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Episode 16: We Got a New Attitude; Bigger, Better, and Badder! - Listen and Laugh with Bagel and The Brain

Take a listen to the new format of "Listen and Laugh with Bagel and The Brain!" Leading story: the Alabama Senate race and the key to the Democratic win. Results from the Twitter sex poll and the announcement of a new one @bagelandbrain. There's a dominatrix in Australia who's running a fetish gym! Would you want to join? The Brain wishes for better times when Christmas was a lie. Learn the seven things NOT to get your significant other for Hanukah or Christmas. More happenings in the...


Episode 15: Can Prince’s “Purple Rain” hold up in 2017 and The Brain celebrates his 15th Birthday! - Listen and Laugh with Bagel and The Brain

Does Prince's "Purple Rain" serve as the most iconic music movie from that decade and was he overrated? Results from last week's poll and take this week's racy Twitter poll because sex sells! What's in the ultimate cheeseburger will not only surprise you but block you. What's with the hype of Lil Pump and Smokepurpp? Pervs unite! Bill O'Reilly defends Matt Lauer as he fights for a $30 million payout. Prince Harry gets an incredible dose of Meghan Markle to soothe his jungle fever. Bagel...


Episode 14: Bad Girls at Shady Pines and a Coffee Date Drops an Unexpected Bomb! - Listen and Laugh with Bagel and The Brain

Bagel reports a plethora of news including the discovery of a prostitution ring in a senior living facility; three tools for falling in love; a friend of Bagel's gets burned at the coffee shop and it wasn't from the coffee; Results of the Twitter Thanksgiving Poll; Bagel gives an account of his trip to Boston to be with his family on Thanksgiving; Bagel is the last to know that Gayle King is a co-host on CBS This Morning, but he knows the best gift Oprah ever gave her; a family fight...


Episode 13: Properly Protecting Miss Puss and The Brain’s Embarrassing Emergency - Listen and Laugh with Bagel and The Brain

In this special Thanksgiving release, The Brain thwarts a potentially messy emergency only to find himself in a more embarrassing situation; Florida couple beats restaurant owner over cold fried chicken and a lack of fries; Bagel's first Southwest Airlines experience is a memorable one; A painting for a cool $450, 000,000; Sex in a pizza parlor parking lot and a crowded theater; What the Smithsonian says was most likely on the table at the first Thanksgiving; Six tips for proper vaginal...


Episode 12: Sammy Sosa is the New Michael Jackson, and OJ Hasn’t Learned a Thing! - Listen and Laugh with Bagel and The Brain

A "white," blue-eyed Sammy Sosa has apparently been bathing in bleach and using it as eye drops to wash the brown away, and The Brain isn't having it one bit! Bagel details his drive to Orlando and recalls his experience with a drunkard that claimed Jesus took the wheel, turned the car around, and drove him home. Listen and Laugh is now heard on Chorus, the podcasting app; download it and chat with other fans about the show! The snowbirds have begun to converge on SoFlo shores, so lines...


Episode 11: Bagel Picks Up a Smelly Tranny and Discovers a Bimbo - Listen and Laugh with Bagel and The Brain

Bagel and the Brain give sex advice to a member of the Laughing Nation. Rand Paul mows his lawn and gets broken ribs. Sarah Huckabee Sanders gets fat shamed for not being hot enough for Trump to date. Dancing with the Stars review (Erin Andrews, Kristi Yamaguchi, Terrell Owens, Lindsey Stirling, Alfonso Ribeiro, Frankie Muniz, Jordan Fisher and Corbin Bleu). Why McDonald's keeps running out of food in Florida. Bagel's crazy rideshare with a smelly tranny. Terry Crews and Julianna Margulies...


Episode 10: Tossed Salads and More Passengers Board the Pervert Express - Listen and Laugh with Bagel and The Brain

Bagel and The Brain continue to cover the ever increasing number of celebrity sex fiends outed by their victims. Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade enjoy a diet of frequent and delicious salads. A "Listen and Laugh" fan's obsession with Gina Davis. Unfortunately, both Simon Cowell and Wendy Williams got up! Why does The Brain dislike Tiger Woods and Michael Jordon so much? A Halloween debriefing including the fun at Salem, MA, the best and worst treats according to, and actual...


Episode 9: The Furry Fetish and Horny Presidents - Listen and Laugh with Bagel and The Brain

The Brain is shocked to learn about a fetish among furries! #MeToo drags George HW Bush among the ranks of the exposed, entitled perverts who use power to prey upon women. RIP Robert Guillaume and Fats Domino. No wonder Thomas Jefferson was tipping down to the slave quarters to father six children with Sally Hemings; his wife, Martha, appears on the list of the ugliest First Ladies in American History! Justin Bieber is slowly transforming himself into a garter snake. Increase the Laughing...


