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The "Mad About You" recap podcast about New York in the 90s, weird tv, and occasionally, "Mad About You."

The "Mad About You" recap podcast about New York in the 90s, weird tv, and occasionally, "Mad About You."
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Los Angeles, California


The "Mad About You" recap podcast about New York in the 90s, weird tv, and occasionally, "Mad About You."






MAMAY Episode 52 - "Pandora's Box"

Grab a flashlight and a copy of the Constitution: there’s a blackout on Mad About You AND on Mad About Mad About You! Listen to Jon get mad and Russ laugh at Jon getting mad as they discuss s3e6 (“Pandora’s Box”). Paul and Jamie are getting cable the hard way. Is it funny? You decide! They also discuss NBC’s Blackout Thursday, the man who makes Daylight Savings Time happen, and the Greatest Cities in the U.S. besides New York (spoiler: they’re all New York). So stock up on candles: the...


MAMAY Episode 51 - "Legacy"

You’ll go crazy FORE this podcast! That’s what Burt Buchman would say if he was summarizing this episode of #MAMAY. But he’s not, so just forget about it! Jon and Russ are here to talk all about S3E5 Five of #MadAboutYou (“Legacy”). Burt’s retiring! Who gets the sporting goods store? Paul? Jamie? Selby? Matters also discussed include helicopter accidents involving Chicago doctors, the verbiage of police officers, and the candy bars of ballplayers. We SWISH you’d listen, rate, and review!


MAMAY Episode 50 - "When I'm Sixty-Four"

Fifty! The big 5-0! Jon and Russ celebrate a milestone episode by covering Paul, Jamie, and a very special Mr. Wicker in Episode 4 of Season 3 of Mad About You (“When I’m Sixty-Four”)! They also dive HEAVILY into bicycle stabbings, Madman of the People, and monkey shows! They laugh a whole lot, which is the way it oughta be. Thanks for listening, rating, and reviewing, Reis-guys and Reis-gals. Enjoy!


MAMAY Minisode - Helen Hunt Plays A Junkie!

Reis-guys and Reis-gals, it's minisode time! Turns out Helen Hunt was once a guest star on a very bizarre 1980s HBO show called THE HITCHHIKER. Do Russ and Jon spend about 45 minutes discussing one of the most bonkers episode of television Russ has ever seen? Does Jon think it's actually a visionary piece of art? You'll have to listen to find out, but the answer is yes! Know what? Listen anyway!


MAMAY Episode 49 - "Til Death Do Us Part"

For better or for worse? For richer or poorer? Save those phrases for comics and movies, respectively! This episode of Mad About Mad About You is all about "Til Death Do Us Part" (Season Three, Episode Three). Jon and Russ join Paul and Jamie at the track, all set to say goodbye to the dearly departed Uncle Van. About what else do they speak? Why, Jon's hatred of Seinfeld ranking lists, train poker, and seeing dirty movies with one's parents. Are you trying to seduce us? If so, listen,...


MAMAY Episode 48 - "Home"

Stay coolie cool, Reis-guys and Reis-gals! Russ and Jon are delighted to break down "Home" (Season Three, Episode Two), a tale of star-crossed lovers who also happen to be dogs. Will they find their true home, much as Paul and Jamie did? No! It doesn't really come up! Things that DO come up are the Fall of Ross Geller, the best way to smuggle a car's worth of cocaine, and the best way to structure a Rashoman scenario. "There's a place for you/Somewhere a place for you..." and it's here!...


MAMAY Episode 47 - "Escape From New York"

Subway! Russ and Jon are ready to kick of Season Three of Mad About You with the 47th episode of Mad About Mad About You! Beat the heat and "Escape From New York" with the Paul and Jamie for a bit! Also discussed is the Best Night In Television History, the happiest pothole-filler in New York, and the Fabulous Finkel Brothers. Clamenza! Listen up!


MAMAY Minisode - There's Johnny!

Heeeeeeeeere's Russ and Jon and a mini-sode of Mad About Mad About You! (What a catchy saying!) Your intrepid hosts watched Paul Reiser's newest project "Theeeeeere's...Johnny!" and they're here to talk all about it. Do they love it? Do they just like it? Do they know how to pronounce the name? Listen! The answers are held within!


MAMAY Episode 46 - "With This Ring"

Two! Two! Two episodes in one! In this super-sized Mad About Mad About You, Jon and Russ discuss Season Two's two-part finale, "With This Ring" (Episodes 24 and 25). Paul loses his wedding band, and both Buchmans lift their ban on becoming parents! Other points of discussion include a beetle vault, bodega shopping, and the true nature of The Twilight Zone. A special one! Listen and love it!


