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The Infamous Bosnia Episode

After IT issues, rain, snow and floods, we are back. We discuss Brew dog pink, Trump, Guns, Dean Corll and finally travel to Bosnia Herzegovina Sorry for the delays, schedules and life has happened, but working to make sure we at least get mini episodes out to be more consistent. SUBSCRIBE, RATE and REVIEW itunes Be sure to follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Interact with us on instagram Give us money Patreon


The People Democratic Republic of America

After a failed recording the boys are back to talk beer, Trump and The Hare Psychopathy test http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/hare-psychopathy-checklist-test-will-tell-if-someone-sociopath-a7439616.html Tell us your scores!!!! jsbspod@gmail.com SUBSCRIBE, RATE and REVIEW itunes Be sure to follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Interact with us on instagram Give us money Patreon


The Worlds gone Mad

After a bit of technical errors, the boys are back. We recap what we had talked about on the now lost forever new years eve episode and dive into interesting studies, beer news, seeing dead bodies and the Toy Box Killer. SUBSCRIBE, RATE and REVIEW itunes Be sure to follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Interact with us on instagram Give us money Patreon


Christmas cheer

After a bit of digging, able to salvage the latest episode. Do you know who you share a birthday with? American Politics, British Politics and some good old fashion murder. SUBSCRIBE, RATE and REVIEW itunes Be sure to follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Interact with us on instagram Give us money Patreon


President Spider Pig

The guys are back and we dive deep into the Zimbabwe Coup, British Politics, Trump and other current news. In Beer News we talk about Toast? The Beer Dr brings up to interesting studies. How is this guy is real? Click Here And then we head to the happiest place on Earth, not DisneyLand, but Bhutan SUBSCRIBE, RATE and REVIEW itunes Be sure to follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Interact with us on instagram Give us money Patreon


University, Dead bodies, Wild children and Belize

This week we look at current events. From Vegas to Trump. The beer Dr take a quiz and doesn't fair so well. Donald Trump or Kim Jong-un: Who said what? Take the quiz here We discuss the joys of university. Could you live with your dead mother and twin brother? We discuss a man who did. Rad brings up Genie the feral child and the craziness that was this poor girls life. On our travel section we head to Belize. And you decide if you should invade. SUBSCRIBE, RATE and REVIEW...


Harold Shipman the Deadly Dr

Part two of the special 2 part episode has the boys taking a deep dive into the inner workings, life and death of the worlds most notorious Serial Killer, Harold Shipman. A glance at his wiki page does not do this guy justice, so sit back, relax and listen to the American talk about his actions and the Beer Dr breakdown in easy digest bits just how devious this man was. And we head to Belgium, because, well it was next on the list.... SUBSCRIBE, RATE and REVIEW itunes Be sure to follow...


Talking 911

After a bit of delay, the boys are back In part one of a special 2 part episode we start with talking a bit of the greatness that is Team America. We spin into a bit of talk of Hurricanes. In this week's beer news it's all about the kicks and what Adidas is doing. Then we delve deep into the conspiracies surrounding the 911 attacks and the Beer Dr knocks down every conspiracy the American brings up. SUBSCRIBE, RATE and REVIEW itunes Be sure to follow us on Twitter Like us on...


A cure for hangovers

After a bit of delay. the American and the Beer Dr are back for a MEGA show. This week we gloss over nukes, President Chump and current affairs only to deep dive into penis removal in South Korea. This uncomfortable talk leads to talking about the Bobbits and the under appreciated band 'The Uncuts' In what has now become a weekly segment we have beer news from Camra, Carling and of coarse Brewdog. After talking about screwing with friends while on plane rides, we get into heaven and...


Pee Wee's big adventure

This week The American goes off on a rant about Trump. Between being a Nazi Sympathizer and his horrific work ethic, Nick is coming close to losing it. With the beer Dr in a state in between hangover and drunk, the episode is a bit random and sporadic. But we do get into details about fruit that tastes like candy. The person of the podcast is convicted Serial Killer Donald Henry "Pee Wee" Gaskins. Let's just say this little man was a a bit wild and crazy. And finally after weeks upon...


