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Episode 19 - Kids in Cages

Hey E'rybody. I'm sure many of you are already aware of the atrocities being committed lately in the name of "border security", but you may not have a handle on some of the details. This episode is intended to inform you about exactly what is going on and why it is not only inhumane, but also ILLEGAL. It took some time to get all the moving parts together for this one and in the intervening days more news has surfaced on this issue. We're including a few links to those stories here at the...


Episode 18 - Olivier Blanchard

Hey E'rybody! Welcome to Episode 18 with Olivier Blanchard! Smart people who "get it" are hard to come by, and Olivier is one. If you don't learn something by listening to this episode; you're not paying attention. That is my favorite thing about Olivier. I may not agree with everything he says ... but I learn something every time. This episode was a long time in the making and I'm very proud and thankful to be able to share it with you. Grab your beverage of choice and settle in for a...


Episode 17 - Evan Cecil

Hey E'rybody! After a lengthy hiatus (which I'll discuss on a future episode), we are BACK with a fantastic episode featuring Director Even Cecil. I first met Evan several years ago when I got booked as Background on shows he Directed for Investigate Discovery. I've been following him on Facebook ever since. For quite a while he's been posting about the movie he's been working on for the past 3 years; a horror film entitled "Lasso". Well... the film is finally completed and is screening...


Episode 16 - James Reitano

Hey E'rybody! Welcome to Episode 16 with my guest James Reitano! James and I met in Jr High School MANY years ago. In this episode we chat a bit about what is was like to be a teenager in Santa Cruz in the 80s, James' Graphic Novel 1985 is about exactly that. He has also just finished the series 1987, which you can link to below. James is also the artisitic mind behind our new logo, which we are SUPER stoked about! What do you guys think of it? We also talked about previous jobs we've...


Episode 15 Part 2 - Taylor Reilly - First Year Retrospective

Make sure to download and listen to Part 1 before listening to this one! Time Stamps for Part 2 22:49 - Episode 7 with Luke and Hamish 56:30 - Taylor and I discuss Hamilton


Episode 15 Part 1 - Taylor Reilly - First Year Retrospective

Hey E'rybody! This one took a little while to edit, but I think you'll agree that it was worth the wait! My daughter Taylor joined me in studio this time for a retrospective on what we've been up to on Life of Reilly for the past year. We listened to clips of past episodes, which sparked some really fun, insightful conversations. If you want to skip to specific parts of the episode, I've included some time stamps at the bottom of this message. I've split the episode into two parts, to...


Episode 14 - My "Hamilton" Experience (No Spoilers, I promise!)

Hey E'rybody! In this episode I tell the story of my experience volunteering for the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History's "Hamilton Education Program". It was quite a day, as you'll hear. I got to see "Hamilton", you guys. But even more than that, I had an amazing, unforgetable experience that ran paralell to seeing the play. What an amazing, crazy day! I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording my story for you. If you're interested in learning more about...


Episode 13 - Voter Suppression

Hey E'rybody! A quick but resounding Thank You to the folks who have been checking out the show after seeing me on my daughter Taylor's YouTube channel recently. Its great to see you here! That video was a TON of fun to make, and thanks to her subscribers, it looks like we're going to make it a recurring series. For those of you who haven't seen the video, you can check it out here. In this episode, I talk about some of the facts about and methods used to hinder and/or remove people's...


Episode 12 - "Don't Be a Sucker"

Hey E'rybody! After taking a few months off (where does the time go?) to adjust to some life changes, we are back with a vengeance! This solo episode was inspired by the short film "Don't Be a Sucker" which was produced by the US War Department (since renamed Department of Defense) during World War II. Producer Wendy came across it during one of her forays into the corners of the internet and knew immediately that she HAD to show it to me. If you haven't seen it yet (I posted a link on our...


Episode 12 - “Don’t Be a Sucker”

Hey E’rybody! After taking a few months off (where does the time go?) to adjust to some life changes, we are back with a vengeance! This solo episode was inspired by the short film “Don’t Be a Sucker” which was produced by the US War Department (since renamed Department of Defense) during World War II. Producer Wendy came across it during one of her forays into the corners of the internet and knew immediately that she HAD to show it to me. If you haven’t seen it yet (I posted a link on...


