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Dominaria Commander Review... Fer Realz

Damn there are a lot of cards for EDH players that come to us from Dominaria! Andy and Kyle talked a whole bunch of Dominaria after the leak, because there was just a ton of stuff leaked. And considering the impact this set has on our format, how could they not talk about it. But here's the official review. Andy and Kyle break down the legendary creatures that stand out as competitive or fun new commanders. They also talk other cards that we could see make a debut in the format. If you're a...


Firesong and Sunspeaker

Do you love Boros? Yeah? Well, there must be something wrong with you. But so does Kyle. He keeps smashing his head against that commander wall called Boros too. Andy and Kyle take a look at Firesong and Sunspeaker, your exclusive Boros commander you can only get with a pre-order of a booster box. Which, can we just all acknowledge how fucking lame that is. I mean, dear WotC gods, please keep making Magic: the Gathering. But this is a lame move. But keep making magic. But this is lame. But...


Spell Slingin': Commander Themes

Some games aren't for the feint of heart. Sometimes you've just gotta challenge your best Little Finger and find out if chaos really is a ladder. You're probably more likely to get your throat cut, but if you love the view when you climb the ladder with instants and sorceries, this is the episode for you. Andy takes a dive into the commanders who are best suited for a spelling slinger strategy and takes a really close look at all the support your deck will need to just maybe go the...


+1/+1 Counters: Commander Themes

Kyle takes a dive into the far too broad realm of +1/+1 counters as a commander deck theme. Despite the presence of the size gaining counters in most colors, Kyle and Andy take a look at the color combos primed to take advantage of counters. They also explore the commander best suited to abuse +1/+1 counters. If you’re using +1/+1 counters in your commander deck, it may be a good time to stop cultivating mass and start harvesting! Big fatties may prove less fruitful than combos and...


Artifacts: Commander Themes

It's time for another series! Kyle and Andy will be spending a few episodes talking about some popular deck themes and some of the core driving principles in how commander players take advantage of and have fun with those themes. This week, Andy takes us into the bowels of his jank-ass pursuit of artifact doom-machines. Do you ever just want to build weird shit that nobody seems to understand when you play commander? Do you feel like you're explaining how bilateral kelilactirals to...


The Leak

Sooooo... normally we're not super into leaked material. We'd rather wait until a set is officially spoiled to talk about what might fit into commander. But with a huge chunk of Dominaria's shit not being secure--and with it being a "legendary matters" set--it seems like we just gotta talk about it. So here's our partial set review of Dominaria. We're diving into a bunch of the new legendary creatures and talking about who look like potential commanders, who fits in as support and what...


Mono-Black: Endrek, Kothophed & Ob Nixilis

Okay, okay, okay, we play a lot of mono-black. But you have been accepted to become one of us! Join the mono-black club. Guest Cameron joins to talk about Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder. Cameron is coming to the mono-black party for the first time with a bunch of thrulls who are ready to overtake him and the table. This deck will either infect you with ambitious thrulls or a mystery STD. Find out how Cam is abusing this token machine and the altar of death that is black. Andy closes out our...


Mono-White: Heliod & Eight-and-a-Half-Tails

Have you been maligned? Does it feel like you're alone and everything has been rigged against you. Deep down, do you know you're better than everyone else? If that describes you, you're either Macho Man Randy Savage or the pilot of a mono-white commander deck. Andy and Kyle are here to help you be the cream that rises to the top. Their highly unanticipated mono-white episode explores the space that mono-white occupies in commander. Kyle techs a Heliod, God of the Sun deck and explains the...


Mono-Green: Sachi and Seton

Is your playgroup lacking in centaurs or other magical beings who can take on equine form? Check out mono-green! Really though, Kyle and Andy continue their mono-color exploration by taking on green. What can mono-green do in commander? Kyle digs up an obscure snake shaman in Sachi, Daughter of Seshiro. Snake tribal? Hell no! But find out what you can do with Kyle’s deck built around mana fueling shamans. And yes, his deck does have a neat centaur trick in it. Speaking of centaurs, Andy...


Mono-Red: Etali and Ashling

To burn or not to burn? That is the question. If you're looking to burn people in commander, this is the episode for you. Andy and Kyle discuss the niche that mono-red occupies in EDH and look to find out if they've got commanders that can go the distance. Andy takes on the new Etali, Primal Storm from Rivals of Ixalan. This mono-red dino is headed to the bank to see if you've transferred anything into his account. Find out what Andy is doing to make for a chaotic explosion of stolen...


