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Join comedians Jacob Trimmer and Tim Groeschel as they analyze and trade stories of people throughout time who have lived interesting and violent lives. Get your dose of Grindhouse History every Tuesday! Feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or comments at letthemfightpodcast@gmail.com.

Join comedians Jacob Trimmer and Tim Groeschel as they analyze and trade stories of people throughout time who have lived interesting and violent lives. Get your dose of Grindhouse History every Tuesday! Feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or comments at letthemfightpodcast@gmail.com.


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Join comedians Jacob Trimmer and Tim Groeschel as they analyze and trade stories of people throughout time who have lived interesting and violent lives. Get your dose of Grindhouse History every Tuesday! Feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or comments at letthemfightpodcast@gmail.com.




Ep. 80 Marcelo Costa de Andrade

Well, dear listeners, we have another escalation in the awful garbage monster competition as we head down to Brazil to cover Marcelo Andrade today. We've had this one sitting in our box of fan suggestions for a couple months now and decided we waited long enough to dump the awfulness that is Andrade on you. His "career" was short lived, but boy did it make a splash. Without giving anything away, this is our second person who was nicknamed the vampire of some place. Enjoy!


Ep. 79 Francisco Pizarro

Hello again, dear listeners. We're back with our regular scheduled programming today to cover Francisco Pizarro, a Spanish conquistador that loved gold, Jesus, and killing the shit out of Natives in South America. Also another thing, but I don't wanna spoil that. He failed pretty spectacularly quite a few times, but when he won, boy did he win big.


Bonus Episode w/ Carlton Leach

This weekend afforded us a unique opportunity, and we knew that we had to take it. Carlton Leach, who we talked about in episode 77, found our episode about his life and didn't hate it. Then he offered to actually talk to us if we were interested, which well, 100% yes. So we offer you this bonus episode to enjoy because while the sound quality is a little lower than normal as this was done through Skype, it was still an incredibly fun conversation and we think you'll agree!


Ep. 78 Ulysses S. Grant

Thank you, dear listeners for sticking around with us long enough for us to hit our 1 year mark. Which is exactly today. We wanted to do something big to celebrate so we're covering Tim's favorite person from any point in history, Ulysses S. Grant. On the off chance you don't know who that is, he led the Union army to victory against the Confederates during the Civil War. Then became the motherfucking president. We went extra long to make sure we did his story justice. Enjoy!


Ep. 77 Carlton Leach

A treat today, dear listeners! Carlton Leach has been a person we've wanted to cover for several months now, and we're excited to finally release it for you. Most of his stories were told directly from the man himself, which allows for a unique perspective we normally don't get to cover. He also recounts experiences where things don't go well for him, which is always fun. Enjoy the tales of this soccer hooligan/doorman/muscle man running rampant across London!


Ep. 76 Alferd Packer

We have another fan submitted name to talk about today, dear listeners. The even more unlikable than he should have been, Alferd Packer. Seriously, I couldn't find a single person in this dude's life that didn't hate his guts almost immediately after meeting him. I did however find the single greatest quote from a judge I've found in any court transcript I've seen in my life. Enjoy the madness of this incredibly terrible liar and all the frontier shenanigans he got into!


Ep. 75 Erich Mielke

We're back, dear listeners, sans guest this time. And we're talking about a terrible German who wished he was a terrible Russian, Erich Mielke. We're calling him Milky. This dude goes from pissing off cops to being the worst kind of cop. While being an even more garbagey version of that snitch kid everyone hated in high school in between. This episode has everything, riots, war, and secret police, oh my!


Ep. 74 Richard Ramirez (Guest: Derrick Murray)

Today we have part two with Derrick Murray for you, dear listeners. This time we're moving away from the heroes and awesome quotes, and stepping right into monster territory. I'm sure if you're listening to this podcast you've heard of Richard Ramirez, The Night Stalker, before. If not, read more. Please. Anyways, this dude was a godawful little goblin of a person, with a grill to match. And boy did we enjoy shitting on every part of his dumb goblin life. I'm sure you'll enjoy it too!


Ep. 73 Smedley Darlington Butler (Guest: Derrick Murray)

Today we are joined by friend of the show, and occasional comedian, Derrick Murray. We decided to ease him into the show with one of our rare good people, Smedley Butler. One of the most decorated Marines in American history and cleaner of Philadelphia. He went all around the world kicking ass for America and then after he retired he had some very strong opinions about the things he did for this country. He had some of the worst nicknames I've ever heard, but man did he have some badass...


