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Just a couple of kooks talking about surfing. Tune in to The Surf Continuum's Coach Chris, Coach Evan and guests talking about how they learned the hard (and often hilarious) way to be a little less kooky--or in some cases, just embrace it!

Just a couple of kooks talking about surfing. Tune in to The Surf Continuum's Coach Chris, Coach Evan and guests talking about how they learned the hard (and often hilarious) way to be a little less kooky--or in some cases, just embrace it!


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Just a couple of kooks talking about surfing. Tune in to The Surf Continuum's Coach Chris, Coach Evan and guests talking about how they learned the hard (and often hilarious) way to be a little less kooky--or in some cases, just embrace it!




A Boat Ride with "Captain" Dave

One of the best surf sessions Coach Chris & Coach Evan have ever had didn't happen without one hell of an adventure before & after. This isn't our version though. In this episode, Coach Chris talks with Captain Dave on the phone to hear his perspective on the chain of events that led to us scoring the best session of our lives. Soon enough we're going to get the whole crew of boys that scored it with us to tell you the TRUE version of this story, for now, enjoy this little teaser from our...


Serenity Now! Managing Your Anxiety in the Water

Anxiety in surfing is a real thing. Between the waves and the crowd, what's meant to be a pleasant and spiritual experience can transform you into a nervous wreck real fast. Tune in this week to hear Coach Chris and Coach Evan's thoughts on dealing with your anxiousness and finding your peace.


The Most Unconventional Stand-Up with Chad Callahan

Chad has a lot of great things to say, but the reason we had him as a guest on Kookcast is so you can hear more about his stand up technique. It is wacky, wild, seemingly off kilter, yet somehow maintains balance, but bite your tongue before you say anything negative because when you hear Chad's story your excuses for not surfing will be dim compared to his positive and perseverant light.


How To: Perfect Your Paddling Technique

This week Coach Evan and Coach Chris get into one of their favorite topics to discuss...paddling technique, and the three ways you should aim to improve it.


Medium Wave Dave and The Clubber

Another seaside chat coming at ya. Only surfers are gonna be able to listen to this one because we are damn close to the oceans edge...luckily our type like that kind of background noise, yeeeew.


If You Want to Go Fast, Go Slow

It may sound like a contradiction, but the secret to speed and efficiency is slow motion practice, and a focus on good technique. In this episode, Coach Chris and Coach Ev talk about all the ways in which you can slow down in order to speed up. Enjoy


Can You Surf When You're Pregnant? with Jenna Menen

Well we don't know! That's why we had Jenna Menen on the show to help us answer a few questions on the topic. A great listen for any pregnant surfers, and even their spouses. Jenna gives us some insight and a positive outlook to being a surfer while you're pregnant.


100th Episode Celebration!

Tune in and celebrate our 100th episode anniversary with us! We're remembering how it all started, the good times, our favorite episodes, and of course announcing the winners of our contest! This is the episode where we announce the two lucky people who we'll award a year long membership to thesurfcontinuum.com ! yeeew ! Big thanks to all our listeners !


Caught Inside

This week we're officially releasing an episode we pre-released on YouTube about getting caught inside (check it out on youtube if you wanna watch the surf with us as we recorded this episode). Also, there's only a few days left to leave us a review on the Apple Podcast directory for a chance to win a membership to the soon to be launched Surf Continuum membership site! Last day to submit your review is May 8th!! Yeeew good luck!


Why You Need to Ditch Your Soft Top

Soft tops are taking over the world! While we recognize their place in surfing and what they offer, be wary of your surfing getting stuck on a plateau if you depend on it for too long. In this episode, Coach Chris and Coach Evan have a discussion on when's the right time to ride one, and when you need to ditch the foamie.


Surf Sense & Soul Stories with John Angiulo

A close friend, epic surfer, and one of the best surf instructors you'll have the pleasure of training with, John Angiulo is character in more ways than one and there's no doubt you're going to enjoy this exchange of memories and surf philosophies.


What Does Being a Surfer Mean to You?

Coach Chris and Coach Ev hop on the phone to record and talk about what it means to them to be a surfer.


The Tables Have Turned with Coach Chris

"I've had many requests from listeners over the years to flip the show around and have someone interview me, Coach Chris, for an episode of KookCast...I never liked the idea of being in the hot seat myself, but I guess it just took the right circumstances! Paul Maddison, Surf Continuum student and host of the podcast, Secret Famous asked me to be to be a guest on his show. Since Paul is such a rad dude, I couldn't say no. This week on the KookCast, it's me! (Copped straight from the Secret...


3 Surfing Misconceptions

Let's lighten the mood a bit by talking about 3 (kooky) surfing misconceptions. This was a fun one for us to dig into ! Hope you enjoy it too. Stay safe. Stay well. Stay HOME! We're going to get through this together.


"Keep it Clean" with Skip Frye

"A favorite kind of episode. Just doing my thing, out surfing in the line-up and next thing I know I'm sitting next to Skip Frye, and he wants to be on KookCast! What an honor to have a chance to chat with a legend of our sport. If you're not familiar, do yourself a favor and check out the video of Skip surfing in the link below from Matt Warshaw's Encyclopedia of Surfing" - Coach Chris Encyclopedia of Surfing: Skip Frye


How To Not Get Featured On @kookslams

If you follow @kookslams or @kookoftheday on instagram then you know damn well a majority of the kookiest moments happen when people are going in or getting out of the water. It's actually easy to avoid if you're an observant and aware surfer, but if not there stands a good chance that some sneaky surfer is going to catch your kooky moment on camera. Tune in for a few tips to avoid your next @kookslams disaster.


No Ego with Bryan Perez

It's all in the title. This up and coming pro surfer is one of the most epic dudes, and he absolutely RIPS! Tune in to hear a little background about the El Salvadorian dark horse who is all but guaranteed to cause some serious upsets on the WQS tour, and we'll be so happy to see it. Bryan's attitude is one of humility and gratitude, he has a great coach (Marcelo Castellanos) in his corner, and he's definitely gaining fans as he goes. I'm sure you'll be rooting for him too after this...


9 Surfing Hacks That'll Make Your Life Easier

When you do anything for a long time you start to pick up some tricks that make your endeavor of that thing a little easier, more efficient, pleasant etc. Obviously Coach Chris and Coach Evan are long time surfers, so in this episode they're sharing nine of their favorite hacks they've picked up on the way.


The Three Circles of Power with Marcelo Castellanos

An episode for the books! Marcelo is a pro level surf coach from El Salvador who founded the Puro Surf Academy and his formula, "The Three Circles of Power" to help people improve their performance on the wave. While Coach Chris and Coach Ev are usually more focused on the fundamentals of surfing and how you use them to position yourself and catch waves, Marcelo's method addresses your technique once you're riding. Get out your notepads, this is killer episode that's gonna make you a better...


How to Stay Warm for a Cold Session

Do you often catch a chill out in the water? Well you're listening to the right guys today, because Coach Chris and Coach Evan are always battling the cold and they've figured out some ways to last a little longer during a cold session. Stay warm kooks! Yeww!