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A Horror Movie Comedy Podcast... with a twist!

A Horror Movie Comedy Podcast... with a twist!


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A Horror Movie Comedy Podcast... with a twist!




Ep. 114: The Guest: “The Tale of a Very Sexy Stalk of Corn”

Ket tells Kim about The Guest starring Dan Stevens and Maika Monroe. Ket picked it to ogle Dan Stevens and that mission… was accomplished. You know what mission wasn’t accomplished? Filming the right scenes in order for Kim to share in the ogling. Apologies all around. The girls also discuss how they would like to be strangled and Ket literally needs a cold shower. Most importantly, we’ll learn if Kim will live or die in The Guest. Dir. Adam Wingard Writer Simon Barrett Patreon...


Ep. 113: Ravenous: “The Tale of Creepin’ it Real Sexy”

Kim tells Ket about the sexual romp Ravenous starring Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle and David Arquette. THEN our girls Bianca and Ashley over at the incredible podcast Creep it Real join the girls to discuss the movie AND the real life event that inspired the movie. Don’t forget to go and listen to their full episode on Alferd Packer. It’s significantly less sexy than what we got goin’ on with this movie but fascinating nonetheless! Most importantly, we’ll learn if Ket will live or die in...


Ep. 112: Spiral: “The Tale of Everyone Communicates Openly… JK!”

Ket tells Kim about the Shudder Original Spiral starring Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Ari Cohen and Jennifer Laporte. The girls argue over the use of the term diddy bag (YES - IT’S REAL!). They both realize their superpowers would only be useful in very specific and rare circumstances. Lastly, has anyone been able to find Jane Austen’s 80’s Aerobics VHS on Ebay? Most importantly, we’ll learn if Kim will live or die in Spiral. Dir. Kurtis David Harder Writers Colin Minihan, John...


Ep. 111: Saw: “The Tale of Our Brain Houses”

Kim tells Ket about the OG Saw starring Cary Elwes, Leigh Whannell and everyone's favorite detective, Danny Glover. The girls announce that they'll be immortalized as Funko Pop dolls for one lucky patron. They also immediately solve who Jigsaw is: Prince Humperdink. So guard your brain houses because you're a jail person. Most importantly, we'll learn if Ket will love or die in Saw. Dir. James Wan ​Writers Leigh Whannell, James Wan KKSAM LIVE (virtually) at Horrible Imaginings...


Ep. 110: Soulmate: “The Tale of Kim’s Dating Secretary”

Chosen by our amazing patrons, Ket tells Kim about Soulmate in honor of Women Directors Month starring Anna Walton, Tom Wisdom and Tanya Myers. Ketryn applies for a new position that she created and hired herself for. Kim gets to really test out this ghost boyfriend thing but it’s really hard to see red flags when they’re ghost-lucent. And as usual, they offend every british person with their subpar british accents. Most importantly, we’ll learn if Kim will live or die in Soulmate. Dir....


Ep. 109: 1BR: “The Tale of LA - A Documentary”

Kim tells Ket about the Netflix original 1BR starring Nicole Brydon Bloom, Giles Matthey and Taylor Nichols. The girls will determine that there are two types of people in this world: nightgown people and bikini people. Which are you? They discover that Kim’s chainsaw sound skills transfer almost seamlessly to bagpipe sound skills. They’ll both “vag up” and determine that parking tickets and toxic dudes are a rite of passage when you move to LA. Most importantly, we’ll learn if Ket will live...


Ep. 108: The Shed: “The Tale of Mob Sturgeon and The Knife Girls - One Night Only - Tix on Sale Now!”

Ket tells Kim about the shudder original The Shed, starring Jay Jay Warren, Cody Kostro, and Sofia Happonen. The girls are joining and opening for several bands and shan’t let their complete lack of musical prowess to deter them. Ket will be forced to place Kim in a time out - no LOVE ISLAND! But then she’ll need to build a russian doll shed. Most importantly, we’ll learn if Kim will live or die in The Shed. Dir. Frank Sabatella Writers Jason Rice and Frank Sabatella New KKSAM...


Ep. 107: Daniel Isn’t Real: “The Tale of the Lure of a Cheesy Gordita Crunch”

Kim tells Ket about Daniel Isn't Real starring Miles Robbins and Patrick Schwarzenegger. So come join our very exclusive cult that no one is allowed to join. The entrance fee is making Ketryn cry with a chainsaw sound. Then you have to tell us our memes are funny and then if you pass, you'll be rewarded with a Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Most importantly, we'll learn if Ket will live or die in Daniel Isn't Real. Dir. Adam Egypt Mortimer Writers Brian Deleeuw, Adam Egypt Mortimer Horrible...


Ep. 106: The Frighteners: “The Tale of Kim’s New Ghost Dog BFF”

Ketryn tells Kim about The Frighteners starring Michael J. Fox (national treasure), Trini Alvarado (not Andi McDowell), Dee Wallace (ET’s Mom), and Jake Busey (Gary Busey’s kid). Kim has adopted a new pet that won’t infringe upon her lease because it’s a ghost - a ghost dog. We discover one of Ketryn’s areas of expertise: fender benders. They also make an addition to their merch store: branded holy water guns! Get’em while they're hot! Seriously, should we sell those? The girls also REALLY...


Ep. 105: Drag Me to Hell: “The Tale of Mary Ty and LerMoore”

Kim tells Ket about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button starring Brad Pitt! (Just kidding! What is our podcast?) It’s Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell starring Alison Lohman and Justin Long. As always, if you add Kim and Ket together, you get one full person and that person’s name is Mary Tyler Moore. The girls also have some questions for Sam Raimi and his mouth horror. What’s goin’ on, bud? Most importantly, we’ll learn if Ket will live or die in Drag Me to Hell. Dir. Sam Raimi Writers Sam...


