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Major's Mess Hall - Episode 148 - Statues, Boglins, And A Horse Called Bertie

This week Gavin is joined by Kelly and Craig, and a new game is brought to the table!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 147 - Jacob Rolfe

Joining us this week is the very talented Jacob Rolfe, AKA Jacob Collins from Trailer Park Boys! follow Jacob on Instagram - and visit his website Big thanks to Christian Burns for allowing us to play out the episode with his latest single "Any Love", available on all platforms now.


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 146 - Me, Myself And Gavin

A quick solo episode from Gavin!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 145 - Dick Pics

It's our 3rd video episode, and this time Kelly joins us! We play Doodle Time, Show and Tell, and a new game that involves us drinking shots of whisky and gin.... it's fucked!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 144 - Craig's Beard

We're back again for our second video episode (find it on Youtube by searching Major's Mess Hall). Join Gavin, Mike, Craig and Coveboy, as they play two brand new features..... oh yes, it's as fucked as you can imagine!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 143 - Can You See Us?

Our first ever video podcast is here! see it on youtube here- - We will continue doing our audio episodes, so nothing changes for those who enjoy just listening! We only plan to do video episodes every now and then. Enjoy!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 142 - Sitcoms

This week Gavin catches up with Craig, and Dan stops by to talk all things comedy, in this sitcom special!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 141 - Lindsay Armaou Of B*Witched

Gavin and Kelly are joined this week by the ever lovely Lindsay Armaou from 90's girl band B*Witched! Lindsay tells us what life has been like for her during the UK lockdown, what's coming up next for her in the acting world, and we ask her all about what it's like being in one of the most popular girl bands of all time. Mike also stops by to help host a B*Witched themed game of mastermind, with disastrous results! Follow Lindsay on Twitter and Instagram @Lindsayarmaou


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 140 - Pollyanna Dorough

This week we are joined by the wonderfully multi talented Pollyanna Dorough! check out her album "Wings Of Hope" available on all good music apps!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 139 - Chatterish

It's 2021...... but it feels like 2016! Scott Powers is back for one off "old school" special! Craig is the most talkative he's ever been, and tells us all about testing positive for covid, Scott tells us about his own brand new podcast The Powers Point Podcast, and Coveboy Bertie stops by to join in on the fun with the MMH OG's.


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 138 - Home A Lot (Christmas Special 2020)

Our final episode of 2020 is here! Gavin and Craig are joined by guest hosts Kelly, Mike and Dan, as well as Mikes brother Martin, and a familiar voice from the past comes back to join the team once again.... Merry Christmas to all of our listeners and supporters! you guys keep MMH on the up, and it's so appreciated by all of us, even Craig! We will be back in 2021 for more bullshit galore!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 137 - Love, Loss And The Holiday Shits

Mike joins Gavin and Craig again for one big fucked up catch up!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 136 - File 89

This week Kelly and Dan join the guys for more hilarious chat!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 135 - Craig's Got Covid

Craig's back from his vacation, and he's brought something back with him..... And Gavin's cousin Dan stops by for some hilarious chat! Also FUCK YEAH ON THAT BIDEN WIN!!!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 134 - The Queen's Hands

This episode its Gavin in the hot seat, as Kelly asks him some probing questions! We also showcase some new music from Ukdian, and say a final farewell to a friend.


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 133 - Paul Marazzi Of A1

This week we are joined by pop star Paul Marazzi of A1! Paul tells us all about family life during lockdown, his latest venture into vlogging, and why he decided it was the right time to rejoin A1. Follow Paul on Instagram @paul_marazzi and Twitter @mazzratazz


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 132 - Chris Amoo Of The Real Thing

We have a very special guest this time round on the Mess Hall! Liverpool soul singing legend Chris Amoo, lead singer of The Real Thing joins us for a chat! We talk song writing, live performing as a now two piece band, and what it's like being a member of the first ever UK soul group! Follow The Real Thing on Instagram @therealthingofficial and Twitter @realthinguk


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 131 - Denise Solis 'Backstreet Mom'

Joining us on this episode is mother of Backstreet Boy AJ Mclean - Denise Solis! We talk hypnotherapy, life coaching, writing books, and just what its like to be the mom of a Backstreet Boy! AJ is currently on this season of Dancing With The Stars, so make sure you vote for #TeamPrettyMessedUp Music for today's show is the song "Neverending" by Ukdian


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 130 - 5 Years Later...

And just like that here we are at our 5 year anniversary episode! enjoy our 2 hour special, with a bunch of awesome guests stopping by! Thank you to all of our dedicated listeners for sticking with us for 5 freaking years! here's to the next 5!


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 129 - Even If You Shake And Dance The Last Drop Lands In Your Pants

Another very random chat from your favourite 3 fellas!