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Jokers Are Wild #65 - Eddhy Murphey

The boys break down the Eagles first playoff loss in years. Ryan is disheartened but Jack was gambling like a fiend so it wasn't all bad last weekend. The boys give their championship picks as well. Jack is disgusted with how bad the drivers of Seattle are while Ryan has become an asshole on the road due to his hellish commute. Kevin tells us how the European Union has decided to pretend the Big Mac isn't real and Ryan has a story about a family of nasty New Zealand tourists. We finish up...


Jokers Are Wild #64 - Shrinkage

The boys do a skype show for the first time in years. Ryan is jubilant over the Eagles magical run, but he's still smoking...sort of. Kevin is sick, but is rallying his spirits by rooting against the Cowboys. Jack is eyeing some juicy wagers. Jack is also exploring the opportunity to go to space and is annoyed by the perfect Tim Tebow. Kevin is appalled to learn about the recent dating stories in the news and rethinks his online dating foray. Ryan has some fitness news for Jack who in return...


Jokers Are Wild #63 - The Big Bopper

The boys usher in the New Year with a preview of the NFL's wild card weekend. They break down Christmas, the all-important day after Christmas and sample some Cannolis. Kevin has a new movie director game and Jack makes him an online dating profile as well.


Jokers Are Wild #62 - Season 2

The boys are back after a lengthy hiatus, which included some bombshell life updates from all three Jokers. After we get up to speed with Ryan's new driving habits, Kevin's affinity for the stage and Jack's latest road trip, it's on to talking about christmas, the NFL this season and some quick hit movie reviews. We are back and back to stay. So buckle up for Season 2 of the Jokers Are Wild!


Jokers Are Wild #61 - The Ivory Tux

Jack abandoned Ryan in his time of need and Kevin came to the rescue. The balance of power in JAW is shifting. Jack got a bad haircut and everyone took a dump on his life last week so to compensate he opens the sports page where the Jokers discuss a Supreme Court Justice named Brett and his sports ticket addiction and a pitcher pooping his pants in a real baseball game. Meanwhile the World Cup and movie reviews take up the second half of the show. Jack was forced to see Antman and yet liked...


Jokers Are Wild #60 - Basement Of Champions

The boys are overjoyed especially Jack over the the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup victory. Jack was in Vegas for the whole thing and also got to touch the cup. Ryan and Kevin held down the basement of champions, which the Jokers will be renting out for anyone wishing to capture some of that winning feeling. The boys also saw Deadpool 2, Hereditary, Incredibles 2, and Tag. Reviews for your listening pleasure. In addition, Jack is sick of Hollywood and graduations, Ryan speaks about the ills...


Jokers Are Wild #59 - Pucks and Avengers SPOILERS

The Caps made it past Pittsburgh and Jack is quite gleeful. He also has moved in with one of the many guests we've had on the show. We spend the first segment discussing these things and more before doing a deep dive into the summer movies we've seen. COMPLETE WITH AVENGERS SPOILERS.


Jokers Are Wild #58 - Scarlet Fever Is Real

It's been a while but the boys are back with new (old?) material from March that was never released. The beginning of the fantasy airline game, movie talk about a movie that is now released, some calamitous weather (from March) and Jack's bout of scarlet fever, which is the first known case of scarlet fever since 1924.


Jokers Are Wild - #57 Airline Fantasy

A massive wind storm ruined things Ryan and Kevin this weekend. Jack is still getting burned from his spur of the moment Chicago trip. Ryan speaks of his passionate distaste for a certain sister and Kevin is puzzled over why the Oscars are still a thing. The second half of the show brings the inaugural airline fantasy draft where you pick airlines and win points based on negative press coverage. The boys all adopt different strategies when drafting and chaos ensues. Finally the boys share...


Jokers Are Wild #56 What Even Is A Boffo

Jack commits the cardinal sin of taking a trip with zero planning and it goes disastrously. Ryan now agrees that Winter Olympics TV coverage was abysmal and Kevin doesn't know anything because he's living in a cave for lent. Ryan and Kevin saw Black Panther and are the only ones who didn't like it. Ryan goes on a huge rant about a critic comparing Killmonger to the Joker and the boys do another of the their fabled top 5 lists.


