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Simic: the Format's Gonads

What is it about Simic? It's just so easy for blue and green to combine forces and realize their plans. It's almost as if they're fueled by extra body parts, virile with the force of a Gentleman Bronco. Well, we're diving back into the guilds as Ravnica Allegiance rolls out. This week we're exploring the identity of Simic. And unlike the Simic with their extra appendages, Andy tries to build around Vanifar with one arm behind his back. Did he find a good 75% place to land with the so-called...


Ravnica Allegiance EDH Review

Ravnica nine! The review of the ninth Ravnica set! The ninth one that happened... the 8th Ravnica. S#!t, it's the ninth one... Alright, it's getting hard to keep track of how many sets have happened on Ravnica. But let's do this. Join Andy and Kyle as they explore the legendary creatures and other cards that may be of interest to commander players from Ravnica Allegiance. Be sure to watch our gameplay videos on YouTube, and feel free to join the conversation there. Find the podcast on...


Meta Memoirs - 2018

Andy and Kyle set down their eggnog and fruit cake to do some more reflection on the past year. Join them as they spout off EDH related memories from the past year. Did they stick to their own political advice? How is the arms race going? What commanders made it into sleeves? Which commanders turned out to be coal in the stocking? Be sure to watch our play videos on YouTube, and feel free to join the conversation there. Find the podcast on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or wherever...


2018: An EDH Retrospective

Well, 2018 is coming to a close. There have been a lot of new MtG products. And we’ve loved some, and we’ve b!tched about some. We’ve all played and explored a lot of it. So what the cuss happened? Join as Andy and Kyle dive into a retrospective of MtG products from 2018 from the EDH perspective. Be sure to watch our play videos on YouTube, and feel free to join the conversation there. Find the podcast on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or wherever you grab your RSS feeds. Also, ask...


Commander Themes: Flicker + Ephara

Flicker or blink? We can’t even seem to agree on what to call this keyword-less mechanic. But much like Kyle at a social gathering, some permanents just need to get away from the fray. Join us as Kyle takes Andy on a tour of the variety of blink-wares. He'll touch on the bright lights of the perfect specimens to the functional specificities. We’ll explore flicker and see if there are design purposes and misconceptions we don’t fully acknowledge as a community. Check out Kyle’s Ephara deck on...


Where's the Top Deck Lebowski!?

Whether it’s Jackie Treehorn’s thugs, a Cromulon, or a Goblin from Palano demanding things from you, it’s good to be on top. You just might end up with an extra look at things not meant to be seen. Join us as Andy explains how an exploration took him from seeing if lantern control with Circu, Dimir Lobotomist at the helm works and landed him on a unique build for Grenzo. The only question left after you play this deck is whether or not your opponents need one more look. Check out Andy’s...


Group Hug for the Holidays

We know, in a Cyber Monday malaise, you charged up your credit card buying what you thought were the perfect gifts for all your friends. Now you realize they don't want that limited edition Daenerys Targaryen yoga mat with Jon Snow's face printed in the middle of it. Nor do they want the companion dragon scale mug for their chia seed green drinks. And the fart-o-meter to prove that their farts do stink was just a bad idea. Never fear! We've got the perfect gift for your play group! Come to...


How to Fix a High Ping

Do you hear that? It's beautiful. The song of a siren, beaconing you to her shores. Years could be lost to the irresistible call of the pingers in EDH, but oh the tale you'll have to tell. Andy brings his tell of answering the call of pingers in EDH and he shares all the secrets he's discovered along the way. Join us to find out the combos, the synergies and who Andy is putting at the helm of his pingers EDH deck. Check out Andy's pinger deck right here:...


Deck Building with Kyle

What does your deck building process look like? The motivations and desires that go into building decks range all over the place. From counter-building for that a$$hole at your LGS, to a niche combo that gets you off, to that sweet new legend with your name on it. Once you've got a commander picked, how do you go about filling in your 99? Join us as Kyle gives away the secret to his everlasting gobstopper. He explores some of the subjective questions that guide his commander and card picks,...


Dimir: Etrata & Dralnu

Dimir. What the f**k is going on in Dimir? Does it even exist? Ask around Ravnica and you'll get mixed answers. And if it does exist, what does it do? Mill? Sure. Control? Pressure? Combo? Join us as Kyle and Andy continue their guild series and try to identify not just what Dimir has been force fed, but what its identity can be as a whole. Kyle seeks to illustrate a dual-strategy build with his Etrata list. Tune up your vocal chords, because this deck will have you singing Under Pressure....


