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Actor/Musician/Rapper Utkarsh Ambudkar (Pitch Perfect, The Mindy Project, Barbershop:The Next Cut) sits down with some of his more famous friends and relatives to discuss himself, his growth as a human being and what it takes to succeed in life and on stage. This is a tale about Identity. The rights are for sale.

Actor/Musician/Rapper Utkarsh Ambudkar (Pitch Perfect, The Mindy Project, Barbershop:The Next Cut) sits down with some of his more famous friends and relatives to discuss himself, his growth as a human being and what it takes to succeed in life and on stage. This is a tale about Identity. The rights are for sale.
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Actor/Musician/Rapper Utkarsh Ambudkar (Pitch Perfect, The Mindy Project, Barbershop:The Next Cut) sits down with some of his more famous friends and relatives to discuss himself, his growth as a human being and what it takes to succeed in life and on stage. This is a tale about Identity. The rights are for sale.






EP 54: Work Ethic

Utkarsh is sans guest in this candid, off the cuff reflection on wrapping his first season on Showtime's White Famous and a whirlwind summer. UTK dives into each of his co-stars personalities and strengths and lets us know what he learned from each one. Also, it might be time to shed the self-imposed weight of carrying the South-Asian community on his shoulders. It's been a long time since we got to get real. DO NOT MISS HISTORY BEING MADE!!! this episode brought to you by the good folks at...


EP 53: HAMILTON IN LA! with Lin-Manuel Miranda

Hamilton premieres in LA today and what better way to celebrate than to re-visit UTK's EPIC conversation with Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda last November 2016...one week after our presidential election. Lin chats with Utkarsh about how they met, how he maintains integrity in his everyday life and the two let us into an interesting window in time-post-election-before anyone knew what our 45th president had in store for us. Now more than ever we hope this conversation resonates...


EP 52: Justin Chon AKA "Finding Your Story"

This week actor/writer/director Justin Chon (Twilight Saga, 21 and Over, Gook) invites Utkarsh into his home to talk about his new film 'Gook' which won the Audience Award at this year's Sundance Film Festival. The two take a deep dive into the past to discuss the beginning of their friendship not the set of Pitch Perfect-which in fact started with a lot of Grade A BEEF. They explain how they mended their relationship and then move on to discuss how difficult it is to create and finish your...


Episode 51: Patricia Guggenheim AKA "Teaching Funny"

What an episode! Comedian/Writer/Actor Patricia Guggenheim (Mary&Jane, Hashtaggers, Barely Famous) has spent years honing the craft of comedy at The Groundlings Theater, a school which has fostered the talents of no-names like Will Ferrel, Melissa McCarthy, Phil Hartman, Kathy Griffin and so many more super-dope folks. As a main company member, Patty has performed hundreds if not millions of times and brings that unique perspective and experience to this week's episode. Utkarsh and Patty...


EPISODE 50: Randall Park AKA "Does This Dude Need An Accent?"

WOAH! We've done 50 of these!! A what a phenomenal guest to help Utkarsh celebrate his 50th episode. TV and Film star Randall Park (Fresh Off The Boat, The Interview, Veep, Office Christmas Party) stops by Utkarsh's pad to chat about the challenge, as a Korean-American, of playing Taiwanese-Chinese Immigrant Luis Huang on Fresh Off The Boat, what possessed him to take on the role of President Kim in "The Interview" and how he has approached roles as an Asian-American male in Hollywood. Let's...


Episode 49: Malcolm Barrett AKA "Scott Blackula"

The pod is back, baby! This week Malcolm Barrett, star of NBC's Timeless sits down with Utkarsh to chat about his new role as a hero on television, the responsibility he feels towards telling stories about diversity, growing up in Brooklyn, existing and thriving outside of the box, how he came to discover poetry and hip hop and how he balances art and commerce in his life. DO NOT MISS HISTORY BEING MADE!!!


EP 48: Dr. Indu Ambudkar AKA "MomKarsh"

What a treat. Dr. Indu Ambudkar of the National Institute of Dental Research (National Institutes of Health) also known as "MomKarsh" stops by Headgum HQ on her 63rd Birthday to chat with Utkarsh about her upbringing in India, her feelings of being an outsider as a youth, growing up in a convent school and how a chance encounter with a school dean started her on a path towards a PHD in biochemistry. They then discuss how she met and married Dr. Suresh Ambudkar aka "DadKarsh" and their wild...


EP 47: Jas Waters

Jas Waters (VH1's The Breaks, The James Davis Show) sits down with Utkarsh to tell her amazing story. Utkarsh had a bunch of talking points that immediately went out the window as soon this conversation began. WHAT A TALE! A childhood love of film and story, a supportive and encouraging father and a chance encounter with Eric Lasalle on the set of E.R. began a life-long journey through the world of television and film. The result? A dream continuing to come true and a work ethic born out of...


EP 46: Margot Bingham AKA "Curly Hair on the Red Carpet"

Margot Bingham (Boardwalk Empire, She's Gotta Have It, The Family, Barbershop:The Next Cut) sits down with Utkarsh to discuss how she deals with feelings of exclusion in Hollywood, how being an interracial woman is perceived in Hollywood vs. Real Life, her time touring with Jason Mraz, her short but potent stint as a fitness/bikini model and finally the two discuss the fear of overstepping bounds when speaking out in the current political climate. DO NOT MISS HISTORY BEING MADE!!!


