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Episode 36 - Foods Against Humanity

In the most disgusting and stomach-turning episode of Junk Mouth yet, special guest Ian “The Gecko” stops by to bring the gang preserved duck eggs, cuttlefish in soy sauce, and (yuck) sesame seed cookies (gross)! Needless to say, he’ll never be invited back. But will the gang overcome the horrors of Foods Against Humanity?! Also, Erik explains the second law of thermodynamics, while Robb and Ryan cast the Rocky Horror Picture Show as Furries. All this and a deranged cackling off in the...


Episode 35 - Eastern European Innuendo

On this week’s Junk Mouth, the gang’s minds are in the gutter as they try foods from Eastern Europe named after vague sexual references. And no one is surprised when Robb can’t get enough of that mouth-watering Cockta. Also, Erik explains subliminal messaging, while Ryan fantasizes about producing a Gilbert Gottfried Bible Cassette. All this and a hot fudge sundae, on this week’s Junk Mouth!


Episode 34 - The Son Of Bananarama 2 (The Lost Episode)

EAT, DRINK, AND BE MERRY! On this very special episode of Junk Mouth, an ancient recording from many months ago is unearthed in the dark recesses of a government warehouse. Originally recorded on one of the last known phonograph cylinders, this episode features Erik, Ryan and Robb testing their wills against that most daring of delicacies… bananas. Really? Bananas? Didn't we do this once already? Oh, so we’re just doing it again, huh? *sigh* All this and a slew of dirty words you won’t...


Episode 33 - Camping Treats

On this week’s episode, both Greg and Ryan are out of town, so the rest of the Junkmouth crew prepare to have their best episode ever! Erik finds himself with a surplus of unconsumed Camping Treats, which he brings to the studio for the gang to enjoy in relative comfort. But can the JM crew survive their greatest challenge yet: Leftovers?! All this and a boomerang that never comes back, on this week’s Junkmouth!