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Ed Bachta of Unaired!

Ed Bachta is the host of Unaired! a podcast where Ed guest watch shows that were cancelled with episodes left unaired and pitch their ideas of how the show would have proceeded if it hadn’t been cancelled. On this episode we chat about what else TV. We nerd out about shows we love, discuss the shows we can't remember if were real (My Alien Family, Teen Angel?) and give hot takes on issues from six months ago.


Tad Stones of Darkwing Duck

You may not know Tad Stones name but likely you recognize his work as the creator of Darkwing Duck and Chip and Dales Rescue Rangers. Tads work spans from working on Hell Boy Animated to Gummi Bears. We chat about his start at Disney various shows he worked on, how animation has changed, what it was like working for Disney Afternoon, storyboarding for Bobs Burgers and much more


John Schroder and Steven Davis of Bobs Burgers

John Schroder and Steven Davis are emmy award winning writers for Bob's Burgers among many other credits. On this episode we chat all things Bobs Burgers, how to keep a show fresh after 8 years, the upcoming movie, how they come up with those burger puns, some behind the scenes on how the show is made, fatherhood, how they entered the industry, and much more. This episode also features a guest appearance from fellow Bob’s Burgers writer Kelvin Yu who you may recognize as Brian from Masters...


Erin Alexander Edwards of The Business of Soul Searching

Returning guest Erin Alexander Edwards is a media personality, radio host, model, and entrepreneur. On this episode were all over the place Erin is a black woman in the mental health field as well in the media. Erin chats about existing in various different spaces at once staying true to her authentic self, what drives her and so much more. If your in Providence catch Erin on The Juice 89.9FM Every Sunday.


Bob Derdan of iZombie

Bob Dearden is a writer and story editor for iZombie, On this episode Bob allows me to gush and pick his brain about the big changes in Season 4, some pitches to connect the Party Down universe, Space Jam and much more.


Chris Connallon of Scream Hello

Chris plays bass in the New Brunswick based Scream Hello. Scream Hello just released a new album This Island Earth (it’s really good). Chris chats about growing up in the New Jersey scene, touring, being what I believe to be the only punk rock archaeologist and geologist, podcast we love and much more.


Tyler Marchant

Tyler Marchant is a podcast host and professional editor. Tyler returns to the show and for the first half we have our usual nerd talk. Then we have a very honest conversation about Tyler who recently opened up about his bisexuality publicly. We discuss everything from what it's like to openly bi sexual in 2018 in Washington (state), how he told his friends and family and more.


K.W. Peery

K.W. Peery returns to the show for a third time! K.W opens up about his creative process, how he balances working a full time job and constantly creating art, writing a screenplay and so much more


Aaron Foss of NOMOROBO

Aaron Foss is the founder of Nomorobo, the most popular service for blocking robocalls and telemarketers, is making some major upgrades. In light of the recent privacy news about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, Nomorobo is expanding it’s consumer protection to include social media. In version 2.5 of the Nomorobo app, users will be better protected from potential scammers, data thieves, and malware. Aaron Foss, the founder, has worked hand-in-hand with the FTC and FCC to roll out this new...


Cynthia Bemis Abrams of Advanced TV Herstory

Cynthia Bemis Abrams is host of Advanced TV Herstory a podcast about lessons of leadership, achievement, and persistence by TV women. Cynthia and I discuss the cultural importance of Netflix One Day at a Time, the role of women characters on TV throughout the generations, sitcoms, and much more.


Bob Dearden of iZombie

Bob Dearden is a writer and story editor for iZombie. On this episode Bob chats about starting out as an intern with Rob Thomas, working on The Veronica Mars movie, iZombie, Play it Again Dick, how to end a TV show, the iZombie writers room, and much more.


Rahul Kohli of iZombie

Rahul Kohli is a television, film and stage actor known for playing Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti on iZombie. You may have also seen Rahul Supergirl playing Jack Spheer. On this episode Rahul chats about landing the role on iZombie, Supergirl, his love of Ricky Gervais, diversity in Hollywood and on iZombie, his social media presence, his upcoming Netflix movie Happy Anniversary with Ben Schwartz (Jean Ralphio!),Star Wars, how the cast of iZombie are real life friends, some hints at season 4 of...


Kevin Gallagher of Everything is Awesome

Kevin Gallagher has been podcasting for over 10 years. Currently Kevin is the host of Everything is Awesome which is very similar to this show but better. Kevin is also director and producer for Thatentertains.com. Kevin chats about how podcasting has changed over the years, everything Star Wars from the prequels to the last Jedi, hosting live podcast, CW Arrowverse, meeting Kevin Smith and much more.


The Vern of Cinema Recall

The Vern is host of Cinema Recall, and blogger of Verns Video Vortex, The Vern host Revill to chat the difference between film and movie people, strange film to TV adaptations, animation, our love of romantic comedies and more.


Don't Call It a Come Back

Lets Chat! is officially back after breaking the cardinal rule of podcasting, disappearing and not posting any new episodes. I came very close to ending the show and afftret some soul searching (therapy and medication) I have decided to jump back in. I give a quick update about everything that has happened the last few months.


PTSD and Me

A new mini episode is up, spoiler alert im still alive


The Unwritable Rant-Mike Rowe

While the show is on Hiatus host Revill would like to highlight friends of the shows podcast he loves and you should listen and subscribe too. We are calling this series Bonus Content. This episode is from The Unwritable Rant with Juliette Miranda interview with Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs).


Im not okay

Host Revill shares a update on the status of the podcast and his life.


The Film Pasture-Top 5 Women Directors

While the show is on Hiatus host Revill would like to highlight friends of the shows podcast he loves and you should listen and subscribe too. We are calling this series Bonus Content. This episode is The Film Pasture-Top 5 Women Directors


Susan Silver of The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Susan is the author of Hot Pants in Hollywood:Sex,Secrets & Sitcoms and television writer for such shows as he Mary Tyler Moore Show, Bob Newhart, Maude. On this episode we chat about her journey to becoming a TV writer, working on Laugh In, working in comedy, and much more.