adds up to about nothing if you take just one domestic flight. Fly shame is real, and many people are going cold turkey on holiday making to reduce their environmental impact. In this episode, Justin B tries to convince Justin Z not to become one of these people. We...


Ep 11: Social media and addiction

Justin Z completes the Iowa gambling task, and opens up about a burgeoning interest in losing money at poker. Justin B links this to social media use. It works. Mostly. They also talk about self-driving cars (as any self-respecting podcast ought to), and a new type of male contraception inspired by a layered cocktail. Jeremy’s Iron is an excuse for two mates to geek out over science, research and publication. It’s a conversation between a biostatistician (Justin Zeltzer) and an orthopaedic...


Ep 10: Does sunscreen work??

From the age of 5 we’ve been slip slop slapping like it was going out of style. 30 years later the jury is still out as to whether the slop was really worth it. Sunscreen is getting a bad name. But is it justified?? Other questions “answered” in this podcast: Are eggs good for you? Is there such thing as a common energy between humans? Why does it always rain on me? Is it because I lied when I was seventeen?


Ep 9: Who was Florence Nightingale?

What does The Lady of the Lamp have to do with Magic cards and Hanson’s latest live album? Well it’s unlikely that the lads from Jeremy’s Iron have offered much in the way of segue. Consider it a sort of brutalist pastiche… half the canvas devoted to trivialites, and the other half a portrait of the most significant public health figure in history. That said, there is way more than meets the eye to Flo Jo Nightingale. She is quite a controversial figure being at once a harsh clinician and a...


Ep 8: Effective altruism (with Brad Wong of the Copenhagen Consensus Centre)

Today we make our first interview! The (un)lucky human subjected to our line of questioning is one Brad Wong, Chief Economist at the Copenhagen Consensus Centre. The Copenhagen Consensus Centre is a think-tank that researches the smartest solutions to the world’s biggest problems, advising policy-makers and philanthopists how to spend their money most effectively. Special Guest: Brad Wong.


Ep 7: A history of vaccination

Initially intended as a rag on the anti-vax lobby, Justin and Justin find out that the history of vaccination is wildly more interesting than Jenny McCarthy.