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Major's Mess Hall - Episode 138 - Home A Lot (Christmas Special 2020)

Our final episode of 2020 is here! Gavin and Craig are joined by guest hosts Kelly, Mike and Dan, as well as Mikes brother Martin, and a familiar voice from the past comes back to join the team once again.... Merry Christmas to all of our listeners and supporters! you guys keep MMH on the up, and it's so appreciated by all of us, even Craig! We will be back in 2021 for more bullshit galore!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 137 - Love, Loss And The Holiday Shits

Mike joins Gavin and Craig again for one big fucked up catch up!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 136 - File 89

This week Kelly and Dan join the guys for more hilarious chat!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 135 - Craig's Got Covid

Craig's back from his vacation, and he's brought something back with him..... And Gavin's cousin Dan stops by for some hilarious chat! Also FUCK YEAH ON THAT BIDEN WIN!!!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 134 - The Queen's Hands

This episode its Gavin in the hot seat, as Kelly asks him some probing questions! We also showcase some new music from Ukdian, and say a final farewell to a friend.


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 133 - Paul Marazzi Of A1

This week we are joined by pop star Paul Marazzi of A1! Paul tells us all about family life during lockdown, his latest venture into vlogging, and why he decided it was the right time to rejoin A1. Follow Paul on Instagram @paul_marazzi and Twitter @mazzratazz


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 132 - Chris Amoo Of The Real Thing

We have a very special guest this time round on the Mess Hall! Liverpool soul singing legend Chris Amoo, lead singer of The Real Thing joins us for a chat! We talk song writing, live performing as a now two piece band, and what it's like being a member of the first ever UK soul group! Follow The Real Thing on Instagram @therealthingofficial and Twitter @realthinguk


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 131 - Denise Solis 'Backstreet Mom'

Joining us on this episode is mother of Backstreet Boy AJ Mclean - Denise Solis! We talk hypnotherapy, life coaching, writing books, and just what its like to be the mom of a Backstreet Boy! AJ is currently on this season of Dancing With The Stars, so make sure you vote for #TeamPrettyMessedUp Music for today's show is the song "Neverending" by Ukdian


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 130 - 5 Years Later...

And just like that here we are at our 5 year anniversary episode! enjoy our 2 hour special, with a bunch of awesome guests stopping by! Thank you to all of our dedicated listeners for sticking with us for 5 freaking years! here's to the next 5!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 129 - Even If You Shake And Dance The Last Drop Lands In Your Pants

Another very random chat from your favourite 3 fellas!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 128 - Break Time's Over

After a massive 6 weeks off, we're back with more shit!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 127 - Declan Bennett

Joining us this week is the extremely talented singer songwriter/actor Declan Bennett! He tells us about his song writing process, working on both the Westend and Broadway, and his time on British soap opera Eastenders. Dec's new album "Live & Aloud" is out on August 14th on Spotify and Itunes.


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 126 - Mike Smith

We were lucky enough to have the awesome Mike Smith AKA Bubbles of Trailer Park Boys sit down to talk with us for a chat we've been wanting to have with him on the show for almost 5 years! Plus, Josh Hines stops by to join us in our review of the latest season of the TPB animated series, and Craig tells us how he was once kicked out of a strip club after taking a drink from a weird man on the street.


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 125 - Vox Smith

This week we are joined by our youngest guest yet! Vox Smith (son of Mike Smith who plays Bubbles on Trailer Park Boys) is just 9 years old, but so far has starred in movies, tv shows, voiced a character for an animated series, and even won awards! also, Craig tells us about his sausage roll dilemma, and Bertie stops by to tell us what life is like in Newfoundland during lockdown follow Vox on Instagram @voxsmith


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 124 - The Viral Cat Cloud

Our guest this week is Mike Peters, and he is back with a brand new album with his band The Alarm! Stream/Hurricane Of Change is out now on Spotify and iTunes! We recap our last two weeks, answer some questions from you guys, and hear all about Gavin's viral tweet!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 123 - Cherie Currie

On this episode we welcome back one of the pioneers of female rock, Cherie Currie! She is back with a brand new original album BLVDS Of Splendor, and tells us all about the creative process, and also fills us in on how the legendary Slash came to play on it! We are also joined by actor/director James Podmore, who tells us all about his brand new interactive web series The Chase! BLVDS Of Splendor can be found now on Spotify and iTunes. Search on Facebook for Avenger's media and check out The...


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 122 - Jesse Camacho

This week we are joined by Netflix's Locke And Key star Jesse Camacho! We also bring our comedy sketch "Get To The Point" back, Craig tells us how many times he shits in a day, and Bertie stops by to tell us never to say the word "Coronavirus" again, or we risk the chance of being killed by the government.


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 121 - Waking Up The Neighbours

On this episode we have a quick catch up, Craig reads us a poem, Gavin tells us all about his noisy neighbour, and our guest this week is actress/singer Bettina Devin!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 120 - Nancy Valen

This week we sit down for a chat with Baywatch star Nancy Valen!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 119 - Ryan Toby

This week we are joined by writer/producer/singer/actor Ryan Toby! Ryan talks to us about producing and writing for such big names as Usher, Will Smith, Justin Bieber, Mary J Blige, and tells us what it was like working along side Lauryn Hill and Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act 2. He is also releasing solo music for the first time in his careea, and is putting out a new album every week during lock down. head over to Spotify to check him out!