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Join comedians Jacob Trimmer and Tim Groeschel as they analyze and trade stories of people throughout time who have lived interesting and violent lives. Get your dose of Grindhouse History every Tuesday! Feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or comments at letthemfightpodcast@gmail.com.

Join comedians Jacob Trimmer and Tim Groeschel as they analyze and trade stories of people throughout time who have lived interesting and violent lives. Get your dose of Grindhouse History every Tuesday! Feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or comments at letthemfightpodcast@gmail.com.
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Join comedians Jacob Trimmer and Tim Groeschel as they analyze and trade stories of people throughout time who have lived interesting and violent lives. Get your dose of Grindhouse History every Tuesday! Feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or comments at letthemfightpodcast@gmail.com.




Ep. 62 Pedro Rodrigues Filho

A question for you, dear listeners. What do you get when you combine the Boondock Saints with the Punisher and drop them into the worst parts of Brazil? You get Pedro Rodrigues Filho. Holy shit did this guy kill a lot of people, who all deserved it I might add. And man did he have some daddy issues. His childhood reads like the backstory of the world's saddest stripper. But Pedro lived an insane life, took advantage of a weird Brazilian loophole, and now he gets to just chill and make...


Ep. 61 Simon Girty

We're back with another fan suggested person, because as soon as we heard the name White Savage we knew it was going to be great. Now, old Simon Girty isn't exactly what Americans would call a hero, but you should be able to figure out why he didn't see eye to eye with the Continental Army and preferred to roll with the Brits and Natives. Look out for some familiar names as you listen to the story of childhood trauma, scalpings, and powder burny mayhem!


Ep. 60 Tom Horn Jr.

You are in for a fun episode today, dear listeners! We are going back to the wild west to talk about notorious murderer, Tom Horn Jr. He was never known as a gunfighter, but nonetheless killed a whole bunch of people, and made a good amount of money doing it too! Then it all came to a pretty tragic end after the shammiest of sham trials in the kangarooist of kangaroo courts. As an added treat we have an account of his last day alive, which was pretty sweet to find and I hope you enjoy it...


Ep. 59 John Paul Jones

Today we go back to the high seas, dear listeners! With this Scottish dude who was out kicking ass, dropping cliche movie quotes, and walking the fine line between naval officer and pirate. Also it needs to be said, the United Kingdoms are officially the worst at naming things and need to have that power taken away from them expeditiously! I've always wanted to use that word, shout out to T.I. Anyways, dude lived a badass life, and then had the world's worst legal defense that actually...


Ep. 58 Yemelyan Pugachev

Well, dear listeners, you are reading that monstrous amalgamation of letters correctly. We have another Russian for you today. This dude loved being a crazy person and fighting against Catherine the Great's armies, but he was only good at one of them. He killed a lot of people over his life, and his ineptitude caused even more people to die. But ultimately there are no good or bad guys in this story, so feel free to laugh at all of their awfulness!


Ep. 57 The Bielski Brothers

I am extra excited to bring you today's episode, dear listeners. As we are covering something that is near and dear to (half) the host's hearts, Jews kicking ass. When World War 2 jumped off in Poland things looked...less than good for the local Jew folks. But three brothers, the Bielskis, said, "Fuck these Nazi pricks, we're going to the woods!" Then they saved more Jews than Schindler, suffered the least amount of casualties of any partisan group, and slapped around some fascists. Enjoy!


Ep. 56 Roy Albert DeMeo

Happy new year, dear listeners! Make sure you start 2020 off right with the story of Roy DeMeo, a mafia goomba who killed so many people that they named the way he went about doing it. You'll hear some names pop up that will be getting their own episodes down the road, as well as one of the goofiest nicknames I've ever heard from a mob goon. And there are a lot of goofy mob goon names. Enjoy the break from torturous concentration camp guards with some good ol' fashioned street murder!


Ep. 55 Irma Grese

Welcome back to the podcast, dear listeners! As some of you have no doubt noticed, we've made it it a point to say that it's hard to claim if someone was good or bad, or somewhere in between. Well today's episode is about Irma Grese so that won't be a problem because that bitch was evil as fuuuuuuuuck, She not only willingly signed up with the SS during WW2, but took an active interest in torturing the Jews she guarded at various concentration camps. In ways that may surprise you.


Ep. 54 Andrew Kehoe

Well, dear listeners. Christmas has come and gone, and I'm sure at least some of you have children who weren't grateful about the gifts you bought them. So boy do we have the episode for you today. Andrew Kehoe, I'm not going to say he's a hero, but you should thank him for his service. He provided so much to his hometown of Bath (yea, I know, the name is hot garbage) and all they did in return was offer hardship and scorn until he did what any red blooded American would. Listen in and learn...