Episode 8: Sweepstakes Edition with Twisted News - Listen and Laugh with Bagel and The Brain

Bagel and The Brain announce The Listen and Laugh Sweepstakes with gift card prizes! Enter to win! Unless you've been vacationing on the moon, no one hasn't heard the Harvey Slimestein news, but listen to Bagel and The Brain's take on the subject. Dr. Watts opens the show in a special rendition that stirs the soul. Entertainment, political, and pop culture news; Bagel's dirty mind at work again; and of course, The Brain's inspirational quote.


Episode 7: Ugly First Ladies and a Prayer Meeting in a Hyundai - Listen and Laugh with Bagel and The Brain

Bagel and The Brain venture to Boca Raton, FL only to find trouble in the men's room at a local restaurant. The Brain shares a couple of bits on ugly First Ladies of the recent past. What the hell is a bubbler? Reclaim your male sexual vitality with a number of procedures and injections that include a hair restoration and a $2200 Priapus shot. What kind of person fights over a dipping sauce from McDonald's? #DownWithDove - what the hell is wrong with the ad execs that market Dove soap?...


Episode 6: Usher Allegedly Spreads His Herpetic Love, and Kevin Hart Climbs Atop a New Step Stool! - Listen and Laugh with Bagel and The Brain

Bagel and The Brain give their take on the various lawsuits and alleged extortion attempts involving Usher and Kevin Hart. Hear reviews and ratings on the Fall TV line-up and Bagel's confusion of Linda Lavin and Valerie Harper. The Brain is disgusted by Bagel and his fraternity bothers' binge drinking and wearing Depends undergarments to avoid having to get up and walk to the bathroom. The Brain's problem with crying children who embarrass their parents in stores ... the solution: WHOP!


Sitting on the Toilet with Wendy Williams and Rainbow Showers - Listen and Laugh with Bagel and The Brain

Bagel and The Brain riff about Wendy Williams' alleged love triangle and why The Brain thinks her husband is bisexual. Is Yom Kippur the man who died for the Jews' sins? According to a recent study, what is the average time spent having a private #2 Archie Bunker moment? A rainbow shower ... who's had one?


It's All About Sex ... Baby! - Listen and Laugh with Bagel and The Brain

Bagel and The Brain riff about horse porn and b*0w job etiquette. Listen and Laugh with Bagel and The Brain Facebook Twitter YouTube


Episode 3: Surviving Irma with Tuna and Miracle Whip - Listen and Laugh with Bagel and The Brain

Bagel and the Brain survive the hurricane and assess the damage. Episode 3: SHOW NOTES Surviving Hurricane Irma 0:29 #floridastrong 1:50 JetBlue reduces airfares 4:49 Anderson Cooper is gay 7:12 Residents of Florida Keys who refused to evacuate lash out at first responders 8:56 What day of the week are heart attacks most likely? 12:00 Looter losers 14:24 Orgy in South Beach 15:22 Miracle Whip and pickle juice 18:25 Do hardboiled eggs belong in tuna salad? 19:56 Flatliners sequel 22:20 What...


Episode 2: Bagel and the Brain Face Their First Real Hurricane - Listen and Laugh with Bagel and The Brain

Bagel and the Brain hunker down in Evacuation Studios to ride out the storm. Episode 2: SHOW NOTES Here Comes Hurricane Irma 0:41 Bloody Mary’s Terry Cloth Transvaginal Mesh 1:15 Rush Limbaugh flees Florida 3:38 How many cookies does the average person eat in a lifetime? 5:22 Sloane Stephens wins the U.S. Open Women’s Tennis Final 7:40 New evidence against Joe Paterno 14:44 Etymology of the word ‘Hurricane’ 18:02 Woman born without vagina crowdfunds so she can have sex with boyfriend 18:38...


Episode 1: A Hurricane Approaches and Evacuation Studios Is Born! - Listen and Laugh with Bagel and The Brain

Bagel and the Brain prepare for Hurricane Irma's arrival. Episode 1: SHOW NOTES Preparing for Hurricane Irma 1:20 ‘He Been Got That’ 3:20 Joel Osteen doesn’t let Hurricane Harvey victims into church 6:35 The Breakfast Club cast 7:18 Can you break up by text? 8:45 Will & Grace returns to TV . . . Ugh! 11:10 Zira from Planet of the Apes snatches a woman’s purse 14:00 The Brain boycotts FOX 17:12 Beyoncé vs. Madonna 20:45 Black Jesus & Good Times 21:50 Negroid, Mongoloid, and Caucasoid 24:51...