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S01E20 – Shootin’ Shit with Asterios Kokkinos

We've got Asterios Kokkinos on this episode just hanging out, shooting the shit. We're messing with formula right now a little bit because we can and embracing the chaos a little with our guests. Listen in for some fun with Friends, insights on youtube comments sections, and Pound's personal take on the word "cringe." In other news, my Combination KFC and Taco Bell Chronicles (found on Twitter) has caught the ear of top brass at KFC and I'm going to give them a talking to about the atrocious...


S01E19 – What I Don’t Get…

Pound just has to face the music. Even though he is clearly the wisest man that ever walked the face of the Earth, there is a lot he doesn't get: man colds, women who say chivalry is dead, sports, why's coffee so damn complicated to clean up?, the law of threes, Hollywood, time travel, doctors who upload labiaplasty videos, the 70's, and even himself. Wow! Shit just got deep... or it got derp. Hopefully taking stock of all this shit that he doesn't know will inspire Pound to try to make the...


S01E18 – The Big C

We're not talking about cancer. We're not talking about chowder. But we've got complaints against people out there who can't understand normal thinking. Listen in to find out exactly what we're talking about! Apologies in advance to transsexuals. Featuring: The subjectification of truth. Also, Oprah. We put just a little bit more Oprah on our Twitter page, so check that out.


S01E17 – The Game/The Ten ComMANdments

Pound gets back from Mount Sinai to find all of his followers have been worshiping golden cows and shit. Luckily he has the perfect antidote in the form of Ten ComMANdments he received from god while he was up there. Check the "ComMANdments/AMENdments" tab for a quick list if you don't have time to receive the full revelation in this podcast. The AMENdments are user submitted rules that get voted up or down and pending unanimous approval by panel pass into law. Pound also lets you in on...


S01E16 – Interview: Marni, Wing Girl

Hello everybody! Today we're switching things up a bit. We've got a special guest on the show, the lovely and wise Marni, The World's #1 Wing Girl. We're talking a little bit about what it means to be a wing girl, a little about Canada and the United States, and more. She's going to tell you everything you need to know in order to attract, seduce, date, and get the woman of your dreams. Check out these links for more:


S01E15 – Being A Pussy

Pound and Chuck had some technical difficulties getting the Patriarchy up and running this episode so they enlisted the services of Kevin (Asterios Kokkinos) from tech support to help them out. Pound still has time after the kerfuffle to smack talk 50 Cent. He then relates a horrid date that he went on recently. And last but not least the topic of being a pussy or pussying out is addressed. Remember fellas, sometimes pussying out is what you gotta do, just make sure you do it with discretion.


S01E14 – Sexual Harassment

Guys, Pound ver Magnuson has really stuck it in his mouth now. This is inexcusable, it's offensive, insensitive, and in very bad taste. He just makes a bunch of cheap shots at women who are too much onto the #MeToo movement and discrediting the whole thing with their attempts at fame and easy cash. I mean he even goes after the wage gap! Who would go after a thing like the wage gap? Pound and Chuck, that's who! I bet Pound ver Magnuson would get his ass KICKED by a female soldier. Ladies,...


S01E13 – The Toolbox

Pound talks about one of the most important items in any man's home, The Toolbox. There are many different kinds of toolboxes out there so he goes through the variations including metaphors and whatnot. It gets a little complicated but as a man you NEED to know how to navigate your toolbox, whatever that may be for you in your life. Women have toolboxes too except they call them purses and they don't carry so much as a single useful item in them. We're going over these a little bit, too,...


S01E12 – Random Ruminations

Pound discusses the origins of Man Talk Around the Watering Hole. Advice for black people regarding cops. Man Cave vs. Man Caving-In. How to properly train and housebreak your girlfriend so that she's acceptable for in-home living. Bathroom Politics: Why the toilet seat stays where I god damn left it! Fun Fact: Men have never fallen into the bowl from not checking if the seat's down, at least we haven't. Pound sings his ode to complaining. What you wish you could do when you were blacked out...


S01E11 – Things That Piss Me Off…

Pound and Chuck are pissed off. What with Coldplay and porn stars reading to classes full of children, there's plenty to be pissed off about in this world. Some say if you're not pissed off then you're not paying attention. To tell you the truth there were some scripting issues with the episode. Pound thought that a whole bunch of material about McDonald's would bring a sense of focus to the episode that wasn't there, but Chuck thought it was too much McDonald's and Pound generally came...