Mono-Blue: Nezahal and Kefnet

Kyle and Andy are starting a new series, talking about mono-color commanders and exploring the possibilities when working within the mono-color constraints. Andy and Kyle talk about what blue provides for commander, its strengths and how its weaknesses may make it hard to turn very many mono-blue legends into viable commanders. Andy then dives into the dark depths and lays out his plans for using a brand new legend: Nezahal, Primal Tide. Can this commander go the distance in protecting us...


Merfolk Commanders: Kumena and Derevi

Does it feel like your merfolk decks have been dinking around, worrying more about dinglehoppers and banded bulbus snarfblats? Just haven't quite been able to go the distance with merfolk? Kyle and Andy dive into the murky merfolk depths. Kyle explores the possibility that merfolk might do well with a certain bird wizard as the commander. Can Derevi, Empyrical Tactician help the merfolk take advantage of tap effects and get them advanced faster? Andy takes a look at what Kumena, Tyrant of...


Rivals of Ixalan Review

Oh hey, there's a new set from Wizards of the Coast. Join Andy and Kyle as they explore all your new dino and non-dino legends. They also take a look at some of the other cards in the set that they feel may have some relevance in commander. Music this episode is by Dan Terminus. The song is Electronic Snow and the album is Automated Refrains. Please support Dan Terminus. We think he's awesome! Check out his Bandcamp page (https://blood-music.bandcamp.com/album/automated-refrains). Big...


Andy's New Year Resolutions

We've all got resolutions to eat less sugar, go to the gym, talk to our jerk relatives a little more, and whatever other unpleasant things we've decided we should subject ourselves to this year. But what about Magic: the Gathering resolutions? Andy's got a few lesser used cards to try out in commander this year. And like any good resolution, some of these may be hard to stick by. But there could also be a few gems worth trying out. I mean, just listen to this damn episode while you wait...


Dear Simone: Exploring Queen Marchesa

Shout out to Simone for sending his deck for Andy and Kyle to check out. Andy and Kyle take a look at Simone's Queen Marchesa deck. All too often we all have high hopes for our commander decks and they don't quite perform like we envisioned. Simone is looking for ideas, like all of us in that situation. Kyle and Andy explore the process of tweaking a deck that has a variety of possibilities like Queen Marchesa. Kyle goes through a pressure build that would be more suited for an aggro light...


Chainer: There's a Mono-Black Player in Everyone

Everything dies and is reborn. Only to die again. You know that there's a part of you as a magic player that wants to get everything back from the graveyard, just so you can use it and kill it again. Andy and Kyle bring in AP from their play group to talk about his Chainer, Mast of Dementia deck. He takes us for a midnight stroll through the graveyard and shares what he's planning on doing with death in his deck. If you're a player looking for a mono-black deck possibility, don't overlook...


Deck Tweaking: Shu Yun and Licia

Uuuuunnnnnghhhhhhh!!!!! Aaahhhhh….. Kyle and Andy have decks that aren’t going as planned. Is it time to just scrap these disappointments? No! It’s time get up and break some friends with edited decks. Andy and Kyle take a look at a couple of their decks and assess whether or not they can be competitive and how these decks can be tweaked to maximize their potential. Andy takes us through what went wrong with Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest deck and his spell-slinger build. Taking a cue from...


Kyle's Angsty Bullsh!t Deck

Kyle tries to kill himself with his deck and then switch places with other players when he realizes he wants to stay in the game after all. Can his angsty bull shit produce a body count at the commander table? Kyle techs his new deck for Andy and walks through his hipster idea of a deck. Let’s be honest, this deck isn’t going to win any games, but it could be an entertaining way to break up your roster of more straightforward decks. Check out Kyle’s deck right here:...


Meta Bosses: Mizzix of the Izmagnus

Andy brings our meta bosses series to a close… for the time being. When you’re a goblin riding a robot through the streets of Ravnica, you have to come up with unusual ways to assert your dominance. Mizzix of the Izmagnus and Andy locked eyes the moment Mizzix was spoiled as part of the Commander 2015 set. There was never a truer love. All Andy wants you to do when you square off against him and Mizzix is walk away. There will be safe passage into the wasteland, while he takes the oil,...


Therapy Session: Aggro and Andy

Are you a spell slinger, dabbling in aggro, creature-centric strategies? Are you pissed off at aggro yet? Maybe you’re a Boros lover and you’re ready to bash your head against the wall. Why don’t you lay down on your couch and join us for a therapy session. Andy talks out his recent foray into aggro strategies using Shu Yun, the Last Airbe… uh… Silent Tempest, and his hopes to build around Sammut, Voice of Dissent. As a player whose style leans towards instants and sorceries, Andy explores...


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