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JOODG Episode 30 HOLE

Hi world! This episode I catch up on my gaming with " It's app to you". And I also checked out Nas's new album "NASIR" and "The Dream's" "Genesis (which I didn't realize he put out last year). I suggest you do the same. Confidence is a powerful thing, don't you think? I talk about the importance of confidence and how it can ONLY benefit your life but I'm sure you already knew that. Let's Jam and play some Hole.io! Like the show? Tell a friend, Subscribe and leave a review on iTunes...


JOODG (Episode 29) Hoochie Mama

Episode 29 I honestly don't really remember what this episode is about. I ramble about some shit, and sing a lil tune about people who talk too much. The classic p*ssy poppin jam "Hoochie Mama" by 2 Live Crew never gets old. Thanks for listening!!! The show is produced and (not really) written by Alexandra Aponte. Editing, mixing and mastering by Randy Roderick. Like the show? Tell a friend, Subscribe and leave a review on iTunes...


JOODG Episode 28 Its Such A Good Feeling

Are you highly intuitive and emotional for no reason? Same. I just googled a quiz to see if I was an "empath" and I'm sure you can to, just search it guurrlll. I'm also thinking of creating a second podcast, and you can't steal my idea!! Real quick, did you ever notice how all movie detectives are drunk, lonely and way too committed to their jobs?! Anyway, I play some stupid cop game on the "App to you" segment or whateva, you can skip that part. And at the end of the episode you can enjoy...


JOODG Episode 27 Ladies of the evening

This episode is hot! This episode is so hot, it has cicadas. "Ladies of the evening" are hot, and thats why they can't be in the daylight. "Ladies of the night" was a much much nicer way to call a woman a "W" word that rhymes with "boar". Tiny hats and tea talk about midway. Coffee shop hallways and recycling chicken wings. I didn't realize how loud I had the radio on in the background which makes it a funnier episode to me. #Dontsueme ~Not really written and produced by Alex Aponte ~Who...


JOODG Episode 26 Defeat & Failure

Have you ever felt defeated? Have you failed at a project? Of course you have! How do you deal with it? What good came of it? Get perspective, and grow into the person you know you are. Friend, how do you prefer to smoke your weed? Joints, bowls, blunts or bongs? Also, another "APP to you" game to be played, reviewed and deleted. Thank you for supporting the podcast. If you enjoy the show, like, subscribe and share! Suggestions, comments or interested in being a guest?...


JOODG Episode 25 Spread

On this episode my Rock and I address WWE's The Greatest Royal Rumble moment(we all know), and we explore opera music. Also, I review a new mobile game, call it quits on fairs because I am too old with no kids, and go crazy on the mic a little. Sorry not sorry. During the recording of this episode we watch the very sexual movie SPREAD with Ann Heche. The movie Spread, although bad, brings some unexpected inspiration in the Jam session. Thanks Ashton!! Editing, producing, mixing and...


JOODG Episode 24 Eat my Box

Episode 24 dives into depression and drugs with social heroin users. I still don't know what it means to have Mercury in retrograde, but I know it sucks. Plus, eccentric artists, quirky patches, popularity contests and food subscriptions are kinda bullsheet.


JOODG Episode 23 Your Best Is Enough

OK, so we are still bored with Brock right? This episode, Wrestle mania topics and how repetitiveness has benefits, but also boring. I totally could have passed as a boy growing up. Homework. Honey- Rise up and stop making this dance flick. LITrpg science fiction movies are ALWAYS best. "Ready Player One" rocked! Plus, vampire magic shows, and remember, your best is always enough! Beardown Bitch. Thank you so much for supporting the show and listening. Please, Like, Subscribe or repost. It...


JOODG Episode 22 High Expectations

Do you have high expectations for your life? Or just in general? I set some goals that I have yet to meet and I need you to hold me accountable maybe. Great things take time and that makes you a true master! But first, clean out your lymphatic system so you can remain present. MOOOOOO. ~Want to be a guest? Are you from Arizona, or maybe passing through?Hit me up on my website alexaponteartist.com Thank you for the continued support! Please Subscribe on iTunes and leave a review if you...


JOODG Episode 19 5 Days With GRANNY

New music! I find some new music to listen to. Granny is haunting my whole life, on ITS APP TO YOU. Old people hate drones, I still don't have a grinder, and please, clean out your closet! Yourself with thank yourself.


JOODG - Episode 18 In a bed, surrounded by leather

I saw MUTE with MEEKUS and I have nothing to say, really..Jamble Scramble fun with Randy and the synthesizer! Sexy meditation, cozy holiday tunes and fancy classic rock!


JOODG - Episode 15 Opportunities

Life is about moments, right? What makes us "us"? I hang out with Rocky Dennis (he doesn't talk much) as I discuss taking opportunities, acting classes, auditions and working alone. Plus, that time I went to Ireland, Madonna's IG shit show, and planning life I guess. NEW GAME on "It's app to you" and it makes me kinda dizzy, whatever.


JOODG Episode 14 Jam Scram

"I thought we knew each other?" My Rock joins me on another episode of Jamble scramble! 80s pop anyone? Plus creepy cable guys, max's week and magic cars! Ever wonder what it would be like to be a werewolf? I don't know, I am torn.


JOODG Episode 13 Triskaidekaphobia

Please don't fear this episode, Triskaidek's its only this one time! 13 is a number of significance, and I touch on it. Also, its app to you and tings, followed by my concern for uncontracted butts. If you live in LA, your ass is probably a transitional spot on E!


Joodg Episode 12 Bush Man

This week episode 12, I have the Carley brothers on to talk about their experience with strange figures in a church, Alien dad, Bush man and 8th grade band. Chill with us while we drink a little Elysian Space Dust reminiscing about the times we didn't smoke gravity bongs in a car. ALSO! UPDATE on ITS APP TO YOU! Stay tuned for part 2, the bonus episode coming at you before next week! We discuss the Royal Rumble!!!!!!


JOODG Episode 11 Pocket Camp

This weeks episode I play Nintendo's Pocket Camp and Crossy Road! I also talk a little about womens wrestling, and my adoration for The Rock and China. Nacho Libre Love, David Letterman's reluctancy to retire and Buffets Top 25 list strategy.


JOODG Episode 10 Beats & Beets

Am I "BoreDAGAIN" with the game Freeblade? Join me while I strike terror in the hearts of anyone who presses eyes against my shiny new exterior. Also, I made beats and ate beets, and I express my love for my favorite actor. Mission Complete.


JOODG - Episode 9 2018 dream

New Year New me? Yea I think so.. its 2018 and I bring you another episode of Jamble Scramble! I sing, dance and ring in the new year right! I play games and let you know what not to download, and vibe out to some jazz. Lets have some fun guys and gals!


JOODG - Episode 8 Top 10

The year is ending, and we discuss MUSIC! I play some tunes from 2017 and highlight MY personal favorite albums for the year. Its a mixed bag of the best artists out there, and you can surely listen into 2018! Lean in and feel the music baby, because its the BEST!! To me......


JOODG Episode 7 Xmas Hair

I am still in the Christmas spirit WTF?! I play some Christmas themed mobile games, share some of my favorite podcasts and sell Amazon Prime for zero dollars. THANKS and Merry Christmas EVERYONE!! HO! HO! HO!