Boros: Jor Kadeen, and Sylvia & Khorvath

"Hi my name is Kyle. I'm a Boros-aholic." Yup. There's one in every group and they get together in BA meetings, musing about how they wished they were just Bad Ass, not Boros-aholics Anonymous. You'll find Kyle and Arnold Schwarzenegger sitting in a circle with the others. The Boros-aholics tell their stories of how they were taught to trust the enigma of steel. They'll talk of dashed dreams, where they poised to crush their enemies and hear the lamentations of their women. But then they...


Selesnya: Shalai & Emmara

This week Austin Crider from CMDR Ninety Nine joins our hacky sack circle to kick around ideas about Selesnya. The guild of herbal teas and essential oils are the topic of the week. Join us as we talk though the identity of the white and green guild. Are they bioterrorists or are they just looking to enroll you and three friends in a great business opportunity. Austin saves Andy from having to join the Selesnya discussion and walks us through his Shalai, Voice of Plenty deck. Did the wealth...


Golgari: Nath, Vhati il-Dal, & Mazirek

Life and death, it all comes full circle. Andy and Kyle take the guild series to Golgari to see what abominations are rising from the filth and detritus that the swarm swims in. Just watch out, because they may have dredged up something new with that bowel shattering burrito from last week. Join us as Kyle has an existential break down on air, collapsing a promising discussion about Vhati il-Dal in favor of exploring an EDHREC bot produced Mazirek list. Though he expresses in the episode a...


Izzet: Niv-Mizzet and The Twinz

We're continuing our Fall stroll through Ravnica by starting our guild series with the Izzet League. There's no sweater wearing or corn mazes found around Nivix. Only "science bitch!" Andy and Kyle dive into exploring the identity of each guild and kick things off with Izzet. Andy takes a stab at how to build around Niv-Mizzet, Parun. Kyle then brings us back to look at the Kenrith twins. Did we sleep on these Battlebond pit fighters? Check out these and past deck lists on our TappedOut...


Guilds of Ravnica Commander Review

Let's hit up the Starbucks outside of Sunhome, grab a pumpkin spice latte, and go for a stroll on the Transguild Promenade to check out all the fall colors! Because we're back in Ravnica! Join us as Kyle and Andy take a dive into reviewing this latest guild themed set. They'll explore what's happening for commander players, with a deep analysis of each legendary creature, and a quick survey for other cards that may be of interest to commander players. Find the podcast on Spotify, iTunes,...


EDH Poli-Sci

That's right, you're sick of politics IRL and out of respect to your, we're going extend politics to EDH. But just how do politics work in EDH? Is this a cold war? Is there Game of Thrones-esque subterfuge? Does the table become unbearably partisan? Or does it reflect the common notion of political gifts buy favors for later? Join us as Andy schools Kyle and the rest of us on the nuances of EDH politics, as well as a few things that mistakenly thought of as politics. Find the podcast on...


The 13 yo Fantasy: Yuriko & Varina

It's time to relive the glory days of a childhood in the 90s! Bust out your TMNT VHS, dance around in your Raphael pajamas, and live your 13 year-old fantasy as the new TMNY--Teenage Mutant Ninja Yuriko. AP joins to talk his fantasy realized in his Yuriko deck. What's this ninja action ready to do at your commander table? Andy also kicks off the episode by steering Varina in the right direction. This zombie obsessed lich queen may be more of a trash queen, as she focuses on making everyone...


Deck Techs: Estrid and Kestia

Time to get enchanted. Grab some glass slippers, steal a kiss from prince charming, let your hair down your window, jump into your delorean and let's go to the Bantchantment Under the Sea Ball. Join as Kyle walks through some of the infinite possibilities that Estrid affords. What enchanted possibilities await those who bring the tap and untap dance moves to the ball? And does Kyle have a fun alternative outside of the infinite combos? Andy explore Kestia with a go wide strategy. Can the...


Deck Techs: Brudiclad and Xantcha

Do you want a deck full of sheepish tokens that jump on the latest fad faster than a hipster walking past H&M? Look no further than Brudiclad. Join us to find out Andy's outline of all the new styles Brudiclad will be promoting this fall season. Also check out what Kyle's doing to with Xantcha. Is this sleeper agent slowly poisoning the Sergei Skripals at your table, or playing proxy voltron from foreign lands? Or maybe all of the above. Check out our deck lists on our TappedOut page:...


Rethinking Precons: Aminatou and Saheeli

Andy and Kyle engage in a little exercise to see if they can make decks using a couple of the new Commander 2018 legends that are more focused and meet the value of the precon decks. Can they do it? Tune in to find out if they'll be repenting for things said and done in the review episode or if they'll be vindicated for suggesting that most players should lean into buying the singles the want. Twitter: @legend_creature Ask Alexa or Google Home to play the Legendary Creature Podcast. Or...