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NSFW 18+






035 Cock Sucking Cohost Cat Fight

Cohost battle between current Blunt Mommy & former Hank. Did Hank man-up & take Blunt Mommy down? Or did he show the world just how much of a cuck he is? Send dick pics: Send custom pic requests: Go to for all other links Synopsis: lots of dick pic talk, Dave home wrecker, Hank's gay near miss, gummy bears crinkling, getting dommed by a dude called Riley, why is Hank still on the show?, Blunt...


TT001 Topless Aftershow NSFW Podcast Royal Rumble

Following the highly competitive, hilarious, dirty and at times down right nasty NSFW Podcast Royal Rumble, some of us went topless for a late night afterchat gang bang about bush up to the belly button, deep throating the feet, #titsoutforAlme, Riley's sexy AF jean shorts, Hank's lame AF thumb rings, the risks you take when bushing it, balls in Blunt's mouth... a lot, the short and long in torsos, ugly butt hole roses, monster dick pic collections, and so much more. And yes, the bra does...


B041 Blunt Mommy Pegging your Booty Hole

Blunt Mommy discusses in graphic details how she will peg your sweet booty hole backed by chillout electronic music with a thump thump thump Samples from Blunt Mommy podcast episode 11


034 Baby Batter Cream Pies with Blunt Mommy

Send dick pics! Pegging Daddy Dom Blunt Mommy Tears up Dave's Virgin Asshole #CabalFoLife Fucking Fighting & Fireballing Bitches! Blunt Mommy, new cohost of Man Brain podcast, & Dave really thrust deep into it in mammoth 2.5hr session which includes fireballing, pegging & panty stuffing. Yep Hank really has been kicked off & replaced with Blunt Mommy aka Lil Titler aka The Dick Pic Whisperer aka The Strap-on Rouge Baton aka Titty Witty aka Smilfette aka Panda aka The Blurper. She has lots of...


033 Goodbye Hank Hello Dick Queen

NEW COHOST!!! and celebratory anal sex with a perfect butthole! Send us artistic dick pics & submit name suggestions for new cohost's pink buttplug. Bonus points for Australian dick pics. Please make very welcome the new cohost of Man Brain podcast! Listen to the episode to find out who it is. Letting Hank loose from the show was tough and we play an excerpt from that very tense phone call. Then Dave and his new cohost talk about dicks and dick pics. Man Brain...


B030 Unfuckable Anthony Don't Give A Flying Fuck

Unfuckable Anthony is so cool he don't give a fuck 1 star review for this episode: "trying too hard, lame." If you love this episode, sign up to the real unfuckable Anthony's Patreon: Mentions: Who's Right podcast, Small Town Mentality podcast, My Worst Holiday podcast, Jamie Dunn & Agro, Shit Happens When You Party Naked podcast, Blunt Mommy podcast, #nooffense podcast, Gareth's Random Ramblings podcast, Noise Pollution podcast, Talk me Down podcast, Baked...


B029 Hashtag Me Long & Hard

Have you ever almost lost a friend over a hashtag? The Great Hashtag Wars of 2018 have been fought long and hard and this is the final battle. The final stand. This episode will cause the demise of one of the competing hashtags; which one will it be? What do you think? The gimmick or the virtue signal? The community or the shadow organisation? The official story or the conspiracy theory? Why did it have to come to this level of extreme pettiness? Is this where humanity is at, now that, for...


028 Podcast Cabal Gonna Sex You Up

NSFW/18+/Strong Sexual Content. What is the Podcast Cabal? We root around deep in this conspiracy theory. Has Blake from Noise Pollution podcast actually uncovered some truth about this group? Should we keep obeying the instructions sent to us anonymously by The Podcast Cabal? Does Blunt Mommy embed secret messages in her belching frequencies? Is Brian Dunning from Skeptoid investigating the Cabal as well? Does Jason from Shit Happens when you Party Naked podcast love chocolate milk? Is...


