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Join comedians Jacob Trimmer and Tim Groeschel as they analyze and trade stories of people throughout time who have lived interesting and violent lives. Get your dose of Grindhouse History every Tuesday! Feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or comments at letthemfightpodcast@gmail.com.

Join comedians Jacob Trimmer and Tim Groeschel as they analyze and trade stories of people throughout time who have lived interesting and violent lives. Get your dose of Grindhouse History every Tuesday! Feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or comments at letthemfightpodcast@gmail.com.
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Join comedians Jacob Trimmer and Tim Groeschel as they analyze and trade stories of people throughout time who have lived interesting and violent lives. Get your dose of Grindhouse History every Tuesday! Feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or comments at letthemfightpodcast@gmail.com.




Ep. 34 Shiro Ishii

There's this long held belief that it's hard to classify someone as objectively evil. One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter and all that. Well, in this case it's pretty easy, Shiro Ishii is evil as fuck. I'd call him a real life Bond villain, but he makes Bond villains look like a pack of sissies. Tune in and find out how many war crimes one man can commit! And how the hosts feel about sweet, sweet opiates.


Ep. 33 Tecumseh

We have a nice little coincidence for you, dear listeners, as yesterday was Columbus Day and today we are bringing you the story of Tecumseh, Native American leader/warrior who for some reason wanted to live in Ohio. You can probably guess America doesn't come out of this looking so great, but the British also look like shit too so I'll call it a wash. So listen in and hear all about a man that our garbage public school system decided not to teach us about. And learn a fun little political...


Ep. 32 Francois Duvalier

If you've ever wanted a master class on how to never run a country, well this is the right episode for you. We're talking about an esteemed voodoo practitioner who answers the question, "how evil would Pol Pot in blackface be?" Also, why do all real life Bond villains make their bodyguards wear sunglasses all the time? The guns, torture, and murder is way more terrifying than whether or not I can see your pupils. Just do what you're good at, evil henchmen, and leave the fashion shit to the...


Ep. 31 Xenophon of Athens

We're kicking off the stories this week with the prodigal son (student) of Socrates. The one your philosophy teachers don't want you to know about! Or you just didn't listen when they talked about him because philosophy is goddamn boring. Anyway. Whatever the case, you missed out on some awesome shit. This dude wandered the desert and then stabbed everything he found. Mostly other people. And he had some weird quotes about horses (don't worry, we didn't include those). Tune in and enjoy the...


Ep. 30 Roman von Ungern-Sternberg

We're back for the second time this week with another Russian. This guy is the poster child for the bourgeoisie class that all the poor Russians hate and the rich Russians also hate but still tolerate. But he was one hell of a soldier and got into a mess of shit in his life. Also the dude was friends with the Mongolians. Seriously, listen in and enjoy his drunken Cossack shenanigans!


Ep. 29 Vyacheslav Ivankov

No you're not having a stroke reading the title of the episode, that's actually how this Russian dude spells his garbage Eastern Bloc name. This dude has some crazy political connections and more than his share of that fun violence you've come to expect with our show. We also talk about various Russian criminal tattoos in this episode. Tune in, learn about psycho Soviet things, and enjoy! And come back for more later this week as we will now be releasing episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.


Ep. 28 Wu Zetian (Guest: Tom Goss)

We're back with another episode featuring our friend and yours, Tom Goss. This week we're talking about Wu Zetian, an old timey Chinese woman who rose from a peasant to an empress. Then apparently to a Civilization playable character. We had a lot of fun recording this, give it a listen and join in on the madness!


Ep. 27 Mark Chopper Read (Guest: Tom Goss)

This week we're talking about famous Australian criminal, author, and insane person, Mark "Chopper" Read. And as a special treat, joining us is the much less famous but hilarious local comedian, podcaster, and insane person, Tom Goss. As you travel down this path of craziness, mayhem, and blowtorch fun try and guess if this quote is from our topic or our guest, "I know a lot of dead people." Tune in and enjoy!


Ep. 26 Boston Corbett and John King Fisher

This week we're starting with Boston Corbett and well, I don't really think there's anything I can say in the limited space available here to describe the insanity of his life, but his story will not disappoint. Then we have John King Fisher, a Texas landowning kinda bandit/kinda sheriff. I still can't tell if he loved Mexicans or hated them. Give the episode a listen and let us know what you think!


Ep. 25 James Burke and Larry Thorne

We are very excited to be releasing this episode, because we have two absolutely batshit insane people to talk about. First up is James Burke, a mafia associated criminal who loved three things: murder, money, and even more murder. Then we move on to Larry Thorne, whose incredible hatred for communism led to him serving for three different armies, one of which may surprise you. Or not. Maybe you're smarter than us. Listen to the shenanigans these two got into and find out for sure!


