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Til death do us part...but don’t force it A true crime comedy podcast that cover cases where couples kill together or each other.

Til death do us part...but don’t force it A true crime comedy podcast that cover cases where couples kill together or each other.
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Til death do us part...but don’t force it A true crime comedy podcast that cover cases where couples kill together or each other.




The One With the Tears

A very big and bittersweet announcement from Katie & Gussie today.


Episode 28: Let's Get F*cked Up on Murder

Are you guys ready to get f*cked up on murder?! We are ready and a little sauced and ready. Katie kicks us off with a very recent stalking-turned-murder in the UK. We should give you a proper warning that Katie attempts British slang and it is quite entertaining. Gussie follows with a murder in the desert: there is water and scotch and a heart shaped pillow and it will keep you guessing. Don't get fed off or lose the plot - just dive head first into the most recent episode of...


Episode 27: Sorry We're Liars

Episode 27 is star-studded and scary, but mostly because we're past the age of 27. Katie kicks us off the murder of Bonnie Bakley by a random assailant that she potentially swindled who had a similar fetish for antique guns as Robert Blake...totally. Gussie then takes us back to Texas (again) in the 1960's for the mysterious Kiss and Kill murder of Betty Williams. Plus our usual shenanigans and oh yeah, we lied to everyone, but it was an accident! You forgive us, right? TLDR: Katie -...


True Crime Garage Interview

We have a very special episode for you: an interview with Nic from True Crime Garage! We have been big fans of TCG for a long time, so talking to him was a dream come true and (spoiler alert) he's awesome. Gussie and Nic talk about how True Crime Garage got started, his favorite types of cases to cover, specific cases about couples who kill together or each other, and more! We top it off by Nic humoring us with a lightening round of true crime questions. Do you know who Nic would punch in...


Episode 26: Burning Incest

Married to Murder hits you this week with a double dose of "wait, what...?" Both cases are shocking with twists and disturbing details. Gussie takes us down under with the tragic "body in the boot" case. Then, Katie truly horrifies us with the details of a rich kid from Canada who brutally murders the mother of his infant daughter in West Hollywood. You can also create your own combination of cough medicine and wine at home with WINC wine! Use our promo code MTM for $25 off your first...


Episode 25: There's No Room on the Kayak Door

Good news, we are alive! And also not in jail for murdering anyone. AND we guarantee this episode was worth the wait. Gussie covers a twisty, winding, straight up crazy double murder that goes unsolved for years. Katie comes in hot with the mysterious Kayak Killer murder, but did she really do it? Spoiler alert: Gussie & Katie don't agree. A big thanks to our sponsor today: Creepy Crate! If you love all things true crime (and surprises and discounts), then Creepy Crate is 100% for you....


Episode 24: Afghans for Your Feet

Katie rules all as the expert on the horrific case of Josh Powell. We break format in a few ways today by only covering one case and playing the horrendous 911 call at the end of the episode (stay tuned until the very end to hear it). As always, we accompany this week's case with WINC wine. Use our promo MTM for $25 off your first order. TLDR: Katie - Josh Powell


Episode 23: This is Why You Don't Workout

Do you like Michael Jordan? Then you will love episode 23. OK, that might not be true, but this is the MJ of Married to Murder! Katie kicks us off with a wife who is still missing. Did you see something? Then you should say something. Lisa Stebic left her home in 2007 for a workout and never returned. We debate and we are torn. Gussie then covers a case with a true ick factor that only the 1960's could produce. Join us with your theories and your vino! If you don't have wine, then get...


Episode 22: Alligator Moat

It's episode 22 and we have a heavy hitter alert! But first, rapid fire questions, or as well like to call it, moderate fire. Katie kicks us off with a murder captured ON FILM! Really takes the whodunnit mystery out of that one. Then, Gussie actually did a lot of research to bring us the Preppy Murder case! Put on your private school skirt and give a martini to a 17 year old because this is happening. As always, we enjoy WINC wine with our murders, but not just any WINC wine - Finke's...


Episode 21: Start at the Top and Stay at the Top

Our podcast can drink you guys! Legally, at least. This week we hit you with an unsolved murder that takes some liberties with our format, but we promise it's worth it to jump down this rabbit hole. Katie wraps it up with a crazy '80s murder that involves private planes, a doctor, and Las Vegas. We also sprinkle in some of our tangent magic, such as what we each got drunk on for the first time. Any guesses?! During the episode we enjoy our amazing WINC wine per usual. Use our promo code...