Jokers Are Wild #55 - The Double Nickel

The boys discuss what they will be giving up for lent. Kevin is taking his lenten preparations to an extreme, Ryan is being a good Catholic and Jack doesn't know what to give up. There are a host of animal stories and how stupid people are in regard to animals. These include a bear, hamster and other various creatures. Jack and Ryan look back on the past year that was the Jokers Are Wild and the boys also release their top 5 favorite comedies.


Jokers Are Wild #54 - Farewell To Football

Ryan is on cloud 9 with the Eagles having won the Super Bowl. Jack and Kevin are just relieved the Patriots lost. It's a football heavy episode as we recap the Super Bowl, the commercials and what's to come in the NFL offseason. In the second half of the show, Justin Trudeau made a fool of himself, Scottish police went through a harrowing experience and so did Kevin and Ryan at a viewing of the Greatest Showman.


Jokers Are Wild #53 - Follow The Trail Of Tide Pods

The boys are spitting hot fire with their takes on the tide pod challenge, emotional support peacocks, the Super Bowl and of course all the latest cinematic faire. Kevin has forsaken fast food, but not in the name of health. Ryan recently spent two weeks in Houston and Jack watched the Royal Rumble and it made him excited. Kevin hosts the latest game between Jack and Ryan while the boys all rip on the stupidity that came with the Grammys so Male social media rampage.


Jokers Are Wild #52 #billsmafia

Kevin and Jack are left to their own devices as Ryan is away on Holiday. So Rick Sadowski, Buffalo Bills number one superfan is here to break down the joy that came with the Bills breaking their 17 year playoff drought. Rick drove to Jacksonville for the Bills playoff game, hugged Kyle Williams and drank all the beer in the greater Northern Florida area. He tells us about the inner workings of #billsmafia and picks the Divisional playoff games in Ryan's stead. Meanwhile Kevin has watched...


Jokers Are Wild #51 - The Big Reveal

Plenty of holiday scuttlebutt as the boys recap a wild few weeks. Ryan is so high on life he decides to reveal the cause of the 2017's sadness. He also sets forth some new resolutions for the year. Kevin hasn't gotten out of his pajamas in weeks while Jack just got back from a road trip to Raleigh sampling the finest BBQ. Jack is so excited for the Bills in the playoffs and the boys give their picks for the wild card round. And finally we have our first ever JAW movie awards for what was a...


Jokers Are Wild #50 - Golden Christmas

After the incredible breakthrough that was episode #49, Jack has returned from Denver with harrowing airport experiences and a new found love for green chili. Meanwhile Ryan is still shaken from moving all weekend. Kevin cannot relate to any of this, but he can relate to Star Wars and we spend plenty of time breaking that down and giving our reviews (WARNING THERE ARE SPOILERS). In the second half of the show we do our picks and Jack immediately regrets picking both the Browns and Bills in...


Jokers Are Wild #48 - Do The Steelers Have One Or Two Daddies?

Christmas cheer permeates every corner of the show. Ryan and Jack are living together in sin for the week. Kevin tries to console Ryan over the loss of Carson Wentz. The NFL picks are heating up but not as much as the JAW Fantasy league in the homestretch. Meanwhile the boys do Christmas trivia and rank their top 5 Christmas movies.


Jokers Are Wild #47 - Quick Maths

Ryan takes the lead as Jack is in utter desolation from a harrowing work week. Ryan takes us on a delightful journey through his weekend exploits, this week in the NFL, not one but two Softer Sides of Sadness and of course a game and top 5 action movies.


Jokers Are Wild #46 - Our Relationships Are Peetering Out

Jack and Ryan have a big announcement which they share. Ryan also went to the dentist for the first time in 7 years and Jack tries to guess how many cavities he has. Kevin and Jack argue over Kirk Cousins while Jack almost won a lucrative raffle. Ryan and Kevin talk about the new Avengers trailer and the boy give their NFL picks and top 5 sports movies.


Jokers Are Wild #45 - Let Us Give Thanks (And Speak Ill Of Our Parents)

The boys speak about their favorite Thanksgiving traditions and Jack gets a little carried away with familial concerns. Kevin complains about Thanksgiving travel and Ryan's family likes taking shots while golfing. The boys give their NFL picks for the week and Jack wonders why Tyrod was benched for Nathan Peterman. Ryan has a Pokemon meltdown and Jack gleefully breaks down the Justin Bieber painting Macklemore has in his bedroom. Kevin paints his own picture of the Keystone Pipeline and the...