Ep. 53 Arminius

Happy 3rd day of Hanukkah dear listeners! And Christmas Eve for you goyims too I suppose. Today we're going way back in time to talk about a very rare thing on this podcast, a German that isn't a gigantic garbage monster. Arminius loved two things, trying to bang women with terrible names and smashing Roman's in the face. And the Romans took away the woman with a terrible name he was trying to bang so guess what this kraut badass is gonna do? Leave so many corpses that the Roman's couldn't...


Ep. 52 Las Poquianchis

Welcome to the last day of accidental lady's week, dear listeners. And we are closing it out with a bang talking about Las Poquianchis. I'm not gonna say these four sisters were evil, but I'm pretty sure when they got to hell Hitler asked them for their autograph. This has all the things a brothel related horror story south of the border needs. Prostitution, names that are hard to pronounce, corruption, rape, beatings, murder, and and hilarious comical karmic punishment. Enjoy!


Ep. 51 Milunka Savic

Welcome back, dear listeners. By pure happenstance it's lady's week here at the Let Them Fight Podcast and first up is Milunka Savic. This Siberian woman, that looks like a walking muscle with a face on it, wanted to go to war so bad she pretended to be her brother so she could shoot people in the face. She was so good at it that even after they figured out, "holy shit, this muscle has tits!" they let her keep going back to war. In fact, she threw so many grenades it actually left her arms...


Ep. 50 Witold Pilecki

Today marks a special occasion as we hit our 50 episode milestone. We are honored that all of you have stuck with us for this long and we have a treat for today's release. A Polack who was so batshit crazy he willingly went to Auschwitz just to see what it was like. He fucked with the Nazis, he fucked with the commies. This dude hated everyone that went balls deep into Poland and he kept fighting them even after he probably should have quit. Pretty damn inspirational honestly.


Ep. 49 Shivaji Maharaj

Today we bring you Indian landlord, warlord, and name I probably pronounced wrong every single time, Shivaji Maharaj. This dude refused to take no for an answer and proceeded to smack down everyone that came against him, except for a couple people but he got them back later. Also he used those metal tiger claw things from kung fu video games. How sweet is that? He worked his way up the hierarchy of old timey Indian society and from all accounts was a pretty decent man.


Ep. 48 Charles "Sonny" Liston

We have a treat for you today, dear listeners. Our first athlete, Charles "Sonny" Liston. Now you might be saying, "An athlete? They aren't that violent." And to that I say Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Rae Carruth, OJ Simpson, and Kareem Hunt. But also this guy was a boxer and mob affiliated leg breaker. So he was plenty violent enough for our needs. Also he was a part of a huge historical moment, and died under mysterious circumstances. Plenty to ponder when it comes to the life of this dude. Enjoy!


Ep. 47 Leo Major

We're back with another war hero for your enjoyment, dear listeners. This one is a French Canadian. Yea, we were surprised too. But dear sweet lord this man kicked some major ass. He was probably a psychopath too, but luckily he was on the right side of history fighting against the Nazis in WW2. Between sessions of knocking German dicks into the dirt he also found the time to be petty to his superior officers. Which as a being of pure spite, made me love this dude even more. Enjoy the bat...


Ep. 46 Marcel Petiot (Guest: Matt Cole)

Happy Thanksgiving, dear listeners! You'll need something to do while you sit there not moving after stuffing your face, I suggest listening to us talk about a French psychopath with friend of the show Matt. Now, not all of you are American and thus won't be partaking in the food orgy that is Turkey Day, but listen anyways because it's a great episode. Being a non-Nazi in Nazi occupied France and still being the villain is a pretty impressive feat. And he has some of the best court quotes...


Ep. 45 Khun Sa (Guest: Matt Cole)

Hello again, dear listeners! Today we're joined by friend of the show, comedian, and notorious alcoholic, Matt Cole, to talk about a real go-getter of a businessman, Khun Sa. This dude sold enough heroin to choke a million Belushi's, fought in a bunch of battles with pretty much every type of southeast Asian, and made enough money to give Jeff Bezos a hardon. Kick back at your desk, put the episode on, and find out who's responsible for that weird neighbor with all the bent and burnt spoons!


Ep. 44 Dick Turpin

Today we're talking about Dick Turpin, which sounds like an Indian burn on your junk. But what he really was, was an old timey English butcher born inside of a pub. So you know his life turned out wonderfully. Complete with pistol spankings, fire torture, and elder abuse wrapped in all the goofy "pip-pip cheerio" British speak that you'd find in a Guy Ritchie film, make Rock n Rolla 2, you schmuck! Anyways. If you listen carefully you may even find out what English people used blackface for,...


Ep. 43 Philip Sheridan

By popular demand to do another Civil War guy, today's violent historical figure is Philip Sheridan. This dude was batshit crazy but a damn fine soldier. He kicked Confederate ass up and down the states during the Civil War and dropped some great quotes while doing it. As an aside, I'm not going to say that he hated Native Americans. But he hated Native Americans so much he also hated the animals associated with them. Enjoy the episode and learn the best use of the word "discouraged" I've...