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NSFW 18+






Bonus 013 Alex Jones Is A True American Hero Censored Version

Bonus 013 Alex Jones Is A True American Hero Censored Version by Dave Chaffey Hippie


Ep015 Raise Your Vibrational Frequency To Orgasmicological Toxin Release Nirvana

Ep015 Raise Your Vibrational Frequency To Orgasmicological Toxin Release Nirvana by Dave Chaffey Hippie


Ep014 Brandy Balls Tweets

Ep014 Brandy Balls Tweets by Dave Chaffey Hippie


Bonus 011 Podcast Purge Promos Candy The Sexy MILF Stripper

Bonus 011 Podcast Purge Promos Candy The Sexy MILF Stripper by Dave Chaffey Hippie


Bonus 012 The Not So Crazy Cat Man Brain Of Blizzard The Wizard And Eli

Bonus 012 The Not So Crazy Cat Man Brain Of Blizzard The Wizard And Eli by Dave Chaffey Hippie


Ep012 Man Brain Guide To Man Brain Podcast

Muffy and Hank run through all of the Man Brain extreme comedy podcast episodes so far and convince you to listen to them all. Even if you've already heard them, then listen again! You know you want it. You know you need it! And then inflict it on your family and friends. And then become a Patreon subscriber And then help with the Man Brain podcast Wiki


Ep013 Learn Aussie Slang With The Bicker Bogans

The Aussie Man Brain Bicker Bogans answer some ripper questions from the Bicker Bots American podcast. (NSFW/18+) If you want to learn how real Australians talk when smelly foreigners aren't around, then take a listen as we've really let the joey out of the pouch. Here's an example: "A mole is usually not too shabby on the eyes; you’ll probably crack a fat when you take a squizzy at her meat pies and try to give her a burl but my oath mate she will yorker your Jatz crackers if you shack up...


Bonus 010 Hank's Testicle Lounge Spaghetti Jazz

In this mini-bonus episode, Hank discusses his testicle cyst removal set to light lounge jazz


Bonus 009 Itunes Podcast Chart Hacking Lance Armstrong's Balls

The other day, we were approached by a dude from Bangladesh who claimed to be able to get us a top ITunes ranking. We usually just fuck with these people or ignore their botty botness, but this time we managed to convince this guy to give us a little taste for FREE of what he could do...


Bonus 008 John Farnham Whispering Jack Off Boys

Bag your pipes and Whispering Jack your Special Touch of Paradise as Muffy & Pandy discuss John Farnham's greatest album. In this time, we know we all can stand together and we’re going to go through every single track of this perfect album and won’t stop until all of you can play the You’re the Voice bagpipe solo. We’re going to separate the Wheatley from the Chong Lim and the Lindsay from the Venetta Fields. And all you new fans are going to fall harder for Johnny than Molly Meldrum did...


Ep011 Stefan Molyneux Sucks My Big Black Cuck

Trigger Warning to all incel cucks! This is the story of your enslavement to Stefan Molyneux, internet libertarian cult leader hyper-reductionist douchebag. Here is his most popular video . Sure Stef, we're all slaves to the system, blah blah heard it all before. In this very special episode of Man Brain Podcast, Nigel Groper spends 2 hours satirising Stef's BS. Please share the shit out of this so that maybe some of Stef's poor fangirls & boys will listen and...


Ep010 Comedian Kevin Gootee tells cuck Brian his jokes are terrible in the nicest possible way

Special guest comedian Kevin Gootee from Comics Watching Comics has a long hard dominant chat with cuck Brian about BDSM switching, hilarious homosexuality jokes, hacky 12 days of Christmas jokes, Oprah for president, doing a Kevin Spacey on the Man Brain interns, depraved comedian vices & sexual deviancy, NFL head injuries, meth benders, fart noises, hardly any comedians called Kevin & how to make it massive in standup. Sorry, Lenny Marcus, Patty Rosborough & Carie Karavas, Kevin Gootee...


Ep009 Best Of 2017 With Lots Of Spanks

It's been a massive year for the Man Brain comedy podcast team and we celebrate with a bulging best of 2017 episode. SJW hater of our podcast Blossom Laqueefer was kind enough to join us and she thoroughly disciplines us for our disgusting sexist, racist podcast that promotes rape culture. Nigel plays the top 8 clips from this year's episodes and Hank enjoys the spanks a little too much. Make sure you listen to the squirting climax at the end!


Bonus 005 Bedtime Story - 3 Strikiatrists & I'm Bat Shit Crazy V1

Go to for more • Some psychiatrists are stranger and more diverse than Star Wars aliens. This is the bedtime story of me battling 3 of them like Luke Skywalker in the Mos Eisley Cantina. Or maybe I'm more like a little piggy getting blown by three big bad wolf psychiatrists. • Special thanks goes to My Worst Holiday podcast for inspiring this monologue. Check them out! • You can hear a more conversational version of this story on the episode...


Bonus 004 Marriage Equality Rant - Kevin Donnelly Homohating Catholic Pell Pudding Custard F*cktard

Bonus Addition to Man Brain Podcast Episode 6: Skullf*cker rants at Kevin Donnelly the homohating Catholic Pell Pudding Custard F*cktard for almost an hour. Even worse for Kevin is that marriage equality in Australia will be happening this year 2017. In your Christ-tarded face Kevin!


Bonus 003: Your Podcast Sucks Up Sovereignty Cuntich Women

Man Brain podcast presents Your Podcast Sucks! Muffy and Hank are back after a 10 year hiatus; not because you want them, but because you need them. Their new mission: destroy every single one of the 10,000 podcasts out there ending with their own. In episode 1 they rate and review She Rises podcast. Podcasters they troll have a right of troll reply and audio retaliations will be published on this channel. Keep the dream alive of a future with zero podcasts!


Bonus episode censored PC ep 5 intro

The most censor bleeps added to a podcast ever! Politically incorrect trigger words 100% removed. This is what it takes for Man Brain to be palatable to sensitive ears. Extreme comedy is painfully funny / Extreme censoring is painfully annoying. Any longer than this 6 minute ep5 introduction would be unbearable. Go to for the complete uncensored version & become a member to take a stand and #savemanbrain from all the hypocrites who love eating meat & buying cheap...


Ep004 Bad Girls Give Alleged Psychopaths a Bad Name part 1

NSFW. 18+. Trigger Alert Bomb Siren. This episode is NOT about Gable Tostee. Got it? You have never laughed and been disturbed by anything like it. Please share with those who need it most; both elites and deplorables. An extreme comedy podcast must go to places that regular folk would never dream of to examine the most hideous aspects of human nature that are a reality; no matter what denial lengths we’ll go to that surely none of this happens in our family / church / school / work /...


Man Brain Podcast Ep001 Trump Pussy Grabbing Power

Men's Rights Advocacy Satire Podcast Rant that is either disgusting or funny or a little of both depending on your political views. Do not listen if you are easily triggered/offended and have gone into a meltdown because Donald Trump won and you believe that this is the end for humanity. Do listen if you can laugh at the absurdity of human nature; even if some of your own beliefs are being challenged. This podcast is not an endorsement of anything.