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S2ep34 Heh Heh Heh Absolutely

Reflecting on real life as real life happens. Download, Rate, Subscribe, Comment Tell a friend to tell a friend then tell a friend again. Music produced by JsouL The Black Sinatra. Find JsouL on instagram @jsoulmusic visit us at: LongstoryLongtheblog.com overcast.fm/itunes1039401903/long-story-long Twitter: @j_longstory IG: @longstorylongtheblog IG: @leasa_longstorylong IG: @jaydelnegro Facebook search for Leasa M Hux and Jay Delnegro


S2ep33. But Her Name Is Becky with Special Guest

Jay and Leasa are back for another week of delivering that good good with Leasa being in her Surrounded by Mens zone. We cover the B.E.T Awards from bad performances, to too much performances and our takes on some of the more controversial moments of the show. Jay questions why doing what you say you’re going to do can be difficult at times. What’s up with Toni Braxton and Birdman? Definitely stick around for part 2 of the show when we have, as Leasa likes to call it, our “United Nations”...


Ep.15 Swagger On 100thousand Trillion - Long Story Long

Mr. West is in the building, at least thats how Leasa see’s it. Episode 15 the precursor to Valentines Day. Leasa continues on happiness high-horse around all things love related. Thanks to The Game Leasa feels that her stretching has all been worth it. There are a lot of mentions of The Game throughout this episode really. Cant escape the Kardashian’s ever in life so there’s a bit of Yeezy and OJ talk. Leasa questions why people front so hard with Meme’s Gifs and pseudo Bible scriptures?...


Ep. 14 I Hate To See A Man Eat Like A Bird - Long Story Long

Jay and "Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose in a Selfie Together", one name say it all together like a Tribe Called Quest get into their weekly dealings. Jay’s gonna let Leasa finish but he has something to get off of his chest. Jay even fills the audience in on what his safe-word is. Leasa and Jay run down memory lane talking about OJ and the current mini-series. Leasa also discloses her non-involvement with Sports but surprisingly how involved she is with her man’s sports enjoyment and...


Ep13. So Is A Situationship Necessary - Long Story Long

Leasa and Jay have survived a Magedon and are here to play catch up. Jay discloses his belief in weather machines. There’s a quick conversation about socks or the lack thereof. Jay’s eyes glazed over again after Leasa shares a ladybug story or 2. Leasa also goes on to tell of a date that was never to be a mall without a Nordstroms in it and introduces us to the word “Blown-a-ci-city” when breaking down why this date didn’t occur. Adding side hustles as a late entry to our list of 2016...


Ep.12 Add Magedon To The End Of It - Long Story Long

Leasa has a bit on the brain. She’s a bit downtrodden be it due to the snow or her shoes coming up missing. She lets it all out this episode. Return of Meek Mill comments. We know you all missed it. Leasa and Jay address their concerns about Snowmagedon 2016, from being prepared and NOT getting snowed in with people. Leasa tells her tales of going to Compton and asking strangers if they are in fact Gangbangers. This year is the Super Charged Black History Month. Jay admits not being but so...


Ep. 11 - He Made Him A Mix Tape - Long Story Long

Here we go again with the 2nd episode of 2016. Leasa blames Jay for her heart palpitations because jay got her worked up from the previous episode. Leasa speaks of her Alter-Ego’s from David Bowie to Liberace. Jay spends the majority of this episode with his eyes glazed over because it was TOO much for one regular dude to understand. Michael Jackson aint never touch dem kids. Leasa explains how she stands for Wayne. Considering thats her real baby farvah she probably should. The news...


Ep10. Inner - Sneaker - Winter - Swag - Voice - Look - Sound - Long Story Long

Our first recording of 2016. for Leasa and Jay are equally sure that this is going to be the year that either it goes down or up. Leasa has finished school and has gone from starving student to student loans and nigga she can’t do it. Catching up on the holiday hi-jinx we both got into. Leasa’s really into niggawhips, hover boards, … i mean really into em. Flying drones and why its not a good idea to fly em in the city. Lame ass Jay roamed the around town on New Year's eve, but was sleep...


Ep 8. The Grandeur Of It All

Ep: 8 - The Grandeur of it All The day after Turkey Gravy and Dinner rolls Leasa and Jay set out to record episode 8. Jay gives his take on why we ought to be thankful to the white man for Stove Top this holiday season. Leasa filling her online carts prepping for Cyber Monday. Those hover boards or as Jay refers to em “NiggaWhips”. Leasa’s struggle continues and in fact has become extra real. The re-Up of Ammonia for pneumonia. Jay’s noncommittal, funny acting ass brings up people not...


Ep7. And My Sneakers Is Cute

Jay and Leasa, or is it Brunhilda this week actually did a little video recording to go along with this podcast. Welcome us to Youtube. Leasa announces the Struggle Chronicles continue. Jay’s Mid-Life crisis that isn’t really a crisis, it’s just hair. Women getting more extra. She may not be a hoe, but she has on a hoe’s uniform. #youdoingit. Leasa presents a people poll to Jay and Jay represents all men with his responses. Jay’s disassociation with “Haters”. Jeezy’s latest mixtape, MGK’s...


Ep6. Forced To Commiserate

Ep6. Forced to Commiserate Ghost Jay and Leasa Fox kick off this episode tal’m bout bottles of liquor. Having the different kind of money to buy a $40thousand dollar rubber band. Leasa’s thought of taking on Remy Ma, vegetables on a tray, mixing business with pleasure, Jay dressed as McGruff the Crime Dog and how being a Police Explorer does not equal being snitch. Getting in your own way and how it stops you from doing what you want to do. Is crastornator an actual word? I can tell you...


Ep5. Date Your Boo And Love Her Long Story Long

Leasa debuts L. Boogie and the newness and excitement of her everyday hustle and struggle. We also discuss Leasa’s trip to the Wendy Williams show. Jay steps away from Facebook, at least the mobile version anyway. Leasa’s wants to do what to her Super-Bad Monday professor??? T.I’s apology and Raven’s foot in mouth disease along with ammonia’s practical usages. All the television that Jay didn’t watch including Empire and his overall lack of interest in it. Jay also discovers something new...


Ep.3 The Damn Audio LongStoryLong

Episode 3. Leasa and Jay play catch up since the last podcast. Explaining how LongStoryLong works and our reasoning around why we’re doing this. We cover how we’ve gone from loving real hip hop of the 90’s to loving Beyonce of today. Hell even Tupac’s Coogi vest even comes up as a point of discussion. Lil Dicky, Hip-hop R&B, Old Raggedy ex husbands, and Brothers you can’t trust., Jackson’s the next generation, Uncle Daddies and Brother Cousins. Why Jay isn’t too fond of strip clubs and his...


Ep.2 Take 2 LongstoryLong

Episode 2: Jay and Leasa get into hip hop, current events and continue to bring you along on how they're figuring out their voice here on Long Story Long. Discussions around the MTV Music Video Awards, all things hip hop and a few other topics. Read more at https://longstorylongtheblog.wordpress.com/


Ep.1 Finding Our Voice LongstoryLong

This is the introductory episode and its so introductory in fact it doesn't go as smoothly as we'd both like. There's a hiccup in the audio and we kinda have to fill in the gaps in the meantime between time. Listen to Leasa and Jay talk that good talk, cover that good good in the first episode of long story long. Read More at https://longstorylongtheblog.wordpress.com/