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Lynn, idea for a podcast: four idiots discuss their love of all things Partridge in this unofficial podcast – including their favourite Alan moments, his cultural legacy and lots more, one episode at a time. A-ha!

Lynn, idea for a podcast: four idiots discuss their love of all things Partridge in this unofficial podcast – including their favourite Alan moments, his cultural legacy and lots more, one episode at a time. A-ha!
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Lynn, idea for a podcast: four idiots discuss their love of all things Partridge in this unofficial podcast – including their favourite Alan moments, his cultural legacy and lots more, one episode at a time. A-ha!




Ep 58 // Stephen Mangan (AKA Dan Moody)

Stephen Mangan is our special guest as we round off the series (and year) live in London. We go behind the scenes on Partridge and talk being Dan Moody, who invented the sex festival, indecent proposals and Matt LeBlanc's willy grabbing. Plus: Green Wing, Episodes, Hang-Ups, Top Gear, Postman Pat and Stephen's secret prog-rock past. // If you've enjoyed the series, please subscribe + rate us where you can. Thanks for listening and we'll see you in 2019 for NEW PARTRIDGE! // Get in touch:...


Ep 57 // Grundy + Snow: Mid Morning Matters S2E6 (LIVE)

Famous Bobs, Billys and the Berks of the Week collide in this episode, as we come to you live from London and discuss Alan's anguish, sheep-shagging, caffeinated quandaries and 'Mental Monday'. We also celebrate Tim Key's face, summarise the series and ask: Janette - will she EVER press transfer? Come on Norfolk: Let's go home! // Get in touch: | | Instagram: @monkeytennispod | Twitter: @thepartridgepod


Ep 56 // Massage + Royal Visit: Mid Morning Matters S2E5 (LIVE)

In this relaxingly regal episode, live from London, we cover on-air massage, Eamonn Holmes' lavish birthday and the Windows '95 noise, as well as royal syphilis, Alan's imaginary knighthood and Blue Peter badges. Plus: Edmonds, Barlow and Beverley Bacton. Do we find inner serenity? Are you f**king with me?! // Get in touch: | | Instagram: @monkeytennispod | Twitter: @thepartridgepod


Ep 55 // Jasper + Chef: Mid Morning Matters S2E4 (LIVE)

We're talking garden burials, gobblin' Goblin burgers, and Sidekick Simon's mammoth hangover in this week's Mid-Mor-Mat. As well as tackling shower wees, Angela's horny interlude and the Valentine Day (sic) gobble-off. Plus: Tom Stabb rents a digger, Adam insults some monks and Nick fumbles a quiz. Recorded live in Manchester! // Get in touch: | | Instagram: @monkeytennispod | Twitter: @thepartridgepod


Ep 54 // Blackbird + Gangster: Mid Morning Matters S2E3 (LIVE)

White leather, rough tongues, bald aggression and Nick's annual bath are all up for discussion this week as we head to Manchester! We also pit Angela against Sonja, and ask: Can keyboards be pets? Blackbird: Balladry or bellendry? What would the world be without Monkey Tennis? Better/It's complicated! Kick off your shoes, big gulp of juice, let's see what happens! // Get in touch: | | Instagram: @monkeytennispod | Twitter:...


Ep 53 // Book Club + Dave Clifton: Mid Morning Matters S2E2 (LIVE)

We're back in Bristol, talking Anglian swagger, savaging Wild Swans and snacking on Chicken Drizzle Cake as we discuss Alan's 12 second wee, the redemption of Dave Clifton, engage in charity chat, and ask: Bernie Eccleston - Alan's hero? // Get in touch: | | Instagram: @monkeytennispod | Twitter: @thepartridgepod


Ep 52 // Foxhunter + Radio Play: Mid Morning Matters S2E1 (LIVE)

Recorded live in Bristol, this week we talk knighting Savile, cooking Farage and washing elephants as well as discussing dream dinner parties, Making a (Noel Edmonds) Murderer and Alan's erotic radioplay along the way. Plus: What would an ITV Partridge look like? Can Jesus go on YouTube? And what happens when you pit Carl, Lee and Barry against Tom, Dick and Harry? // Get in touch: | | Instagram: @monkeytennispod | Twitter:...


Ep 51 // Large Questions: Part 2

What ya doin'? Who's with ya? We return to our mailbag to tackle haphazard rankings, more Partridge Monopoly and a litany of our own gaffes, in an episode so good it makes Tom Dark forget his own name. Plus: A new quiz that I think we can all agree comes to a professional and sensible conclusion // Get in touch: | | Instagram: @monkeytennispod | Twitter: @thepartridgepod


Ep 50 // Large Questions: Part 1

We're back, carefully opening the drawer marked 'your feedback', then saying 'Bloody hell': Chocolate replicas, experiencing Alan live, (Bride of) Chucky Egg and Alan vs. Noel. Also: Why is Partridge like the Beatles? Is Alan genuinely protective of Lynn? Is Sidekick Simon the inspiration behind Denton Abbey? How could we get it so wrong on Alan's canine companions? // Get in touch: | Instagram: @monkeytennispod | Twitter: @thepartridgepod |...


