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Episode 35 - Eastern European Innuendo

On this week’s Junk Mouth, the gang’s minds are in the gutter as they try foods from Eastern Europe named after vague sexual references. And no one is surprised when Robb can’t get enough of that mouth-watering Cockta. Also, Erik explains subliminal messaging, while Ryan fantasizes about producing a Gilbert Gottfried Bible Cassette. All this and a hot fudge sundae, on this week’s Junk Mouth!


Episode 34 - The Son Of Bananarama 2 (The Lost Episode)

EAT, DRINK, AND BE MERRY! On this very special episode of Junk Mouth, an ancient recording from many months ago is unearthed in the dark recesses of a government warehouse. Originally recorded on one of the last known phonograph cylinders, this episode features Erik, Ryan and Robb testing their wills against that most daring of delicacies… bananas. Really? Bananas? Didn't we do this once already? Oh, so we’re just doing it again, huh? *sigh* All this and a slew of dirty words you won’t...


Episode 33 - Camping Treats

On this week’s episode, both Greg and Ryan are out of town, so the rest of the Junkmouth crew prepare to have their best episode ever! Erik finds himself with a surplus of unconsumed Camping Treats, which he brings to the studio for the gang to enjoy in relative comfort. But can the JM crew survive their greatest challenge yet: Leftovers?! All this and a boomerang that never comes back, on this week’s Junkmouth!


Episode 32 - Tasty Homemade Treats

On this week’s episode of Junkmouth, Erik, Greg, and a Very Special Secret Guest (Okay, it’s Deana with a sore throat, you happy?) are away from the studio to go Cabin Camping! That’s an affluent person’s idea of roughing it! While the three of them commune with nature, they’re going to be sampling some really groovy Homemade Treats! But not THOSE kind of Homemade Treats! All this and the sound of one hand clapping, this week on Junkmouth!


Episode 31 - Flavor Trippin'

While Ryan is still gone “finding his smile,” the remaining two Taste Buds, Erik and Greg, put their tongues on a psychedelic journey through Flavor Country with Miracle Berries, a novelty food which changes sour flavors to sweet. But would it work on Ryan’s disposition? All this and the other half of that secret your friend started telling you in third grade, on this week’s Junkmouth!


Episode 21 - The Poop Episode

On this episode of Junkmouth, Erik and Greg sample foods that ... um... You know what? No. I refuse to lower myself by describing this further. I will say that they spend an inordinate amount of time talking about Trader Joe’s, and Erik sings the praises of the Chemical Safety Board. Also, Greg talks about a variety of coffee that no sane person should want to drink.


Episode 20 - America vs. The World!

On this episode of Junkmouth, Erik and Greg sample American foods and match them up against their international equivalents! Plus, Erik talks about how a famous Golden-Age actress's invention made cell phones possible, and guest James Rohling talks about the history of the quintessential American junk food.


Episode 19 - Taiwan

On this episode of Junkmouth, special guest Deana Dolphin treats Erik, Greg and Ryan to food from Taiwan. Plus, Erik talks about the invention of the compass, Ryan gives conspiracy theorists a piece of his mind, Greg expounds on the history of Taiwan, and Deana somehow tolerates all three of them.


Episode 18 - The Beer Episode

On this episode of Junkmouth, Erik and Greg tackle mankind's greatest invention -- beer! They sample pretzels with beer cheese, malta (a sort of carbonated, unfermented beer soft drink), and Heffeweisen jelly beans. Plus, Erik sings the praises of NASA and Greg chats about the history of root beer.


Episode 17 - New England

On this episode of Junkmouth, the gang samples food from New England. Once Ralph Nader is mentioned, Greg and Ryan can't stop saying unfortunately suggestive things. Erik talks about the history of the microwave oven, and Ryan reflects on the great Boston molasses disaster. Fluffernutter!


Episode 16 - Trader Joe's

On this episode of Junkmouth, Erik, Greg and Ryan tackle food from Trader Joe's. The gang discusses Greg's propensity to blindly repeat whatever's written down, Erik sings the praises of artificial refrigeration, and everyone discovers that not all dolphins are as cute as Flipper.


Episode 15 - Eat your vegetables!

On this episode of Junkmouth, Erik and Greg tackle dubious vegetables. Against their better judgment, they sample something called "swamp cabbage," and are immediately sorry they did. Plus, Erik sings the praises of board games, he and Greg rail against people who don't clean up after their pets, and Greg is entirely too enthusiastic about radishes.


Episode 14 - Colorado Proud

On this episode of Junkmouth, Greg and Erik sample cuisine from the great state of Colorado. Plus, Erik delves into the history of the bratwurst, and the guys talk about people who use cell phones in restaurants, trying and failing to muster the level of anger Ryan would be capable of.