S01E10 – The Way of the Dragon

Let the red dragon lead the way, bitches! Now you obviously know the best instructors you have in your corner for how to be a man are none other than Pound ver Magnuson and Chuck Thomas but there are other men from whom you can learn The Way (or El Camino) from. Tune in not just for Pound's version of the famous DLR mating call (which he thinks rivals Carol Burnett's Tarzan yell) but for his best analysis of Matthew McConaughey's career so far. Hint: The way of the dragon is strong with this...


S01E09 – How To Be A Gentleman

Are you a little boy or are you a gentleman? If you're a little boy, not to worry, the douchebags have all the facets of being a gentleman nailed down like Playboy's latest centerfold. We go into the movie Kingsman featuring Americans the Statesmen for what was supposed to be a look at southern manners versus English manners, but we ended up having to talk about how much the Americans sucked in the movie. Come on, England! We write good parts for you people! Throw us a god damn bone! And...


S01E08 – Bros and Bromance

In this episode the douchebags discuss the bromances that have stood the test of time. I'm talking your Romeo and Juliets, your The Notebooks, your Paris and Helens. Except replace all the women with dudes. Sorry ladies, but you would never understand. This is really important shit. Listen as Pound ver Magnuson guides you through some of the greatest examples in bromantic history. Also mentioned are the Mens Room's Robin Fox along with a particular tool here renamed "Wendell" to protect the...


S01E07 – Cock Blocking

Another episode! Another fucking episode! The douchebags talk cock blocking by the likes of various people including CupcaKKe, Bruce Jenner, the Kardashians, Michael Hutchence, why it's okay in an SJW's mind to be transexual but not transracial, being cool, why women really have no idea what they want, and even a personal story involving Pound and his getting cock blocked at the grocery store. The douchebags are still reeling from the failure Alabama has shown in the election of a bonafide...


S01E06 – Male Superpowers

We here at Man Talk believe that being a male is a superpower, but did you know that men have other superpowers in tow, too? This is by no means a comprehensive list, but a man should never so much as leave the house without note of the many powers at his disposal. We're not just talking about jar opening and spider crushing, either. I'm talking our not-giving-a-shititudes, one of the most important super powers a man can ever have, and our utter pwnage in the confidence gap. Fellas,...


S01E05 – Problems - Man Talk Around the Watering Hole

Pound ver Magnuson has a problem with literally everything, but that doesn't stop him from trying put a few down on the show so that people can properly curb their conversations when they're around him. Check your manginas at the door, fellas, because you can have a stab at what kinds of people have made a return (hint: they don't have any Y chromosomes). For those wondering about the discrepency in hosting skills from last episode to this one, the last episode was recorded right before we...


S01E04 – The Thanksgiving Turkey Day Special - Man Talk Around the Watering Hole

Well, we've made it through Thanksgiving. Is everybody intact? This year, we've got something extra special. Pound ver Magnuson fucked cooked a turkey and you know, it being a bigger bird than chicken, this episode contains an additional 24 minutes of turkey FREE! That's right, free. The douchebags name some turkeys, talk a little about what they are thankful for and not thankful for, and even dish about the Thanksgiving food. Navigate over to our Facebook page to find additional goodies...


S01E03 – The Trumpisode - Man Talk Around the Watering Hole

Having read The Art Of The Deal, the douchebags know that Donald Trump can't resist a good deal. That's why they've cooked up a very special deal that they know should have DT salivating like he's sitting in front of a Trump steak, or a nice taco salad for that matter. We love Hispanics, too, Donald! Also stay tuned at the end of the episode as we've undertaken advertising to help pay bills around the studio. We don't want to give too much away but let's just say a certain wizard has...


S01E02 – The Trumpisode - Man Talk Around the Watering Hole

The douchebags have a business proposition that they think President Donald Drumpf will like very much. Anyone who has read The Art of the Deal knows the president can't resist a good deal, and the douchebags think they've cooked up the mother of all good deals. We love this guy on our show. Can't get enough of him. Any doubters can check out this tribute we made* for him. *We didn't make it.


S01E01 – For Your Manformation - Man Talk Around the Watering Hole

The douchebags go through the realization of how much women as a people suck. Attempt to categorize a few ways in which women suck. Founding of the Gentleman's Club. Patreon page information for would-be Patriarchists. Pound ver Magnuson has a nervous breakdown on air.