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10. Welcome, Miriam! (Just Desserts)

Lovejoy’s back and so are we! Welcome to the first episode of Series Two, where we can’t tell a dresser from a dressing table, Em gets much too excited about the Wisley Green’s Women’s Institute and Eric is sorely disappointed by a chocolate seahorse (who wouldn’t be?) In the first episode of the second series Lovejoy is released from prison and decides he'll play detective to find out just who framed him. Which seems to involve a rather large amount of breaking and entering - although...


9. Death And Birmingham (Death And Venice)

Show us yer campanile, it’s the season - ahem - SERIES finale as Lovejoy takes Venice for some reason we still haven’t completely worked out, despite diligently reading the original novel. Twins! Guns! Soft jazz! Knockers! It’s all here. Enjoy Pol going full Lovejoy Rainman with trivia ranging from British film of the 1960s to, well British sitcoms of the 1990s as we dissect this double episode in our extended one. Featuring our usual stumble through the plot as we discuss Diverse Lovejoy,...


8. The Look of (The March Of Time)

Swearing, spoilers and cocaine as Lovejoy's spidey senses tingle enough to pick up a cheapy antique clock with some not-so-cheapy love letters stuffed inside. Perhaps not one for little ears this week! This episode sees Lovejoy haring around the countryside "doing the eyes" at anyone who gets in his way, data protection rules be damned. "Borrowing" artefacts from a military museum, squeezing info out of solicitors and gaining entry to university research laboratories - nothing is too...


7. ANTIQUES MAN (The Real Thing)

Mere traces of peril this week as Lovejoy's rescue complex turns away from needy widows to the shopkeepers of Norfolk who have found themselves part of a not-massively-sophisticated fiddle game. He also gets an actual job (finally!) though nothing is as it seems, as per. This episode Pol shares the time she she thrust her ticket at Ian McShane; Helen reveals a surprising family connections and Em remembers her love for Mark Bellingham. We also enjoy Gimbert's turn on Antiques Treasure...


6. Personal Nun (To Sleep No More)

Lovejoy favours a scarf in this episode as he gets to the bottom of a double fiddle to help out a widow in distress (again.) We finally get around to making some corrections this week and shouting out a fan so join us as we enjoy a playful Tinker, discuss clerical dress (phwoar) and meet gun toting Smiley O'Reilly. The original Lovejoy episode was written by David Brown and directed by Ken Hannam. Antique of the Week: ARPANET (without which...)


5. Peak Vintage McShane (The Judas Pair)

It's the darkest episode to date as Lovejoy comes up against a Real Baddie. Based on an even darker book, join the metropolitan liberal elite as we discuss Detective Lovejoy (much to Em's disgust) and perform a stunning rendition of the Antiques Roadshow theme. We also recast the series for the modern age, try to decide where Lovejoy studied and struggle to choose our Antique of the Week - Eric's ghettoblaster or Ian McShane's legs? The original Lovejoy episode was written by Ian La Frenais...


4. Ecce Romani! (Friends, Romans and Enemies)

People called Romans they go in the house? It's an episode full of moderate peril as Lovejoy visits the Isle of Man (which is NOT in England, it turns out) fails to find Gef the Talking Mongoose but does see off Nigel Farage whilst he searches for buried treasure. Wot a ROMP! Join us as we practice our Latin, learn about fake (or otherwise) Roman hoards and decide our Misogyny Of The Week. Antique of the Week: Roman hoards in Britain. The orginal Lovejoy episode was written by Ian La...


3. Pomegranate of Potash (The Sting)

Is there a train station in Lavenham? We enjoy a romp around the UK with Lovejoy et al as we learn when yellow was invented, who created the Hard Rock Cafe and why you shouldn't trust a charity shop bargain. The original Lovejoy episode was written by Ian La Frenais and directed by Baz Taylor. Antique of the Week: Em's "Chanel" handbag.


2.Cab Sauv & KFC (The Axeman Cometh)

Lovejoy is in demand! He decamps away to a houseboat in London whilst trying to offload a snazzy bit of headwear. We dust off our schoolgirl French, discuss stereotyping on TV and stop Pol googling something she definitely, definitely shouldn't. The original Lovejoy episode was written by Terry Hodgkinson and directed by Roger Tucker. Antique of the week: Muff pistol (fnaar...)


1.Booze On A Mop (The Firefly Cage)

Antique of the Week: Bible Box (from the century of your choice.) We meet Lovejoy (never Mister) and his gang for the first time, including Lovely Eric and a rather green looking Tinker. The original Lovejoy episode was written by Ian La Frenais [based on Firefly Gadroon, by Jonathan Gash] and directed by David Reynolds.