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Jokers Are Wild #83 - Season Tres

The boys are back after their hiatus for season 3. Ryan is married while Jack and Kevin continue to languish in their singularity. Jack has many travels to discuss and the boys give their Super Bowl picks, recap the NFL season and give their grades for all the movies in the second half of 2019.


Jokers Are Wild #82 - Electric In The Air

The boys are all together in one room for the first time in months. By some miracle Kevin didn't kill either Ryan or Jack as they wax poetic about Ryan's wedding and Jack nearly killing his poor father. The Redskins are bad, the Eagles are very injured and the boys did 3 weeks worth of NFL picks. Jack saw It Chapter 2, the boys question the legitimacy of the new Popeyes chicken sandwich, and Mike Posner has been on a weird trip. Finally, Kevin puts together the most devious bracket of all...


Jokers Are Wild #81 - Bang Or Reign?

Jack has returned from an eventful trip to Sacramento, Ryan and Kevin are very upset with the Spiderman drama and the boys predict NFL season win totals. Kevin's bracket series take a morbid turn with cartoon dogs and a fresh batch of movie reviews are available for your listening pleasure.


Jokers Are Wild #80 - Robot Naked

Kevin has returned and with him tales of thespian prowess. He's in another play and living his best life. Jack however, can't catch a break when it comes to getting a good haircut. The boys breakdown NFL training camp and all the latest football news. Trevor Bauer threw a temper tantrum even Jack was impressed by. Lot of movies reviews including Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Us, Spiderman Far From Home, Toy Story 4 and The Boys. Jack also debuts a shit girls say on Bumble segment and kevin...


Jokers Are Wild #79 - Your Body On Drugs, Your Water On Britta

Jack and Ryan are down a man but the show must go on! Jack went to Vegas for Summer League and bares all. Ryan went on a float trip and met with harrowing straits. NBA free agency was off the chain and so was the Women's World Cup. Meanwhile witchcraft is derailing soccer careers and the Florida Woman move onto the Florida Man's turf.


Jokers Are Wild #78 - Green Text Bubbles Are The Devil

So much sports happened and now it's over leaving us with the doldrums of summer. The boys recap the hoops and the hockey and also debate the finer points of the USWNT's recent pulverizing of Thailand (or was it Taiwan? Still can't remember). Jack can't find a girl with common manners, has abandoned Ryan because of his choice of phone and has also been experiencing many adventures from his apartment rooftop. Ryan tries to console Jack's after his recent car accident, but he's nursing a three...


Jokers Are Wild #77 - GOT Was Bad, But Have You Seen Aladdin?

Let's face it, GOT sucked. The boys shit all over it for a few minutes and then move on to important matters. Ryan ran a half marathon with minimal bleeding. Kevin has a wonderful biopic themed bracket. Jack had a hellacious hiking experience and is enamored with the NBA. Meanwhile the gang is confused as to how Aladdin isn't a colossal bust, but they try to piece together the summer movie schedule. Ryan also shares with us the latest Florida Man news and some harrowing tales from Everest.


Jokers Are Wild #76 - Pikachu A Detective Story

The boys have all seen Detective Pikachu and give it their reviews. All the Jokers agree this summer has a decent slate of movies and preview what they are looking forward to. One thing the boys are not looking forward to is the finale of GOT, which is whimpering to the finish line. Ryan and Kevin are unhappy with movie popcorn while Jack wishes the reclining seats would be better. Jack is thrilled with the Hurricanes being eliminated from the playoffs and is furious over the stupidity of...


Jokers Are Wild #75 - Jokers, Assemble w/ SPOILERS

SPOILERS for Avengers and GOT in this episode and in this summary. Jack is turning 30 and is taking up new hobbies so the mid-life crisis has begun. Ryan finally bares all with his strange encounter in a Thai massage parlor from several years ago. Kevin is miserable with his new play and Jack is reminded why Buffalo is not a place to reside. In the second half of the show we forgo a bracket to do a thorough analysis of Avengers and GOT. One has fared better than the other in terms of...


Jokers Are Wild #74 - That's Two Hours We'll Never Get Back

The boys pull an extra long session tonight. As such much is discussed especially the NHL playoffs where Jack is greedy and wants another long run. Ryan actually went to a playoff game and Jack is jealous. Easter came and went with several escapades at Ryan's house. Kevin isn't caught up on GOT and Ryan is now watching it. End Game is days away and the boys are anxious about it. To cope they've watched some horrible movies to review for the show. Jack finally spills the beans about a...