Ep. 72 Andrei Chikatilo

Well, dear listeners. If lately you've been thinking, "These guys are great, but where did all the monsters go?" Well then this is the episode you've been waiting for. Andrei Chikatilo was a special kind of garbage person. I can only describe him as what a windowless van would be like as a person. He went all across Russia making everything he touched grosser for several different reasons and not a single one is good. One more "here's what you're in for" heads up, his nickname was The...


Ep. 71 Robert Smalls

We have a nice inspirational story for you today, dear listeners! Robert Smalls is credited as being the final factor to sway Lincoln into allowing freed blacks to join the Union Army to fight against the Confederacy, and for good reason. After the most mild slave escape I've ever heard about, he went on to give the northerners a ton of information that assisted their efforts. And he took an active role as a boat pilot in several engagements. Dude was a badass and you'll definitely enjoy his...


Ep. 70 Stanley Tookie Williams

Today we're going on a trip deep into the heart of South Central LA to talk about the infamous Stanley Tookie Williams. Founder of the Crips turned anti-gang advocate who also took part in a baby fight club, and then regular fight club. He was charged with, and convicted of, four murders. But it's really not that simple as some of the transcripts and leaked information from the court case show. Also man did the prosecutor say some dumb shit. He was a complicated man, but he definitely wasn't...


Ep. 69 Olga of Kiev

Well dear listeners, we have an absolutely batshit crazy bitch for you today. Olga of Kiev was basically the queen of revenge killing. Also I still can't tell if she was super smart or everyone else was super dumb, kind of a coin flip situation. What started as a pretty normal story quickly spiraled into a tale of tree dismemberment, human torches, and bird murder. That's right. Goddamn bird murder. You know you want to find out what that means. Enjoy!


Ep. 68 Benjamin Butler

Another fun episode about a Civil War officer for you today, dear listeners. This time it's Benjamin Butler. A man who basically incompetenced his way to victory. He did some hilarious stuff while lording over New Orleans, and I enjoyed his spite. Then he decided to throw Jews under a bus that wasn't there for some reason. So kinda fuck this guy too. The only thing more bountiful than his failings as a soldier was the well of his pettiness, and I gotta respect that. Enjoy this conflicting...


Ep. 67 Nat Turner

Well hello there, dear listeners. I'm sure some of you went to public school in America, which means you know the name Nat Turner and that's pretty much it. He kicked off the largest slave rebellion in the Antebellum South, and before that he was well honestly, kind of a crazy person. But all the fun people are! Dude inspired a lot of people, some in bad ways but some in good, and he's still talked about today because his actions had a huge impact on the South up to and after the Civil War....


Ep. 66 Shaka Zulu

Welcome back, dear listeners. Join us today as we travel deep into the heart of South Africa to talk about Shaka Zulu. A warrior and leader so ferocious it sent ripples across Africa that affected the entire continent. He came from humble beginnings and quickly rose to power, changing nearly every aspect of African culture in his region. And holy shit did he kill/cause the death of a ton of people. He kinda went a little overboard near the end, you'll see what I mean. Enjoy!


Ep. 65 Jake McNiece

We return to one of our favorite time periods on this podcast, World War 2. And we're talking about a real hard charging, dick swinging soldier named Jake McNiece, a paratrooper in the Filthy Thirteen. This dude made four wartime jumps and tore through any Nazis in his way. And when he wasn't doing that he was tearing through a veritable smorgasbord of hookers in various red light districts in a very different, but equally impressive, way. Then lived til his 90s because even death was scared...


Ep. 64 Jose Manuel Martinez

Boy do we have another fun one for you today, dear listeners. On today's episode we're talking about lovable psychopath, Jose Manuel Martinez. He loved three things in life: murdering people, taking care of his family, and murdering people. You may notice I said murder twice, and that's because he really, really loves murdering people. Almost as much as he hates Tulare county cops. All the shootings you can handle, creepy prison love letters, and hilarious quotes abound. Enjoy!


Ep. 63 Roy Benavidez

Do you remember that time you stubbed your toe and were basically incapacitated for the next 15 minutes? You are going to feel like a gigantic pansy about that after this episode. The amount of damage that Roy Benavidez sustained in Vietnam while still fighting the whole time is truly mind boggling. In one battle alone he was wounded so many times he got multiple Purple Hearts for it. And he kicked ass the whole time! My best guess is that death was just afraid to take him. Enjoy his bonkers...


Ep. 62 Pedro Rodrigues Filho

A question for you, dear listeners. What do you get when you combine the Boondock Saints with the Punisher and drop them into the worst parts of Brazil? You get Pedro Rodrigues Filho. Holy shit did this guy kill a lot of people, who all deserved it I might add. And man did he have some daddy issues. His childhood reads like the backstory of the world's saddest stripper. But Pedro lived an insane life, took advantage of a weird Brazilian loophole, and now he gets to just chill and make...