Episode 45: Joe Mangienello AKA "Taming The Mind"

WHAT AN EPISODE!! Joe Mangienello (Pee Wee's Big Holiday, True Blood, Sabotage, Smurfs 3, The Batman) inexplicably allows Utkarsh into his home. The two discuss the line Joe toes between being a giant nerd and a sex symbol, what experiences from his youth drove him to build up his body, the challenges they both face in "Hollywood" as far as stereotypes are concerned, before Joe takes a DEEP dive into how he quiets, controls and conquers the fearful mind in order to achieve physical and...


EP 44: Bill "King" Sherman AKA "One Oscar Away From an EGOT"

Bill Sherman (Musical Director for "Sesame Street", Musical Director/Producer "In The Heights", Producer "Hamilton: Cast Album", Freestyle Love Supreme" invites Utkarsh into his home/hotel room to discuss the early days of Freestyle Love Supreme, how his mom can't pronounce Utkarsh's name, how he produces different artists, what he loves about making music, his first time being starstruck and the boys get deep on raising kids in the business post divorce. The kind of good old-fashioned sit...


EP 43: Travon Free AKA "All Of This is Icing"

Emmy Award Winning writer Travon Free (The Daily Show, The Ringer, The James Davis Show) allows Utkarsh into his home to talk the struggles of being a person of color on dating apps, his struggles with confidence in his career, his difficult upbringing growing up in Compton, and they discuss both the film Moonlight and his podcast "The Room Where It's Happening: A Hamilton Fan Podcast". An EPIC deep dive into one of the brightest minds in television right now. DO NOT MISS HISTORY BEING...


EP 42: Pej Vahdat AKA "How to Pretend to be your Own Agent"

Pej Vahdat (Bones, Shameless, Sneaky Pete) stops by Utkarsh's apartment for the FIRST LTM of 2017! And what a start to the year it is! Did you know you can pretend to be your own agent and actually get work? Pej apparently did at a very young age. He dives into his fake persona as his own agent, his pro tennis career, his feelings about his first paid gig as a terrorist on United Flight 93. What is his answer to fear? Listen and find out-cause it's freaking EPIC. DO NOT MISS HISTORY BEING...


EP 41: Parvesh Cheena AKA "What Would Bill Murray Do?"

Parvesh Cheena (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Outsourced) works ALL the time. He does not stop. And he's a sweetheart who seamlessly moves through all social circles with grace and joy. Parvesh stops by Headgum HQ to sit down with Utkarsh to talk about over-complimenting in Hollywood, the different ways in which they process great performances and Utkarsh's come up in NYC theater. Then Utkarsh asks Parvesh how he feels about being on the NBC sitcom 'OutSourced' and whether or not it set Indian people...


EP 40: Megalyn Echikunwoke AKA "We Stand with..."

Megalyn Echikunwoke (Vixen, Arrow, House of Lies, The Steve Harvey Show) allows Utkarsh into her beautiful home for a chat. They bond over the challenges of having a difficult name and how they navigate other people's ignorance. Utkarsh then shares his recent struggles with making and releasing his new song "We Go High" which Megalyn was a part of and the two break down how they deal with failure and un-met expectations in their lives and careers. Finally, Megalyn grew up on a Navajo...


EP 39: Raja Kumari AKA "The Come Up"

Grammy-Nominated Epic Records recording artist/dancer RAJA KUMARI has written with and for artists like Gwen Stefani, Meghan Trainor, Timbaland, Iggy Azalea, Fifth Harmony and Fallout Boy. Now she branches out on a solo career with her new EP, "The Come Up". Melding Hip-Hop and Classical Indian styles, Raja explores a new musical genre with a ferocious grace that is a sight to behold. Utkarsh and Raja take a deep dive on growing up Indian in America, sharing their opposite experiences of...


EP 38: Lin-Manuel Miranda AKA "Spit the Truth till we Chip the Tooth"

WEPA! Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton, The Sopranos, Do No Harm, Sex and The City 2, Freestyle Love Supreme) was in Los Angeles doing press for his new film, Moana, and graciously spent some time with his buddy Utkarsh. Before saying hello to the newest President he says goodbye to the First President aka Christopher Jackson as he leaves Hamilton and tells a few never-before-heard stories about their friendship. The guys then discuss how they met for the first time and get into a super nerdy...


EP 37: Manish Dayal AKA "The Southasian Leading Man"

Recorded Pre-Election, in a just as complex but not nearly as insane time, Manish Dayal (Hundred Foot Journey, Halt and Catch Fire, 90210) swings by Headgum studios to chat about working together Off-Broadway in the play Rafta Rafta (EW top 10 of 2008), and how he feels to be one of the few romantic leading males of South-Asian descent in Hollywood. He discusses the types of roles he wants to play, the type of roles he gets to play, and how is flawless good looks have hindered his career. An...


EP 36: Brittany Snow AKA "Pitch Perfect Priorities"

The Pitch Perfect reunion tour continues! Old Friend Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect 1&2, John Tucker Must Die, Hairspray) inexplicably allows Utkarsh into her home to reminisce about their experience shooting Pitch Perfect, taking time off from acting to find herself, walking through the fear of failure about singing on screen, and takes a deep dive into her organization Love is Louder. DO NOT MISS HISTORY BEING MADE!


EP 35: Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey AKA "The Room Where it Happens"

WHAT AN EPISODE. Utkarsh is an NBA fanatic, and what better way to kick off this season of basketball than to have Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey on the podcast! Mr. Morey discusses his musical theater super-fandom, how he let go of Jeremy Lin, the phenomenon that is James Harden, how to manage egos in the workplace, Tracy Mcgrady's final days in Houston and Utkarsh asks a very, VERY important question about Gilbert Arenas. This is a dream come true episode. DO NOT MISS HISTORY...