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Catch Up with Melissa, Adam and Goad

This week we sat down with Melissa Vaughan of RVA Dirt and WRIR, Adam Trimmer of Born Perfect and Goad Gatsby to discuss Navy Hill, the fight to ban conversion therapy and the gun rally.


Preview with Goad Gatsby

Yo homies. Gonna have the rest of this episode uploaded later this week but this section was a discussion of what could be going down on Monday at the Capitol so I figured I'd release it a little early. Stay safe and avoid downtown tomorrow!


Drunk Mormon Podcast Crossover

A special crossover event! Two episodes for the price of one! This episode is an interview with the hosts of the Drunk Mormon Podcast. We cover how they got their show started and some deeper questions about religion. Check out their episode here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-drunk-mormon-podcast/id1364708230?mt=2 One person ends up on the floor of the bathroom. And you'll have to listen to the episode to find out who.


2019 Predictions with Chaz Nuttycombe and Virginia Political Memes

2019 Predictions with Chaz Nuttycombe and Virginia Political Memes by Let's Get Drunk and Talk About It


Podcast Extra: Conversion Therapy

Small bonus clip from last week's episode that was cut for time. Adam and TK discuss where the name of the organization came from, a few organizations that have helped them out and a fun interruption from a party next door.


Conversion Therapy with Adam Trimmer and TK

Firstly, a heads up. If you haven't seen Boy Erased yet (which you should), see it first since we essentially spoil the entire film. We cover Adam's journey through conversion therapy, how he managed to get out and the politicians who are preventing it from being banned. Stay tuned for highlight clips later in the week and a podcast extra.


The Libertarians

This week we sat down for an extended chat with Joe Walton, third place finisher in the race for Congressional representative for Virginia's 7th district, and Bo Brown, the chairman for the Libertarian party of Virginia. This is a long one but a good one. We cover a range of topics including the recent midterms, alternatives to taxation and ways libertarians and democrats can work together. Also Willy Wonka? As always, you can email any questions to letsgetdrunkandtalkaboutit@gmail.com or...


"Get Ken Cuccinelli off CNN" with Chaz Nuttycombe and Brandon Jarvis

"Get Ken Cuccinelli off CNN" with Chaz Nuttycombe and Brandon Jarvis by Let's Get Drunk and Talk About It


Dinesh D'Souza's God Awful Movie Part 1

In honor of Dinesh D'Souza's most recent cinematic achievement comparing Donald Trump to Abraham motherfucking Lincoln, we decided to sit down and watch a god awful monstrosity a family member sent me in the mail a long time ago: One of Dinesh's older pieces of ideologically nonsensical propaganda. Chad Ingold, Jordan Wilson and Nate sat down to watch this movie in its entirety. You may hear a few skips hear and there but that's because this is an awful fucking movie and our commentary is...


The Future of Public Education with Gary Broderick

This week we sat down with Gary Broderick, a candidate for School Board in Richmond's 7th district. We covered some of the financial issues facing Richmond's public schools and the history of what led to states and cities across the nation refusing to properly fund public education. Stick around till the end to hear about Gary's idea for "Community Schools" and check out his campaign for school board here: https://www.facebook.com/GarySBroderick/


The New Civil War With Collin Peterson

This week we sit down with Collin Peterson, a historian, to talk some more about the civil war. We talk about the possibility of a new civil war, the recently cancelled show "Confederate" and the similarities between confederate propaganda and the news put out today.


Political Economics with Marshall McEwan

This week we sit down with Marshall McEwan, an accountant/economist, for a discussion about some of the hot button political and economic issues of the day. We cover the debate about whether Democratic socialists are actually socialists, whether a purely libertarian economic system is actually sustainable and the free market solutions to stagnating wages.


Jordan Peterson with David Streever

This week we sit down with David Streever, editor in chief of RVA Magazine, to talk about Jordan Peterson. We talk about some of the inconsistencies in his teachings, the odd fan base he seems to attract and Scott Adams.


The RPV After Corey Stewart

This week, we sit down with Colin the call-in. Colin was our first call-in back in the youtube days and we've been trying to have him back on ever since. We talk about Corey Stewart (before we you start writing letters, I know we always talk about Corey Stewart. We would have stopped talking about him if he hadn't won the damn primary. Blame the idiots who voted for him), how Republicans are trying to cut their losses in Virginia and memes. Follow Colin @VAPoliticalMeme and follow the show...


No More Pity Parties with Don Harrison

This week we sit down with local journalist and host of Open Source RVA, Don Harrison. We cover his infamous interview with "alleged" sex criminal and mayoral candidate Joe Morrissey, purity tests in the Democratic party and the recent Red Hen debacle.


Marijuana Legalization in Virginia

This week we sit down with Jenn Michelle Pedini, Executive Director of Virginia NORML to talk about the path to legalization. We talk about the biggest obstructors, Marijuana's medical benefits and the money Virginia loses by continuing to criminalize medical and recreational use. Check RVA Norml out a thttp://www.vanorml.org/ and https://twitter.com/RVANORML. They take donations!


Toxic Fandom

This week, we cover the Kelly Marie Tran debacle and talk about the weird ways gamer culture, nazis and basement dwellers come together. Stick around till the end for our hypocritical take down of George Lucas. Panel: David Pala and Jordan Wilson Articles cited: https://www.theverge.com/2018/1/2/16840170/swatting-death-call-duty-toxic-fandom https://steamed.kotaku.com/the-social-justice-controversy-surrounding-baldurs-gate-1769176581


Abortion and George Carlin

This week we sit down with the Campaigns Director for NARAL Pro Choice Virgina, Ana Owens and the Comms Director, Eileen Lynch. We talk about repro rights in the Trump era, a George Carlin clip from 1994 and Republicans gaslighting the shit out of America. Donate to NARAL here: https://naralva.org/


Traitors to the Cause

This week we sit down with Chelsea Higgs-Wise, a social worker and writer for RVA Magazine. We cover the recent traitors (Kanye West, Candace Owens, Walt Heyer) and also cover the history of women and minorities seeking to halt the progress of their own kind. We also get the backstory on some of the articles Chelsea's written for RVA Magazine (https://rvamag.com/author/chelsea_higgs_wise). Stick around to the end to see if we can come to a consensus on reparations for slavery.


50 Shades of Conservative Parenting

This week we sit down with Jordan to talk about what it's like growing up with conservative parents and also whatever movies come up tangentially. Jordan also has his own podcast. Check him out at the https://thejortneypodcast.com/