Ep. 104: Host: “The Tale of a Refreshing Dip in the Baby Baptism Pool”

Ket tells Kim about the film taking Shudder by storm, Host (2020), starring Haley Bishop, Jemma Moore, Emma Louise Webb, Radina Drandova and Caroline Ward. Kim really changes her tune about a Cinq Seance by the end of this one. She can now be found floating in a baptism pool, filled with salt, for the rest of her existence. The girls get into a small tiff when Ketryn learns that Kim has no intention of tattooing her ashes in her when she’s gone. Most importantly, we’ll learn if Kim will live...


Ep. 103: Child’s Play: “The Tale of Ketryn’s Questionable Parenting”

Kim tells Ket about Child’s Play starring Chris Sarandon, Catherine Hicks and Alex Vincent. The girls explore the benefit of putting kids on leashes and Ketryn warns against buying your children toys they want. There is apparently a macheted Jason man roaming Glendale and we discover what three things would summon the girls’ spirits. Most importantly, we learn if Ket will live or die in Child’s Play (1988). Dir. Tom Holland Writer Don Mancini Get acquainted with all things KIM &...


Ep. 102: Teeth: “The Tale of Vampire Doors - Front AND Back”

Ket tells Kim about Teeth starring Jess Wiexler. This is a pick from our Patrons over at Patreon and it was… a doozy. (Trigger warnings abound!) The girls explain vampire doors, dick vampires, and evoke the powers of evolution and earth to insure their female descendants be blessed with toothed vaginas for the good of humanity. So let’s blow our smoke snacks and police our boning. BONG! Most importantly, we’ll learn if Kim will live or die in Teeth. Dir. Mitchell Lichtenstein Writer...


Ep. 101: Lyle: “The Tale of Chairs - The Podcast”

Kim tells Ket about Lyle starring Gaby Hoffman and Ingrid Jungermann (Bergman?). They unveil their new podcast all about the riveting world of chairs and they try to get to the bottom of what they could have possibly done to piss off the mosquitos. They discuss the anatomical anomalies of ghost conceptions and ghost babies. And they debate whether or not the devil is a feminist. Most importantly, we’ll learn if Ket will live or die in Lyle. Dir. Stewart Thorndike Writer Stewart...


Ep. 100: The Tale of Kim and Ket Stay Alive… 100 times!

Kim and Ket recount 100 episodes of laughter, friendship and staying alive… maybe. Thanks to their #Sammies, they’ve made it this far and have no intention of stopping! The girls recount their favorite moments and hear voicemails from Sammies who chime in with their slayiest moments as well. Kim and Ket also announce a new Patreon tier benefit! All patrons will get a video link to the filming of THIS recording. And going forward, all #NancyThompsons and above will have access to (at least)...


Ep. 99: The People under the Stairs: “The Tale of Bedazzled Gimps”

Ket tells Kim about The People Under the Stairs starring Brandon Quintin Adams, A.J. Langer and Ving Rhames. This movie turned Kim into a straight-up wet robot (what???). We explore when it is and isn’t appropriate to call people ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy.’ Spoiler alert: it’s NOT when they’re your brother or sister! It also becomes clear that Ketryn does not know what shotguns sound like. Most importantly, we’ll learn if Kim will live or die in The People Under the Stairs. Dir. Wes Craven Writer...


Ep. 98: The Final Girls: “The Tale of Rulesy V. McJudy”

Kim tells Ket about The Final Girls starring Malin Akerman, Taissa Farmiga and literally everyone else. Ket starts off the telling by offending their large Gertrude population. We also get to the bottom of Kim’s slow slide into full british jargon. There is also another glaring difference between the girls’ brains, but they both still ugly cried at this movie. Most importantly, we’ll learn if Ket will live or die in The Final Girls. Dir. Todd Strauss-Schulson Writers M.A. Fortin, Joshua...


Ep. 97: The Lighthouse: ”The Tale of Jesus and Cedric Diggory Bonin’ Shoes”

Ket tells Kim about The Lighthouse starring Willem Dafoe (Jesus) and Rob Pattinson (Cedric Diggory). We start off the episode with Kim’s harrowing journey to the Coachella for ants. Then we segue into what inanimate objects one should fornicate with. The mystery of the mergina is FINALLY solved. But Kim is still less than enthused by the end of it all. Most importantly, we’ll learn if Kim will live or die in The Lighthouse. Dir. Robert Eggers Writers Robert Eggers, Max Eggers CALL US!...


Ep. 96: The Invisible Man: “The Tale of The Patron Saint of Music and WWJD”

Kim tells Ket about The Invisible Man (2020) starring Elisabeth Moss. In quarantine, Ketryn has become a full blown goldfish with a 3 second memory. But they do coin a new phrase: The Sammarmy. They protect the girls from a litany of internet trolls and they’re so grateful. So join The Patron Saint of Music and Edward Meat Tenderizer hands. Most importantly, we’ll learn if Ket will live or die in The Invisible Man. Dir. Leigh Whannell Writer Leigh Whannell CALL US! 323-451-5494 Our...


Ep. 95: Slaughterhouse Rulez: “The Tale of Lactose-Induced Severe Bloating”

Ket tells Kim about Slaughterhouse Rulez starring Michael Sheen and Simon Pegg. It should have been Harry Potter meets horror. Instead it was confusion meets indigestion. Kim ends up having to carry her own donkey the final stretch and Ketryn gets sucked into her own personal Adam Scott Mandela Effect. In this time of perpetual turmoil, we all just want a pint of ice cream but that doesn’t mean you won’t get the bloats. Most importantly, we’ll learn if Kim will live or die in Slaughterhouse...