027 Adam Carolla starf*cked hard by our friend Phil Oakley

We stage an intervention for the grand starfucker himself, Mr Phil Oakley. Phil, it’s time to stop starfucking fading comedian Adam Carolla and start worshiping someone far more important to the future of humanity! Listen to the episode to find out who. You can tweet Phil @philoakley9 Shoutouts/Mentions/Promos: Heavyweight Chumps podcast, Small Town Mentality podcast, graphic artist Vegas_702, #Nooffense podcast, Shit Happens When You Party Naked Podcast,...


026 N Word Multiplier

Listen for the ‘N word multiplier’ sketch and get triggered!!! Go to for all the links. Bumper by Shit Happens When You Party Naked podcast. Thanks Jason & Chrissie! Maybe Man Brain team member Pandy has sucked a vegemite flavoured dick!!! Dave discusses our recent guesting on Shit Happens When You Party Naked podcast. A mammoth 2.5hr recording discussing Aussie slang! Dave discusses podcasting and claims that Man Brain podcast is the greatest podcast of all...


025 F*ck Bunny Wife

LYDIA THE F*CK BUNNY! Content warning NSFW / 18+ Dave’s wife’s first appearance on Man Brain podcast! She’s super-submissive and always up for it! We may never get her on the podcast again so be sure to listen to the full 150 minutes of the hottest woman of all time, Lydia! This is a massive episode to celebrate our 2nd anniversary of podcasting and 10,000 listens. We talk jamming with Keith Urban, Spunk Lube stunt cum, American Horror Story unable to splooge out satisfying endings, the open...


024 Squirter Pounder With Cheese Burpers

Warning: explicit content. Listen to internationally revered female sexuality experts Muffy & Prof Hank educate you on the magical topic of squirting. Is it just pee? Where does it come from? Will it destroy the patriarchy? Will Blunt Mommy ever squirt? Go to for all the links including Patreon for exclusive uncensored content. Thank you to Shit Happens When You Party Naked podcast for the bonza intro. Promos for #nooffense podcast & Jokes & Hightops podcast.


022 Hobbits stole Gareth's precious ring

Gareth from Gareth’s Random Ramblings takes over the podcast and turns it into a 2 hour long angry drunk haka. New Zealanders are like cute little pets to us Australians so it was great of us to let Gareth for one week be the host of a real podcast. Actually this isn’t true, Gareth and his wife Bex now live in Australia and are our maid and gardener. That’s right, New Zealanders are like our Mexicans; except there isn’t just a wall between us and them; there’s a whole sea and they still...


023 B Face and P Bombs

NSFW/18+ Brett's new carer Peter heavily sedates him but still has to endure ranting about black face, false flags & the 2018 US mid-term elections. Sign up to the Man Brain Patreon for extra uncensored content you have to hear to believe


B019 Rosie O'Donnell Can Lick Donald Trump's Pussy

Rosie O'Donnell urges all Americans to vote Republican in the 2018 mid-term elections so that her great friend Donald Trump can continue making America great again!


B016 Feminists & Incels Making Babies

NSFW / 18+ annoying as all fuck screeching electronica track with angry extremist incels and radical feminists. Can't they just get it on and hate fuck?


021 Podcast Cabal Will Destroy Your Podcast

021 Podcast Cabal Will Destroy Your Podcast by Dave Chaffey Hippie


020 Titty Cake For Hank's Birthday

020 Titty Cake For Hank's Birthday by Dave Chaffey Hippie


B015 Dronda Drowsey's Sleepy Sex Vaccine

Muffy and Hank take a break this week and filling in are Dronda Drowsey and Landy Calsnoozian with their Low Energy Snoozecast. They discuss Landy’s love for giving old ladies pleasure in their final hours and then try to stomach some nonsense from a science-based medicine denier called Peter Eugene. If you don’t vaccinate your kids, then Dronda and Landy will vaccinate you from society.


019 Pussy Grabbing Trish Stratus

NSFW/18+. Wrestling is so hyper-masculine camp that it may be the quintessential form of Man Brain entertainment second only to Man Brain podcast. Even if you hate wrestling, check out the first 20 minutes of this episode for some extreme clip mashup fighty fucky funny goodness. Yeah we had some technical issues with the talking and need to stop using Facebook Messenger because the Mark Zuckerborg hive mind keeps sabotaging our efforts because he hates boobies. Maybe that’s why he married an...