Ep 49 // Welcome To The Places Of My Life (LIVE)

Recorded live at London Comic Con, we tackle Alan's homage to his beloved hometown of Norwich, prompting us to talk obesity hotspots, Alan's 10 minute commute, the real Orbital Digital, leisure centre hygiene, Hitler and dogging. Apologies for the shonky sound this time around: we were made promises about recording quality that were not kept. Go careful now, my loves! // Get in touch: | Twitter: @thepartridgepod | | Instagram:...


Ep 48 // Alan Does Comic Relief: Part 2

We swerve into the 00s this week as we continue our peek at Alan's Comic Relief contributions featuring an irate Peter Kay, a handy Paddy McGuinness and a disturbed Simon Pegg. Also: We pit Bono, Sting and Geldof against one another, and discuss limp charity audiences, Alan's secret sister, where Philomena meets Partridge and Kay vs. Coogan worldwide, as well as asking: How handy is Michael? // Get in touch: | Instagram: @monkeytennispod | Twitter: @thepartridgepod...


Ep 47 // Alan Does Comic Relief: Part 1

We've gone up the BT Tower, down to Norfolk Park and back to the days of Teletext in order to explore some of Alan's many contributions to Comic Relief (including THAT Kate Bush medley). We start with his 90s appearances, prompting chat on Bryan Ferry, 'Bladakker' and Big Brother evictions. Plus: How did Right Said Fred happen? Is cack back? And where did Alan's Canadian wife Toni come from? (Canada, obviously). Let's go swimsuit! // Get in touch: | Instagram:...


Ep 46 // Turgid + Milkshake: Mid Morning Matters S1E6

Simon's out and Zoe's in this week as we discuss Alan's chair slide, caller Samantha's 'fat arms', Nick's bootie love and the trouble with caller anonymity. We also ask the large questions: Has Alan ever finished a book? Are we mellowing in tandem with Alan? How does Mid Morning Matters stack up against Classic Partridge? // Get in touch: | Instagram: @monkeytennispod | Twitter: @thepartridgepod |


Ep 45 // Shadow + Tax: Mid Morning Matters S1E5

Quease! Glands! Hamza! Palm piss! In this week's slightly manky episode we see what happens when Partridge goes Paxman, celebrate the return of capes and put Alan vs. the millionaire, ridiculous LinkedIn people and Alan's earnings under the microscope. We also play a quiz which is conducted entirely fairly and we all definitely agree is just a bit of fun. // Get in touch: | Instagram: @monkeytennispod | Twitter: @thepartridgepod |


Ep 44 // Chucky + Traitor: Mid Morning Matters S1E4

It's Alan on Alan on art on art on ancestry on ancestry on air rifles on air rifles this week. Other hot topics: Simon's weed habit, Chucky Egg (the meal of the north), the real Seal and - the return of JembAlan? Plus there's the small matter of 'a sidekick's betrayal' // Get in touch: | Instagram: @monkeytennispod | Twitter: @thepartridgepod |


Ep 43 // Idiom + Inception: Mid Morning Matters S1E3

We welcome all FOP (Fans of Partridge) as we dive into Alan's Twitter track record, bad callers and the MMM timespan. We also look into Alan's healthy anus (figuratively), the dark core of his callers, discuss the folk stylings of Will O'The Wisp and try to answer the question "What's the best thing?" // Get in touch: | Instagram: @monkeytennispod | Twitter: @thepartridgepod |


Ep 42 // Mustard + Pepper: Mid Morning Matters S1E2

How funny IS Sidekick Simon? Why film in just a couple of rooms? Did Herbie really go bananas? Just a few questions answered this week. In addition, expect Billie Piper facts 'coming out the wazoo', and we talk hometown heroes, fowl play and the curse of 'Tottenham Cartoon'. Plus: We play Alan's Surname Mastermind and Fakenham or Realenham. Ooh, that's mustard. // Get in touch: | Instagram: @monkeytennispod | Twitter: @thepartridgepod |


Ep 41 // Super Talk: Part 2

We respond to more feedback and answer some pressing questions this week: Who's the villain of the Partridgeverse? Does Alan have a secret third child? What's the worst thing you've done at a funeral? We also discuss the recent documentary, talk Fosters vs. Coogan, and carry out more wild speculation about the new show. // Got feedback? / Twitter: @thepartridgepod / / Instagram: @monkeytennispod


Ep 40 // Super Talk: Part 1

We're back with a rifle through your feedback! We talk Social Medialan, have a Simon Greenall post-mortem, consider Winton's wedding, expose grave inconsistencies, learn what Jed Maxwell is up to now, and own up to our many balls-ups. Also: Tom Stabb gets to grips with baby brain, whilst Nick attempts to explain his baffling poll system... // Get in touch: / Twitter: @thepartridgepod / / Instagram: @monkeytennispod


Ep 39 // Simon Greenall AKA 'Michael The Geordie'

A very special guest arrives just in time for the last in the current series - Mr Simon Greenall lifts the lid on the formation and (alleged) demise of Michael the Geordie, how Partridge gets made, and the best bits that never made it to air. But first, there was the small matter of Admiral Nelson to discuss... // Get in touch: / Twitter: @thepartridgepod / / Instagram: @monkeytennispod