Literal Minisode: Zack & Kelly 4ever

It is a literal minisode! Katie comes in clutch with a very sad BFF murder - you were supposed to be best friends!! Gussie is trying not to take it personally...oh wait, is this how our husbands feel all of the time?! But we digress. Katie tells us about the jealous bitches who killed Michele Avilia. Sorry she was so cool that Kelly Kapowski played her in a movie and you couldn't handle her awesomeness! Don't forget to order your Winc wine to accompany this episode (or the next) using...


Episode 20: Two Out of Three Plus Pickles

You guys, could this be our funniest episode yet? It's possible...but I guess we are biased. On our 20th episode, we cover the murder that led to the first execution of a woman in Georgia since 1945 and a killer couple inspired by Natural Born Killers (shout out to hot Woody Harrelson). We also enjoy lots of Winc wine and Katie gets a surprise present on air! Plus, Katie's husband scares the crap out of us with his surprise visits that are becoming semi-regular, but at least he came with...


Episode 19: Interview with Officer Jared Lamb

We have a special treat for you - an interview with El Paso police officer Jared Lamb! We learned SO much from Officer Lamb about domestic violence: common traits of abusers, how to deescalate family violence situations, and more from his real life experiences on the force. Officer Lamb is also a ton of fun and gave us a lot of incredible detail - we are so lucky we got to pick his brain! As we've said before, we may add humor into our podcast, but there is nothing funny about domestic...


Episode 18: Like AC Slater, but a Murderer

It's our first throuple! The case Katie covers, not a new lifestyle we are trying out. Katie kicks us off with the mind blowing case of Diane Delia -it's filled with disco and drag in New York City in the early 1980s and we're obsessed. It's a hard act to follow, but Gussie tries with #thewifedidit murderer Piper Rountree. We also kick off the episode with our first lightning round of 2018 and we do a surprisingly good job not going off on tangents (insert pat on the back...


Episode 17: Back with Fervor

After a winter hiatus, we are back! And with fervor too. On our first episode of 2018, Gussie & Katie are more in sync than Justin Timberlake and the crew at a sold out arena in 2000. After sharing what podcasts currently have our attention, Katie kicks us off with a belated holiday nightmare. We will sadly never think about Santa the same. Gussie also covers a classic "The Husband Did It" murder in the heart of the midwest. Thank you for your support, emails, social media posts, and...


Big Ed

It is the final Married to Murder of 2017! We are going out with a bang this week with the minisode covering Big Ed Kemper. If you've been as obsessed with MindHunter as Gussie has, then we imagine you are pretty pumped. Thank you everyone for such a wonderful 2017 and first year of the podcast! We hope you have a great holiday season and we will see you in 2018 :) TLDR: Gussie - Ed Kemper


Episode 16: Mr. Lover Lover

It's our Super Sweet 16! Complete with Lil Jon and a Lambo purchased by daddy. In this episode, Katie can't kick her addiction to cough syrup...killers (see what we did there?) with another guy who needs to lay off the cough sauce. Gussie proves she is as Midwestern as it gets with her Missouri rendition of the Brazilian-soccer-superstar-turned-killer Bruno. Complete, of course, with some awesome murder trivia and all of our usual hijinks. This episode is brought to you by Sudio Sweden!...


Minisode: Evil Twins

We get straight down to business this week with a minisode about evil twins from your girl who knows allllllll about twins: Katie. She tells us all about the Spahalski brothers who were both killers, but did they kill together? Spoiler alert: they did not. Join us for a quick one this week as we break from our usual format and cover a case where a couple did not kill together or each other. TLDR: Katie - Stephen & Robert Spahalski


Minisode: Zero to Sexy

This week we have tons of firsts for you! The first minisode (a tight 30) and our first guests to the podcast. We welcome our baby daddies, Chris & Aaron, as well as our friend Fletcher to comment on a murder that is neither a couple who kills together or each other. Their interest level peaks at a hard 9, plus Katie tells us about a raccoon who plays the harp. Oh yeah, and we cover the very intense murders at Corpsewood Manor. Welcome to the minisode! TLDR: Gussie - Corpsewood Manor...


Episode 15: Rotten Egg Lady

What did you call me? That's right, a rotten egg lady aka our new favorite insult. We have quite the doozy of an episode number 15! Katie covers the ugly version of the Barbie and Ken murderers: just as terrible, but without the good looks. Gussie then tells the story behind a Hollywood tragedy tied to the curse of The Exorcist. Plus all of our regular good times and wine-induced debauchery! Join us and try to stay on our good side - our insults have gotten real good. Today's episode is...