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111: The One Where 2016 Sucked

Well friends, 2016 is ending. God bless. Everyone can agree that this past year has kind of been a mess, and in this episode of Life Amateurs, Sydney and Carly look back on the year and explore all the shortcomings of 2016.


108: The One With Steve... Spielberg

Can you believe it? We have a friend! Stevi comes to chat about her qualms with Faye Dunaway, the footage of the Young Indiana Jones TV show, and a hearty rant about the famous people we'd like to sit down and have coffee with!


102: The One With Multiple Soulmates

In the second episode of Life Amateurs, Carly and Sydney examine the way in which friends change throughout your life. And they chat about the validity of soulmates! If you like what you hear and want to hear more, share this around! If you have a suggestion for a topic, or any questions, contact Sydney and Carly on Twitter, Wordpress, or Tumblr!