Ep. 24 Francis Pegahmagabow and David Berkowitz

This week we're going back to Canada and starting off with possibly the only man with worse lungs than the hosts of this podcast to talk about badass aborigine Francis Pegahmagabow, who pulled some stunts during WW1 that honestly make him almost as creepy as the second guy we're talking about, David Berkowitz, the Jewiest and mediocrest of serial killers. If murderers had a batting average, Berkowitz wouldn't have made it past little league. Get your fill of chlorine gas, half-orphans, and...


Ep. 23 Maurice "Mom" Boucher

This week our first story went a little longer than usual so it's just the one for today. But boy does it make up for being alone with sheer craziness. We're talking about Maurice Boucher, the Canadian (that's right, Canadian) Hells Angel that started a biker war and caused the death of way more people than his nickname of "Mom" would lead you to believe. I lost count of the number of times Tim said, "Holy shit!" Listen in and find out why! Also no outro this week, sorry, I know you're...


Ep. 22 Nathan Bedford Forrest and Sir William the Marshal

We have a great episode for you this week talking about Nathan Bedford Forrest, one of the shittiest men I've ever heard of, but admittedly a badass soldier. And boy is his life bonkers, you may even find yourself rooting for this plucky Confederate, then immediately regretting that decision. Then we talk about Sir William the Marshal, a man who went around dick slapping all of Europe, and he kept being a badass up into Life Alert ages. And I would pay good money to watch him smash through a...


Ep. 21 Joe Ronnie Hooper and Dong Zhuo

This week we're going full on bonkers in Asia with Joe Ronnie Hooper, a solder during the Vietnam War who loved throwing grenades into bunkers so much they give him a Medal of Honor for it. Then we move over to China and talk about Dong Zhuo, a ruthless warlord who killed enough people to show up in the Dynasty Warrior video games. Dig in for some real heartwarming, uplifting stories!


Ep. 20 Joseph Beyrle and Dallas Stoudenmire

This week we had a lot of fun talking about Joseph Beyrle, who basically lived Gulliver's Travels WW2 edition, and Dallas Stoudenmire, a proud Arkansas man named after a mediocre Texas city who lived the life of a bonkers cartoon cowboy. We also finally figure out exactly which old timey monster Jacob is, and Tim discovers his wild west spirit animal. So check over both shoulders to make sure your boss isn't close enough to overhear and give it a listen!


Ep. 19 Phoolan Devi and Brendan Eamonn Fergus Finucane

This week we have a real doozy for you. Starting things off is Phoolan Devi, the Bandit Queen of India, whose life starts off haunting and ends in the least expected way possible. Then we talk about Brendan Eamonn Fergus Finucane, who graduates from dunce to pilot that shot down more German planes than he has syllables in his garbage Irish name. Come for the tales of Rajput vengeance and stay for Top Gun if it happened on St. Patty's Day and didn't have the volleyball scene.


Ep. 18 James Longstreet and Gottfried von Berlichingen

This week we're going to the dirty south to learn about James Longstreet, a man who got shit done. Too bad he was kind of on the wrong side of history when it comes to wars. Then we're going way back in time to medieval Germany to go over the life of Gottfried von Berlichingen, and yes that name gets mangled horribly. But he lived a crazy life and had a hand even Hellboy would be jealous of.


Ep. 17 Rafal Gan-Ganowicz and Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus

Today we have two people with different types of garbage names. First up is Rafal Gan-Ganowicz, a Polish mercenary who loved only two things in life, killing Commies and killing Commies that were also friends with Russians. Then we have Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus, a Roman warrior that fought with Hannibal and his brothers and then gave himself a title. What would a train car in Warsaw smell like after WW2? What was the dumbest military tactic the Romans used? Find out on this week's...


Ep. 16 Lachhiman Gurung and Lester Joseph Gillis

This week we're transporting you to the exotic locales of Nepal and Chicago, to talk about Lachhiman Gurung, a member of the Gurkhas and all around insane person, and Lester Joseph Gillis, a bank robber and also all around insane person. Come get your weekly hour of explosions, gunfights, and the hosts struggling to pronounce names they aren't used to saying.


Ep. 15 Kody Scott and David Farragut

This week we're talking about how this kindly looking gentleman, Kody Scott, became known as Monster at the age of 13, and all the naval shenanigans and tricks committed by this doughy Mel Brooks impersonator, David Farragut. Gunfights, rapper cameos, the benefits of nighttime boating, and the devil magic that keeps iron ships afloat. All that and more on this week's episode of "holy shit my life is boring by comparison!"