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"Get Ken Cuccinelli off CNN" with Chaz Nuttycombe and Brandon Jarvis

This week we sat down with Chaz Nuttycombe (@ChazNuttycombe) and Brandon Jarvis (@Jaaavis) to discuss the midterms. We cover Spanberger's security clearance being leaked, Scott Taylor's ballot hijinks as well as why the hell the Cooch and Rick Santorum are still on CNN. Stay tuned for some video clips later in the week!


Dinesh D'Souza's God Awful Movie Part 1

In honor of Dinesh D'Souza's most recent cinematic achievement comparing Donald Trump to Abraham motherfucking Lincoln, we decided to sit down and watch a god awful monstrosity a family member sent me in the mail a long time ago: One of Dinesh's older pieces of ideologically nonsensical propaganda. Chad Ingold, Jordan Wilson and Nate sat down to watch this movie in its entirety. You may hear a few skips hear and there but that's because this is an awful fucking movie and our commentary is...


The Future of Public Education with Gary Broderick

This week we sat down with Gary Broderick, a candidate for School Board in Richmond's 7th district. We covered some of the financial issues facing Richmond's public schools and the history of what led to states and cities across the nation refusing to properly fund public education. Stick around till the end to hear about Gary's idea for "Community Schools" and check out his campaign for school board here: https://www.facebook.com/GarySBroderick/


The New Civil War With Collin Peterson

This week we sit down with Collin Peterson, a historian, to talk some more about the civil war. We talk about the possibility of a new civil war, the recently cancelled show "Confederate" and the similarities between confederate propaganda and the news put out today.