Jokers Are Wild #73 - We Turned Things Around In Calgary

Jack has several harrowing travel stories, which explains why he was ghosting girls this past weekend in a quest to catch up on sleep. Kevin reminds him this is the way we were meant to live - living in our basements. Ryan is fuming over a change in workspaces while Kevin is eagerly awaiting his next play. Meanwhile Nicholas Cage got married for a few minutes, the AAF folded, Bryce Harper is scum, Ryan reviews Us and the bracket is yet another masterpiece.


Jokers Are Wild #72 - JAW Is Like Jazz

The first half of the show, nothing happens. Seriously, there are so many asides that we can't endorse tuning in. But if you must know we mentioned NFL free agency like once, movie pass has returned and the college basketball thingy is going on.The boys hated Captain Marvel and of course we have the usual quick hitters about hipsters, Florida and crazy bus drivers. The bracket is a doozy so check out Kevin's GOT inspired madness.


Jokers Are Wild #71 - Do Zombies Play Bridge?

Lent has come upon us again and the boys share their tales of fasting. Jack actually gave something up this year as well so it's sure to be lent of ranting. Ryan is also ranting about the podcast world and how desolate it is outside the realm of JAW. Kevin is irate over the Redskins acquisition of Case Keenum. Jack has more Florida news, Taylor Swift has a stalker and the greatest bridge player in the world was suspended for PEDs??


Jokers Are Wild #70 - Robert LoveKraft

The boys are stacked with stories and leading it off is none other than dirty old Bob Kraft. Bryce Harper shunned the west coast for more money to live in Philly, Johnny Manzel was kicked out of Canada and Jason Witten decided he couldn't take anymore abuse in the booth and ran back crying to the Cowboys. Ryan went to a fancy wedding, Jack calls him out for his decision to run in a half-marathon and Kevin has tales of girl scout cookies and drug busts. Meanwhile more crazy shit is happening...


Jokers Are Wild #69 - Nice

The boys do a medley of all the latest terrible news. Florida is sinful, a women ate some mushrooms that killed her at a Michelin starred restaurant, a man thought a dog was spying on him, and no one likes having sports anymore. Kevin was asked to continue his acting career, Ryan is planning several hundred bachelor parties and Jack is astounded at how much the boys hated Alita: Battle Angel. A new bracket from Kevin rounds out the evening and the 69th episode of JAW.


Jokers Are Wild #68 - Young Sheldon

Jack was in LA over the weekend and is now obsessed with standup comedy. He also rubbed elbows with several A-list celebrities. Ryan survived a near brush with financial catastrophe and Kevin brings us a new bracket. Several horrifying stories out of Florida and Russia while the AAF made a splash in its debut weekend.


Jokers Are Wild #67 - RIP Ace

Pat Stein joins the show to defend his honor in a war of words with Jack. Ryan is totally bummed out about the Super Bowl and the boys share some scuttlebutt about movies, hockey and life in general in one of the more freewheeling episodes the show has ever seen!


Jokers Are Wild #66 - Wedding Szn

RYAN IS ENGAGED. The boys are ecstatic about Ryan's news and we go in depth on all they juicy details. In other news, Jack has a bone to pick with listener Pat Stein, the Super Bowl isn't doing it for the boys this year and what the hell is going on in Florida? Kevin's bracket game goes to the land of board games and the boys laugh deep into the night on a joyous episode of JAW.


Jokers Are Wild #65 - Eddhy Murphey

The boys break down the Eagles first playoff loss in years. Ryan is disheartened but Jack was gambling like a fiend so it wasn't all bad last weekend. The boys give their championship picks as well. Jack is disgusted with how bad the drivers of Seattle are while Ryan has become an asshole on the road due to his hellish commute. Kevin tells us how the European Union has decided to pretend the Big Mac isn't real and Ryan has a story about a family of nasty New Zealand tourists. We finish up...


Jokers Are Wild #64 - Shrinkage

The boys do a skype show for the first time in years. Ryan is jubilant over the Eagles magical run, but he's still smoking...sort of. Kevin is sick, but is rallying his spirits by rooting against the Cowboys. Jack is eyeing some juicy wagers. Jack is also exploring the opportunity to go to space and is annoyed by the perfect Tim Tebow. Kevin is appalled to learn about the recent dating stories in the news and rethinks his online dating foray. Ryan has some fitness news for Jack who in return...