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Major's Mess Hall - Episode 117 - Tiger King Special with Kelci "Saff" Saffery

Hey all you cats and kittens! Fuck, do we have a treat for you! We sit down with star of the number 1 Netlfix Documentary Tiger King, Kelci "Saff" Saffery! He tells us what life on the park was really like, and what was left out of the show... wanna know what Joe Exotic was really like when the cameras were switched off? we've got the full scoop! We also discuss some interesting conspiracy theories, and talk about whether or not Carole fuckin' Baskin did or did not kill her husband and feed...


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 116 - Jeanna Harrison

We are back with another exclusive Trailer Park Boys cast member interview! The lovely Jeanna Harrison, who plays Trinity stopped by for a chat with Gavin and Todd, to talk about her involvement on the show, and shares some really neat TPB facts we never knew about! We also have more usual shit chatter, and Coveboy joins us again!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 115 - Robert Catrini

Joining us this week is veteran actor Robert Catrini! he tells us all about building a career in acting, and the dedication it takes; and tells us just how much of a nice guy Tom Cruise really is! Follow Robert on Instagram - @robertcatrini_sagactor and Twitter @robertcatrini


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 114 - Shane Coyle

We are joined by original prankster Shane Coyle! who tell us all about how he got started with comedy, prank calling, child preditor hunting, and his ongoing feud with Aaron Carter! Follow Shane on Facebook at Shane Coyle's Prank Call Mafia. On Twitter @PRANKCALLMAFIA and Instagram @prankcallmafiashane


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 113 - The Sex Doll Face Challenge

On this episode we find out what happened to the unwanted guest in Craig's house that crashed the recording of our last episode! We talk about our brand new side project, exclusively for our patron's over on Patreon! We are also joined by our buddy Josh Hines who helps us answer some questions from you guys, and we discuss the brand new sex doll challenge!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 112 - When A Mouse Comes Knockin'

This time we have more 'Get To The Point' our improv comedy show, we are joined by the Lovely Kimmie Moekottea, who tells us all about her amazing talent as a portrait artist, we take questions from the listeners, and Craig is joined by an unwanted house guest!! Follow Kimmie on instagram at @bsb_art_1983 and @kimmie_art_1983


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 111 - Ronny Pascale

On the show this time is comedian Ronny Pascale! We have another episode of "Get To The Point", and Craig tells us all about his toothache, his criminal brother, and the time he once shit himself in bed.... We keep it classy, as always!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 110 - New Look, Same Great Taste

We are back, with a refreshing revamp of what we know you all love most! We start off with an explanation that we feel you all deserve, and then kick things off with a bang! We debut our brand new comedy skit "Get To The Point" and Italian stallion Mike B drops by for a chat about loving men and fighting woman.... or was it the other way around?? ;)


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 109 - The House Party III (Christmas Special 2019)

Merry Christmas! Come and join Gavin, Craig, Todd and Coveboy for more festive fun and fuck ups!!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 108 - Salmon Nipples

On this episode of the Mess Hall, only Gavin and Todd are here! Craig called in sick, and Scott never showed up..... SMH But we do have an awesome guest by the name of Valentina, a 17 year old artist/animator from Chile! she tells us all about her love for the Trailer Park Boys, and the alternate world she has created over on her instagram page (tpb_bots_au) where the Trailer Park Boys are all robots! go check out her work, she is incredible! Coveboy returns, with his trusty sidekick Mini...


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 107 - Brad Fischetti (LFO)

our interview with LFO member Brad Fischetti


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 106 - Craig Christ

Gavin, Todd and Craig discuss some interesting topics, from gallstones to religion to K Trevor Wilson! Craig reads us a Bob Ross inspired classic, and Coveboy stops by to tell Scott off for missing another episode!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 105 - Mark Barry Of BBMAK

On this addition of the Major's Mess Hall podcast, Gavin and Scott talk with BBMAK's Mark Barry about fitness, food, family, and the band's comeback, with their new album Powerstation! visit for tickets to their latest tour!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 104 - (Halloween Special 2019)

Another Halloween special from the Mess Hall boys! In this episode, we learn all about the great and powerful Powersini, Dick Johnson returns, Craig is more boring than usual, Gavin and Todd set Scott up for another round of "Where Are The T Shirts", and we have two awesome listeners joining in on the festivities - Josh Hines and Kim Kats! Please consider making any donations possible to our friend Josh. Here is the link to the GoFundMe page set up by the Taggart and Torrens podcast. Every...


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 103 - It Sounds Like Somebody's Pissing

On this episode we are joined by our friend, and writer, creator and star of the comedy web series Greenmount, Josh Prior. Scott has two Hit or Shit items to discuss, we play a round of top 3, and we delve deep into Todd's new feature "What The Florida?" plus the usual bullshit we produce every episode... enjoy!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 102 - Jack Off Jill

Scott is missing (shocker!) but we got you covered! joining us on this episode is our good friend Tom Termeer AKA ClusterheadTom!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 101 - The Boys Are Back In Town

We're back with a brand new episode! We talk about our busy summer off, and play out some new games! plus our Trailer Park Boys hot sauce winner is announced! Basically fresh start, same old shit!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 100 - Thank You

Finally we have reached episode 100! Join us for our biggest episode to date, where we include many of our most loved features, plus a few new ones! This episode includes - phone in with listeners Where Are The T Shirts? (because Scott is still failing) Pass The Buck (new feature) Story Time With Craig Backtrack Who The Fuck Is That? Todd's Deep Bath (new feature) The return of Dick Johnson Best Bits Its honestly not one to miss! We would also like to thank every single listener for their...


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 99 - Cherie Currie And Brie Darling

The week we are joined by two female rock legends! Cherie Currie (The Runaways) and Brie Darling (Fanny) who tell us all about their up and coming duo album "The Motivator". we also have our usual chat, with a classic Walters Rant, and possibly the funniest edition of Craig's Story Time so far!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 98 - You Must Know My Burps By Now

Another episode with very little planned!