Episode 11 - Denise Elerick

Hey E'rybody! My guest for this episode is Denise Elerick. Denise is a force of nature, let me tell you. She's a professional, a Mom, a Wife and an Activist. Not necessarily in that order. We recorded this one on the afternoon of November 20th at Denise's home in Aptos, CA. As such, there are the normal background noises one should expect in a home full of active people. Denise's family was very welcoming and considerate while we were recording, but some noises just can't be helped. It is...


EPISODE 10 - Let's have a chat, eh?

Hey E'rybody! I often have days where I WISH I could just chat with you guys. Today offered me the opportunity. So, welcome to Episode 10! Free-form, no script, no agenda. I literally just turned on the mic and started talking. God Forbid, right?


Episode 9 - Alice Dobbe Returns!

Hey E'rybody! Welcome to Episode 9, the return of Alice Dobbe! We had another great chat, this one a tad shorter than the last. We bounced around from topic to topic without ever seemingly finishing one - as you all know, I love taking tangents! Alice will be representing New Zealand in the Asia/Oceania Powerlifting Championships 2016, being held in Christchurch Dec 4th thru Dec 11th. We're currently looking for ways for listeners to send donations to help Alice pay for expenses such as...


Episode 8 - Is the Internet Making Us Evil?

Hey E'rybody! First of all, apologies for any confusion regarding this episode. The audio file got corrupted sometime during the post-production process and I didn't realize it until after my initial upload. I believe all is well now. It's been a CRAZY month since my last post - hence the delay in posting a new episode - but things are getting back on track now. So we're planning to follow this one up with another rather quickly. Stay tuned! - Kev In this episode, Kevin waxes over...


Episode 7 - Luke Barnett and Hamish Reddington Part 2

Make sure you listen to Part 1 first! Also - don't forget to subscribe, rate and review! Not only Life of Reilly, but these other podcasts, too: Press X To Jump It's Probably Fine The Prude and the Pornstar Rick and Paul Heal the World Contact us! Twitter: @lifeofreillypod Facebook: Email: We love you all! Tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers about Life of Reilly and any other podcast you...


Episode 7 - Luke Barnett and Hamish Reddington Part 1

Hey E'rybody! Strap yourselves in for this one, but get comfortable. Our Kiwi mates Luke and Hamish from the Press X To Jump podcast joined me for a 5 hour romp that will no doubt go down in LoR history. I've broken it up into 2 parts to facilitate easier downloading. Text in blue are clickable links that will open in a separate window. I seriously can't remember the last time I laughed so goddamn hard. This one is a MUST listen. Check the notes and links below to...


EPISODE 6 - Follow-Up to the ESA Rant, focusing on REAL Service Dogs this time.

Hey E'rybody! Welcome to Episode 6. This one is a follow-up to Episode 3 where Kev ranted about Emotional Service Animals.This episode focuses more on ACTUAL Service Dogs and how the phony ones are a detriment to the industry. Thanks to Eleanor Oster for sharing the article "The Hidden Complications of Fake Service Dogs" Links to the other podcasts mentioned in this episode: Press X To Jump Facebook Website Twitter It's Probably Fine Facebook Twitter The...


Episode 5 - Are You Offended? Get Over it!

Hey E'rybody! In this episode, Kevin tackles the PC Culture and the tendency people seem to have these days of getting offended for no good reason. Notable links: Can We Take a Joke? on Facebook The April Fools Joke SI played on us in 1985. It was SO good! Tufts University's "Check Out Our Cox" shirt. Don't forget to Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes! Email your comments/questions/show topics to Tweet Kevin @_kevinreilly Tweet the Podcast...


EPISODE 4 - "Understanding Trump"

Hey E'rybody! In this episode, Kevin reads the essay "Understanding Trump" by George Lakoff. This is a bit of a departure for LoR, but a very important topic. Everyone can benefit from Professor Lakoff's essay, regardless of political affiliation or geographical location. George Lakoff is Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics Emeritus at the University of California at Berkeley, and Director of the Berkeley Center for Brain, Mind, and Society. George Lakoff's...


EPISODE 3 - Emotional Support Animals

In this Episode, Kevin rants about ESAs and why their owners are a scourge on society. Links from the episode:: Info from the ADA The Chicago Tribune Article Canine Companions for Independence The Nauseating ESA website Patricia Marx's New Yorker Article "Pets Allowed" Recommended podcasts: It's Probably Fine Black Balance Actual Innocence Don't forget to check out Kevin's appearance on the Press X to Jump podcast with Luke and Hamish. Listen to the whole show to...