MAMAY Minisode - Classic Movies (feat. Marya Gates of TCM)

"We ARE big! It's the pictures that got small!" Norma Desmond says that in SUNSET BOULEVARD, a movie which is not mentioned at all in this mini-episode of Mad About Mad About You! Russ and Jon talk with professional cinephile Marya Gates of TCM about the classic films of yesterday. Topics discussed include Laurel and Hardy, Peter Falk, and Vanilla Ice. Come down the rabbit hole with us! #50by50


MAMAY Episode 45 - "Up All Night"

Bonjour! Stop kissing us! We're trying to tell you about this week's Mad About Mad About You episode, "Up All Night" (Season Two, Episode 23)! Russ and Jon tackle an episode chock full of caffeine and Gomez Addams. They also discuss the story of Chris Gaines, the tedium of archaeology, and the loss of Louis Zorich. Lots of laughs inside! Enjoy them!


MAMAY Episode 44 - "Storms We Cannot Weather"

This week's Mad About You was fantaaaastic! Just fantaaaaastic! Jon and Russ welcome an old favorite back in Episode 22 of Mad About You's second season ("Storms We Cannot Weather"). They KIND of like him. (This is a big hint!) They're also thrilled to discuss the television and Broadway appearances of a very young Haley Joel Osment, Charlotte's Web II, and closet mummies. Get your atlas and have some fun with us, Reis-guys and Reis-gals! Let's go!


MAMAY Episode 43 - "Disorientation"

With apologies to Alice Cooper, school's IN! The 21st episode of Mad About You's second season is here ("Disorientation"), so get ready to learn a thing or two. Jamie's all set to pursue higher education again. OR IS SHE?? Jon and Russ tell you all about it, as well as uncovering the legacy of Archie Bunker's home, the complicated story of the Jackie Robinson of stickball, and the worst slogans in parade history. Pencils down! Listen up!


MAMAY Minisode - Three Different Mad About Yous

A title so nice, they used it (at least) thrice! Russ and Jon spend some time together discussing three songs titled "Mad About You". Great times to be had! Enjoy this mini-sode! Please listen, rate, and review! Let's make it to #50by50 ! Have fun, friends!


MAMAY Episode 42 - "The Last Scampi"

New year, same podcast! Russ and Jon are here with the first full length episode of Mad About Mad About You! Moms can be stressful- even if you're a dog! We're here to talk about it as we break down "The Last Scampi" (Season Two, Episode Nineteen). We also talk about Yoko Ono's musical, the price of kosher butchery, and the first MAMAY weekend getaway to Christyfest! Happy New Year, Reis-guys and Reis-gals! #50by50!


MAMAY Minisode - Mad About You Revival

Has there ever been news more important or vital than the impending return of Mad About You to our television screens?? Of course not! Join Jon and Russ for a mini-episode in which they discuss their highest hopes and darkest fears for the potential return of America's Favorite Sitcom™. Listen up and listen good!


MAMAY Episode 41 - "Love Letters"

Dearest Reis-guys and gals, the past week without you felt like a lifetime! Oh, to be within your ear-embrace once again. We long to tell you about Episode Eighteen of Season Two of Mad About You, entitled "Love Letters". We also want to introduce you to Reasonable Rush Limbaugh, to tell you all about the Terminator's campaign to clean up NYC, and to name most of the characters from MAD MEN. Please write back, friends, which is to say, subscribe, rate, and review us on Apple Podcasts. We...


MAMAY Episode 40 - "The Tape"

Reis-guys and Reis-gals, pull the shades and warm up your VCR! Russ and Jon are back to talk to you about Episode Eighteen of Season Two of Mad About You ("The Tape"). Paul and Jamie have let a private tape fall into the wrong hands! It's not as devious as it sounds! They also say "See ya!" to THEA, strive to clean up the violence in subway movies, and learn Jon's favorite style of music! Live life without ignominy! Listen, subscribe, rate, and review!


MAMAY Episode 39 - "Instant Karma"

How in the world you gonna see/Laughin' at fools like we? It's a very Beatley Mad About Mad About You, as Russ and Jon talk about "Instant Karma" (Season Two, Episode Seventeen)! Yoko Ono plays heavily into the plot; what else does? Glad you asked: the dangers of nationalism in the Olympics, the best location in which to see The Nightmare Before Christmas, and the most romantic places in New York. Come and get your share!


MAMAY Episode 37 - "Cold Feet"

Let's take things to the next level, Reis-guys and Reis-gals! Will you skate with us?? We sure hope so! Russ and Jon are back to talk about Episode Sixteen of Season Two ("Cold Feet")! A new apartment AND a proposal?! Those Buchmans move fast! Your hosts also talk all about the Rubik's Cubes of the Alt-Right, Henry Winkler's Rush Limbaugh impression, and 1994's answer to WebMD! There's an awful lot to laugh at, gang. Shout it from the windows and enjoy!


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