Don't be a kill joy

The boys are back and this week it is the Beer Dr who brings up Trump. We talk about what is going on in his lil world and the alternate reality he inhabits. Then we discuss Brewdog's latest PR stunt. Corporate sell out is not just a catch phrase for them anymore. Then we move on to a bit about conspiracies and A Swedish town we should all visit. The beer Dr get indepth on the history of conjoined twins. And we walk through some of the most famous or infamous ones to make the rounds at...


All you need to survive

The Beer Dr and The American are back. This week the boys talk Trump and pardoning himself. Does a guilty man ask if he can. We say good bye to Sean Spicer and talk nonsense about US politics. Then we go back to our roots and talk Brewdog. The corporate sell outs finally got a taste of their own medicine when the punks banded together to send out a cease and disest letter of their own and the king himself Elvis, come back from the dead to deal a harsh bit of reality to the corporate sell...


It's the end of the world as we know it

The boys are back after a week off due to the Beer Dr getting lost in Margate last week. The discussion begins in earnest with discussion of Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury. Which naturally brings us to Johnny Depp jokes about killing Donald Trump in Glastonbury And this leads to fact checking President Chump. We discuss the tragedy of Finsbury park van. We watch the trailer for Hard Brexxit Brexit talk gets hot and heavy and the Beer Dr goes off on a bit of a rant. Are we going to...


It is a Cowspiracy

This week the boys do a deep dive into the UK Election results. What is a hung Parliament? And no that is not some weird porn movie. We break down the new supreme leaders of the UK the DUP and the shit storm that will follow. We go across the pond to check in the real life version of Eric Theodore Cartman aka Donald J Trump. We discuss Comey and his testimony before the Senate and the fall out. Next we warn against being bald and a male in certain regions. And the Beer Dr celebrates...


Come together

The boys are back and in a sober mood. One day after the attach in The Borough Market and London Bridge, the Beer Dr and the American sit down and talk about putting differences aside and trying something different, ie getting along. We look in on the clusterfuck that is President Chump. We also discuss the importance of Thursdays election and which side we are leaning towards. To lighten the mood we discuss Merriam-Webster amazing Twitter account. Canadian Daniel Boria does his...


Let's talk Mental Health

So this week’s episode starts with the pledge of allegiance to the supreme leader President Chump. Followed by a musical montage brought to you by Slade (Cum on feel the noise) The Conservatives Manifesto is released. And wow it is more than could be expected. Then we do a deep dive on the ‘Easy Read” version of the Liberal Democrats Manifesto. Click here to get to take your own deep dive. Next we go through the week President Chump had, day by day. Nick attempts to be sued...


Reading a manifesto on a phone made by children

The boys are back and this episode The American and the Beer Dr talk, Drinking urine for health reasons. Is it really good for you? As with every other ‘news source’, we talk “The Great Hack” of 2017 and how the UK government is dealing with it. The Labour manifesto was “leaked”. We discuss the pros and cons of what Labour has to offer in the upcoming June Election. What political party should you be voting for? http://www.isidewith.com/. The conservatives want your past removed from...


Healthcare is not a business

This week’s episode we start off with figuring out our porn names and then the American goes off on a religious rant. This leads into Bezos catching up to Bill Gates. Google, and Wiki taking on fake news. Is the North Korean leader a real life version of wile e coyote? And then the digression starts. Bed sheets, Hitler in a box, high abv IPA’s and nonsense. We run back an old story on the Garden Bridge in London. We go deep on why healthcare is not a business and shouldn’t be run like one....


Rugged prison dildo

The boys are back after a bit of holiday and this week things get deep. We start out discussing Bill O'Reilly entering the podcast world again. Does this effect our right wing listeners? Alex Jones thinking his children shouldn't be brought into the fray, even if he is the first to drag anyone else's kids into the mix. President Chump dismissal of the importance of the first 100 days. We get a bit deep into the his psychosis and if it is right to judge someone solely on what they...


All over the map

This week is all over the map. The boys get into conspiracies, and the psychology behind it. As Amazon founder overtakes Buffett, we talk Bezos. The beer Dr educates us on bridges and the importance of a £200 million bridge (Garden Bridge) for the East of London. Do you know anything about the Principality of Andorra? We give a brief history and current affairs. Be sure to listen to the podcast before the podcast at the very end of the episode. We value your feedback; feel free to...


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